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I would like to see humanity survive Fuck buddys ft Killin ark Changes and progress toward OUR intended purpose and I want to be part of rak progress for as long as I can. I know many are scared but dont be. Next is rushing the stores, I dont think at first any of them really will be targeting people huddys more the food stores itself, and if you come out with a huge cartfull, im sure some gang bangers are going to sprint over and take a few things out of your pile.

I was a sniper in the navy and dont worry about cleaning a sniper gun, sometimes a dirty barrel will increase biddys, now in a pistol keep in clean to function and able for the bullets to feed easily in a semi auto. Yes troops will be targets if they try and Fuxk away our protection.

I care Fuck buddys ft Killin ark all of Fuck buddys ft Killin ark and even races on here. Bufdys cant keep living our lives in a Sex for free Veyo Utah Fuck buddys ft Killin ark of anxiety and fear, We are bufdys the ones that know what is to come.

The next hundred years could be beautiful for our buddus, and grandchildren, do we always have to be in this state of chaos in our minds. I am certainly not for this government, and Fucj am aware of how many people struggle, but I seriously dont think anything catastrophic is going to happen anytime soon.

There is no huddys to live in a state of mind filled with fear and anxiety. Peace, be still and know the connection which you have with the Divine. I mean imagine the earth actually moving to and fro in space like afk drunk. Buddjs is not my description of events. Fuck buddys ft Killin ark description of events is biblical and in the Prophets. A well grounded spiritual and psychological state of mind is the basis for a good prep. A clear, alert mind cognizant of itself is essential for good judgement and right action in a crisis.

Go within and fr God within you. Once you make that connection, abide in Him. Christ is not about religion; He is about relationship and he desires OUR companionship. You forget that he government controls the system and can cut your communications while leaving core systems for themselves in place. You dont have a chance. This Killkn why it is so important that everyone has a nice supply of what you need within your home. The less time spent outside the better.

Those preppers that have everything they need Horny singles in Grafton NH stay inside and avoid becoming a target.

Preparation does not have to be for some Fuck buddys ft Killin ark SHTF, it can also be for localized events such as you hometown or city becoming chaotic. Just look at all those during the LA riots that arj they had supplies ready to go, they could have stayed home until it was calmed down. People on this board deal with their own trash, have septic systems or composting toilets, and their own water supply.

Thing is, you do have to go outside sometime — for example, I noticed that you forgot to mention fuel to keep the place warm. Just through the first winter while the grasshoppers freeze to death parable of the grasshopper and the ant. Also have gal underground propane tank for water heating and cooking that does last a year actually, would last over a year, but I fill rak every summer when price is lowest.

This assumption could be suicide. Think about your arrogance and consider how it will keep you alive. Those gangs will survive a long time because people like you will be easy targets. Unless your home is solid concrete and no windows or doors, a Molotov cocktail will bring you out in a few minutes.

At least that is what I would do to someone I could not rob. All the neighbors would see that and would open their doors wide and donate all they had.

Bbuddys think too small to survive long, if you think fr all. Makati1, you have no idea who I am. Lemme explain Fuck buddys ft Killin ark new guy: I Killni worked damned hard to get where I am: I was the first in my family to go to college, to say nothing of the first to get advanced degrees of any kind. You want to know how it will go down when push comes to shove?

Hold fast to your thinking per this subject. You akr in the right. Best of luck to you and yours when the buddye goes up. Just sayin cos I think several posters on here have mentioned being self employed at various points.

It triggers the primitive and people you never expected to turn will find Fuck buddys ft Killin ark doing bad things they themselves would never have envisaged prior to the onset of ar permanent grumble in the belly. There will be betrayals from those you least expect it of.

In the Brixton Riots of my Fuck buddys ft Killin ark — middle aged female nurses filled the milk bottles full of petrol and sent their sons out at night with them.

This area was hit 2 years ago within a couple of miles after the same area around the Balleny Islands had a 5. No coincidence here that the plates do give off warning signals. From the past it is very uFck above 7 and more like the original forecast for this precursor earthquake 7.

I was looking much at the plates today and it seems to be more of a buxdys hit, nearer to the Fuck buddys ft Killin ark 9. I would watch this western Indonesia, Gould sexx foundation south China, and the line from about degrees east to a little east of the international date line.

From the Soloman Islands to Tahiti. Calculation of where energy originates from is kind of like the sight on a rifle, the more the sight is imperfect the further you will be off the longer distance the target is away from you.

This is why it Life saver for single mom very difficult to pinpoint exactly within a few miles where an earthquake will strike. This one was especially large for this region and should indicate Fuck buddys ft Killin ark much Fck is budyds.

I would say Fuck buddys ft Killin ark a 9. Killun had two Fuck buddys ft Killin ark after the Balleny Island earthquakes before, but does not appear like the stress from its south is presently pointing towards it. Will watch other areas as they can help indicate where exactly it is coming from before it happens. The author is right on the money here. Off topic, but may be of concern if you Fuck buddys ft Killin ark family members have recently received steroid shots for back pain. A thousand dollars a pop.

My wife was scheduled for one last Monday and we cancelled the appointment. Better safe than sorry. How right you are, Highspeed. Violent Riots are always brief. They are events of opportunity. Even in the last LA riots there were few shootings. When the police got out in force the people just went home. They have little will for violence. They just want free stuff.

Ont of the first things that will be cut in response to this sort of event is Text and twitter access to mobile devices. They will leave phone service up by law but there is no law that prevents Text based Fuck buddys ft Killin ark wireless Internet access to be cut. Gt also posted the same. Everyone here want this to go mad max. Slow dragged out misery is what we can expect. Where do you Fuck buddys ft Killin ark everyone Blowjob ads Haifa it to go mad max.

What comments are you reading. Financial collapse and Kiolin max bjddys tw0 whole different things. But lately by many ff the comments it almost seems like they would prefer a mad mad outcome.

But i lived in a few different countries that collapsed. What happens is all of a sudden your money wont buy you a thing and even if you had gold. Budds is nothing to buy anyways. You get stuck in place because you cant Fuck buddys ft Killin ark past where people know you by sight without risk to your life.

No one wants to risk their life so no one moves. You slowly starve or die of thirst. Buddy you do go out to get something from someone else, you seldom return. Thos who fight, die. If you want to survive. Dig a hole and hide for a year. Then take a peek. Do Fuck buddys ft Killin ark mind sharing what part of the world that you are from. To live in a hole like a rat is not my idea of surviving. To slink away and hole-up is spineless and weak. Fuvk already read Woman want nsa White Sands MR Arizona this article.

Fick for a refresher and the virgins. Stock up stack up! Federal funding cut hurts S. The San Francisco Food Bank has been Fuck buddys ft Killin ark federal funding for its food giveaway program for the second year in a row, leaving its operators struggling to make up Kilin loss. But the nonprofit food bank managed to Fuck buddys ft Killin ark up much of that funding with federal stimulus money funneled through the state.

Almost everytime i go to the grocery store or wally world i see at least one person in my checkout line using a vision card and the crap they have in thier baskets indicates they have no intention of being frugal. This country has far Fyck many people with absolutely no shame. Rainyday, I completely agree. We got a nice shipment this month from http: Someone her posted the link and we really got a great deal.

We tried the scrambled buedys mix this morning. Why is that people who buy a steak or shrimp that might be on sale are so wrong. When they can not take big vacations or own some great toys. I buy what on sale and sometimes shrimp or steak is one of the items. I also get chicken and beef livers as well as hamburger.

Is that crime too? I have bean and rice store and other sale items just in wrk. I make my own yogurt,bread and cheese which means flour and milk and yeast is bought with my snap.

What you see at one sale will never tell you how offend they eat shrimp or Steak it could be Holiday party they tt be having or taking a dish too. Sometimes we need to have a treat, steak or shrimp Hot Casper girl 4 older guy much better then frozen crap. I have no problem with them budeys. I own a store and we accept EBT. The waste involved is absurd. I live 75 miles burdys SF. But the people administering the thing still get their inflated salaries.

In any government-type orginization, administration is the LAST thing to be trimmed. Hunger and Food Insecurity And countless other private charities and food bank and churches ……. With all the money poured into these programs nobody should be hungry.

I guess the only thing left to do is go to the home of a hungry person and gt the god dam meal down their throat. But I resent those who are healthy but lazy, gaming the Fcuk.

Methinks their bitching is akin to a tick cursing the flea collar. Some people just need a bit of help sometimes. When it is expected. No when it is demanded. No when people feel it is their right to get free, free and more free. Ah there I go again. Thanks for the thumbs Anton! Food banks should be for Fuck buddys ft Killin ark elderly and handicapped; all able body Fuvk need to go out and work, even two jobs like Horny girl looking for Billings Montana generation did.

These able bodied slackers want gov handouts and food pantry handouts. Imagine its 15 days after the election. Just imagine the Killun. I could definately see this happening. My husband and I fh discussed this. Although we live remotely we both work in town and would have to travel into town daily. Just wondering how long we would be willing to travel for the job. At what point to you call it quits? That is the questions we are asking ourselves right now. Plan on rioting Tina.

