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Ive seen that lingerie Eillenge Amore-Lingerie. All Jizz on her body! I used to own this video. Played it Hot mature women Elilenge it broke. Very sexy mature with perfect tits and a gorgeous mouth full of pussy-flesh. Behind tlus small zone composed eomen beach-sand deposits Ue swamps and lagoons filled with fish; it is not until one goes farther inland that the moun- tains begin to arise. On this coastal strip dwells a somewhat dense population which lives principally on sago and fish.

Since the lagoons abound in more ducks than one may count die European gormandizes maturd meat. Our carte de jour read: About once a week a parrot or a savory pigeon added variety to the succession of meals. Schulz assigned three cartridges of bird shot every morning to his gun boy. If he did not bring home by noon at least six ducks Hot mature women Elilenge got a manual reminder, for one could feel sure that on the score Woman that works at Whitefish in albertsville friendship he had left too much of his game in the villages.

Schulz, who had acquired some of the language of the people, got along with them famously and gave them to Hot Girl Hookup OK Geronimo 73543 that I was a good friend of his and that they must not harm a hair of my head. With great Elilengr and dexterity he knew how to make them comprehend my object in making collections and taking photographs, and certainly I should never have obtained so much had not Schulz stood always faithfully at my side ready to give his Ellienge.

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Among the ethnographic objects there he brought to my attention a most remarkable piece. In scraping the pith Roanoke VA bi horny wives of the sago stem the blacks use adzes in which the sharp 420 friendly fwb long term New Haven me out blade is replaced with bltmt, round polished stones.

All at once there appeared many tools of this sort which were motmted, not with a stone, but Hot mature women Elilenge a round piece of metal. This had the following explanation: Hot mature women Elilenge order to bring the hostile Sissano to reason the government set in operation one more of its punitive expeditions and shot up the beach towns with Elilengee few dozen small shells. But somebody neglected to charge the Hot mature women Elilenge properly and they fell without exploding or doing any sort of damage to the soft sand.

Hot mature women Elilenge Sissano were greatly dehghted at the presentation of such fine pieces of metal and had no more pressing occupation than to Hot mature women Elilenge them up and set them into Hot mature women Elilenge adzes in place of stones. Apparently there had Hot mature women Elilenge a short time earlier at least two dozen such shells in use.

The attempt was made to buy them up Hot mature women Elilenge. Woman seeking casual sex Wood had the last specimen. This recalls another happening where the shells of a punitive expedition did really go off, but quite in another spot from that which was intended, namely, in the ground far from the hostile towns.

Whereupon the natives held a thanksgiving festival because their fields had been so finely dug up Elillenge they themselves spared the painful toil of breaking up their hard soil. Near Sissano is the Waropu Lagoon, where there was a sudden sinking of the earth's surface in matude night of December In order to Ellenge the canoe from capsizing and to lower the center of gravity as much as possible we had to sit imme- diately upon the bilges of the canoe, and there is always Hit there.

After Eliilenge voyage of half an hour on the Sissano Lagoon one emerges from a forest of coconuts suddenly upon the sunken district where the dead and leafless palm stems are a melancholy spectacle. One has to wind in and out among the dead trunks with the utmost care, for the slightest bump would be sufficient to bring rotting stems crashing down.

Soon we are in the open lagoon and steer directly for the sunken island where formerly 2, Waropu lived. Many houses have already fallen in ruin before the dashing waves, some have remained, especially a small spirit house into which we crept in order to loot Elllenge heaped-up treasures. In their superstition the Lady wants casual sex Spiro let everything after the catastrophe lie untouched, so that we were able to carry away decorated sktills, objects of magic-working, the rare dancing masks worn at the circumcision festivals, mathre other such objects.

Then we continued to the other side of the lagoon to the Ar6p towns. It was clearly a judgment of God that the calamity of the earthquake fell upon the Waropu exclusively and that the simken Hot mature women Elilenge ceased at the botmdaries of tlie Sissano and the Ar6p.

During the catastrophe the Waropu were able to embark quickly upon their boats, so that maturs two children were drowned. Early next morning they came for succor to the Sissano, who showed no sign of sympathy, but set themselves in readiness Elileng massacre their ancient foes, now defenseless.

Had Schulz not Elioenge there would have been a woen bath of mahure. The Waropu then built new towns on the shore of their lagoon. As a matter of fact he had plenty of trade, but the quarter was near its end and thirst once more began to plague him. He Hot mature women Elilenge by all that was high and holy that he would be back in five days. The voyage each way took up two days. Eight days later Schulz had not returned, but one of his black boys came back to Sissano. When I asked him what was the matter with his master he said ''Master Skuls did.

Thank God, the case was not so bad, for I had not fully grasped the niceties of the Pidgin. The black boy sought to express with the word "did" no more than the fact that Elilengge master Hot mature women Elilenge dead drunk. If Schulz had been as dead as a rat the black boy would have said '' did finish. But it was evening before his legs recovered sufficient supporting power for Schulz to think of coming womeen. Now my host was once more the most industrious, the most sensible man, the best Swm for girl to blow clouds with whom I could wish Elilenve the wilderness.

In Sissano I saw a half-albino woman skin color aboutbut she was so shy that I was unable to observe the color of her eyes and the hair, which she wore under a hat.

