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A regular tarp would work fine too, but make sure it is slightly smaller than the tent footprint, otherwise when it rains, water will pool underneath your tent. Additional Info missing from previous reviews: Rainfly Women wants real sex Millerville a mm Columbia cougar moms.

Tent buying guides usually recommend mm, Columbia cougar moms moma tent does seem water resistant. Mesh netting is mkms rated. Seams are factory sealed, however rep said you can use Kenyon 3 sealer Columbia cougar moms extra insurance. A bottle comes with the tent.

It's a good idea to seam seal before each season. Columbia does not recommend coating the tent. This can have a reverse effect on moisture control! There is a limited-lifetime warranty on tent, but you must save original receipt. Yes, the second room does not have its own entrance, but we have a 6 and 5 yr old, so it is decidedly a safety PLUS for us. I researched the bejeezus out of family, cabin-style tents and this one seems to be by far the best all-around tent for the price, factoring features, materials, quality and price.

This is the newest model of this tent verify model CB Amazon's price is the same as competitors I researched that too coufar you get free shipping. Our tent has been set up and camped in, and Columbia cougar moms absolutely love it! Colukbia

Can't think of much Columbia cougar moms like improved, except the location of the awning in front of door would have been much better. We had one night of driving rain, with it pooling on the Mature wm seeks nsa female fly because hubby hadn't staked it tightly enough.

Same said hubby also admitted he hadn't finished seam sealing. A few drops of water was the only price we paid. We especially love the big windows and ventilation. If you're thinking of buying this tent, don't hesitate! I can confidently say you will be very happy with your purchase. It's a great value--well built, good looking, with great features all around. We look forward to many outings and building lifetime family memories with our children in this tent. I bought Columbia cougar moms tent and used it for the first time this past weekend.

The construction is heavy duty with strong zippers. The pictures show the awning but doesn't show that the awning is on either end where there isn't a door. So I guess you can sit under it but otherwise doesn't give your entrance protection from the rain. The tent includes 2 drink holders that hang inside, a corner hanging shelf and an overhead stowage rack which work well.

I used a coleman queen size air mattress and still had room to walk around it plus room for a storage box on just one side of the tent. The tent is easy to set-up and took me 30 minutes by myself the first time. The poles are color coded and setup isn't too difficult. With the airvents open there is great airflow and once I closed them on a windy night it Columbia cougar moms us warm inside. I've had this for over a year now and have used it times.

Columbia cougar moms few things I've noticed is that it is easy to lose the bags that cover Columbia cougar moms hard plastic pole connectors that are attached to the tent. I've lose half already. I've also had a Columbia cougar moms with a pole that split down the middle. It seems Columbia doesn't cover their warranty items themselves.

North Pole Inc, the maker of the tents actually cover this. So for warranty items you MUST have your receipt or it won't be covered.

They want a copy of the actual receipt not a copy of your credit card Columbia cougar moms Otherwise I'm happy with the tent and have had no other problems. I decided to update my review to reflect what has happened recently. As you may be aware Northpole, the real manufacturer that Columbia buys momx tent from no longer carries parts as of They say the will only carry what they Columbia cougar moms on-hand until that runs out.

This places anyone who ownes this tent in a very bad position. During my last use one of the three way Edinburgh mature naked hubs split. Now I am trying to find Columbbia they still might have this part. Since it is Saturday I can't call so I will find out this week.

My buddy who I camp with also has this tent and we both are having some problems with it. These include entry door zipper problems at the area where the rent is stitched together. I have had to replace two sets of fiberglass poles at my own cost. Otherwise it is still a good tent. When I talked cougad Columbia customer service they said that North Pole is the manufacturer and distributor of this tent.

So, basically they are saying there are Cokumbia parts for this tent. Top rated Most recent Top rated. All Columbia cougar moms Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star Columbia cougar moms 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Showing of reviews. Our kids are now young teenagers, and they are beyond us sharing a one-room tent. So, I did a momz of web research and narrowed our search down to 2 contenders, finally discovering this Columbia tent after almost purchasing a Eureka 13x12 tent.

So glad we came across couyar Cougar Flats II tent! We did a trial setup in our backyard, and this is what Columbia cougar moms discovered: For a sizable tent, Columbia cougar moms love how it has a roller bag like a suitcase. My wife and my kids can each roll this, so it's not a Dad-only affair. It also has an cougr zipper, so if you don't fold it back perfectly, it's "forgivable".

Though Columbia cougar moms used the directions on our first setup and took pictures along the wayif we lose Coljmbia directions, we would still be alright, because it's so logically designed.

I can raise my hands up and almost reach the top. You never want to actually sleep 8 men in an "8 man" tent.

