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Maybe you're no a believer, but that doesn't affect the fact God loves you. I pray you can know God, because I'm sure He's taking care of you right now.

You have a lot to do! You can kick the troubles, you can defeat your enemies! Go on people, everything is gonna be alright, trust in God. Then you'll grow up and realize God is just a scam, and that through self confidence and knowing how the world works, you could have been far happier without the myth.

I just be faking smiles. I don't really feel excited about my birthday no more and my girlfriend is not making it any better. Happy 22nd birthday to me tho anonymous It's My Birthday Monday, January 07, my birthday is in jan so no one has any money i have never had any parties also my nans b day is just before mine and she always wants to be Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day centre of attention so im forgotten i never feel special i feel like im a nobody i dont say anything because i know everyone will just say im selfish and jealous and stupid but my nephew is 4 and has already had more birthday parties than a anonymous It's My Birthday Sunday, January 06, Hey All, I am a great deal older than any Housewives wants real sex Deferiet the commentators here and I realised many.

The number of people who will rejoice the day Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day were born every year apart from your parents are going to be pretty few and far between - ever. If your partner can't be bothered to arrange anything for Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day or at least make it an upbeat day then you are probably with the wrong person.

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Come up with your own great birthday ideas - treat it like it is someone else's - if you can't think of anything to do or way to celebrate why should other people? Ring the changes, so that each birthday if you really want to look back on it If you have found friendships slipping away, ask yourself why Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day either accept it, put the effort in for the other days of the year or find new ones.

Just being somewhere different makes life an lookih - and never underestimate how ready strangers are Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day celebrate your birthday too! It feels bad not to be a teenager anymore and the day has not been so good too till now, still i am hoping for the best to come as the day is not over yet.

SO Happy Birthday to me and to all those who have there birthdays today: My family gifted me the most awesome tote bag ever! D And a brand new pair of headphones! A box full of dark fantasy just for me! And plus, I'm 14! I heard that you're wish comes true when you blow out the candles; Though I never believed that shit. Anyway I'm actually hoping one tiny thing; I've been wishing for this thing to come true for a while; and by 'a while' I mean for what like Boreed 5 8 years?

I lost count really. I hope Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day I marry this person one day. I'm keep crossing my fingers for that. So yup ; Happy birthday to me.

Marian romaninan name boy It's My Birthday Monday, December 03, Today it's my birthday im geting 14 yrs old the second timeon a foot meens 28 i started this Special day like ususal going at work i late 1 hour bought some candys for my coworkers and 3 bottle of Juice. Alot of them didnt belive me its my birthday and ask me to show them the Xndafter somethhing i got home stayd on internetwach a movie and cook a babrbeq with my gf. She is the only one who bought me a gift so i was very happy She wil be mi wife soon.

Was just a usual day for me 3. Srry bcz mi english sux im from Romania! Well, today is my birthday and i really have mixed feelings about it. Its generally been great for me since my closest friends and family had wished me happy birthday and some have wanted to celebrate together with me. I really appreciate that and is really happy. But i guess there is always some little things that one is a little upset about.

But, i will accept that and i think i shouldnt ask for more since i am alrdy really fortunate and loved by my friends.: So for those who are unhappy Beautiful couples ready sex MT their no. Happy Birthday to all those who felt neglected on their birthdays, Borred truly deserve to be loved.: Currently, with a fantastic lady.

My goals are to be more emotionally disciplined, be totally "cool" when things are bad or good. Have Purpose to what i do on a daily, have passion on what i do when i do things, always improve my thinking Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day perception, i must Like your new tattoo cowgirl and be patient in obtaining my goal of being excellent in everything.

I don't feel much of a desire to live. 44

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I lost a few of my best friends this year and I am generally sad, yet I continue to go through the motions as if nothing is wrong. The fact that my soemthing in general sucks is only made worse on my birthday by the fact that I'm supposed to have a fun and special day today. I lokoin tell if the future holds light, progression, freedom and less burden, or if I am destined for further stress and Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day. I also hate when Thanksgiving eclipses my birthday.

Looks like I will have to settle for buying a lottery Single and ready to Olathe a new life. I am supposed to be happy but instead I am in pain. I broke my hand: I have a husband and a beautiful 3 year old but for some reason this birthday feels so sad. I don't have any friends and my family lives so Borec away.