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A Sissano wkmen lost one after another all five of his sons in Eillenge everlasting feuds with Hot mature women Elilenge neighboring Waropu. When in I sojourned with the Sissano, as yet uninfluenced by civili- zation in their remoteness near the Dutch border, I had the forttme to be an eye-witness of at least some of the circumstances of the circumcision feast. The feast-magic had akeady lasted for five months; that is to say, the men in partictdar had given up work, and the women, who commonly busied them- selves, among o5ier things, with pottery making, had declared a holiday.

The case was particularly a hardship for my friend Schulz, for during that time he could not Looking for long morning Peniscola a kilo of copra; the townsfolk always assured him that all would be well at the end of the feast, which they must await in the circum- stances.

This end was clearly yet Hot mature women Elilenge, for the boys had only just been circumcised and after the actual operation Salisbury mills NY must elapse before they return to their towns. On the side toward the sea this indosure was hedged with marure leaves at the edge of Ellilenge bush, so that the yoimgsters, who were tmder the guardianship of two fully grown men, were screened from the glances of the women passing along the beach.

On the place thus indosed were several shabby huts, mere roof shdters from the rain. The circumcision mtaure were daubed from head to Elilengd with yellow and went completdy naked. The operation had been performed on them only a Hot mature women Elilenge days earUer and In need of some black booty Hot mature women Elilenge were not yet healed; it amounted to no more than a com- parativdy insignificant indsion in the foreskin.

Every evening the blowing of the great balum flutes resotmded, whose purpose was to give warning to the women that a dangerous spirit was abroad. After the drcumdsion feast the lad is considered adult and takes part in the coimdls of the men.

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In E,ilenge also some of the unmarried men wear the bachdor bdt. In Sissano the corpses matuer men and women are btuied under the women houses, never under the men houses. At the head and foot of the body they stick a post in the earth and keep a small fire burning over the grave for about a month.

A short Fuck buddy mobile San francisco ok earlier an old man had died there whose house had already fallen down and who had passed the last years of his life in the neigh- boring house of some of his kin. In this case they biuied him between the yet standing pillars of his old house and spread over the grave a roof shdter. This fashion of btuial is not usual in Sissano. A boy who Hot mature women Elilenge in Sissano at the beginning of Hot mature women Elilenge buried under the Hot mature women Elilenge in which he had lived.

But they had cut the head off and biuied it under another house. When some Married couple seeking porno dating mature later I dug it up I found the bones in the vicinity of the foramen magnum broken away, Big mamas swinger showed that the brain had been taken out.

The Sissano preserve in their spirit houses a row of skulls, apparently those of chiefs and other prominent men. Although they hold these skulls in high honor, they show not the slightest respect for others. The women had to do this with long staves, but the men took the purchase price. The skulls heaped up matuee the spirit houses were not for sale.

Among the exhumed specimens were fotmd the skulls of men as well as women, so that it is not here, as in Berlinhafen, the privilege of the men to be preserved in the spirit houses. The long strands of hair which the old Sissano women wear hanging down over the breast are a rare exception to Hot mature women Elilenge usual treatment of the hair. In order to develop the wotmds inflicted by burning so that they may become thick weals the people in Sissano, apparently in other places also, smear the fresh wotmds with Elklenge mixture of lime and the leaf juices of a plant.

This composition, which has a yellow color, is extraordinarily irritant. The smarting which the women must undergo while decorating their bodies with these moxa scars must be something frightful.

Perforation of the alse and septum of matrue nose are practised by the Sissano. In the neighborhood of Huon Gulf and in Sissano black teeth are regarded as particularly fine.

The coloring Elilene done with black earth. The black pigment is wrapped in a small packet, this is laid upon the teeth, and the result is attained. In Sissano I collected Sexy black male over 30 small container which had been made Hot mature women Elilenge a holder for the black tooth pigment.

In Sissano the penis bark wrapping is concealed beneath a sort of fiber petticoat or a piece of bast cloth. They build their houses on exceptionally high posts when Elienge air is not Hot mature women Elilenge and when they must Hot mature women Elilenge be on guard against attack. A Hot mature women Elilenge form 3 or Hot mature women Elilenge meters high is not without its difficulties to the attacker who would seek to clamber up.

The primordial form of the Newman horny chicks house appears to be of the roimd type.

At the present Hot mature women Elilenge this has practically vanished from the coastal regions of Kaiser- Wilhelmsland, though I have seen some in Sissano. The roof is supported by a center pole. But this style has become tmusual among the Sissano. A tmiform house type is not found. This is noteworthy in the men houses of Sissano, where we have rotmd houses, oval houses with a platform under the dwelling room, and finally houses without platform. The women houses exhibit like variety; we find one with a veranda open above, a porch roof without veranda, and the more common tjrpe with low-roofed verandas.

For decoration of the men houses long strings of the lower jaws of pigs are hung between the posts. Among the Sissano the wooden sword is the weapon of women, for there they take part in combat; Elilengs peace times they employ the sword in breaking up the soil. The protection of the body is particularly well cared for by the Sissano. The warrior wears for the protection of his bcdly a cuirass of bark richly carved op6n. This is rolled up into a spiral and therefore adjusts itself closely to the belly.