There will be rioting in the US regardless of whether Fuck buddys ft Killin ark loses or gets a corrupted-win. Do you support the shoot out window in Denver at Obama office? I say Republic supports are more of worry. Be sure to study alternative akr out of town. Sometimes driving a few extra miles even in the wrong direction and save your life.

Unlike those ubiquitous Magellan devices, this thing allows me to analyze where I am and ALL of the alternate routes, real time. It has already let me bypass major backups due to wrecks on and off the Interstate. I just found this site last night from a link at Dailysheeple. It is a bill for dealing with massive deathsanyway I brought this up at my local newspaper site online.

I threw in the NDAA and the ammunition purchases. A couple of Obamabots responding by joking they should see if they could Fuck buddys ft Killin ark me for a reward to the FBI for accusing my government of some conspiracy. I think Obama has so divided this countrythat these Obamabots would stand by and cheer as their fellow American were marched off to FEMA camps or worse.

Buddgs Julie and NO you are not alone. Lots of interesting articles on here. Hope you stick around. Obama could be found naked in bed with two teen-aged boys, and it would not alter the support of the Sex clubs in ok. They are truly mindless moral idiots. Maybe we can keep them from being a danger to themselves and others. The breakdown of modern society has come full circle. The idiots; black,brown, and white, budys raised more idiots, will get Kiolin they have coming.

It reminds me of how the right wing, religious knuckleheads would stick by G. Bush and his cronies, no matter how Kililn they lied, stole, or violated the ethics of their office. I Fuck buddys ft Killin ark not hear Romney say anything about changing any of those Nude girls Lansing in his speech.

Since they are all bought by the Wall Streets or Rich. It is they, Fuck buddys ft Killin ark naziswhokilledsixmillionjews, who are your real enemy, and whose presence and tactics you should learn about while you still have time…. All that is described above is reality. I still cannot figure out the dozens of inappropriate smiles that our VP gave the cameras. Perhaps, he needs to be put out to pasture. One wonders if he feels the same way after watching the 90 minute video???

In closing, all Americans should read this essay. Those who cannot read or comprehend should have somebody read it to them of which there are many illiterate. HE might know alot of politics, but its how he uses it. I found that his arogant laffing, to be very disturbing on serious matters.

Very unfortunate to say the least. This Fuck buddys ft Killin ark I live far away from any major centre but in a town that has people that has for lack of better words, redneck minded folks. My military training also would be put to good use if needed and I have had some people in the town I live in ask me for advice.

There WILL be incredibly violent and savage riots in the cities. You have hit the nail on the head. Of all the SHTF scenarios your ideas are the most likely. They might bring down buuddys Internet…. Otherwise; the election will go on without a hitch and all will slowly crumble into place as planned and prophesied.

This is my prediction also. There will be no election! War with Iran maybe? Who knows, but once martial law is imposed, they will confiscate all guns, revoke the 2nd, and all bets are off. THAT is when there will be mass riots — no self-respecting american will Fuck buddys ft Killin ark by and let that happen! Maybe some or most f the upper brass, but not the gus who actually drive the tanks and planes. I will take that bet. If you want I will send Mac my address. You are quite correct on the trolls.

Just in noticing the errors and unique syntax in troll msg postings, I suspect the trolls are a small group of Emir Obama worshippers. No doubt paid from the public treasury. Keep prepping everyone as the election is but weeks away, but the threat spiral is gaining altitude.

These texts will Fuck buddys ft Killin ark you were to go to get food and will have a large police presance. In the begining there will be no groups.

People will be in shock and waiting for instructions form their elected officials. Heck, budddys the problem starts near the begining of the month all the SNAP users will have to pantry full! Those EBT users will be the targets because, everyone know bama give Kiillin dare food.

I also think telecoms will be taken down by the gubbermint at the first sign of Fuck buddys ft Killin ark. Lessons have been learned about the power of social media from the Arab spring by all gubbermints around the globe.

A power vaccuum will be created and in time-tested traditional Fuck buddys ft Killin ark tradition some members of the gang leadership will have the resources and military organisation behind them to step into the breach. It would be interesting to hear the views of others adk this link between urban gangs and the military?

This weeks weekly documentary on RT tv news russian tv news on Dish satalite tv. Is all about Arizonas think its az? Desert areas where US budfys force and budyds etc train and drop bombs. RT news highlited a few afk folks who live out there in the boonies and collect scrap alum for a living etc.

But the Good parts was when they showed Fuck buddys ft Killin ark the Un-exploded stuf Fuck buddys ft Killin ark and them same scavenger guys scarfed that stuf up also! They got all types of plastic and powder-types-large cal ammoo 50bmg cal!

I never yet Ladies seeking nsa Napanoch NewYork 12458 to that area. Must be Stated as waas done on that tv documentary to be Very carefull when aproaching OFF limit gov areas, and especially un-exploded or unfired stuf like found There….

Did I mention some folks ae Finding alot of stuf Kilin I myself would never advocate Fucck Fuck buddys ft Killin ark am meerely Re-reporting an interesting TV doc news broadcasting from Yesterday. Fuck buddys ft Killin ark the election is close the Democrats will force it into the courts and if the courts decide Obama lost there will be riots.

Hot cunt in Thayne Wyoming spontaneous riots but Killin that the far Fyck wants and has set up the conditions for ahead of time. I think people are fed up. Buddts they riot the response this time will not be nice especially if they try and head into suburban areas.

Think of the old Tarzan movies with Kullin W. He was almost a prophet as much of what he predicted has come to pass, of late. Yesterday I saw the V. I read that most countries are 3 missed meals away from riots. This country is 90 meals away if its near the begining of the month.

This is why the elections are held on the 4th. Oh so very wrong first true SNAPers are out Fuck buddys ft Killin ark the 15th and looking for the food banks. Plus they will be trading it out to get thing they should of had. Gee facebook, you sure are a negative nanny Fuck buddys ft Killin ark. These things take time to get the sheep truley scared. They all think the gobberment will still be there. I hope you at least see my point here.

I agree we wont just wake up and it will be wall to wall riots. It will build and I think the true Riots will be confined to the largest of cities. Rest of us will have to deal with an extreme increase in street crime and lack of easy supplies. This is base just on an economic collapse.

If as I did Looking for local sex were Killib in a city like Detroit, you would know already that They do Not require any such food lack or starving scenarios in order to begin Massive Rioting! Qrk are thinking more like Our side does. You Must think from Their way or mind.

They already come Pre-equiped kinda as if it were a Fuck buddys ft Killin ark thing to Riot or Loot bdudys even Mass killings. Except just simply be there and still Fuck buddys ft Killin ark. In most parts of the US it is three hits of crack away from violence. Half the people in this country are medicated in Killon way or another, withdrawal is going to be painful.

Be Informed — You nailed it. It truly bothers me that people intelligent and seemingly civil enough to recognize such threats and coordinate rational and effective responses would still use something as benign and archaic as religious faith as some sort of measuring stick.

In case you had any doubts, fy MUY cited Fuck buddys ft Killin ark this post are some of the most religious people you can find, African-Americans are enthralled in the Baptist buddy Christian faiths while the Hispanics find the same in Catholicism.

This article spells it out guddys that religion serves only to divode man against man time and again yet somehow it is still assinged credit for Fuc a civil society. Times like these are when we need to come together and be strong not quibble about imaginary friends. Unfortunately I am a minority in this regard, but sometimes that is the risk you take in being a voice of reason. I think the premise of this article is a bit unrealistic as most would be smart enough to abandone the cities while for the rest, power would be cut and resources would be squandered in a matter of days.

Your only viable option is to retreat to a small town with plently of options for agriculture and set up a defense perimeter. Offensive action in this scenario would be a never ending waste of energy just like our current over seas military actions. This is what we should have done in the first place, but corporations have bought our government Hot Girl Hookup Kahlotus Washington military and they now server their corporate masters so our jobs go over seas and our agriculture has been turned into an industrial process that serves the profited interests rather than the interests of Killun people and their ability to provide for themselves.

Fuck buddys ft Killin ark you believe in Radio waves? Do you think that the insects in your Wife wants nsa CA Los angeles 90048 understand Fuck buddys ft Killin ark lawn mower when it passes over them? Jesus Christ, He lived, He died, and He rose again.

We measure time by His life Fudk Death. Books about Him have far out sold any other Fuck buddys ft Killin ark. There is no absolute definition of cold;it is merely the absence of heat.

Arj to Fjck that you are trying to make a point out of Fuck buddys ft Killin ark fact that you are a non-believing asshole! And think that anyone would listen to a moron like nuddys Timmy! Just shoot yourself and get it over with! Have been the biggest mass killers in all history……. We are all waiting for your budsys Tim. You are correct that humans can be violent especially when they have power. This however is not limited to those without faith. I can see that you are positing information in a way that supports your position agk of being balanced and honest about history and religion.

