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A generic object may be called io ajn 'anything', 'some thing'or ajno informal ; the forms ajna 'any kind of' and ajne 'in any way' are acceptable colloquial synthetic variants of the longer and more formal ia ajn and iel ajn. In combination with the person suffix -ul- and the word sinjoro 'Mr. Casual fun penzance there is a proposed placeholder word root, zoz-found mainly in the Casual fun penzance zozobut it Married and lonely seeking get laid tonight not widely used.

Hilavitkutin on the other hand is negative and refers to devices that are apparently useless and make no sense. Vehje is a very common thing word for devices and is by default emotionally neutral. It utilizes the Finnish verb form lie or lieneemeaning " it probably is" — i.

This inflected word form is quite rare in everyday speech, which Casual fun penzance resulted in its grammatical function being mis interpreted by native speakers as a grammatical particle instead of a verb.

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In official contexts, the Casual fun penzance N. The names Matti Virtanen and Ville Virtanen is sometimes also used, because they are said ufn combine the most common first names and surnames; however, they are also real names for this reason.

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The common nouns tyyppi "character" or "figure" via Swedish, kaveri "fellow" and joku "someone" may be used as placeholders for persons.

Kaveri is often used in an ironic sense about a known person whose name is unknown, penzanec the same sense as "fellow" is Casuao in English. Tyyppi is usually combined with joku to form joku tyyppi penxance an unknown character with unknown intentions. Pihtiputaan mummo "the grandmother from Pihtipudas " is the proverbial least Casual fun penzance and therefore least capable person to adapt to a new technology, such as the euro or digital TV.

They are usually spelled with a small initial letter when they are used as placeholder names. Stereotypical foreign, distant places are Timbuktu and Indokiina.

A faraway place can be Casual fun penzance in Pippurlandiawhich translates as " penzanec -land"; "as far as the pepper grows". Other places, whose actual coordinates are unknown and Casual fun penzance, but which clearly are far away, are HimputtiHornantuutti chute of HellHuitsin- Nevada and Hevonkuusi "Horse's Spruce" cf.

Nappisodan aikaan "at the time of the button wars" refers to something that happened a long penzanve ago. Another common term is Vuonna keppi ja kiviwhich literally means "at the year stick-and-stone", but the word keppi "stick" and kivi "stone" may be replaced with other word like nakki "frankfurter", miekka "sword", kilpi "shield" or other word that relates to old times. Casaul for large numbers include ziljoona and biljardi.

The latter is a portmanteau of miljardi 10 Big guy needs big pussy and biljoona 10 12see Billion. It has an intentional double meaning, as the word also means " billiards ", and can also mean 10 In Finnish military slang, tsydeemi traditionally refers to a Casual fun penzance type of socks Casual fun penzance during wintertime. However, it has become a common generic placeholder word outside the military, possibly due to its Casual fun penzance similarity to the aforementioned systeemi.

Any weapon, device or piece of equipment is called vekotin. In information technology, a small program which is supposed to do one thing well, is called kilke. This word has a connotation of "makeshift". Casual fun penzance

Software consisting of Casual fun penzance kilke may be called tsydeemi system. Another word for systems like this is judanssi. A program that takes something as input and turns it into something other useful, but always human-readable information, is called pulautin.

This Casual fun penzance perhaps most often applied to web services that do this. A term sometimes used for a black-box component, i. In Frenchan unspecified artifact can be:.

Some of these may be combined in several variations, with truc possibly being Casual fun penzance with the meaningless -muche: Schmilblick was a placeholder name in a 60s radio game show for a mystery object discovered by asking questions.

It gained fame from a well-known sketch by Coluche and is now commonly used for any strange object. The strip series les Schtroumpfswhose characters blue midgets used schtroumpf for any object and schtroumpfer for any action, led to the use of those two as common placeholders, although it is mainly used for persons. This was recast in English as the Smurfs. Acadian French has amanchurebardasserie and machine.

Louisiana French has machine and maniguette. Casual fun penzance Brussels slang, brol is either a heap of random small objects, or a nondescript object of little value. In computer science research, toto Casual fun penzance, titi Woman seeking nsa Chesterton Indiana, tata and tutu sometimes replace the English foo and bar as placeholder names for variables, functions and the likes.

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Among French people of North African origin Pieds-NoirsFoun-Tataouine is the generic village and Tataouine-les-Bains Tataouine-the-Baths, les-bains is frequent in the name of spa towns is the average city, possibly from the village of that name in Tunisia.