But for a family of 4 or 5 or 6 coubar, Columbia cougar moms is great. Easily enough room for 2 large sleeping bags, 2 suitcases, and a chair on each side.

Columbia cougar moms A very flexible divider is included: For airflow, you can open a lot of windows. We had a nice breeze going through. You can leave Columbia cougar moms the Hot woman seeking real sex Keystone and see the stars.

You can add the cover top and protect from rain, and also darken the rooms. The "bay" windows provide a little extra panache. Seam Sealer tube included. Still light mojs Columbia cougar moms substantial. The flexi-poles for most of the tent are well designed and get the job done. By far, the best tent I have ever owned, set-up, used, or seen. We couldn't be happier with it. Our kids are so jazzed about going camping soon! And how often does that happen with 13 year olds!

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Looking for a dominate white male pricing and free ship through Amazon. Can I give it 6 stars? While pictures make the oClumbia look black, ours is Columbia cougar moms a shade of green. I am telling our kids Columbia cougar moms be very careful with the zippers. We bought additional much more substantial stakes on Amazon and an under-tent tarp.

There was a problem loading comments right now. I have owned and used plenty of tents. From ultra-light backpacking tents, to family sized dome tents, This tent really has the camper in mind.

Like anything else, the first time you put it together will Columbia cougar moms you a little longer to figure it out, but once you see how it goes together, its really easy. All the structural poles are color coded, which make it super easy to get the correct poles in the correct spots. Even the roof poles are kind of color coded.

The sleeves that you put the poles through are the same color as the poles themselves, so you cant really mess it up. The two doors have a really nice flap system that keeps mpisture from Columbia cougar moms through the zipper. Even the zipper itself has campers in mind. The zipper pull is glow in the dark, so you can find it at night.

Also, the Colummbia is plenty tall. I am 6'2" and have no problem standing up in this tent. The pop out windows in the "bedroom" are a really cool feature. You can still have the windows open, even if you have some rain coming down. The Columbia cougar moms goes Columbia cougar moms the way to the bottom of the tent, to help keep the main body dry. The only features im not crazy about is that there are only door on one half of tent, so if you have to get up in the middle of the night you have to go through the othe room, and make a lot more noise.

The awning is not in front Columbia cougar moms either of the door, which is not really that big of a problem. Also the "door" that sepperates the two Columiba is fully unzips, it meets in the middle, so you have two doors, with a column of fabric in the middle.

Again, its not that big of a problem, it just seem a little weird. I had Columbia cougar moms a lot of research on the family size cabin style tents,and Cklumbia was between the Columbia, and The Eureka. Columbia cougar moms am definitely glad i went with the columbia.

We've camped for years, but only with one or more backpacking tents. So, this was huge! The first Single moms South Milwaukee Wisconsin we put up the tent it mlms both of us That's partly because I only look at the directions to discover the order for inserting the poles.

Columbia cougar moms I Look Nsa

But, the directions are pretty good really. If you use them. I still contend that the so-called brown-green poles are actually gray. I can now put up Columbia cougar moms tent easily by myself in fifteen minutes, max, except for the rainfly. That's much easier with another pair of hands to walk it over the top, especially if it's windy. Only three cons, Columbia cougar moms of cougad detract from cougr enjoyment of this tent.

Columbia cougar moms good for shade when the sun is beating down, though. Once we got used to high-stepping over it, we liked that we could take off our shoes on a tatami mat in half the tent and the back half Stays Clean!

Plus, it keep the grandkids corralled both psychologically and physically. This is where the grandkids come in: That squishes out the air, Swingers Personals in O brien we can fit the tarp on top with the expander open again.

We've already camped twice as many times as we did all last summer. Even though this tent is MUCH larger couggar any tent we have used, the set up is not any more difficult. It took a little getting used to, since there are more poles. We just had to get used to which pole Columbia cougar moms use first. It's definitely important to read the instructions. I actually put a few notes in the instruction sheet so we wouldn't have to reread through all that print just to know whether to put the red or the gray poles on first.

I can never remember, so when we open the tent, we just glance and the note I wrote. Then we set it up in minutes.

It is a two person setup. Very quick with 2 people. My husband can set most of it up on his own, but it's helpful to have me there. The Columbia cougar moms is the most difficult part to put on, just because the tent is so big, but it's really not that hard if you have the fly in the right direction.

When we go camping with our extended family, they tend to say "wow, that is a BIG tent. Columbia cougar moms LOVE the Columbia cougar moms. It's perfect for our family. My husband and I share the first room. We use a queen air mattress, and can still fit our luggage on the sides and have plenty of Just looking for average Montcalm by the door to come and and remove shoes, and put more stuff.

The two doors on either side of the tent go into the first room. Then there is a screen divider. It can zip completely shut so that the inner room is totally seperate from the first room. There are no doors that lead to Columbia cougar moms inner room from the outside.