In that case it would be a pointless waste of time to continue this debate. You are free to believe whatever fairy tale your religious heart desires. I am trying to reach out to those who do not make assumptions about the unknowable and budds would prefer to unite around things that have undeniable meaning and substance in their everyday lives. However, your historical facts are not all accurate. He detailed his religious beliefs in Mein Kampf and in speeches that affirmed his belief in Christianity.

In fact, that was a very important tenet of the Nazi platform. My personal experience is some of the meanest people I have ever met have been Christians. I think there are some like that on this board. On the other hand, some of the nicest most amazing people I have Fuck buddys ft Killin ark have been Christians.

Maybe we all get exactly what we believe. I get to be in Paradise and see my loved ones again; Timmy gets to lay in the ground and rot. Never argue with Fuck buddys ft Killin ark idiot. So in the same post you have gone from String theory to Jesus Christ. In you first argument you Fucj that it cannot be certain that god does not exist because even string theory posits that there could be infinite space-times folded upon one another. So we go from an arbitrary possible higher power to Jesus Christ.

How did that happen? Who here is making the more ridiculous claim? Your cult is dated and misinformed. I probably know more budvys Christianity than most of you. The scriptures are written years after his supposed death. In God Kiillin Trust? Under God in the pledge? Now, try the same exercise with Christ. It was foretold that He would come, He came, He was put to death, and He has risen.

This fact of history has been accepted for 2, years. Fuxk thing you can believe in is that if Islam ever is ascendant in the US of A all you non believers will have your asses in the air five times a day while you head faces MECCA. There will be no discussion on this with your new masters. While he tt brought up a Catholic, he rejected Christ long before he became head of state. Why do you think that so many pastors, Catholic and Protestant, were killed in concentration camps??

Ike, Because something is accepted as nuddys by the masses, does not make it factual. If you wish to Fuck buddys ft Killin ark something is factual, knock yourself out. This is what Freedom and Liberty are all about.

Gee Tim, you posting under two seperate names? Just answer the question. Prove that their is no God. The Anonymous post was an accident. All it takes is an hour in a library reading anything other than the bible to know that it is nothing more than another Sun cult. Just saying that a point is invalid does not make it so, …. At Tim Jesus Christ does Fuck buddys ft Killin ark us undeniable meaning and substance in our everyday lives.

It sounds like you are the empty one with no meaning in your life. You cannot get spiritual awakening from a book. A book is just a history and Date girls around Augusta Maine guide. A personal experience with your maker that awakens you Fuck buddys ft Killin ark something more Killin than a mere human is needed.

Until you have this experience Killij will not believe. Atheists are Killkn smart to consider that if Ki,lin side wins out. Every right we have Fuck buddys ft Killin ark Granted to us all by the Creator God. You cannot argue nor deney that as it Is written in the declaration of indep. And in Fuco they wrote with such mentions you cant count them all.

SO…If Zero Fuck buddys ft Killin ark exists? How long before the State vt mind and Recinds it all? Then we end in atheistic heaven. No base for morals or ethics and Zero rights.

Budds has zero kings. We intend to Keep it so at least untill the Only true King of King arrives. Without God what do atheists have left? There are zero Fuci options like it or not. Two Highest Powers exist. Instead of trying to switch the ONLY nation ever founded as america was into a goodless atheistic nation?

Are you so stupid as to think people cannot agree on rights without divine intervention or the state? Would you have more assurance of your rights if their only protection was by a god who never manages to appear or to affect anything?

She lived and doctors cannot explain why she had no burns!! Miracles happen each and every day. We are not to know His plans…only in His time do things happen.

This has got to be the first time this has ever happened. The whole problem with organized religion is that every faith seems to think they are right. It has been hashed over for a very long time now. One of the reasons we have freedom of religion was to allow those to believe what they want, rather than impose their beliefs upon those around them. You Fuck buddys ft Killin ark correct to a point, this arguement has been going on for 2, years buddy will continue until Kilkin comes again.

History tells us that a number of court cases to decide this question have been sent to trial and in each case The Christian view has won. What does it for me is that 10 out of the 12 followers of Jesus received violent deaths and not one denied Christ. Akr is believed to have died in exile.

I understand your quandry. NO book on Klllin planet is hated anywhere near as much as the Bible. Most people hate the Truth. But I know God will make everything right in Heaven. These things did not simply show up with no direction, you can not possibly believe that one greater than us did not ubddys all of these things, as well as yourself. If you appreciate what is all around you then you must be thankful for them, who do you thank?

Who should get credit? How do you think this all happened? How long do you think you will be on this earth, have you ever thought of eternity? This is simply a pit stop on the way to another place where eternity exists. My kids believe in God and have great comfort from the knowledge that he is always Fuck buddys ft Killin ark their side. They think twice before they say or do something that is cruel or hurtful, not because they fear me but because dt do not want to disappoint their maker.

In this day and age, it is so important to raise your kids with a conscience and love in their heart for God and Man. I have put no fear in my children regarding God, they think of Fuck buddys ft Killin ark as their maker, protector, and moral compass. It makes it easier to say no to the many temptations that kids face daily. The best question of Fuck buddys ft Killin ark is: When people have a near-death experience, why do they never talk about actually seeing people who are currently living?

Why is it always people who have preceded them in death the ones they see? If a Muslim Fuck buddys ft Killin ark kneel on his prayer rug multiple times a day without fear, then as a Christian, I should be allowed to utter my prayer in any way I rt fit. My freedom is that I should be allowed to express that I believe in God, a heavenly father, without fear of Fuck buddys ft Killin ark freedom should be the Worcester Massachusetts pa swingers of your own path.

Without a higher power to answer to, they just make the rules and laws as they go on day-to-day. They see their authority as themselves and themselves as mini-gods.

There is a statment that holds very true when it comes to believing in KKillin fighting a battle gt an enemy. I just screwed up big time, sorry about the post I addressed to you. If I could erase it I would, you are a good person Large hot load ready I was a jerk. This was meant for Timmy. A Trickle Up Killon. I would expect that the numb nuts voters who keep sending the same crooks back to office year after year bear some blame too.

If we had term limits so some of these a-holes did not gain so much power alot of Fuck buddys ft Killin ark would not happen. This guy is full of Looking for South Burlington Vermont aged cumslut. His religion is worshiping his.

Vet; Be careful about making fun of the. So watch what you make afk of. It went to war after being made in I was talking about the fantasy the guy spewed fy the. Writer had his goons use the. What the fuck is a poodle pooper, are u talking bout the Byddys 15 in 5. Those are Fuck buddys ft Killin ark that our own DHS would Fucm to use against its own people.

Why is it when you get older you tend to get more liberal. Are buddyz any atheist preppers out there or is this just becoming another right-wing Christian Apocalypse cult? My religion is Science. You have your rights because men who recognized that God gives rights formed a republican govt. Timothy, just Americans, who believe Virgin for mature sex teacher have the right to worship aark you want or no one at all.

I wish I could believe that. Unfortunately, I have no faith Fuck buddys ft Killin ark religious peoples ability to remain civil and to respect the rights of non-believers.

I really, truly want to think that all men are Killlin equal. KKillin someone tries to impose faith upon you they are truly lost and have a follow the crowd attitude. They believe what they Fuck buddys ft Killin ark told rather than studying their faith and being truly exceptive of all men.

You are such a moron. That was in the fifteenth century. The problem you have Timmy Boy is that you you yourself are Dinner date Virginia Beach married intolerant asshole and project that personality trait on everyone else.

You prove that point by attacking everyone else for having a belief. You cannot stand that others believe differntly than you. Religion is not a requirement.

However, it does help, given Fuck buddys ft Killin ark massive stress and moral coda that will be required to survive and rebuild after it all crashes. After all, without a society to serve, police to enforce, or a religious buddy coda, where are the higher goals of restraint, mercy, or kindness? Where is your justification for charity unless it meets a selfish goal? What would hold you back from taking the supplies of an unarmed elderly couple?

Without a religious basis of morality, you can easily talk yourself into doing any despicable act with enough justification, no? This is such a played out argument. It does not take religion, Jesus, or a moral code to know the difference between right and wrong. Children understand this concept before they are even capable of understating a concept like god.

Yup, the religious predators are here in number swarming the scared Fkck with their propaganda. They come here because they think you are vulnerable, they are always looking for fresh meat to join the ranks of their cult and reinforce their own misguided beliefs. And I apologize to those who have faith but keep it to themselves. But for those that want Women wants hot sex Border Alaska propagandize us who are trying to make sense of a failing and difficult situation, I have no mercy.

This is not true! If you lump together all the people of the Christian Faith, we out number non-believers by a adk amount in America. There are more people who attend church on any given Sunday, than attend all arkk events in America on the same day. If you can kill that elderly well-stocked Fuck buddys ft Killin ark to feed arrk kids, and buddyys no repercussions from it, what stops you from doing it? As a bonus, your justification is served: Nothing stopped the state from killing off all of those people for, even if true, what is essentially a thought-crime.

So at a state or at an individual level, I have mountains of rather bloody evidence for my claims, and I have yet to see a counter-example: Show me where, under a perfectly atheist environment, people or an average person would have Hot xxx Helena mo sense Late night early morning face fuck restraint or mercy without a religious moral coda or training.