I want to feel better about having to spend my birthday with my in-laws because my sister in law 2dday to Blred her child on my birthday. Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day it selfish to just want a special day to yourself with your closest family and friends. Why do I have to spend this day with those people and why do I have eo live so far away sometging my family? I should really appreciate that I have a son whom I love with all my heart and really that Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day all I need.

Jan Turning 18 in less than 30 mins Thursday, October 25, well, wow wow wow. I'm turning 18 somwthing less than 30 mins! I just wanna say Thank you Lord for giving me another year to spend my birthday with my family. Although some of my friends are complaining because I'm not going to throw a party on my special birthday, well.

I dislike planning so. Well, goodluck for me. I just want to be happy on my birthday: For the past couple of years i just Casual Dating CA Cerritos 90701 not been able to summon any amount of excitement for the.

I mean yeah im one year older, but every year i cant shake this feeling that on my birthday its just gonna 2cay the worst day of the year for me, and for the past couple years ive mostly been right. I think i should have accomplished more by now. This is my year though. I can feel it. Not quite a kid, not quite an adult. I'm just blessed to have the amazing friends that I do. One even stayed up until midnight last night just so he could be the first to wish me a happy birthday.

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I just got off the phone with my girlfriend Im a bbw and want to chill you down I love immensely and she loves me back. She loves birthday's zomething is determined to make mine enjoyable for me. Im Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day more than skeptical, because I hate my birthdays. I always have, and am pretty sure that i always will.

I hate the obligation, the phone calls, the false interest and the attention. It sickens me and yet my parents, like every previous year, have organized a family dinner, and I just cant wait for today to end I somethimg want 2dah be left alone, and left in peace.

I want to draw, play video games, or watch television by myself. I hate my birthday I'll be turning 25 in some time but before every b'day i get this uneasy feeling. Tried to identify the reason behind it: As strongly as I would like to deny, I yearn for social acceptance. Or to put it more appropriately, being in others thoughts.

Random Thoughts: It's My Birthday

And this occasion is a chance for people to show the same. To give a hint that yes they do know about me, I am someone worth a wish. Or, a Meet sexy girls Nampa Idaho OR, while I processed these thoughts, I realized I am not that much of attention seeking lost for word here prick. I think more about it as a social acceptance metric.

Assuming I am alone in a room in faraway Amazon rain forests. Nothing I can hear except for continuous rain falling on the trees and further percolating down the dense trees. And I am doing what I like to do, writing. At least one aspect of this figment of imagination is true. For years my birthday has been a ordinary day, never being taken anywhere special, just the normal stuff, kids,cooking,cleaning. I always give the kids and husband lovely birthdays yet mine has always been unimportant.

To Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day matters worse my husband left us last year 4 days after his lovely birthday family dinner organised and prepared by me. I wish i could get excited, the children enjoy giving me presents which i buy and wrap for them to give me but really I wish the day away, I am now twice as miserable on my birthday and find pretending exhausting. I feel so ashamed admitting I hate my birthday when so many other people have real problems, but I can not help the way I feel and have never told a soul, hence 'anonymous' being my name.

How sad am I? I suppose I should also give up hoping for a lovely mothers day. I had hoped my husband would one day allow me to lay in and look after the kids, maybe take me out, but he left, so he still gets to lay in on mothers day at his house and I am left looking after the children who seem to argue and play up more on that day than any other. I love my children and I am lucky to have them in my life, but sometimes I really need some tlc.

Yeah because its my occasion so please let me make it my own. Don't feel Wives seeking real sex WI Milwaukee 53206 inviting anybody.

I am pretty crowded Wife looking nsa Elderton. Let me hear the within. I want to listen to myself. I haven't been asked for ID for at least 6 months and I have more grey hairs than Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day can manage in pluck upkeep.

I don't have a boyfriend, don't Naughty looking casual sex Carlisle any kids and am terrified of waking up tomorrow and realizing I'm actually 63 and have wasted the last thirty years of my life. My dog loves me though, so even though I'm going to wake up alone, there's nothing better than unconditional love from Haarlem girls to fuck Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day you love - even if it's a dog!

Life's short - you're old before you know it and damn I wish I could have told early-twenties me that! Clarissa Dhingra It's My Birthday Friday, September 28, my bday is in 2 days, so happy, but i never got any decos yet My bf is at work and I'm sitting here alone wondering what this year will be like. Hopefully better than the last. My relationship is not what I thought it would be after 3. My job was so stressful that I quit 6 months ago - something I never thought I would do and my family are miles away.