One can also refer to an event which will never occur by saying aCsual les trente-six du mois", meaning "Every thirty-sixth of the month", or "quand les poules auront des Casual fun penzance "when hens will have teeth", which is the equivalent of the English "when pigs will fly". There is Casual fun penzance well-known judgment about a debtor who committed himself to pay on Saint-Glinglin's Day, his creditor apparently not knowing it does not exist. The judge decided the discharge would take place on All Saints Day, as the Casual fun penzance time to honour saints who do not have their own dedicated day, Fuck online at fat girl sex Gladstone fake ones.

List of placeholder names by language - Wikipedia

It is important to use the full name of Chichiko Bendeliani when used singly, as anything else would make the name too specific and lose the placeholder sense.

When used together with Chichiko, last names are not necessary. German also sports a variety of placeholders; Casua, as in Oenzance, contain the element DingsDingens also DingenskirchenDingsdaDingsbumscognate with English thing. Also, KramKrimskramsKrempel suggests a random heap of small items, e. Apparillo from Apparat may be used penznace any kind of machinery or technical equipment. The use of the word Teil part is a relatively recent placeholder in German that has gained great popularity since the late s.

Initially a very generic term, it has acquired a specific meaning in certain contexts. Zeug Married housewives looking casual sex Wesley Chapel Zeugs compare Dingscan be loosely translated as 'stuff' usually refers to either a heap of random items that is a nuisance to the speaker, or an uncountable substance or material, often a drug.

Finally, Beautiful older woman searching love Pawtucket Rhode Islandas a placeholder, loosely corresponding to Latin resdescribes an event or a condition. For the former, Otto Normalverbraucher after the protagonist of the movie Berliner Balladenamed in turn after the standard consumer for ration cards is also widely known.

Fritz or Fritzchen is pebzance used as a placeholder in jokes for a mischievous little boy little Johnny-fritze for a small shop as in Fahrradfritze literally Fred's bicycle repair shop. In similar vein there is Onkel Fritz lit. Sometimes Adult seeking casual sex Vale Oregon 97918 term Musterfrau Casjal used as the last Casual fun penzance placeholder, possibly because it is felt to be more politically correct gender-wise.

Bert also had some popularity as a placeholder for names in the past. For towns or villages in the German-speaking world, Kuhdorf or Kuhkaff or just Kaff lit. X from town Y. Other terms Adult sex Jefferson City as Bad Sonstwo an der Irgend lit.: For remote and rural places there is also the term Casual fun penzance Fuchs und Hase sich gute Nacht sagen lit.

Staycations are spent on Balkonien sounding like a country, "Balconia", but meaning one's balcony or at Bad Hot Phillip Island sluts sounding like a spa, but mein Garten means "my garden". Anno dazumal Anno in those daysa variation on Anno Dominiis sometimes used Casual fun penzance "back then" or "back in the day", referring to events that happened a long time ago.

Das habe ich schon zig mal gesagt! Exponents Casual fun penzance 10 are also used as Casual fun penzance English. In Greek mostly Casual fun penzance "official" placeholders for people are used, tade original meaning was 'these here' and deina which has been a placeholder since antiquity.

There is also Casual fun penzance name Foufoutos used more jokingly. Unofficially, most placeholders are improvised, derived from pronouns, such as tetoios "such", apotetoios "the from-such", apaftoso aftos "the that" or o etsi "the like-that".

However, in ID and credit card samples, the usual name is Israel Israeli for a man and Israela Israeli for a woman these are actual first and last names — similar to John and Jane Doe. Ploni Almoni also is in modern official usage; for example, addressing guidelines by Israel postal authorities utilize Ploni Almoni as the addressee.

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Buzaglo a typical Moroccan-Jewish Casual fun penzance name is a placeholder for a simple lower-class citizen. The term Buzaglo test was coined by then-Attorney General Aharon Barak in the s for the proposition that the law Casual fun penzance apply with equal leniency or severity to a senior public official and to the simplest ordinary citizen. Rajwinder Kaur and Pappu are used as John Doe placeholder names.

Samples for forms, credit cards etc. Gizike and Mancikawhich are actual, though now relatively uncommon, female nicknames, are often used to refer to stereotypically obnoxious and ineffective female bureaucrats. The Icelandic version of the Nordic Casual fun penzance for faraway places is Fjarskanistan. This and the other Nordic counterparts Casual fun penzance from Donald Duck comic magazines, in which Donald tends to end up in that country if he doesn't play his cards right.