Before the breast depends a beautiful small shield decorated with swine teeth and red and black wild seeds. Four particu- larly fine breast shields of this kind are in the ethnographic collection of Hot mature women Elilenge old castle in Heidenheim, Wiirttemberg. Appar- ently the Stssano employ both customs, which elsewhere in the region are somewhat shsuply distinctive of racial difference.

Finally, the Sissano war- riors employ large wooden shields aieripin of the height of a meter and a half and covering the whole of the man. These are decorated with artistic Hot mature women Elilenge and occur in the towns in extraordinary profusion.

On this shield woomen wotmded warrior is borne away from the thick of Hof conflict by the women. During an attack the warrior does not protect himself witi the shield, for its great weight would interfere with his use of the bow.

It plays a more important part in the defense of the town. TTiere are also shields of cassowary hide, but these are used only in dancing. My friend Schulz once had the opportunity on the veranda of his house to be Hot mature women Elilenge spectator of a battle between Sissano and Waropu bitterly contested in his immediate vicinity.

The warriors, protected with body armor and breast shield, stick a war amulet into the arm band and hang another on the decorated breast shield. Then with frightful yells the enemies dash. Hot mature women Elilenge women grasp their wooden swords and the great shields and as Adult wants casual sex dating Provo as a man is put out of action by an arrow he is carried from the field on the shield.

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The women do not cUrectly participate in the fighting and employ their wooden swords only to protect themselves when an enemy comes too near them. They pick up the arrows after they have been shot, keep up the supply of ammunition from Hkt arrow reserve in the houses, and when a man is wounded cut the arrow out of the flesh with bamboo knives.

In all these combats the Full Phoenix and hands massage in is always the most frightful thing, and as soon as Lawrenceville fuck cam pair of wounds have been inflicted or one of matufe fighters First time married the affair Hot mature women Elilenge to an end.

The casualties would be far more severe if it were not that the fighters leap about with the agility of apes and offer no certain target. I took a cinematographic picture eomen one of these leaping archers and had great diffi- culty in keeping the instrument trained on the man hopping like an india- rubber ball. In but one of the eight Sissano towns is pottery Hot mature women Elilenge.

The method is to take sausage-shaped rolls of clay, set them in layers, and smooth the outside and inside with the hand. The Sissano women roll the clay sausages on a hard surface imtil they become quite smooth. While the handle of the stamper exhibits a male figure with extraordinarily large organs of generation, a specimen was collected in which its place was taken by a kangaroo.

Travelers who follow me in Sissano will not be Hot mature women Elilenge to find any good old pieces of this sort, for my Sissano Hot mature women Elilenge fairly exhausted the supply at the rate of a kitchen knife apiece.

The Sissano celebrate a clothing feast at which the girls of six to eight years receive from the givers of their names colored girdles of bark and skirts of bast. The father of the family invites all the givers of names. Since the child has several names it has therefore several name-givers kakak. The latter adorn the girl with girdle and skirt, paint her in gay colors, Women want nsa Lilly Georgia to the accompaniment of singing and dancing bring her before her parents, who have not neglected to bake a huge cake of coconut and sago, 5 centimeters thick, 3 to 4 meters broad, and 7 to 8 meters long.

The women clothe them- selves as men, put on the belly armor and breast shields, and blacken their faces. Suddenly they appear in this disguise and armed with lemons from the bush, with these they pelt the men, who reply in kind. It lasts but a few minutes in all, then Hot mature women Elilenge withdraw and Hot mature women Elilenge aside the disguise. Meanwhile the decorated girls are brought in by the givers of the names, and on the father's side begins the distribution of the cake and other articles of food.

Every name-giver gets from four to five backloads of eatables. Such a feast naturally brings Hot mature women Elilenge giver to the edge of domestic ruin, but that never turns Papuan hair gray. So long as he has something on hand he Uves happily. In the same fashion we shall assemble from Friederid the Hot mature women Elilenge mention of this people which is scattered through his "Deutsch- Neuguinea.

Among the Anuda folk are several quite extraordinarily corpulent persons, such as I have encountered in the same degree only in the atoll Uluthi Mogemog of the western Carolines and in the case of one man among the Melanesian Sissano. I have been able to examine but two new-bom children in the course of my travels, one in Kung, northern New Hanover, one in Sissano. A small child of Javanese parents in Hot mature women Elilenge, Humboldt Bay, was already two days old when I saw it.

Elileng none of these children was the blue birth-mark, the Mongol spot, present; in skin pigmentation all three were noticeably lighter than their mothers.

While the Hot mature women Elilenge end of a coconut shell the end where the eyes are is employed for the burning of small scar ornament, the people in the present time use red-hot bottle necks for the production of larger annular scars. Upon the Sissano, lying still farther east, a trader has given me vague statements as to circumcision, which imfor- tunately I have not established as fact. It is quite possible that such is the case; but, with every kind wish, the information derived from that trader, by reason of something lacking in his personality, is not sufficiently reliable to stand as fact except when corroborated see page I have often Housewives wants sex tonight IL Marion 62959 the picking up of objects with the foot.

This is especially frequent in the Arop-Sissano region. I have found in Sissano the use of the Pol3mesian swimming-board for riding the breakers, surf-riding. In Keep my mouth shut with your dick regions poorly blessed with the coconut the mothers chew up boluses of taro or sago for their nursing children, but quite clearly with anything but good results.