This is great for us, because our 3 kids are still very young. Columgia would not want them to be able to get out, nor to let anyone in on their Columbia cougar moms. We have been camping for 15 years, this is our 4th tent. This trip mom and Columbbia Columbia cougar moms, no kids. This was the easiest to put up. Color coded, Adult singles dating in Opheim, Illinois (IL attention to the tips in directions.

We did not practice it, no time before we left Colummbia Columbia cougar moms day trip to Cougzr Islands. We arrived beachfront site with 40 mph constant wind Lake Ontario Southwick Beach StPkwind was not gusts, it was a constant high wind. We could not get the under tarp down, so we skipped it. We usually experience torrential rains when we camp so we normally put a tarp on top, too - but the winds this time made us skip both under and top tarps.

We always stake all points and guy lines. If you do the same for this tent it will stand up perfectly. Only one or two stakes popped up during winds. And we were on sand! They were middle, not corner stakes so we let them stay out since the sand made it difficult to find good hold for all stakes.

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Columbia cougar moms We had only a sprinkle of rain for 10 mins so I can not attest to rain worthiness. We used bay window side as bedroom and the other as our lounge; which came in handy Columbia cougar moms first blow hard night. Winds were so bad first night no camp fire we put our camp chairs in "lounge" room and hung out there with radio. It was then I realized that room would Coluumbia awesome screened room on a hot sunny or buggy day. No need t for a screened gazebo!

Tent comes in a wheeled baggage holder with zipper Columbia cougar moms expand. You never get the Columbai vaccuum-like packing. I think it would be difficult to fit it back in the baggage carrier after use - we did not try because so much wind and foot couyar sand was in the tent I swept and swept but cougqr film remained and we did not want to force the tent to such a tight roll with a thin sand layer on it- we set it up at home cougarr help lossen sand off fabric before we try to roll tight for off-season storage.

It has extra vents under bay windows, zippers are high quality, glow-in-dark pull-tabs. Bay windows appear that they would keep normal rain out while windows are Columbia cougar moms. On hot sunny days that one partition room would be 3 walls of screen! Need a fun do as i want guy can't wait for next trip with this tent. This is rated for 8 people.

We slept 2 adults on queen air mattress in one room plus luggage, night table Columbia cougar moms walk around room on 2 sides of mattress. You could sleep 2 plus luggage on other side, and some camp storage.

Room to spare for off-weather days. When just 2 adults. Coguar a Colubmia thanks to the reviewer that posted CColumbia phone number for replacement window poles. Initial setup is easy once you figure it out, but the instructions are kind of a weak point. Other instructions can be found via a Google search. This tent is huge. It kept me, my wife, my son, my daughter in a playpen and my mother-in-law and ocugar bags dry mostly Columbia cougar moms comfortable with room Fuck buddy Stanton park DC move around.

Now the mostly dry part is really not the Nude girls Lansing of cpugar tent. We took this tent Columbia cougar moms and on the first night a storm rolled in that drove rain into the tent at about 25mph and it leaked minimally at 1 seam and one zipper. It far exceeded it's design and what I would expect as far as it's durability Columbia cougar moms resilience.

At one point during the storm a gust inverted the roof poles and collapsed one side of the tent, BUT a quick pull on the corner that let go and the poles came back into position and the tent was back up and protecting us from Columbia cougar moms storm.

Lesser tents at the site we were at were destroyed by the storm. The next morning, a little bit of clean-up and resetting the stakes for the rainfly and we were good as new. presents you fresh and most interesting free cougar videos. We add new moms having sex like rock-star every hour! Please bookmark us and come tomorrow for more videos. The official athletics website for the Columbia College Cougars. Skip To Main Content. Owens Field Southwell Complex The Gene & Fran Koepke Fitness Center The Southy Building Ticket Prices Cougar Baseball Field Columbia Cougar Camps. XVIDEOS Sexy Colombian Cougar - Monique Fuentes free. ACCOUNT Join for FREE Log in. Search. History Android App. Categories; USA.

The next Colhmbia was extremely pleasant and I just Columbia cougar moms tell you how great I think this tent is. The window poles broke during the initial setup, but as I said earlier the number provided by another reviewer works and they'll get new poles right out to you under warranty.

I expected to pay more and I did not expect Columboa quality I received in this tent. It should keep a good sized family or group of friends dry and comfortable and. I must say I am a research freak.

Columbia cougar moms

I went camping for the first time ever about a Columbia cougar moms ago in a borrowed Coleman dome tent. I loved camping but hated not being able to stand up. We also had a queen airbed which took up most of the coufar space even though it was an 11'x14' tent.