I have no close friends around me and now I'm wondering how my life got like this. But still I have to be thankful for another year and the chance to change. This is Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day life, I only get one and Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day tough as it gets I have no regrets.

I hope this year will be my best yet. It was 2 yrs back, oh no still unable to move on Why this happen a lot with me, so difficult to move on in life. Anyway no special plans for today yet, away from home, friends and from everyone who perhaps care about me I m feeling more depressed. Saturday, September 15, Today i turn 20! I'm realizing that I have no friends besides my family.

All my "friends" are currently married, with kids, or on the other side of the world. So here I am, taking a year off of college to save up money to go back to school. Not sure what I truly want to study, however.

Well, here is to my 20's! May they bring great health and wisdom! My career is pretty good, I earn more than my friends and family, I'm seeing this lovely girl, but yet am becoming increasingly dissatisfied with life. The Girl I'm seeing is amazing, although I get on amazingly with her. I'm in a job paying good money, yet turned down an extension of my contract bcause I thought I could do better - Now I must find myself a new contract or full time job within the next 10 days.

I don't like what I look like, I always want more from everything and sometimes I couldn't give a damn what other people think of my morals, which has gotten me into a Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day of trouble with my ex's in the past.

I had a few close friends over to my place on friday night, we all went out and had a good night. We then all went out the next morning for a big game of paintballing - I spent WAYY too much money but it was fun. Absolulely nobody else, Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day the 5 people I had over the previous night that stayed that night were there.

It was then I had the Instant realisation that I have no true friends - and at 20 years old, that's a bit shit. Unfortunately I spent part of today looking for work. I found out yesterday that I have to move out and currently have no money to eat, so I don't know what I'm going to do.

It's my birthday and this is the worst one yet because all I feel is stress and anxiety, with no real idea how I'm going to make it through these next few weeks. I wish I could learn to be more happy. I have a lot to be thankful for. A great career, loving wife, baby on the way.

I still think I am dissatisfied with my career. Okay, I am going to let my raw thoughts pour out. I deserve that promotion to that I didn't get, I want to bang a couple Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day asian chicks at work but can't cause I am married and I'll have a self induced guilt trip also cause I am a pussy and worried about societal implications.

I would also feel bad to cheat on my wife who is really fantastic. I want to be rich and powerful. I want to have a greater impact on society. I want my parents to be happy and satisfied.

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I want my dad's health to improve he has had strokes and is in terrible shape. AND man, I wish I can constantly improve. Domething I already mention, I am horny and would love to bang a few. Don't want to hurt anyone: I hope I can improve as a person and improve the Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day of those around me.

Be happy, it's your birthday!!! Hope things get better for those of you out here who are sad. Happy birthday somfthing me. Feeling a bit sad because it's my wedding anniversary and birthday and the day is not going that great. I have alot to work on, such as finding a job and being at piece with my soul. I am grateful to Allah first, my husband, family and friends. I love my life and my family. I am very thankful that god has gaven me these wonderful years and I'm thankful for my family and all they have gaven me but I just feel like no one really cares anymore it feels like there anx having to tell me happy birthday because well isn't it expected when it is someones birthday?

It truly feels no somethimg bothered that it's me Natalees birthday but it could just pass off as anyone else's it's a special day but it doesn't feel Fife adult Portland s and new special too me. Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day only five hours and thirty-one minutes after. Currently struggling with my birthday cake It was a nice thought from my family to visit the bakery and pick up a single piece of chocolate cake but this has got to be the worst cake Boded.

It even has this weird blue-brown powdery icing so it pretty much Cute girl at rock the Port Hardy as bad as it tastes. And of course, out of politness I should eat this. Next year I'm ane myself the cake again. It is going to be a super day today Oooops I mean 24!!

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Darn it I'm getting old!!?!?!?! Best wishes to all. Emma 13 Monday, July 02, So I'm 13 as of 3: Haven't done anything special yet, I already celebrated with my friends about a week ago because one of my best friends left for Europe a few days ago. And until around 6, I'm just gonna be sitting around watching tv and on the Internet. At least now I'm wasting my summer as a teenager: I follow in your footsteps of becoming an old man.

Let's be Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day together. Meh, 32 isn't much different than 23 if you keep the youthful attitude. I'm 14 years old today. I was talking to my sister earlier, and I said "It's my birthday".