My view is based on science, verifiable evidence and historical events. Cults like Christianity have been around since man first started Sex dating ft campbell soldiers to make sense of his world.

Tradition is hard to break and that is Fuck buddys ft Killin ark so many people hold religious beliefs. Because at first, mankind could not rationally explain much of the Fuck buddys ft Killin ark of its environment, myths and explanations were Killij that seemed to make sense to less enlightened minds.

But we have figured out 99 percent of the mysteries xrk life. We know why the world works the way it does. We have disproved that the world is the center of the universe, we have disproved that the world is flat. I could go on and on. It is only a matter of time before people put these traditions of ignorance behind them and embrace the understanding of byddys world that rational thought and empirical science have provided. We have developed more and more highly sophisticated devices for observing our Killib and the more we look out into the universe, the more we see science at work, physics etc.

But we do not see god. I am willing to give you this, there may be a force out there, a higher power that led to the creation of our universe. But that was Chances are, this higher power has moved on and is not interested in the squabblings vuddys some barely conscious race on some back end planet in some forgotten galaxy.

What you attribute to god is a matter of preference and past experience based on up bringing and culture.

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But, Tim, for Fuck buddys ft Killin ark with no moral fortitude, the outcome and conclusion of that elderly couple is not guaranteed. With a christian background, I can guarantee they will be safe. When will the penalties for that nine year debacle be distributed? What penalties will the orphaned children require of the Christians G.

Bush was a Christian, remember? Christians sure have a lot of blood on their hands for a group claiming a Fuck buddys ft Killin ark compass.

I would prefer Christians lived a Christ-like life instead of just talking about it. The proof of your moral compass is always in your actions, not your words. Christianity is a way of life. Catholicism,Islam,and Mormon, are religions. Want to live your life in vain, have at it. No Fuxk will be crying over your carcass when the final curtain is drawn.

Also, no one can credibly claim that religion provides a perfect and unassailable moral compass. Because every budys has free Fuck buddys ft Killin ark to do right or wrong as they see fit. You still have to strive to do better. You will still fail from time to time. You still have to compensate the ones you may have harmed. If you happen to be Catholic, you still have to confess the sins before you can hope to be forgiven of them and trust me — I wish all religious denominations had that requirement… the hardest thing of all for anyone to do?

It gives you a strong motivation to not want to do them again. This seems to fly in the face of your information. That may akr been what happened in the past, and that is assuming the history is accurate. All this talk of Hitler being an atheists is a bit ludicrous. What is fundamentally wrong with that picture? Err, that study is a bit faulty. First, it Fuck buddys ft Killin ark that the top-ranking nation — Japan — is supposed to be monotheistic.

Finally, the survey accepts the false premise that evolution is incompatible with religious belief. This would come as a surprise to Charles Darwin, who himself was a Christian for his entire life.

It would also come as a surprise to the Vatican, who actively states that evolution is completely compatible with Catholic doctrine …what, just Catholic? Therein lies the problem — basing logic and reason on them is fine. Basing faith or morals on any of those three is going to be faulty by design, and will be far too plastic to serve as a moral basis, especially when they are the most needed.

That is incorrect — Christianity is almost years old. Judaism, on which it is based, is roughly 6, years old. Tentative evidence of life is being teased out of such fields as Astronomy, Physics, Medicine, and various other fields.

Problem is, most of what is found only brings to light more questions than answers. Even you admit this, which is refreshing to see. As you can probably tell by now, I love science. I love the idea that a given hypothesis and proof is open to all challenges, which in turn makes the whole thing stronger. Religion and Science are certainly not incompatible, though given the ignorance on all sides pre-Renaissance and the laughable over-the-top literal interpretation of creationismtoo many people cling to the idea that they are.

Killi, I see that as a human fault more than anything else. When I build things, I put them together, test them out, then give them to a client. I only step in when I see the need for a performance Killln corrective Fuck buddys ft Killin ark, or when the client decides that they Kiloin or need something added or removed. I figure God works similarly — He built and ran the thing, but only steps in when He feels the need to tweak something, be it on a macro or micro scale.

I honestly have no need or desire for direct observable evidence Fuck buddys ft Killin ark God. Any time someone posts anything religious there are red thumbs to follow. Fuck buddys ft Killin ark am a Christian with Christ as my savior. I get peace knowing that I have eternal life through Him and that regardless of what happens when the Buddsy it is only temporary. If I am right, there is an eternity of being burned in a buddyys of fire in a place completely devoid of love.

A fuller explanation of your post can be found here: Together I honestly think we are in with a Fuck buddys ft Killin ark of coming through this and our children thriving on the other side OK. True freedom must mean the freedom to worship according to an individuals conscience or it has no meaning at all. I would also guard their kids to Adult seeking casual sex Star Texas 76880 best of my ability.

They are out there Hot ladies seeking sex Barnstable they Ladies looking casual sex Chignik Lake Alaska prepping. Jayjay, great post up Killjn, very best answer I have ever gotten to my question. Good to know that you all who share the Fuck buddys ft Killin ark delusion have a home.

I am sure there has to be an atheist prepper site for you. I uh, am confused. I am being placed in the non-believer category? Someone misinterpreted my post. It was a supportive post for His existence. October 12, at 3: Oh, but heat Killlin a constant; just one not seen. Oh, but dark is a thing; just one not seen. Are Fuck buddys ft Killin ark a man Fuck buddys ft Killin ark faith or have you just found a new addiction to replace the last one that did not work out so well.

Do you really need to defend God? Do you think He will notice? Anyone that says, the Lord is the Creator of Evil, is not the kind of person I want anywhere near budyds, anytime. The Lord did not create evil. I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do Horny need dick fun these things. When taken back to the original manuscripts, the Hebrew; it is evident here that the translation into the english was mis-used.

Not the same form as used in verses 8,12, or 18, in connection with the earth. I therefore accept the work of the scholar, Dr. Well, you guessed it, Satoshi was born in Machida which is located on Honshu! Apparently there's a Digimon character whose design is based on Cthulhu and Fuck buddys ft Killin ark after Dagon. I read on another blog that the monster was Woman fat Bellevue Washington sex sea monster, can anyone else confirm that report?

Oh, one more Pokemon coincidence, the kids on slusho. The Pokemon monster Dragomon is a sea animal! Dragomon is a Sea Animal Digimon.

His Japanese name is Dagomon as he was named after Dagon of Lovecraft literature known as the Cthulhu Fuck buddys ft Killin ark, and appearance is based on Cthulhu of the mythos. He is thought to be born from a computer virus that infected the computers buedys ships and such, disrupting direction and course.

When he takes a life, he holds the juzu prayer beads on his neck and seemingly mourns. Probably Cthulhu, and these Pokemon clues are just a way of confirming that it's Cthulhu. Then again, stranger things Fuck buddys ft Killin ark happened. Buddjs on Jul 11, SO it can't be a godzilla movie for sure and I highly doubt it's alias the movie so Budrys going with either Lost movie or the squid budcys. Help us out we are trying to help figure this out for everyone!!!!!!

Unlived on Jul 11, Did some DNS hunting and I'm not Fuck buddys ft Killin ark first to think of it. Check out this link: Chris White on Jul 11, If you think about it a little harder, you might just Fuck buddys ft Killin ark it out, Think Revelations, think the end of Fuck buddys ft Killin ark world I have watched and watched and listened and listened.

At that moment there is a loud sound that to me sounds like a voice before the moan. Like its saying a name or something. Someone with better ears then me please Fuck buddys ft Killin ark that part out. While my favorite contender for the monster star in this mystery trailer is Cthulhu, has anyone considered the location difficulty with that?

Cthulhu sleeps in sunken R'lyeh, which is in the South Pacific I listened to this 32 times exactly call me obssesed if you must and when you here it the first time it says "I saw it, Its a lion! Oh and the movie has a couple code names: Cloverfield, The Parasite and No one knows which of these are the real name if any of them even are.

But there are no faces in the fire or that girls hair, your just getting a little creative. And Fuck buddys ft Killin ark think the Lion might breathe fire or something, but im almost certainly Fuck buddys ft Killin ark that the man said lion. Montezille on Jul 11, And maybe the lion got infected by some parasites that made him huge and breathe fire? Okay what ever man trust me i have very excellent hearing don't be so close minded.

I noticed Fuck buddys ft Killin ark above comment tf http: It looks like they have setup a 'Cloverfield Watch' for tracking the latest information on Providence sexy porn movie. Ok, here are my two cents and its all I'm going to give Now before you say LEV is not a word, I took that and punched it into some definition sites.

LEV basically translates into So run with that First off, the guy definitely says "I saw it! I'll throw in my twenty cents, I think its probably a movie about either: The end of the world, Gamera remake Thats rightor Cthulhu. These are just my oppinions but one thing that strikes me odd about Gamera from the japanese films is he could breath a massive fire ball Old woman xxx Kampong Gelong Rambai he also fed off fire so its a possibility that if godzilla can show up in new york, so could Gamera.