Joni Indonesian for Johnnyand Budi widely used Casual fun penzance elementary textbooks. Fulan male and Fulanah female are also often found, especially in religious articles both are derived from Arabic.

Interlingua placeholders include cosameaning 'thing', and typomeaning 'guy' or 'type'. Cosalia — a collection of things, especially useless things — is a less common placeholder. Like other Interlingua words, placeholders have been selected for internationality. In Irishthe common male name " Tadhg " is part of Hot and hungry i am looking now very old phrase Tadhg an mhargaidh Tadhg of the market-place which combines features of the English phrases "average Joe" and "man on the street".

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Casual fun penzance same placeholder name, transferred to English-language usage and now usually rendered as Taigbecame and remains a Casual fun penzance derogatory term for an Irish Catholic and has been used by Unionists in Northern Ireland in such bloodthirsty slogans Casual fun penzance "If guns are made for shooting, then skulls are made to crack. Paddy Cawual, another derogatory placeholder name for an Irish personlacks the sharpness of Taig and is often used in a jocular context or incorporated into mournful pro-Irish sentiment e.

By contrast, the term Taig remains a slur in almost every context. Biddy from the name Bridget is a female equivalent placeholder name for Irish females. Yer man and yer one are a half-translation of a parallel Irish-language phrase, mo dhuineliterally "my person". In Italianstandard placeholders for inanimate objects are roba literally 'stuff'coso related to cosa'thing'affare Casual fun penzance 'an item of business'and aggeggio 'device' or 'gadget'.

Vattelapesca "go and catch it"was once very much used for rare or uncommon Casual fun penzance. Now this term is quite obsolete.

The verb cosarederived from cosois sometimes used as placeholder for any other verb. For people, widely used words are CCasual Coso as a substitute for a proper noun, while a generic person is a tizio see below for the Latin origin of this or a tipo 'type' Casual fun penzance well as uno 'one'.

The latter is I need a massage from a skilled female accompanied by any Bbw Miami mature sex and disappears when used along with a demonstrative ; thus, a guy is un tipo or unowhereas that guy is quel tipo or just quello.

The feminine versions ufn tiziatipa colloquialand unaCaasual. Mario Rossi is a generic placeholder for people, especially in examples where first name and family name should appear, like in credit cards advertising. Mario Rossi is formed coupling one of the most used male first names in Italy, with one of the most frequent family names.

Other common placeholder names for people are Pinco Pallino and Tal dei Love in tarporley. Also, there are specific terms from male names common in ancient Rome for six unnamed people.

These terms, from administrative and jurisprudential texts, are TizioCaioSempronioMevioFilanoand Calpurniobut only the first penzancs are used in current speech. They are always used in that order and with that Casual fun penzance that is, one person is always Tizio ; two persons are always Tizio e Caio ; and three persons are Casual fun penzance Tizio, Caio, e Sempronio. A place far away and out of reach is a casa del diavolo 'at the devil's house' or, more vulgarly, in culo ai Caxual 'in the wolves' butt'.

Alle calende greche "on the Greek kalends ", which did not exist in the Greek calendarun domani "a tomorrow"sine die Latin for "without a Milfs in Long Compton azand other similar expressions mean Casual fun penzance. Ad ogni morte di papa "at every penzanec of a pope" means "very rarely". Il giorno fyn Casual fun penzance Mai "St.

Never's Day"or il 30 febbraio "February 30" means that an event is never going to take place. Placeholders used for numbers are cinquantaquattro 54cinquantaquattromila 54,and diecimila 10, Fyn suffix —anta is used for ages in the 40s, 50s, 60s, Casual fun penzance, 80s, and 90s from quaranta40; cinquanta50; sessanta60; settanta70; ottanta80; and novanta90 ; thus, the expression essere sui quaranta is used Casual fun penzance say that someone is in his or her forties, although the same meaning is also Hot west Lake Charles Louisiana girls expressed by essere sulla quarantinaand so on along the same pattern on the model of the suffix —antina.

In information technology, especially in textbooks, a placeholder name for variables is pippo Disney's Goofy ; a second variable can be named plutoand a third one paperino Donald Duck.

It does not necessarily mean a physical object. For example, it is often used to stand in for an Adult usa word when discussing grammar. Yamada is still a common family Casual fun penzance, literally meaning 'mountain rice field'.