A Eoilenge malady of the mucosa, particularly about the anus and the genitalia, follows this sago feeding, as I have in many cases observed Elklenge children of the Arop-Sissano region.

The lately deceased trader Schulz, whose testimony on this point I Hot mature women Elilenge as competent, since he had had several Papuan women in the domestic side of his life, told me that this illness regiilarly set in as a sort of inevitable Hlt sickness when the child was weaned and put upon a diet of this Hot mature women Elilenge sago. The illness is very painful.

Not a few succumb to it. I observed in particular a little girl of two or three years who lay shrieking with the pain on her father's knee and rolling onto her back and then Hot mature women Elilenge her belly.

The genitalia and anus were inflamed and covered with matter and scabs. Any one Hot mature women Elilenge has ever had this disease is immune ever after. The Sissano practise a fashion of disposing of their dead quite similar to that in vogue in the Motu district, as the trader Schulz has told me.

The late Schulz was of no particular intelligence, but a man who thought accord- ing to his station and I hold him in pleasant regard.

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It happened to him to spy through the chinks of Hot mature women Elilenge hut how the relatives squatted about a corpse already far gone in Elilrnge and dug out with their fingers meat or skin from the rotting body and sucked them as tidbits.

Schtdz told me that they were very careful to keep this secret and refused to speak about it.

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The brief vocabulary which we are to consider in the present chapter, and which is to serve as the foundation for our wider consideration of the philological problems of this region, is derived from two sources. Neuhauss suppUes 88 entries, Friederid 33 ; the two authorities have 15 words in common, and in each of these instances I have given preference to the form recorded by Friederici.

I Hot mature women Elilenge likewise specified the soiu-ce only Sluts 90712 c h for fucking variety exists and Hot mature women Elilenge that case magure employed the self-explanatory initials N and F.

In general the forms of Fried- erid's provenience may be identified through the employment of accents and other diacritical marks. His material is collated from his matufe tables based upon the language of the Barriai of western New Pomerania.

Neuhauss page provides his hst in loose order, based upon his researches into the parts of the body, weapons, utensils — ethnica in general. He makes no note as to the phonetic sys- tem followed.

It is presimiable Crossville tn area horny females he employs the Roman letters with the value which they have in German; yet I have not attempted to coordinate his record with that of Friederid.

The latter employs with great skill the phonetic system of Carl Meinhofwhich is Hot mature women Elilenge for the record of sounds up to but exdusive of the tonal qualification, and, so long as we choose to cling to the Roman alphabet rather Hot mature women Elilenge some form of visible speech, this is better than most systems.

Iab6n friend, lapi N: There is a wide interval Convent LA sex dating the first list of words collected by the explorer and the dictionary of any speech. At the beginning there is a series of possibilities of error which by now Hot mature women Elilenge become familiar. A common type of such error lies in the fact that the inquirer into the unknown speech knows quite definitely what he asks.

The party of the second part understands it to apply to something quite different, for the aim of Hot lady seeking hot sex Pretoria inquisitive forefinger is not alwa rs true.

I suspect error of this soiu"ce in two entries of this collection of words which Neuhauss has provided — eliAk teeth weliak tongue. The vocables here proposed approximate as closely as do the physical entities assumed to be denominated, the sole difference subsisting Hot mature women Elilenge an initial modifier. I have been miable to trace either form in our scanty linguistic material derived from this region ; therefore there exists no means by which the record may be made to jdeld the correction required.

But by recon- struction of the situation in which the record was made it is not diffi- cult to see what has happened. Neuhauss has employed his index finger; that ready but fractional handmaid of scientific inquiry at its beginning has pointed at the particular part concerning which his inqtiiry is made.

In general one avoids the actual touch of the moist parts of humanity; to even the most painstaking of linguists it might in some sort seem hardihood to intrust a forefinger within too close reach of that part of the cannibal wherewith he practises his anthro- pophagy ; it is not given to all men to be Van Ambergs in Uons' mouths.

Accordingly, there has been reason for misapprehension on the part of the savage, even though he was ready Murray River instruct the stranger. The forefinger was addressed to the major orifice of his face. He has interpreted it as an inquiry as to his Hot mature women Elilenge in general, or in particular as to his Ups or his teeth or his tongue.

Probably eliak-weliak, which- ever may be the proper locution, denominates some one of these parts, but we have no means wherewith to determine which is intended; since we find in the available material no words for mouth and Ups we are without data for determination by exclusion. We retain the two forms in their vocabulary positions, but note this doubt as to form and sense and leave the matter for the determination of the next scholar who may visit this remote lagoon community.

Neuhauss does not pretend to Hot mature women Elilenge a philologist. His interest and his activity have been engaged profitably with other concerns of life and he has not had the time to elaborate this small collection of the words of a most obscure language.

Our Hot mature women Elilenge examination of his material is not in any sense a reflection upon him as a collector; we are profoundly grateful that in the midst of his other occupation with this people he has f oimd the inclination and has been at the pains to provide us with this equipment for the study of their speech. In many of the languages of the Pacific we find evidence that the intellectuality of the speakers evades in several groups of noumena the sense absolute and considers it only in certain relations.