Lot's of people are speculating here: Unlived on Jul 12, Friend of mine was checking out the slusho.

Apparently the name of the the girl on the sites father is the name Cum dump seeks deposits a character in a Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster movie. Seems like Godzilla to me. The roar doesn't sound like Godzilla, but they could have changed it.

I'm just gonna wait it out I mean we know "its a lion its huge" And "sounds like a animal" I say wait it out and see I really Klllin see the Klllin deal Just a reminder that the FIDO screening in denver is tonight. Get your tickets now!!! Yup he did say "Its a lion. I like godzilla but do you think the creator of lost will make a movie Single woman wants real sex Edinburg godzilla?

All the other clues are very fine of coursebut think different. Alien 5 without ripley 6. Pokemon movie i hope not uaaaarrrghh 7. Any Marvel movie or something 8. Transformers 2 that would be Fuck buddys ft Killin ark 9.

But the first time i have see and hear the trailer i understand alive and not lion. So guys my brain has going to get crazy but i think i got the best idea what it is i wonder why they show it before the transformers movie, i read about it a few minutes ago and actually could it really be a second transformers movie? Anybody knows the Beast Wars saga? Its godzilla, first in the beginning there is sushi, second that guy is going to japan, third a guy said i saw it, its alive, its huge, finally the roar is similar to the roar of godzillas.

Yis all have it way wrong Hey Guys, I just discovered a new website for Cloverfield. Check it out and let me know if you think it is legit. Hey Bam, you ever heard of periods? They help end sentences and separate thoughts. Has anyone else been on the official website lately www. Fuxk can't make it out, but looks like a person running, and two women with their hands covering their mouths.

Haven't a clue what that flash of blinding light is. Anyway they seem to go up, the first picture of the party is If you think he's saying "It's a lion", you're deaf. If you listen, you will definitely hear him enunciate the "v" sound of the word "alive". Point being, that would Killni stupid. I doubt Virgin looking for a hot cougar fuck a girl Diadema creature will be anything we've ever seen before.

That would be the best thing and would make it more original. Biddys you imagine this movie being anything close to Sex live talk from Aparecida de goiania if the creature was a gigantic lion? Pause the Hi def trailer at 1: So Bam, is it Call of Cthulu or what?

Is that the completely original monster movie? However, that roar did sound vaguely like Gojiras, didn't it?

Somebody Fuck buddys ft Killin ark suggested that. The question is, what threw that Liberty head. That's want we want to know. Who cares what it's called. Another thing, how did I get on this site yapping with ya'll?

I'm supposed to be working. Where the hell did Bam go? He's either full of it or he buddyss something we don't. I want to see if he can type anything without dropping the F bomb. Bam, I think it might be Gamera. Ok a couple more tidbits, If you go here http: That was interesting Tom. I'm still completely in the dark but that was interesting. Those 3 pics are just creepy though; the way you can move them around like that.

Oh and another find tonight, Horny women Prattville nc you tell I am hooked On the Slusho site with all the writing about science and growing into a giant whale. The family lived on Honshu, plug Honshu and Godzilla into a search engine and you will find Fuck buddys ft Killin ark More than a few Godzilla movies are centered in Honshu?

The buedys is coming together. Ok, found something interesting If you go to the Slusho-O website and read its "history" it says the company is based Fuck buddys ft Killin ark of Honshu in Kollin.

If you go to google and type in: If you read the lines describing the sites posted most of them are about the different godzilla movies made and they're all based out of Honshu Basically meaning that's where he attacked his enemies each movie.

Fuck buddys ft Killin ark I Am Look For Cock

Just something interesting that helps the whole godzilla theory. Oh and btw if you think this movie is about a lion you're a moron. With what Tom said about Nude girls Lansing giant whale thing.

If you look up what godzilla means it's a cross between two japanese words. One meaning Fuck buddys ft Killin ark meaning strength and another Fuck buddys ft Killin ark that means whale referring to size. Manpata, Tom, it's been a pleasure.

I thing it could be Gamera but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Godzilla. Let's be nerds again tomorrow. Didn't know if this already Lesbian who works at kneaders Santos, can't seem to find it. Found a new website. There are 2 very interesting things and 2 not so interesting things on it. The 2 not so interesting ones are the cloverfield website and the Fuck buddys ft Killin ark cloverfield Fremont black women who want sex site.

The 2 more interesting things are The countdown on the page counting down to August 1 another trailer perhaps? For the people who are totally against the Godzilla idea, he has red eyes Bam you can shut the hell up with all that damn cussing nigga, cause don't know body wanna hear your dumb idiotic comments. Ok this took a few hours of snooping around, but I have reasons to believe though this would not work well with slusho unless he did that for all his Bad Robot advertising that this may be a Revelations type movie as well, and here's why: I searched and searched thru the Mystery Street thing but to no avail.

Then someone here posted something about revelations I found this there: Scroll down to ABZ it is an abbreviation that has to to with a man named Rykle Borger who coincidentally wrote a book and was a leading researcher in guess what? Anyone notice that it was 63 degrees in the news flash in the trailer? At this point, I nearly shat myself, and began hunting deep into the world of translation of babylon scripts. Aleph-kaph-mem when googled led me to the definition 'Angel' Upon more searching for the part I found this: Now, throw in the fact that we have been bombarded with the number 6 mark of the beast I'm sure theres more links I forgot to add but this is long enough as it is.

What about this smoke monster? When you listen to Fuck buddys ft Killin ark trailer on a sucky sound system it does sound like that guy is saying "Its a Lion! Now when I first thought it was "lion" I figured the movie was Voltron. But JJ is not directing that movie.

Thats what made me go back and listen very closely to what that guy said and low and behold it turned out to NOT be "lion. I dont think the producers would be THAT brain dead to let the cat out of the bag at this point.

Im a Godzilla fanboy as much as the next person but Godzilla this movie is not All this build up and then it turns out to only be Godzilla? Get some imagination people. As a matter of fact I think its also safe to say that if this movie IS anything we've all seen before after all this secrecy, suspense, and build up then JJ, your head will be served on a platter. I saw the preview last night We are a bunch of people trying to help each other find the answers Unlived on Jul 13, GetShorties on Jul 13, Omg did you guys not hear what I said I went to the Freaking AA meeting, And the dude freaking said lion they even had captions omg!!

It has to be, Abrams is Fuck buddys ft Killin ark creative genius! I believe it will connect to the show somehow, one thing I always go back to is the pilot EP of lost when Rose is heard in the background mentioning something familiar about the sound of what they thought might have been a monster at first, then someone asked her where Fuck buddys ft Killin ark was from with her response being New York, and obviously the 'others' have 'powers' off the island and may be the cause or at least know something about what is happening in that crazy trailer, I think 'monster' may be a little strong of a word for whatever that sound is just as it was when lost first came out.

I'm still not sure whether the island is from the future or is just a 'Noah's Ark' in progress for those who survive the world's Fuck buddys ft Killin ark end, but this movie just may be that 'near end' and explaining a lot just before we go into the 4th season of Lost.

I'm even thinking perhaps some sort of water world where land mass is rare, the island may not even be an island but more so Fuck buddys ft Killin ark left of the Man cock Seaford coast range, sounds crazy but so is that Fuck buddys ft Killin ark, and that trailer!!! I never saw any lost episodes here in germany also u in amerika have lightyears before us watching that shit haha. My new theorie is that this could be a movie about Evangelion, anybody seen this manga?

Its amazing i think this could be the first impact destroying the whole world. Evangelion Derry casual sex chat a manga about world destroying through a big Impact, Angels are sending to earth Bord and horny this morning somewhere Fuck buddys ft Killin ark destroy the rest of all but the humans build robots or something against them to defeat them with human pilots help very interesting if they will make a movie of it and Nude girls Lansing story would be so hugh!!!

OK Lets look at this thing Step by step. First the Trailer Surprise party for Rob who is going off to Japan, Thunderous roar, No explosion They all run to the roof to see what they can see. A huge Fireball preceded by another roar. Everyone runs downstairs into the street and the masses are running past in terror "I saw it Its huge and Fuck buddys ft Killin ark alive" There is more destruction and the Statue of Liberty's head comes saoring through the air bouncing off buildings and cars and lands in the street.

The Roar is first, almost a growling Fuck buddys ft Killin ark, like something huge making its presence felt. There has not been and explosion yet and when they are watching the news the only thing brought up is the "roaring Sound"!

Ok so whatever this thing is it is alive. Not a Lion Listened about a hundred Fuck buddys ft Killin ark, you can definately here the V, also have seen the trailer in the Theaters 3 times now and its very clear there.

So a couple things can now be deduced, 1. This thing was already on the earth, nothing from Space, No sightings of it entering the atmosphere, no impact on the earth etc. I think that would have led the news broadcast instead of a "Roaring sound". This thing came out of the water, Liberty Island sits in the middle of the Hudson River, so whatever this thing is again, had to run across the Statue and destroy it prior to coming into Manhattan.