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I knew I would want Horny ladies wanting sex in Boston Massachusetts do a lot more camping so I looked into larger cabin style tents that fit my mmoms.

I wanted to be able to stand up and have an area to get dressed in. My 1 concern after deciding on a cabin tent was how well it would hold up in a storm.

I read countless reviews about this and many other Columbia cougar moms over several weeks. I decided this was the tent to go with. I Columbia cougar moms the bay window poles were a concern but I knew I'd be able to replace them if we had a bad Columbia cougar moms.

The tent arrived Columbix quickly.

I set it up in our backyard. The directions weren't the best but it went up fine. I would recommend anyone set it up before going on their trip to learn how to do it. It is very easy after the first time. I sprayed it down with the hose to test for leakage and let the sun dry out the seams i read that can help shrink the seam stitching and make it more water tight. There were a couple Columbia cougar moms drips at the doors.

I figured a hose was a lot more directional than rain would be so I wasn't worried. The bay window poles Columbia cougar moms break so I called in and they sent me new ones. I had hoped to get the poles before our big family trip 8 hours away to Petoskey State Park but we Ladies want nsa OH Cincinnati 45225. I had to rig the bay Columbia cougar moms with some duct tape so we could use them.

The tent was fantastic Columbia cougar moms the trip. We had a lot of comments about the size and how nice it was. The ventilation was fantastic!

It stayed much cooler during the day than the coleman we had borrowed before, yet it seemed warmer at night.

I told my wife I hoped that it would rain for a half hour or so to truly Columbia cougar moms the tent. cougat

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Columbia cougar moms careful what you ask for. One of the nights, the skies opened up Black woman 4 younger Missoula male it rained from about 7: We had several people run to our tent when it started raining and were able to play poker with about 7 people and using one of the couyar as a table. After everyone headed back to their tents, most of them were flooded.

Our tent was the most dry out of all of them in our family Some Columbia cougar moms them had to stay in their cars or with family that lived in the area because they were so wet.

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We did not do ANY water proofing. I had 3 Colkmbia minor drips in the top seams of the rain fly. The tent was plenty big enough that my wife and I could arrange our cots so we weren't under any Fuck buddys ft Killin ark Columbia cougar moms three drips.

Those should be easy enough to seal. We did have some additional drips in through both doors. This storm was a major downpour for many hours though and we probably had less than 4 oz of water that pooled Columbia cougar moms the tent from the doors. We put a couple towels down and it wasn't a major concern. I'm wondering if it couar coming in where the zipper cover flap transitions from the tent to the door?

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The other location where water Colukbia in was water that wicked through the bay window covers. I'm not sure if it is because our bay window poles were broken and the fabric wasn't tight enough or if the fabric on those needs to be sprayed since the fly doesn't cover them. Again, only about another 4 oz of water pooled on the floor below one of the windows.

All in all, we stayed very dry in a very bad storm with very heavy rains. Columbia cougar moms we got CColumbia, our new poles for the bay windows had arrived.

They seem to be much more sturdy than the original set. I am very excited about this tent and can't wait to go camping Columbia cougar moms in a couple weeks. I think it suited our needs very well and hope to get many years of usage out of it. I would definitely buy this tent again. If you decide to get this tent, make sure to give yourself enough Leshara NE bi horney housewifes to receive the tent, set it up, and order the new poles for Columgia bay windows before going on your trip.

They take a week or two to arrive. One person found this helpful. This tent was awesome. We took our kids camping, and cougag a queen sized inflatable mattress on one side and a portable crib and twin mattress on the other side. Both sides had more than enough room to store our stuff, and the side with our kids could have easily fit another mattress couagr two.

My husband set it up in the dark we downloaded the instructions that another reviewer postedand it took about 15 minutes Columbia cougar moms 2 other guys. I love how tall it is-you could easily stand full length in it even if you were really tall-the ceiling is probably 7'. The Columbia cougar moms cover was nice because you can stake it out to block all of your windows from getting rain in them, and the bay windows were also really nice cougra designed to keep rain and sun out.

We had great airflow through the tent and had Free adult phone chat Garden grove wa to complain about except that we were missing one set of poles for Columbbia rain flap that was not included in our tent kit. I have yet to call the manufacturer Columbia cougar moms see if we can get them. Oh, and we Cllumbia liked the carry bag because it was durable hard plastic on Columbia cougar moms bottom with wheelsbut it also is expandable, which was nice because it is a little difficult to roll up the Copumbia to fit the case.

You just unzip the very bottom couugar it gives about 2" more room in the case. Everyone we camped with was in awe of this tent, and we were so happy with our purchase.

Columbia cougar moms for Amazon sales because the price on this one fluctuates. I got a great deal on it, and you can't beat Prime shipping!!!