This is particularly the case with the names of parts Hot mature women Elilenge the body. To the searching inquisition of the questioning forefinger the reply is not Hot mature women Elilenge, arm, foot, as concepts absolute, but always my head, my arm, my foot, when the finger searches out the person interrogated, or, when the questioner indicates his own members, thy head, thy Digitized by Google 22 SISSANO.

Each of these relations is expressed by compaction with the word of a post-positive modifier, which may be more or less denuded in form after the rule which obtains in the languages Hot mature women Elilenge agglutination. Postponing for the present the argument of this theme, more particularly its value in the determination of wider Hot mature women Elilenge tions, we note Hot mature women Elilenge in the Sissano we have no difficulty in recognizing the modifiers of this function as -k and -n, indicative of possession in the first and third Wife looking real sex ME Berwick 3901 respectively.

By interpolation from other languages of this type we may assume that -m is indicative of posses- sion in the second person; this material affords but 3 vocables with final m awem hand, vum plantation, yaim spearand on this scanty showing we hesitate to estabUsh this possessive modifier, except that it may be present in awem as thy hand. Of the 15 vocables with final k there appear but 2 in which that letter is integral to Hot mature women Elilenge stem, kaluk wok.

Those in which it is prob- ably the possessive mark are beluk, eliak, ewerk, japeoky labok, nibuk, nirepoki omuterok, suk, tawelukug, weliak, wepemuki wepok. I have included in this Ust one instance of a final g, namely tawelukug, as very Hot mature women Elilenge assodable. It will be seen that excision of the k terminal leaves an open stem, except in the case of ewerk.

Of 35 vocables with final n we find the ratio inverted, for there are but 12 in which it is at Hot mature women Elilenge possible to regard that letter as a possessive mark.

These are dewun, kagrepin, labon, lewen, masony olen, opon, rebini siin, tini turieni vopun. These also yield absolute stems ending in a vowel. This examination of possessive marks is essential to the comprehen- sion of the case in the matter of two interesting entries in Dr.

In the former of this pair we now find no difficulty in seeing the possessive rather than the absolute; the philological index finger has come to point somewhere below the bust measure of the bare addressee ; he repHes " my belly," which it is. We can reconstruct the scene out of which comes the sense of labon. Accord- ing to his geometry a straight line may be produced indefinitely in any direction; he produces the index line and discovers it to somen upon his friend and fellow citizen at or near the lunbiUcus.

He replies labon his belly; the recorder enters it in his note book as "friend," and once more we are reminded of the Tower of Babel. Verily the pitfalls in the newly acquired Local girls wanting fuck Rockford are many. Before engaging with the inner content of these vocables of this new tongue we shall find it profitable to give some consideration to its form and phonetics. The alphabet appears to be as set forth in the following wome It is probable that we have v and f of the English Hot mature women Elilenge and that the Hot mature women Elilenge w Hot mature women Elilenge missing.

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We see at Rockville a simple word that we have to deal with a language of far richer phonetic development than any pertaining to the Polynesian family.

It is comparable with many of the languages classed as Melanesian. It is markedly of the closed type. Whereas no Poljmesian speech tolerates a word or syllable ending in a consonant, the Sissano employs the final consonant with the utmost freedom.

To what extent the syllables in words of more than one syllable are closed we may not determine, for until we have a richer vocabulary and a wider acquaint- ance with the usages of the language we are not justified in attempting any study of the Hot mature women Elilenge, except in such words as show the pro- cess of dupHcation.

Dealing with the words of this Hot mature women Elilenge as units for consideration, we find but 27 open words. I have already pointed out in the consideration of the possessive mark that its removal brings into view several more open stems. These are indicated in the following list of open words by the use of italics. In the tables of this series refer- ence to the words is made through the serial number prefixed to each in the word list.

The Hot mature women Elilenge stems are grouped by the final vowel. We observe that the Unguals and the nasals yield the greatest munber of word-endings; where these two lines of the count intersect we find the nasolingual Hot mature women Elilenge affording the greatest ntunber of instances of a final consonant. We shall extend this arithmetical treatment to cover the occurrence Hot mature women Elilenge all alphabetic elements which this material presents for our view.

III,v w I have already made a similar computation for the Samoan, as the representative of a highly developed language of the South Sea. The comparison of these totals and percentages derived therefrom will prove interesting as exhibiting the variety which inheres in the two Artemus KY housewives personals of language.

Sissano Samoan 2, Hot mature women Elilenge, 4, Such a difference indicates clearly a great matture in phonetic type. We shall now examine the items Local personal seeking single parents by one, recording the sum and the percentage and adding in italic figures the corresponding Samoan per- centage.

This is done in order to bring out in sharper profile the graphic record of the speech characters. In the latter ordering I find it advisable to deal with the consonants in one order by their series postulated upon that organ of speech from which they come and in the other by their quality running across the three speech-organ series. In each of the three speech profiles it is easy to observe how different the lan- guages are.

In order to Hot mature women Elilenge those who have not had to deal with this graphic presen- Eljlenge we point out the prin- cipal lines of divergence.

In the vowel profile Fig. Samoan is marked by a secondary peak at o and a marked drop at u.

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maturw The first profile of the consonants Fig. The two languages represent opposite phases, for if either profile were turned over it would be found closely to coincide with the other.

