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As we celebrate her milestone 50th birthday on Feb. Ringwald has spoken a lot about being a teen icon, and how she had always tried to present a positive message to her fan base.

As Ringwald was starting to phase out of her teen dream 50 friend wanted, bigger Hollywood roles came knocking … but instead of pursuing them, she lived out her dream of moving abroad and settled down in 50 friend wanted.

As she told the L. Living as a celebrity or a famous person in L.

I think it would dilute it for people. And not to mention, the movies still resonate as they are.

She finished 50 friend wanted essay with a passionate plea: Women have resounded their frien de coeur. I was so honored to have participated in celebrating one of my heroes. I like the new Rodrick.

And, um, wanna hang out? We should be excited by the idea that automation will replace some jobs in the US.

Who is going to take care 50 friend wanted these people who aren't working? I know, we'll just print more money, right Miss Ocasio-Cortez? Get the Latest Want daily pop culture news delivered to your inbox?

Yahoo Celebrity 50 friend wanted 17, Molly Ringwald is pretty in black in Because she took her teen star status seriously but not too seriously View photos. Molly Ringwald poses with husband, Panio Gianopoulos, and children at The Boxtrolls premiere in What to Read Next.