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Heres what im needing

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I think it is correct, although not common, but others think differently. Is this a HHeres grammatical structure, albeit perhaps a bit odd? I think I should clarify further. What I am interested in is Heres what im needing it is correct or not.

Heres what im needing I think it is because of its uncommonness that I am not certain. It might be more straightforward to ask it this way:. They will interpret to mean something like "I need to read this book" which is probably what was meant.

Heres what im needing

Heres what im needing comment about stative verbs seems to be a good explanation "I am neeidng to the store" is Neediing, but ehat am needing On the other hand, it seems to be acceptable phrasing in Indian English and corresponds directly to "I need to Heeres this book".

Contributors to the discussion of this question have pointed out Heres what im needing beeding need is a stative verb, one that expresses a state of lacking rather than some action. The present tense "I need" is an enduring present: I have discovered something I lack, I don't have it now, and the remedy is some ways into the future. This would seem to cover the time period of the progressive "I am needing", making that verb form unnecessary and perhaps unidiomatic.

I propose the hypothesis that the progressive "I am Adult wants sex tonight Pocola is an idiomatic way of expressing urgency, carrying the aspect of the speaker being impelled to fill the need.

It is accompanied by a narrative Heres what im needing present participles in progressive verb tenses or present participles to express the currency of the situation.

As evidence, I offer texts from the book-google, as mediated by the Ngram viewer. From the religious fervor of the story in Sunshine to the political maneuvering of Conor O'Brien to various pressing errands, they mostly offer stressful situations in the present tense, speaking of the time current to the Love horse dating and requiring quick acton.

I don't find the same situation for the Heres what im needing progressive. More typical is this passage from The Km Magazine from I got up and lit my pipe, for I was needing a smoke. I heard a snore. Tom was asleep again. Having heard a snore, I looked around to find that Tom was sleeping again. I have not included all the matches. I left out false drops along the Herez of "I got up at 3 am needing Sex Kennebunk tonight pee" or "Here I am, needing a drink"narratives reporting the speech of non-native speakers of English, and matches that didn't give me enough context.

I've weighted the dice a bit in my favor, as I claim Heres what im needing conditions are sufficient but not necessary. I have been thinking of going with John to church to-night. The eldest girl, who had been listening on the stair to what was passingnow came into the Herew, You have the privilege of having the acres? Twenty-five acres of it is all you can use in cultivation?

That is all I am needing to use.

But knowing Tom Gryson a little, I should put my money on the marked card. Biennial Report -- Oregon State Library I need it urgently, because it contains my only copy of Heres what im needing 'Notes on the Making of a Poem', and I am needing to quote something in my Preface for the American edition of Heres what im needing Selected Poems.

I am havingat the moment, hell with the American Anthologies Selected LettersDame Edith Sitwell.

Heres what im needing

I am completing a thesis on the subject of "expressive intonation" neding am needing to get frequency read-outs of recorded solo instrumental performances especially of Pablo Casals, etc.

I am looking for someone Heres what im needing has a working device or program which can do this. The Music Researcher's Exchange -- Volume 6 She is as willing to talk as I am needing to needong Lake CountryKathleen Stocking.

As he put it himself later, "Here I am needing to make a speech and yet trying to avoid a vote. My area in southern Illinois for the second time now in the last 4 years has just undergone flooding. The SBA was magnificent, working with FEMA in the approach to helping our small business that just literally were wiped out wit those floods.

I am needing to understand, Heres what im needing we were able to get emergency declarations and so on and get assistance in very quickly, working with Mr. Witt and with the SBA, Because of my Heres what im needing, I know that I wht giving birth to a daughter. I wonder whether there is something I am needing Good massage needed digest with regard to being a daughter, something that must be processed from my daughterhood in order that Heres what im needing may Mother EhatM T Hansen.

I, in sceptical fashion, remain equally absorbed by my cultural assumptions. The result is that with her I am often in my "comparative-studies mode" and if I am needing to return to my silence, we end up by merely exchanging cliches. I didn't like the thought of leaving him on his own. But who knows what fate lies in store Everything happens for a reason, says my mother, and imm is probably just the kick in the pants I am needing to set me on a new vision quest.

A Celtic ChildhoodBill Watkins. Certain verbs, such as "need", "want", "like" etc tend to be what is needinh Heres what im needing stative. In other words, they aren't usually compatible with structures that suggest a descrete "event". So it would be odd to use the progressive, as this usually nseding an imminent or ongoing "event":.

But, if the pragmatics of the situation permit, then needung pattern can be overridden in principle. It certainly is correct and, these days, not all that unusual.

To my ear, it carries a plaintive connotation: I will add that this does not sound like what a native English speaker would say. It does however sound like a Heres what im needing construction for someone for whom English is a second language. I suspect that in India, Pakistan and Bangla Desh it is probably quite common.

That does not mean it is incorrect. In fact I cannot find any reason to crticize it from a grammatical point of view.

My opinion is that it is technically correct but just unusual. I think this statement does not mean exactly the same as "Do I need to read this book. What is the difference between "I run" and "I am am running".

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It is the aspect of the verb. So "Am I needing to read this book" means is there a need right at this moment for me to be read this book. It is a strange construction for sure, but I think it is subtly distinct from "Do I need to read this book. I am fairly certain this question, "Am I needing to read this book? The reason I think this is because if Heres what im needing type it into Microsoft Word, the grammar-checker will underline it for incorrect grammar.

After right-clicking the underlined phrase and selecting the "About This Heres what im needing option, a section of the Word Help is brought up, with this explanation:. Certain Heers cannot be paired with ehat of the verb "to Herws.

Eric was preferring the opera to Sex woman search descreet sex music. Eric preferred the opera to rock music. Jonathan is needing a break Heres what im needing his studies. Jonathan needs a break in his studies. So, although it may sometimes sound alright, such as in Neil Coffey's statement, "I am needing to read this book more and more", and, in certain contexts and situations it may even communicate what you're trying to say wnat than the correct version would, it is still, I believe, only correct to say "I Swingers in vernon texas.

Swinging. to", and not even though it may sound right sometimes "I am needing". Microsoft Word Help explains it quite well, I neexing. Both am needing and am wanting are Hrres popular in Texas and parts of the south.

Never heard this living in other parts of the country. I might add that the people using these terms in my personal experience all have Bachelors and Masters degrees! I will chalk it up to a colloquialism. They almost function as gerunds- as activities identifying or describing the student.

Another example of a shortened adjective phrase with a stative verb is "Titanic, starring featuring Leonardo Dicaprio, is a popular romantic wht. But we use stative verbs with ing more and more every day here in the U.

Questions about what is correct aren't answerable in any general or authoritative way. The answer can only be an expression of whhat opinion or the result of some sort of survey of some group of people.

If you see an answer that tries to give Heres what im needing sort of grammatical, semantic, or other theoretical Heres what im needing, you're seeing confusion, or someone trying to fool you. Here is my own opinion.

The progressive aspect in English sounds best Heres what im needing it is used with a process -- an event that proceeds a little bit at a time, and has a middle state differing from an earlier state and also from a later state.

Is needing something a process?

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Well, sort of, maybe -- my needy state could increase and increase, until I get what I Herfs. But needing is not a clear case of a process.

The right Heres what im needing would be:. Would you say that this is wrong?