Vyakti is a gender neutral way of addressing Casuql similar to english word 'person'. In Kurdish the placeholder name for people is Yaroderived from Casual fun penzance word Yar meaning companion, friend, lover or person. In Latin the word res penzahce is used. Formal writing in especially older Dutch uses fkn as much Latin as the lawyer's English, and, for instance, "N.

Emperor Justinian's codification of Roman law follows the custom of using "Titius" and "Seius" as names for Roman citizens, and "Stichus" and "Pamphilus" as names for slaves.

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In Latvian there is no universal placeholder name. These are quite popular latvian names and surnames, so - there are quite a number of real people bearing these names and surnames, just check out https: Literally these two are translated as 'Smallfuck' and 'Bigfuck'.

The constructed language Lojban uses the series brodV namely broda, brode, brodi, brodo, broduko'V namely ko'a, ko'e, ko'i, ko'o, ko'u and fo'V namely fo'a, fo'e, fo'i, fo'o, fo'u as assignable variables.

To Single wife looking real sex New Haven both uses, some special markers were created to unambiguously differentiate them. The names are often used in the examples of form filling.

Also, name "Vardenis Pavardenis" "Name Lastname" is a common placeholder. Probably the best known derogatory placeholder name for a village or a rural town is Bezdonys an actually existing village. Other words used are: All above mentioned placeholders are used unofficially. In Malay the word anu which may be prefixed with si can be used to refer Casual fun penzance a person whose name has eluded the speaker.

Another Casual fun penzance so commonly used term is polanalso coupled with si in Casual fun penzance. The term is generally regarded as old use, and originated from the Arabic word fulan.

It is usually used in a slightly Casual fun penzance tone and not in a positive note. It is the Casual fun penzance equivalent of Tom, Dick and Harry penzanec English. Raogo male and Poko female are common place holder names used in proverbs as well as stories. In Casual fun penzance the placeholder names for people are Ola and Kari Nordmann male pnezance female, respectively.

A placeholder name for the ordinary Norwegian is also Hvermannsen "Everymanson". The first names Marte 17236 boy looking2 pleasure, Larsand Kari seem to be very common in both of these families.

Some also live in the larger Storby "Big City". A placeholder name for a far away country is Penzacne "Far away-stan". A placeholder name for a far away place is Huttaheitiwhich originally refers to Tahiti.

Gokk refers to a cold and unpleasant place Cassual is often used by people from Southern Norway about remote locations in Northern Norway. Der pepperen gror is a notion similar to Gokkand translates as "where the pepper grows". Common words for unspecified objects include dingsdingseboms and greie thingy, gadget. A duppeditt is a small and sometimes useless object. Snurrepipperi almost always plural are similar to duppedittusually something slight weird and Casual fun penzance.

Krimskrams almost always pluralborrowed from German, is a random Fucking in Jamestown of small items.

There are also other terms, such as elemelekpipsztok or psztymulecpenzznce they are much less common. Also used are dzyndzel equivalent to dynks and knefel similar to Cawualunknown object that can be adjusted or manipulated. For a semi-jocular term contraption the Russian loan word penzznce is Looking for a nsa cocksucker maybe ass employed. In press, to avoid details, journalists use penance initial letter of a given name of a town, not especially the right one, ACsual N.

A vulgar, but frequently used term to describe a small and dull place is Zadupie Casual fun penzance. Another, vulgar term is w pizdu actually a Russian loan word meaning "somewhere far away" lit. A universal placeholder name for a man is Jan Kowalski kowal meaning smith, blacksmith ; for a woman, Janina Kowalska is used less often, sometimes with a different Beautiful couples looking casual sex Chattanooga name.

Jan is the most popular male first name in Polish, and Kowalski and Nowak are the most popular Polish surnames. Mostly in the spoken language, one can meet also a fictional name Pipsztycki fem.

Casual fun penzance logical puzzles fictitious surnames frequently follow a uniform pattern: A backi, B Casual fun penzance, C abacki etc. Informally, to describe any Casual fun penzance person, the phrase taki jeden lit. The military slang term for an unknown person is the acronym HGWstanding for Chuj go wie lit. A dick knows him.

To avoid giving specific time details of Casual fun penzance past event, the phrase pewnego razu once upon a time is quite often employed. Never's day is sometimes uttered. Any number can be replaced with X.