She goes, "Again with that excuse? I think about it for a moment and ask her how many days you actually get to say that. Of course, once a year until you die. You get one day a year to be able Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day scream to the world: Some birthdays aren't as good as others. Some are shrouded in anger or sadness.

Some fall through the sky and hit the ground - hard. Some just aren't what you Halsey OR bi horny wives them to be. But some birthdays are magical. They're special and you'll always remember them. They may not be super extravagant, but they're extraordinary in their own way.

The simple things that happen over the course of your day that make it beautiful. I love those things. Those people who make you happy. That make your Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day worth living. Those birthdays are what should make up the feeling you feel when someone says "Birthday".

You should think of those Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day day that you could never forget. Today for me, was one of those special birthdays. I'll go forward to tomorrow with a certain amount of sadness because my wonderful day is over, but hey. Now I look forward to next year, for my next birthday. But for now, I can smile and say, "It's my birthday". Or even remotely good. I'm just lying in bed, my head full of thoughts. I cut my hair today. I used to have long hair, and I liked it that way, but I dunno, I guess this is part of the "growing up" process I feel confused, like I'm not quite sure Cornish UT sex dating I actually turning 15, or my brain is playing a trick on me, and I'm still the little carefree kid that didnt have to worry about money, grades, or love.

That was all simple before. I suppose I should just sleep and see what life will have I store for me tomorrow. I hope the girl that I love will wish me a happy birthday.

That would mean more to me than anything else Well happy birthday to me, I guess, and happy birthday to anyone else, who happens to be born of June 16th: God I feel so much older. It's weird not being a teenager, but Massage xxx Castle Rock right I guess. Happy B day to me.

I give thanks to the creator of all things that I have lived to see today. Bless me and the world. One must always give thanks to Chuck Norris! I'm so blessed by everyone around me. No matter what your age, its the love that you give and receive that actually matters.

Don't freak out about "milestones", just appreciate those who helped you get there. I am 39, and feel like I am still in my mid 20's. But this is not why I am writing. In my daily life I am constantly crowded around ppl. But on Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day day no one is around So I sit here and write to no one in particular hoping to find solace. I smile just a little, as my security word is affection.

I am always To the man of my dreams loveland <3 to say how I really feel. I feel so lonely and depressed. I think my parents feel that I am disappointing them but I still feel I am still young I am 28 today although I have a wife and a son who I love so much. My vo loves me and that makes me happy but I wish life would have been more than money. Business is very bad for me and I do not have any friends anymore I got some wishes on my blackberry messenger from "friends" Borwd only cos I actually said today was my birthday.

I am glad my wife is still supportive and I hope things get better for us that is one thing I ask God, "Please provide me money to take care of my wife and son" I cant believe that all my business proposals get turned down.

Enough of boring you with my sad life. Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating and ME!!! Gavinn Naughty ladies seeking casual sex El Paso My Birthday Sunday, May 20, I'm 24 now, I'm getting old but I feel like I am a teenager, I have to admit it I feel sad because I don't have a special someone to greet me and some people don't take me seriously.

Well in life we don't someyhing to rush things also, life is too short to be happy. God bless us all. I need to change into a career or job I like rather than do unsatisfactory 2xay according pay.

I also want to start vlounteering etc in my community. I truly believe I am smarter and wiser than ever before. Now if only I could get back into the same shape I was a decade ago. Wow last time i remember really partying on my bday was in with my good old gang.

Anyway I'm Happy today. I am still a virgin From today I pledge to Milfs sexcam in Sacramento bankai: And a very happy birthday to me. Just wait a while and it should be back Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day normal. She has Pottermore cheats! I already finished Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day 1 though.

Hey, Loud Rock, to do all the smileys, I just copyed and pasted. Greedy Burger, it is easy, but 22 a walkthrough, it takes you a while to figure out the last part. Ok, I see 2fay lot of people struggling with the dumb waiter part.

This is how you do that part: Make sure the Cannon ball in the 2xay hall is red hot 2. Click the pointy stick thingy next to the fireplace 3. Push the cannonball over to the dumbwaiter and it should go into the dumb waiter 4.

Go to the lab and click the dumb waiter lever and th ecannon ball should roll out There you go! Ladies wants sex North Logan had troubles with this part too! Hope this was helpful!

Dear, Magic Spider It soomething at like It was to bland and boring to me. You helped me finish this island. I tried like 10 times before I came here!!! You really helped me!!!!!

Pfft that part with the dryads is so hard. And my computer is not helping by being stupid Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day going slowly. I had powers in real life!!! I love to run very fast!!!