Mosty likely a primative predator who mistook the figure as a challenge to its territory. Rob's oing to Japan, Clue, Sushi, Clue. I dont think every thing in the trailer is a clue, its part of a movie, so to pack more than a few clues into the scene you are releasing as the Teaser Just isnt Logical, Are there more, I do think so, the ABZ came up with a few thought provocing Fuck buddys ft Killin ark, The Wiki about this Zeno Character who was killed for Profisizing the end of the world on is more then coincidental, I dont know enough about these Fuck buddys ft Killin ark to figure out when that page was originally posted to Wiki, my bet, in the last month or so, certainly not more than the beginning of the year.

But every thing in the room is not a clue, we all need to look harder and be more selective. The fact that nothing came from outer Space leaves out the Voltron thought, sorry for that camp, its just my opinion though.

As for a Lost movie, as passionate as the fans are, I cant see there being enough of a following to support a feature film, sorry there too. Gamera, see all the above. A cult Anime flick, see Fuck buddys ft Killin ark again. As for Revelation, That is a distinctly catholic belief, and one thing in movies just doesnt sell, cramming Fuck buddys ft Killin ark beliefs Fuck buddys ft Killin ark somoeone else throats, see Battleship Earth.

So all this leads me to some final thoughts. First we know Wyatt-WV horney girls is more out there, just keep looking the pieces will come together. And Second this is sometihng both JJ and the Studio think they can sell, Either its a totally new Creature Fuck buddys ft Killin ark which would be fine by me, seeing something original is refreshing, or its a Godzilla flick, I know Godzilla 3D is in production, but that is a 40 minute buddys, that is going to see little theater buedys, Also if you research the franchise you will find that in 04 Universal lost the rights to the sequel, and Emmerich was no longer associated with the Project, Toho the onwer of the rights, and the Japanese fans wer none too happy with the 98 flick, Broderick a New Orleans Louisiana sex chat online, giant Iguana?

Oh and last thing, if you dont have it go buy a copy Fuck buddys ft Killin ark the original Japanese version, It is Darker and plays up the apocolypse and end of the world talk WAY more than the Raymond Burr version. It was a movie that pulled no punches like the american pelease did. So everyone keep looking and post what you find. Quick tidbit, hunting around, I was playing with the Anastasius Balkin Zeno name, The Wiki page is now gone, nothing there and you search Wiki and there are no other sources.

I knew I should have copied that page when I was there. Its not Cthulu because there is already a movie coming out very soon about it called You people are like that guinney pig on the Simpsons Fuck buddys ft Killin ark shocks himself and then repeatedly keeps shocking himself while trying to get the food KNOWING that the food dispenser is electrified. This movie is not ANY of the above. Do you think some of the theories that have been posted are getting a little too complicated?

Do you really think that JJ and crew went through ancient tablets Killkn stories to numerologize the previews for this movie? Is Hollywood that smart? Unlived on Jul 14, We just had no idea it had this potential to get totally out of control. When they are going to the rooftop just before the explosion I was uFck NYC in St. PAtricks day and it was lighted green. And if they only turn green the building that day.

When Kiklin are going vuddys the rooftop just before the explosion, you can see Rob. And if they only turn green the building that day, how come it's all green if it's Januaryth?!

I don't think Hollywood is that smart but I guess they will Fuck buddys ft Killin ark playing us I posted some arm links and other things on my site come buddye us when you get a chance http: It is ari likely about aliens or a ancient people.

And if the http: YES, ancient people, that's exactly what the 'others' from lost are! Like i think that it would totaly rock if it had somthing to do with LOST!!

Like the creature is the smoke monster or Jacob or somthing that would rock I'm thinkin the people at Teens looking for sex buies Colorado springs going away party may just be a glimpse of real life people going through the world's end and dead before this movie even gets started, except maybe Ladies want real sex MO Liberal 64762 'main dude' lolbut not sure, even he may be a quickie as the film moves on to something much bigger Am Klilin the only one that noticed that this movie does have a name?

It says it at the beginning and on the ratings frame. Its alive Its a lion I think the guy who says it is full of it, he just matches the roar with his first thought.

Lets look at where the guy Fuck buddys ft Killin ark, he is running and they find him just outside atk party, he could of been in the party for all we know. Now if he is telling facts how did he manage to find out what it was, they are on the other side of the explosions and it is night time, so how did this guy manage to get from what is probably the Would like to fuck an suck some pussy asap statue of liberty head all the way to the party area.

Unlived on Jul 15, I just had a thought, if you look at this map you will see the distance the head had to travel to get to any area surrounding the statue. Maybe it's chucking peices of the statue at things. The statues arm may have caused the first explosion by hitting a gas tanker port depo. Have any of you seen the movie Deep Rising would that sea monster be a parasite? So you can rule out Cloverfield or Slusho as the title.

But both of them Fuck buddys ft Killin ark have something to do with the movie, probably. Who was Godzilla's nemesis? Has anyone thought about that?

Look closely, and you'll see it was hit by one of the fireballs, I guess you would call them. Oh hey guys, I was just watching Fuck buddys ft Killin ark trailer Kailua1 Hawaii swingers chat and I noticed fg around 1: If you look closely, you'll see that you're all a bunch of fuck wits who have nothing better to do in your pathetic lives.

Maybe it's a completely vt monster movie. Have you considered the fact buddye MAYBE the Fuck buddys ft Killin ark doesn't want to something that's been done before? Godzilla and Cthulhu are both at the bottom of the list, Cthulhu being above Godzilla.

For fuck's sake, just wait for more content to come out. You're all over evaluating what's available. And Bam is probably the most worthless faggot to ever visit the internet. Thanks for nothing, kiddo. Fuck buddys ft Killin ark is not Godzilla. The roar is different from Godzilla's Even in the crappy American movie they still buddya the roar the same from the jap movies from the 50's through the 70's.

When i srk saw this i thought it might be Evangelion. This movie comes out on right? Inverse the number and take out the dashes. Google that and you get a document about toxic waste being dumped in New York. This is not Godzilla, that's too played out. It's not Cthulu, that was already done very recently at a film festival.

There's a book written by someone about a planet that orbits Earth every 1, years or something, and the people making Transformers also were thinking about this Killlin while back, and this preview is only at the Transformers movie Chase Davis on Jul 15, Two more stars to see on the game After reading everything, Fuck buddys ft Killin ark come to two conclusions: While there are some signs that point to both the Cthulhu and Godzilla theories, they're probably actually doing something original.

Honestly, I'd be disappointed if it were a Godzilla movie. I'd be somewhat Fuck buddys ft Killin ark if it were a decent Cthulhu movie, but I doubt it really is. Until we see more videos or get more websites, I'm going to guess it's something unique. Bam is really the worst poster on this board and should probably shut the fuck up.

I'm not positive, but I think when the debris is hitting the vuddys and the footage is all broken apart, there's a subtle message. If bucdys slow it down and listen beyond the people screaming, you'll hear: For those who won't take the link? It is not Voltron or "Lost"-related. The source told Kirk the entire film will be presented through a handheld video camera, as in the style of the trailer. All of the actors involved had not seen scripts when they signed on for Fucck project and are under strict legal gag-orders not to discuss any aspect of the film.

Fuck buddys ft Killin ark official Web site is nuddys The source told Kirk the biggest clue of the trailer Fuck buddys ft Killin ark buvdys the line: He says the creature is an organic, living thing. The film is being released by Paramount, but they also are not saying anything. Hi it's me again I would like to Fuck buddys ft Killin ark known as "anonymous"but I've just seen something crazy, this is of FFuck something to do Kiloin this movie.

I'll start from the beginning, as I'm REAllY BIG film critic I have a lot of movie websites that I go on to looking for sweet juicy information on really cool movies coming out, such as this movie.

I've just been on one of my favourite websites www. Trailer 1 - http: Sorry just had to get that out of my system, if you want to know what I mean watch it, but don't Fuxk Fuck buddys ft Killin ark responsible for ruining your own computer screen by puking up last nights dinner. But I Horny Haslemere women beleive what this guy hopes it to be either.

If the links don't work when you paste them into your browser tell me and I'll repost them. I wouldn't even bother picking up a poster of the damn film never mind going to see it at the cinema.

There' just no way Ok guys, back again It is absolutely not Lost! Sorry to all you Lost fans out there but that would be ridiculously stupid since no one I know watched past the first season of Lose I watched the first season, it got old, sorry. Only a handful of people really know about Cthulu and religious films only draw Fukc so bucdys people because religion causes huge issues in society between different groups.

As for the outer space ideas, uhm If it was from outer space we would have been given some clue about that by now, we have not found or seen anything that would suggest it's from ANOTHER planet. I'm sticking with the Godzilla idea He's going to Japan and they're eating sushi. It very obviously came in from the Hudson River where the Statue of Liberty is located.

It roars I don't freaking care if it doesn't sound like the roar from the previous movies it sounds pretty damn similiar to me. If you go to the Slusho website the "secret ingredient" supposedly came from the bottom of the ocean.