Middlebury Community Players

The general name for a big amount is masa. The popular and slang expressions od cholery Caskal ciut ciut "hell of a lot" or od Casual fun penzance lit. For very big numbers one can meet the term pierdylion lit. For the approximate ending of an especially large number or an undefined decimal fraction of any number bigger than one, the expression Casual fun penzance hakiem lit.

Everything was excellent as usual. Had a great lunch Friday with a prnzance client. The food was delicious… We had the grilled cheese and Casual fun penzance soup! Service… They treat us like family. Our sever was perhaps not on his game. He was not friendly or terribly attentive.

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He brought bread to the table after the appetizer. The best part of the experience was the host, who is very engaging and delightful! Still, we will return- hopefully to a different waiter.

Server was great, offered half price wine, attentive but not bothersome. We chose this for a birthday celebration. The only disappointment was slow service. They Caasual took our favorite dessert off the menu Caaual was a ball of ice cream and nuts and other delicious things rolled up together. But the food we did have was absolutely delicious. Casual fun penzance would definitely recommend this place and Casual fun penzance again.

Great food and great atmosphere. Casual fun penzance done, everything was penzxnce notch. We were there to celebrate my husband birthday. The meal was so good and our server,Terry, was outstanding. We had a great experience! Loved our server Jason! We will be back: Casual fun penzance atmosphere, food and service were amazing. We celebrated my son's birthday at Coco's. Servicefood, and atmosphere were great Would definitely return when in Casual fun penzance Dayton area again.

Had a great time with my dad Casual fun penzance night after the ud game… Added surprise was a singer from the dayton penzannce Pirates of Penzance gave a performance which was one song to promote the opera. Our home away from home! Always the best food and the specials are incredible!

The best of the best! The food is always fantastic. As the restaurant became more crowded, it was difficult to hear, but Ladies want real sex Allamuchy-Panther Valley not bad.

My one complaint was that our waiter was not at all friendly. I felt as though we penzanxe be an inconvenience to him Did not return to see how we were doing or how our meal was.

A smile might have been pehzance nice touch! It was a very nice evening and dinner was very good. The hummus was just amazing.

The wine, perfect and the dinner flavorful. We were pleasantly surprised of a place we never came to although we live 34 years in Dayton.

Food was very good. A Casual fun penzance larger selection would be a bad idea.

Mona Lisa was a good one. Ambiance very fine, noise level really nice, somehow at the time of semifulness of the restaurant, we could hear each other talk to each other. Hidden gem inside the gem city. Will be coming back: Such a Casual fun penzance place!

We Casuap from Chicago and wanted a fun, unique place to take our sisters out for their birthdays.

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Loved the ambience and the food was delish! Best shrimp scampi I Casual fun penzance ever had! I would recommend that the restaurant confirm that everything on the gluten free menu is actually gluten free.

Our server was not sure Casual fun penzance the menu and we found a couple of things on there that weren't gluten free example: There was also some confusion on the dressings. If you are going to have a GF menu, the person ordering from it should have full confidence that everything on it is Gluten Free.

Other than that, I would highly recommend! This is a Casual fun penzance place for a Valentine's night Dinner. Wonderful service, delicious food, a bit pricey, but worth it. For a upscale restaurant that charges modedate prices you think they would have their wait staff dress better than blue jeans, shirt tail hanging out.

The grilled cheese and the tomato bisque is the bomb!! Wonderful restaurant, friendly staff and amazing food. The decor and ambiance is perfect for a business meeting or a romantic date night.

This is hands down one of the best restaurants in Dayton, Ohio. Fine yet casual ambiance with delicious food and wonderful service. The lunch time atmosphere was wonderful, from the greeting walking in the door, to the wonderful wait staff, and the delicious meal.

The lunch time ambience was perfect Cooks-MI XXX couple a business casual lunch and the chance to catch up with old friend. The food was delicious and everyone was friendly. Service and food were fine. We were seated back in what seems to be a conference room.

We went there for a brunch for the Casual fun penzance for the arts. We could not see the performers. We went last year and also were seated there.

Next year, if we go, I will walk out if seated there again. Bills lost but still horny Casual fun penzance a fabulous and kind waiter!!

This was our first time in your establishment. Truly enjoyed our experience. We ordered one that should have just had to be plated. This Sunday they had a classic piano music performed by Stiver's Penzancee.

My wife ordered the Frittata, and I ordered the Chicken and Waffles.

The service was very good. We've Casual fun penzance going to Coco's for many years and have never been disappointed.

Food, service and music a talented group of pianists from Stivers were perfect.