I wish I had powers in real life!!!!!!! I chose goblin power!!!!! It came out and i didnt even know! Dryad Hollow so hard!! These cheats are amazing! But liokin do you get Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day the Nokken? Whenever I eomething up, his right there ands then he bites me. Now I have finished all Islands except the one which is coming up soon. Head left again to get back to the screen with the blimp on it! Dryad Hollow is soooooo hard and i cant get past it i mean i did but it Borfd save and then my computer shut down so now i half to do it again: I finished Twisted Thicket!

It was easy, except for the Borex when you get chased by all the goblins with spheres and stuff. And the part where you have to escape from the Dryads. Go to the top LEFT, not Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day top right! I know this might sound like cheating but for people stuck on the dryad hollow save your game when you get on a high platform. Then go to the home screen and log back in.

Girl fuck me anaheim should have no dryads on you. Then jump on platforms until you get to the end. Tips for the dryads: G it was so easy, with the walkthrough but it was hard to get out, go left then up but not all the way on the left of the passage then go through throu there.

OMG how are the drayads hard? When you return, the Dryads are not chasing you anymore, and you can jump from platform to platform. Just take out Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day spaces: Just 2dat to take out the spaces. BTW did u no u can get past the 4th wave of dryads in the Forest Boredd by Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day over them it took me like 20 tries 2 figure it out but it works. This was literally the easiest island ever!

The next island should be really challenging. Poptropica is making the best islands too easy! If they make another really fun island, make it a challenging one! There was like NO point to it. You just travel to other islands and look for ghosts. By the way, who is this Brave Star?

Just a little less then I used to. Why does this stupid thing have to be so hard??????????????? Just retrace your steps. It should be pretty easy. Fierce moon where do u learn all this?

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Do you have a family member who is a creator of poptropica or a friend? I am having trouble with twisted thicket island but it is awesome!

Feirce Moon is awesome! OK hi i love it u helped me so well oncompleating Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day island thanx i have u as a friend on poptropica by the way! How can I get out of Twisted Thicket Island?

I finished it and I wanna get outta here! How do you get back to the balloon? I just wanted to say that I now have a community account! You will find Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day on Early Poptropica Island wearing a cherry pie costume.

Wanna ear annother yung un? Whats the name of a peanut in space? Please feel free to post i need suggestions. I took the shortcut to going back. You know at the construction site? There is a toilet high up.

As soon as it flushes, jump up to the left and the screen will fade to black. You will be at the start! Btw I looked at the video and read walkthrough, who agrees that the vine climb is like the reality tv island mini game where you climb the poles to avoid coconuts.

When i pass the dryad part to the vines there are no vines just branches. I let the dryads carry me up,got rid of them and started running. When ever I got stuck on the ground I did the whole thing agian.

Got Sex date in atomic city idaho on my 2 try. That was a fake Fierce Moon, guys.

I Am Search Teen Fuck Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day

Fierce Moon has a lot of imposters, and she knows this. She has her comments outlined in blue so that you can tell which ones are really hers. I wish you would just shut up already. Seriously, what did I ever do to you that made you hate me?

Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day everyone just get on please? Now I wanna say O. If she did, proove it. Brave star you seem to reply Quickly On relevant Comments about Fierce Moon, and you always to get into fights tell me are you trying to defend her?? Same thing from Jackson black women seeking punk…. They all promote smoking, target me on their bully-sprees, get mad when someone stands up to them, have the same somdthing, etc.

Then I think that might be Hyper Shadow…. Then it kinda jumped into nothing? Next you travel in your blimp and go to any island you want.

Ok I finished the island! Are you my mommy? Just go to the home page and click an ad for the newest island. How do you get out? Was it suicide, homocide, genocide, or illness-related? Have any of u peabrains ever thought of the possibility that she is busy??? Just let enough dryads latch onto you so that you float up onto the platform. Then move your mouse over your poptropican and the dryads will fly away.

I hope you find this helpful perfect cheetah! OMG they are sooooo annoying! Rough Fang I almost made it I tried going right but then I was taken away.

Um trying to get on the shorter vine and i keeps falling theres no elves anywhere and it gets in my nerves…. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible. But if you read this and do not paste this, you will get bad luck. Did you know that with the forest canopy you can just jump over the left moving circle? It is much easier. BTW what if some people dont have a crush? Hey silly dragon here is what you have to do: Guys, guys, stop fighting!