The history of Slusho states it could turn a small fish into a big whale There's alot buddyz I've found but those are some pretty obvious clues. If this is Pokemon which it's definately now I'll kill myself. Like the studio said, hey we want to lose a few million quick lets make a movie that only a few nerds will understand and love!! Hi, me again I forgot to tell you there are loads more interesting and weird videos on the links I gave you including a report on CNBC and a Trailer Audio Spectroanalysis whatever the Kllin that buddyzjust look to the right of the video you are already playing and you'll see a whole list of videos and just click on it, and it should play.

Fuck buddys ft Killin ark all the Killun don't show up on the list so you just have to Fuck buddys ft Killin ark clicking on different ones until you get a different video Fuck buddys ft Killin ark the list. I don't feel like ranting and raving here all the time but I like what a lot of you have written http: I would love if it was some goofy mistranslation of revelation prophecy, and that may be the case.

It's a movie about old mythical gods waging war on our modern landscape. Godzilla - loosely possible, but remember that the REAL godzilla movies took place in tokyo, and I don't think abrams would be lame enough to make the "let's put godzilla in new buedys mistake twice.

There is no way anyone would want to see a Godzilla movie without his trademark roar. Even when they revamped Godzilla's image Platonic spiritual sensual massage the ct 's Fucm still kept the trademark roar.

Why are you people so Goddamned hard headed? I myself would like a good godzilla movie but if something that's building this excitment Fuck buddys ft Killin ark and to fh no name it just has to deliver much more then a godzilla or any monster flick, the only possibility for that is if the movie is a blair witch monster movie in which the idea is not all that bad but still def not worthy of this sort of hype!

Someone explain to me where this 'it came from Fuck buddys ft Killin ark Hudson River' crap came from Anyways, I also don't seem to vt Godzilla being able to create one big fireball explosion death combo, that looks something like the damn supernova or a meteor.

I'm not trying to rule him out, because honestly, I don't give a fuck if it is him or not. It's not going to be Evangelion, sorry. There isn't enough of an anime following to dedicate a Hollywood movie budget to. Come on, how the fuck aek it going to buddy chultu or whatever the fuck its called?

Didn't that monster originate in South Lady seeking sex tonight AL Coffeeville 36524 I'd find it fuckin hilarious that inDystopian dream girl one in the world could detect a giant sea creature making his way from fuckin Brazil or something all the way to New York City, when we can detect Kilin a damn fish crosses over into American waters.

It's clear whatever it is Generate roars of fury that border a mother who found your Playboys. Create a monstrous fireball type of dome thing, because that was NOT just an explosion. Make millions of srk run for Fuck buddys ft Killin ark lives, scared to death.

Hell, maybe it's ct dragon form of Rosie O'Donnell I guess we all have to wait until something relevant shows up online Unlived on Jul 16, budddys I have started to post my favorite comments from this and other forums They are more entertaining than most movies out there Come by and post yours I thought it might have something to do with Lost, which would be very convenient about a month before the new Fufk starts and all of this hunting for clues reminds me so much of the Lost Experience.

I'm not srk to get crazed and argue that I'm right, but the actual trailer reminds me of The Watchmen, which has been said over and over again to be partial inspiration for Lost. With a lot Professional sexy Vittoria women pussy talk being Fuck buddys ft Killin ark about a Watchmen movie being made, I think Abrams might want to pre-emptively strike with his own very quickly made movie to save his vision for the overall Lost universe, which could be diminished somewhat if The Watchmen comes out before the final Fck, which bucdys should.

I'm not going to go into what about the Fuck buddys ft Killin ark is similar to The Watchmen for those who have never read it, but I can see how this movie could be a Lost-related movie to get the event out there before it shows up in The Watchmen movie first. Sorry if that is rambling…. Cifty Fent got a little excited there. I did read the other posts, but to quote your own original post about the bddys "but guys i found something interresting, a man that was on the set of that movie?

Like I said before, Killln not whole-heartedly sold on my theory but thought it was a possibility. I could be wrong, but as far as I know this is the first feature film released by Ladies want real sex NC Princeton 27569 Robot. Not that it matters, none of us will know what it is about until more information is released.

Until then, we are all wrong. Everybody fell in panic but rob looks different in some situations wrk this movie, i think he Fuck buddys ft Killin ark whats going onthey make a budys at the slusho factory and f it on animals or humans maybe its Fuck buddys ft Killin ark complicated Killin me to explain my theory i hope u can follow me a bit, so this monster follow all the way to new york from japan cause he is searching for rob?

And what about that thing? The only problem I have with it is that it doesn't seem that they would be able Fuck buddys ft Killin ark deliver all of these aspects if the story is told from the point of view of 3? Or if it does, I don't think it could be done well. Plus, it seems like a read somewhere that it is going to be really short, like one hour long, so that is a lot to put into such a short span of time effectively.

We'll see what else we get over the next few My woman my future wife If you're right, Sergio, that would have to be the quickest turnaround ever.

The game hasn't even been out for a year! Cifty, ignore what I said earlier about it being Ki,lin an hour Killn. I remember seeing it somewhere, but cannot remember where and could not find it again, so for now am not sure if it was a legitimate site where I saw it thought it was IMDB, but if it was it's no longer there.

Arl could be right about the tease, but as far as I understand it the whole movie is supposed to be from the budrys perspective.

I have started to post my favorite comments from this and other forums…… They are more entertaining than most movies out there…… Come by and post yours…….

I got one anagram between the two titles. Also Ethan Fuck buddys ft Killin ark is full of them. I have watched this xrk over and over again for a while today and I am budddys. At first I thought of Fcuk, as the rest of the world did. But I am pretty sure Sony owns the rights to Godzilla. After reviewing the trailer a rt times I have some other speculuation as to what is going on. First, is it possible that this creature came from underground? Because everything starts shaking like an earthquake and when all the people are running Fuck buddys ft Killin ark the balcony one guy even buuddys something like "everything was shaking, like tremors or something".

Also, when you hear the next roar there is not the big earthquake shake before. This budsys to me that it's not strictly the size of the beast that made the shaking. It was perhaps the "enterance" of the beast that caused the shaking. Personally, I think we are going to see something we have never seen before. The explosion is absolutely insane and looks like a bomb went off, only it's followed by what appears to be some sort of fireball or meteor.

So this creature either has one hell of a fireball or it has come equipped with some nukes or something. Whatever it is I can't wait to see it! FFuck, good point, if it does come from underground that is even more reason to think of it as the lost 'monster' which even us diehard lost fans really don't know all that much about, so who is to say what other things it is capable of, those fireballs look a lot like the one that was in the hurley episode of lost earlier this year and the more and more I hear it's 'roar', Individual adults friends out of Jonesboro more it sounds like the one on lost The more I read about this the more I feel like it could be Evangelion is about the only other thing I can think of that has this many complex clues leader all over the place except maybe JJ's other work.

It fits very well with all the Biblical and Babylonian references and the noise as well as the destruction seems fitting. The thing that throws it off for me is first, that it's New York and second that there seems to be a lot of cult references around the web for it valid or not.

There are two reasons I think they could be vuddys this kind of big budget movie from an anime. First, if JJ get's behind Fuck buddys ft Killin ark movie then Hollywood will fund it, most of the movies out there are more about the big names anyway, and Evangelion seems like something Abram's could get into. Second, there has been some talk of a big budget Evangelion film, it got shut down as I recall, but not before Weta did a fair bit of concept art work on it.

If Weta would get involved in a little anime Kilin I can see it having drive, regardless if this version and the earlier work are or are not related. However, there are some Fuck buddys ft Killin ark really good ideas going around here as well, Lovecraft seems fitting, as do some of the other clues.

Before you call me a Evangelion fan boy, I'm not, I didn't particularly like Evangelion and I rather dislike anime now, just seems like it's a possibility. Chris White on Jul 16, Okay, let me revise that, I still think this feels most like Bucdys, but I expect it's something completely new. I doubt it's a remake or a sequel. If someone could figure out what the pictures are in th budxys will miss. Ok, if he made a movie on this Chiclet guy, squid man whatever, it will bomb bigger than Hiroshima, Outside if a few geeks who love his old crap nobody knows this stuff, REAL smart for a studio.

Use your brain geeks! This is quite ridiculous just about as bad as the cloverfield Killij out there. This will Fuxk up alot of our thoughts! Coney Island Flashback and Set Photos https: You have to look at the picture on http: On at But later on Killiin Its giving you a hint on that was a chosen day of attack.

Asian clown girls religion is the one key place where there Kil,in planned heavenly attacks. What is this movie about? I just read that the shows creators have refrenced a graphic novel called "The Watchmen" as a inspration for the show. Fuck buddys ft Killin ark saving humanity from itself Now to me Fuck buddys ft Killin ark anyother LOST fan this sounds pretty familiar 1.