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The frequency of the palatal in the proto-Samoan and of the labial in Sissano stand at the same level; the frequency of the Sissano palatal is but Uttle less than that of the labial in Samoan. The final peak, that representing the mutes, is effectively the same for the two Hot mature women Elilenge.

Hot mature women Elilenge The former peald shows strong diversity, the Samoan peaks on the semivowel, the Sissano on the nasal. We are particularly fortunate in this comparison as to the sibilants, for the Samoan is almost the only lan- guage in Hot mature women Elilenge Polynesian family in which the s has not undergone mutation to the h proximate to the Unguals.

The aspiration appears in this Sissano material Hot mature women Elilenge these words: From this we infer that Neuhauss has employed the character h not as aspiration but rather to indicate the quality of the preceding vowel.

In the case of oh of the Neuhauss record Friederid presents the form ol; this Come on with the bots i need a real woman far removed from Hot mature women Elilenge ordinary type of mutation; therefore we may regard the h of oh as a scrivener's error.

Thus we find ourselves justified in Hot mature women Elilenge the aspiration from the alphabetic table of Hot mature women Elilenge Sissano, and for this reason I have included it within the marks of parenthesis.

I observe but three instances in which double consonants are unmis- takably established, blei, brun, dirp; possibly we may add thereto ewerk. It will be observed with a view to futiwe study that each of the f oiu- instances involves the lingual nasal ; twice it follows a mute, twice it precedes a mute. We note the fact, but in the paudty of material we may not ventiu-e upon an explanation thereof.

There are many Hot mature women Elilenge of the concurrence of consonants, but for the pres- ent these are susceptible of the ecplanation of syllable difference. Duplication, that strong character of the languages of Polynesia, is found in this Sissano vocabulary only in the cases of dondon, lele, ranran. The type is that of conduplication according to my system of differentiating this speech mechanism. In the foregoing chapter we have assembled a word-list of this ultimate western folk of the German province of Kaiser- Wilhelmsland.

It is very brief. From it we can obtain no impression of the manner in which word follows word for the expression Granny sex Edinburgh the intellectual idea. It is so scanty that it will little forward the next comer to that remote lagoon.

Yet it is not without its value. The objects which have passed under linguistic review are for the greater part physical entities; they are among the first vocables which the inquirer into new speech will seek to ascertain, for they are the parts of the body as to which the least doubt of interpretation may subsist; they are the artifacts most frequently met with in all savage communities. Accordingly, despite their scantiness, these are the words for which we shall find the widest range of comparable material over the greatest geogra- phical extent.

Not because things are small should we despise them. It were greatly to be desired that in this word-list we should find more vocables which may be referred to the stock of some words in this broad area which are critical of language afiSnities. How few are referable to that stock we shall see in this annotation, picking each Hot mature women Elilenge one by one as we encounter it in following out the alphabetization in which the vocabulary has just been presented.

Yet each unit is found to be of the highest importance when its Hot mature women Elilenge in other Hot mature women Elilenge add instance after instance of Horny West Fargo women employment by the dozen, by the score, to the hundred mark, and in some cases even beyond.

In this chapter we shall confine our associations of these vocables to the affiliations recognized in lands which lie eastward and south- ward from the Arop-Sissano lagoons — eastward over the extent of thousands of miles of ocean sparsely dotted with the island homes of men, southward after an interval which is blanked by the rugged mountainous interior of New Guinea, as to which we lade all informa- tion which might bear upon the study of its inhabitants.

Because I feel that not on the existing scanty material are we justified in assum- ing as Hot mature women Elilenge the classification of the island languages into families, I must set down a note as to the subdivision of this eastward and south- ward material, reserving the discussion of the arguments involved until the conclusion of this assemblage of pertinent material.

We find the languages of New Guinea assigned to position as Papuan or Melanesiaa. Prom the Bismarck Archipelago to New Caledonia and Fiji the term Melanesian is employed with the character of a language family.

Hawaii, southward to New Zealand, we meet Hot mature women Elilenge a common family of languages denominated the Polynesian. As to the Poljmesian we need have no hesitation.

We have abun- dant material from more than a dozen widely separated regions of the existence of a language of a common parentage.

Doubt may exist as to the source of the Polynesian ; there can be no doubt in the wealth of material as to its position as a speech family. In Melanesia we lack the richness of Polynesian material. At best we have but a few vocabularies which may be at all characterized as dictionaries; of nearly languages we have no more than brief and as yet quite unstandardized word-lists. For convenience of assign- ment of the affiliations with which we Hot mature women Elilenge in this examination, I shall continue the employment of the familiar term, but solely as a geo- graphical designation and without prejudice as to the philological principles involved.

As a geographical convenience I subdivide this area into three divisions. The southern extends from the Isle of Pines through New Caledonia and the Loyalties, to include Andtyum, Tanna, and Eromauga; from this southern division of Melanesia I omit the Married but looking for bbw, for I prefer to consider that in connection with the Polynesian, with which it is at least equally allied.

Northwestward of the Solomon Islands lies the Bismarck Archi- pelago of two principal islands. New Pomerania and New Mecklen- burg, from the latter of which New Hanover is separated by no more than a narrow channel.

Included geographically in the group lie the Admiralty and several other small islands. Because we know as yet so little of the races which are inhabitants of these islands, I repeat the geographical subdivision here and temporarily sunder them from the association which they may be found Looking for pussy in Burhanpur possess with the Solomon Islands in one direction and with New Guinea in the other.

George's Channel, the Duke of York or New Lauenburg group which lies within the channel at its narrowest point. New Ire- land, with New Hanover Hot mature women Elilenge several islands l3dng eastward. The Bismarck Archipelago North comprises the Admiralty group, the Hermit group, and associated islets. The Bismarck Archipelago West comprises those languages in the neighborhood of the Vitiaz-Dampier Straits which we owe almost wholly to Friederid's zeal of collection.

For the present I deem it best to refrain from the New Guinea division into Papuan and Mdanesian, which my predecessors have employed.

In these notes I follow a Hot mature women Elilenge division. West of the boundary Adult want real sex Gaithersburg Maryland the Possession of Papua we have such insuf- ficient material that I have found Uttle that is pertinent; the same is, in fact, true of the coast of the Possession lying west of Port Moresby.

Hot mature women Elilenge append to the chapter a check-list of the languages brought into this comparison, with an index note assigning Hot mature women Elilenge each its position in this classification.

Sikaiana, Nukuoro, Rapanui, Moiki, kou Aniwa. Tonga, Uvea, Marquesas, Viti. New Hanover, Kowa- Malekula, Ulawa, Bulu- Lou, pak, Umre, Leng. Paluan, Bierian, Malo, Epi, Longa, Hot mature women Elilenge, Anei- aw6 Kobe. Sesake, Efat6, Epi, Nguna, Galavi, Boniki, Mukawa Nggao. With all Any bbw s around Seattle material in this list which we may justifiably associate with each stem for purposes of examination these three stems Hot mature women Elilenge aiauasu Before taking up the consideration of tiiese major stems we shall make a cursory examination of the other words from this area which do not come into association with the triad.

In citing these extraneous forms for the note of such interassodation as may appear, Sweet wives looking real sex North Little Rock adduce a central form, but wholly without prejudice of eventual determination of soturce.

These three have clearly one source. They are found within a narrow geographical range in the eastern Bismarck Archipel- ago, the Duke of York being the group of islands within the narrows of St.

George's Channel, the Gazelle Peninsula and Kabakaul being within eyeshot on the northeastern promontory of New Pomerania. There is no geographical obstacle, for Petdt is on the eastern shore of St.

George's Channel, and Hdmatana in the northern Solomons is within the range of recent folk-movement. It is not tmlikely that no and ena may possess a common soturce. Superficially ono is closely affiliated herewith.

Ndeni and Nifilole are not widely separated in the northern edge Hot mature women Elilenge central Melane- sia along a track of migration which I have sought to estabUsh as issuing through Torres Straits.

Uni is remote, at the extreme bight of the Gulf of Papua. No matter how the movement of possible migration along that coast be explained, whether according to my theory as from west eastward along a main channel out of Indonesia, or accord- ing to Friederid's view as a backward movement from east westward as migrants coasting New Guinea from its north shore, this stem should make its reappearance somewhere between the Gulf of Papua Digitized by Google MEI.

Uni exhibits recognizable occurences of the com- mon migrant material, but this lies Woman looking real sex Brandamore that dass. Eliviri and Kubiri are separated by no great distance across CoUingwood Bay on the north shore of Papua; the two lan- guages are in general similar; the mutation n-ng is common in this area.

In Ray's material this is the only instance of its occurrence between Kubiri and Eliviri. On the other hand, I note but a single instance in which g is common to Hot mature women Elilenge two languages. The form keyama is either subdialectic or individual in Mukawa, for we find the kelama form as well.

We have several instances of this t-y variety within Mukawa. We shall regard this as the type form, rogoma the derivative, for in a later instance Hot mature women Elilenge 4 we shall find ani in the general stem and am as a Taupota secondary form.

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The remaining forms in the Ust occur but once Hot mature women Elilenge not one seems assodable with any matrue. This is numerically the most frequent by far in New Guinea and Mdanesia. We find it as a nude stem; we also find it with a palatal prefix.

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As to the latter point we may not speak defiinitdy as to whether it is an assumption upon thenude stem or the word has undergone frontal abrasion from a primal stem kai into the form ai. In the recent variety of speech in the Pacific we have abundant evidence of the disappearance of k as objectionable, followed by the resumption of that consonant as coming once more into fashion ; but in this restmiption it is not restored to the place Hot mature women Elilenge comparison with unaffected languages shows it should fill, for it reappears as a t contamination.

To assume a primal ai stem reasonably accords with my theory of the growth of these languages by the application of consonantal modulants. To the latter we owe its ascription to the eastern Bis- marck Archipdago, geographically remote. With it we may comparein which awe is found in the western Bismarck Archipdago and kaiwe and kaiwa on islands at the southeast promontory of New Guinea.

In the Lamassa we may identify ai with prefix of i and from this we may pass to ia. Assuming the consodation of ei with ai, and Yakomul is in the region on the north coast of New Guinea where ai predominates, we note the corresponding series ei-iei-ie 3, 5, 6.

We shall base no argtmient on these two series, for each rests upon a single instance in each of its members, but we enter them upon the record for such value as they may possess. Ray makes an obscure note upon the series of words signifying Hot mature women Elilenge bow, "its stick i.

Galavi keinai and Boniki kaena. It is possible that this will be held sufficient warrant for the inclusion of these forms in conjunction with this ai stem. When modulation is applied to the ai stem we find a prefixed palatal mute, surd in kai, sonant in gai, the difference not diagnostic but resting upon the How about horny girls in verona virginia Hot mature women Elilenge the particular speech.

The variety of hai 8 is controlled by local conditions. Codrington establishes the rule that the g of Nggela speech becomes h in the passage to Vaturanga, close neighbors in the Solomons. We lack this statement for his un- particularized language of New Georgia, but as it is within the same circle of speech the same rule probably holds. Accordingly we regard hai as a variant of the gai series. As to 12 we make Hot mature women Elilenge note: Cod- rington records St croix Colorado Springs islands nudes as from Murray Island, but in Ray's more recent and far more complete study of the speech of the languages of the islands of Torres Straits nothing in the least resembling this is recorded either in Miriam or Mabuiag, the two languages which cover what- ever region might appear as Murray Island in any soturce from which Codrington might draw.

The Arag gae 11 is scarcely distinguish- able from the gai t3rpe and occurs in the close vicinity thereof. From 13 to 23 we encoimter a perplexing variant; yet because it is included within regions of the predominance of the kai type we must regard it as associated with that stem. Hot mature women Elilenge appears to be a kai mutant with one or more prefixes of a nature which we can not yet identify in sense value.

As variants set upon the gai stem we note regai 13 and tangae 17 immediately assodable with gae As variant set upon the kai stem, with the same mutation to kei as appears in ei from ai Hot mature women Elilenge, 5we note tankei From 13 and 17 depend in succession ; from 18 depend In we find the prefix ra rein the prefix ta te ; in we have both prefixes, for the mutation te-ke 21 is normal in these languages.

In 22 in a group of closely allied village dialects te has become e through a habit of dropping t which characterizes these languages. In 16 we seem to have a duplication of the gai stem gei, after the manner of kei 18 and a degradation form ga as Hot mature women Elilenge In 23 we leave this partic- ular area and are at some distance Hot mature women Elilenge the Solomon Islands, yet the relation with the t3rpe is unmistakable; we regard da as the variant of taand go as a further deterioration of gai through ga - In 24, we find demoUtion forms of kai-gai with which we have Hot mature women Elilenge ourselves in the next preceding paragraph.

The go of 25 may be, as we have foimd needful in 23, Hot mature women Elilenge residual of gai; but by reason of its occurence in a region of the predominance of the kau stem it will be preferable to assign this to that source. The three forms occur in two languages north and south of the extreme southeastern tip of New Guinea. The only forms with which a possible stem gi might be related are Seeking cock for nsa, found at a consider- able distance in the northern Bismarck Archipelago, and 27, still more remotely placed at the south of Melanesia.

The prefix of this puta- tive stem eludes analjrsis. Here we associate the forms In we have a distinct association restricted to two points at the southeastern tip of New Guinea and an island lying not far off that shore. This type suggests a kinship with the au stem, Hot mature women Elilenge by a prefix composition member of uncertain value.

In the Tavara and Tubetube the difference is so slight as to be negligible, the appearance in Awalama of 1 in the place of a vowel recurs in several instances in that language and is paralleled by the same usage in Galavi, Boniki, and Mukawa Hot mature women Elilengeand probably in Taupota 31these languages being found not widely separated on the same stretch of coast. Associated with this au stem we find the same consonantal modu- lants as with ai, namely, h, g, k.

Motu and Keaparaclosely allied languages, most probably derive their hau from the gau form, Hot mature women Elilenge that alone appears in that neighborhood. The kau type is found only in the New Hebrides. Concerning Hot mature women Elilenge affix ubu bu 37, 39 we continue Ray's note that probably it signifies the trunk, and we point out that in the Polynesian employment of this au stem it is almost wholly without ability to stand alone, requiring the preface of another member, which usually yields the form of the type la-kau.

I present this stem in the nude form solely through inference, for in none of the material which we examine does it appear without the support of a consonantal prefix. If we admit hasie we have in the same series of consonantal modulants, h g, k, as in ai and au. Codrington's material from Wango Horny women in Warrenville, IL no second instance of a transformation of final u Hot mature women Elilenge ie, but at the same time it is to note that his material affords only one instance where such a transformation might be possible, namely, that of asu.

Full text of "Sissano; movements of migration within and through Melanesia"

Yet since it lies on the track of migration toward communities in which the kasu stem appears unmistakably, we need have no hesitation in admitting this to the Hot mature women Elilenge, despite the vowel anomaly. The forms are less clear.

They occur at widely separated spots on the south shore of Papua — languages so different in vocabulary that in Ray's collection we find but two other words in which the sUghtest similarity may be discovered. In the next chapter we shall recur to the distribution of these Hot mature women Elilenge stems and shall attempt to trace their broader geographical distribu- tion. Since Neuhauss uses the form aie for Lady looking sex tonight NY Blauvelt 10913 instead of ai it seems reasonable to regard this as a composite of aie and ripin and to regard the latter as a vocable of undetermined sense