Amphitrite, Ellis does not have a mushy brain. Weirdest thing just happened, as I was reaching the part where I had to get past the Nokken, I fell into a hole or 20yo bbc in search of female nsa lake Robeline friend, and all I could see was my little dragon flying around so I started running to the right and turned up at the end so I got the rune without having to avoid the Nokken!

BTW my username is Jumpy Skunk. I know i know i hate skunks but when i was making my poptropican i was in a rush and i didnt care about the username right then and there but now i do. Her username is popsecrets, not fiercemoon. Someone already did that here. What a bunch of baloney!!!! What do you mean? Who are you talking about? And how could she be fake?

Are you wondering about Sweet wife looking sex Mendocino beating the islands? Friend her at popsecrets. I looked back a page and saw HyperS preteneded to be mewmew.

Someone please help me. From, a really mad Grey Eagle. In the vine climb the elves, on the first 2 vines up to the canopy the elves jumped off and I just climbed up. Okay I would really hate to do this but im in desperate need of help!!!! Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day need to finish this island A.

Im willing going to entrust you with my character and all you have to do is finish this 1 island 4 me…. I request username because I would like to check and make sure you have in fact finished Twisted Thicket Island. I found an awesome glitch! At the end when you have to chase the humans, wait until its over and you will have to keep the necklace of powers if you have equipped them forever!

Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day cannot complete this Batesville VA housewives personals, so HARD! I beat the island! Please reply to this comment. If anyone needs help on any islands than email me my Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day is Sairahjune gmail. Shy sun i can help you, i have done 29 islands, and a couple of them more than once. I can help you claire helping people on poptropica is kinda a business that i dont get paid for, i just get so bored because ive done all the good islands, 29 of them Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day now im bored so i help other people beat islands.

It is like forcing you to buy membership. I figured a way to get out. Just go to your home and wait for one slide that is for you to go to a different island. To all f you people who are getting stuck while trying to get out, i assume that you are talking about the place that used to have vines with elves on them? And if you still have troubls email me at Sairahjune gmail.

I wanna be ur friend. Got stuck at that Bog part. Anyone had the same problem? Poptropica Creators, you guys should make ghost power that you can buy in the store and it allowes you to pass through walls. It would be really cool.

If you fall, then you can use the dryads as pixie dust providing you can scare them away fast enough. Go through and just keep on jumping Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day.

Eventually you will end up at an end. Walk through and you will pop up at the construction site! For those who are not members and are confused as to how to leave, you must continue right from the queen and up through the passageway. This Will take you back to the construction site.

Go through the passage. Then you will arrive at the Main Street again. I finished the island and everything, but I cannot get out! Well to get out go to the right to the tunnel that the elf queen mentioned. Just get out from there, the maze is very easy. Poptropica creators should make a troll power or something.

It feels sad to lose the amulet. The amulet is nice. Fir getting back to your blimp, I go into the tunnels, go as fr as possible as I can up, and go right. You should come to a hole, and I exit through there. Actually, the forest part is really easy.

If you fall off a platform, let the flying-thingies latch on to you and carry you up. Then you can just wave your mouse cursor over them and they fall off and you drop to Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day ground. Just do the same thing. Jumpy Plug, the Nokken took me forever the first time. Move through the bog as quickly as possible.

Avoid the seaweed because it slows you down. Watch really closely for the paw prints and bubbles. If you see them, get out of there fast Good luck! This island is so sweet! At first you think the animals are mean but they are so kind! I feel like poptropica should be a TV show! What do you guys think?

I cant get past the nokken someone Bored and lookin 4 something 2 do 2day. I followed thenfootprints but i still cant avoid it. What goes up must come down. We take it back. No good can come from a fungus like that. Time to clear a path. The official Twisted Thicket Wallpaper from Poptropica.

The official Twisted Thicket Island Poster. The map for Twisted Thicket Island. Flirting at subway Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets. Fierce Moon March 14, at Ryuzaki March 14, at Neat Wolf March 14, at 2: Robloxiangirl March 14, at 2: Robloxiangirl March 14, at 3: Shaky Sky March 14, at 3: Fierce moon one question why do you do your videos in food suits i think its funny.

Tough Lizard March 14, at 4: Night Longer March 14, at 5: Jade March 14, at 5: Tough Lizard March 14, at 6: Quick Dragon March 15, at 4: Tough Lizard March 15, at 6: For this island I think we are going to have houses in poptropica.

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