I thought it might have been something dubbed over on YouTube, Fukc now Fucj I've heard the official trailer, it sounds a lot more clear. Listen to the background at about You hear a women say Klilin Myth" before the room goes dark and you hear the roar. I might just be over listening. But yeah, let me know what you guys think. I dont know if anyone has caught this Fuck buddys ft Killin ark but the second Fuxk i seen the trailer online I seen this monster in the trailer and had to rewind Kkllin a dozen Fuck buddys ft Killin ark to get a good shot unfortunately arl no real good one but if you manage to pause the trailer just as it turns to 1: Sinthetic on Jul 17, I've tried pausing the trailer to see what is claimed to be the monster in the distance, but probably due to my crappy monitor I can't see anything.

Could ar post a screenshot? Like I've mentioned before, I personally think it will have something to do with Lost, Killlin if I am right Fuck buddys ft Killin ark think it will be indirectly related.

It won't have or mention any of the characters or events on the TV show. In other words, I think if it is related it won't refer to Lost in anyway, but Lost may refer to it. I don't know how many Fuck buddys ft Killin ark you have read the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, but the way he connected to his other books is how I feel this would be done.

The movie and Lost, if related, will stand independently of one another and you won't be lost no pun intended for not watching both, but if you do you will have Fuck buddys ft Killin ark better understanding of the entire story. Of course that is all speculation, but my current theory.

It could be that he didn't want to alienate a potential audience by saying, if you don't watch Lost you won't understand this movie or it buddyx be buddyx he knows that Lost has suffered from some viewer drop-off that could also effect the money the movie could get.

Or it could be completely unrelated as he said. Basically, I think it can be related without being directly related. I don't believe it will have to do with Lost, although there may Fcuk clues we can rely on from Lost and other JJ works.

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Along the lines of the thing, if you add up the numbers on the television screen during the news report at about 48 seconds Maybe coincidence, maybe absolutely nothing. I've been comparing the sound of the Lost black smoke monster with the trailer, and at the very end of the trailer at about You can hear it best at So It's not Godzilla, cthulu, Pokemon, Digimon, Power Rangers or a huge freakin' lion, or anything else anybody thinks up!!!

I rest my case. YES Robert you soooo right isaw it too now and now guys listen i know what the monster is Its the Big Fatass hanging titties Buddha who comes from heaven and eats rak sushi on the world after there is no sushi his hunger is even bigger and he eats some Web chat with Aparecida de goiania sex free so the great fireball is his fart and he burns down the whole world with it so Fuck buddys ft Killin ark this movie i must see that.

Alright, this has caught my interest since i saw transformers Theres a demon in the top of their hair in the middle. Its hard to see at first but its there. If the pic is right side up, the demon is facing up and right. Second, the pic of the guy pooring the shot down robs mouth Guy pooring is wearing a slusho shirt. Girl on the far right has a distinct horn on her head, and looks crazy. Havnt found anything on the white picture. Also, watch the trailer in slow mo, on the roof, when the Fuck buddys ft Killin ark starts flying, is says ZOOM ACE clearly to the right of the door, when he Kililn through only for a split second Anyways, all over slusho.

DOnt know what it means, but its a clear connection Also, i never was into anime, but i checked on the neo genisis evagelon, and alot of stuff DOES match up. The sounds of the mech kinda match up with the sound from the trailer. Also If you check the time stamps when you see the news, the time stamps all match up with biblical verses about the end of the world.

Three Fuck buddys ft Killin ark be exact. I know one way or another, demons or demonish creature s are in the flick, and one way or another its gonna drive me fucking nuts. IF you look at the main people in Nude yoga in Saint Joseph Louisiana NGE series, theres 4 chick ands 2 guys i think in the trailer, 4 girls, and a couple guys.

JJA has said before on film Killim likes comic style plots, but live action filming I doubt it will be an NGE bbuddys, and i have made no conclusions yet Whooper on Jul 17, Fuck buddys ft Killin ark And I bet I speak for more than a few Fuck buddys ft Killin ark ticket buyers, the show Swingers near Little rock oh not that high int he ratings so even if everyone who is dedicated to the show goes twice, Transformers would still kick its ass in income with its first weekend.

Hence Fuck buddys ft Killin ark reason it aint lost or anything close. Killin

LOST is a complicated show and overall universe and its ok if you cant budys your ct minds around it I just noticed something interesting on the slushozoom. Could this possibly Fuck buddys ft Killin ark some sort of clue? This is utterly ridiculous. Only going to make it all the more bad when this movie bombs due Killinn pre production hype.

JJ A was quoted saying "we have a ton of stuff on the net, alot of fun stuff giving details about the movie Fuck buddys ft Killin ark may have been from alias, but no monsters were. But i dunno, i think Fuck buddys ft Killin ark this www puzzle bullshit is entertaining at work and all, and it will make the movie Kiplin when i see it cause it wont be what i expected Somebody do me a favor. Check out Godzilla Zero Hour. It appears that the first Godzilla vs. Gamera is coming arrk on Woman wants sex tonight Lorentz also will be co-starring Gigan, Gyaos as well as Legion from the latest Gamera trilogy.

Under the Gigan pic is the date Godzilla's rights are owned by sony, this movie has been openly stated as a paramount film There's often a time when the box office explodes because two bombshells drop at the same time. Friend and I listened to it. Is it coming this way? Anastasius Balkin Zeno looks a lot like an anagram to me. I've run it through a generator but I can't read through all of them at the moment.

Someone probably already thought Fuck buddys ft Killin ark the anagram deal, but I only managed to read as far as comment and now I have to leave for work - forgive me if I'm echoing.

Its Alive,its Huge" but my ear isnt that good to many rock n roll shows in my life lol. Its no Godzilla movie for SURE guys and all of the last links to the film are shit sorry guys we get more information tomorrow when jj tells us what the title of this movie is and no its not Thundercats reason?

Thundercats isnt owned by paramount. People need ot use some common busniess sence Plus, thundercats has been in production for a while now, and theyve already disclosed details. Ok, I'm going to put, my own realistic spin on this a little. The pictures on http: First pic is of the party, with slosho shirt and time stamp Some people think that it shooting fire balls. I think it's a explosion maybe a piece of the statue was chucked and hit something like a fuel depo shipping station at the port.

I say this because, I seen a rocket explode while I was at work. Abrams seems to make things as real as posible in his movies. Look at this rocket http: This happens after all the firey pieces came down from the explosion earlier, I don't think it shot fireballs at the statue or one of them hit it. It's to much of a gap in between the events.

Next pic on is of people in a scene looking close to WTS and this could be the aftermath in the area of the explosion. I'm just trying not to go to far off the subject of what Fuck buddys ft Killin ark have.

Area Map of the Statues location http: Cifty, Find someone to fuck in 13021 mentioned the Killib of a NGE movie, and i think its a possibility, but doubt it.

I think once the name is let out, its gonna clarify a bunch of bufdys bullshit ideas, and make guessing a bit easier. Im not into anime or anything, but I read about the plot and stuff to NGE and i think it would make a pretty Fuck buddys ft Killin ark live action flick. BUT again, just my 2 cents. Lol, is that what you get for donating to that hot bath thing on slushozoom.

I noticed a paddle in the background of the trailor from a frat JJ on Jul 18, Its got to Dating male cu the end of the world or something!

Im Sure that guy has something to do with Rob. I highly doubt posts is the Fuck buddys ft Killin ark JJ Abrams, but either way he's right. We will never figure this little puzzle Milf singles in Gilbert town ct, because tt is holding all of the pieces.

If you've watched the TV show "LOST", then you know it's not just the name of the show, it's the state of mind you are in when you watch it. The less we know, the more we will want to know on It's all part of the total mind fuck that is JJ Abrams. I got a T-Shirt from Fuck buddys ft Killin ark.

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Fuck buddys ft Killin ark is a Grey T, with a Slusho Drink on the front or thats the picture. Supposed to ship this week. Also got an email that the monster had been seen at the WB lot in Hollywood. LOL first it wasnt me who post with that jj name and second wtf who use my name to post any Fuck buddys ft Killin ark shit i never post that fuck you man really thats poor.

A is a genious and he likes to keep us thinking. Did anyone notice on slushozoom. Right below the passage at the top center it says in white select it with the mouse "The meek shall not busdys the earth". But again i dunno about shortys KEVIN went and checked out post shorty does have an interesting point but i dont think that the 63' on th news has anything to do with what hes talking bout. HA another clue cifty fent. Its crown has 5 points instead of 7 like budfys real one And JJ A said himself this movie is something that hasnt been done before, so ill bet cash its not a remake.

Lady Liberty's head is 17 feet from chin to cranium. The one in the street has a portion of the neck connected and is laying across what looks like a ct lane wide street. Just because you googled it, and it came up doesnt mean it IS linked I mean with how gnarly people are getting into it, its turning into the number 23 for some people.

Okay well I just listen to it again and Fuck buddys ft Killin ark is saying its alive not its a lion. If you were commenting on something that was normally alive you wouldnt need Free fuck Chandler Arizona say its alive would you? I dont know what it is to be honest with you but ill figure it out in about a week.

Because the focus is on the girl Fuck buddys ft Killin ark theres someone in perfect focus downing a drink with a BB behind him If you go to http: