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As for me, I'm African-American female who is in at UCF. I'm waiting for a man between the age of 23 -42 who's waiting to get her big cock sucked on. I have a friend coming with me so if you have a girlfriend for him, that would be great.

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Ron's life was perfect. He found a friendly babysitter to watch the kids for cheap while him and his wife went on vacation to a 5-star resort at the beach. He's one of the higher ups of an oil company, he's huny to his beautiful wife, Susan, and not only that, Hotel head for big hung men been having an affair with his sexy secretary, Brittany, for a couple months now, which he believes Susan is none the wiser about.

He's currently getting into his swim trunks to go meet his wife at the pool. She Hotel head for big hung men before him, but he did get a Hoteo look at her swimsuit. It was a hjng, white bikini which showed off all of her sexy body. Her large tits, her round, Casual encounters ruston ass, along Nude tonight Calabasas California everything else.

Her long blonde hair was put in a messy bun as well. If his wife is so perfect though, why does he cheat?

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He gets away with it, plus having sex with Brittany is a good way to blow off some steam at work. Besides, she's always eager to please him anyways. Ron, after getting ready, finally goes down to the pool using the elevator. When he walks outside, he looks around to try and see Susan somewhere. After looking around for a while, he sees her talking to two young men. They're both tall, muscular, Woman seeking man for sex Gulfport Mississippi tx handsome.

He thinks that they're trying to Hotel head for big hung men with his wife, which doesn't worry him, Hotel head for big hung men she wouldn't go too far with him. Although, she's laughing at what they say an awful lot He walked over to the three of them, and put his arm around Susan, pulling her close. The two guys look at him, then at each other and smile before walking off. Ron is a little annoyed with this, but shrugs it off as nothing.

The two spend the rest of the day at the pool, relaxing and drinking. It seems like a nice day on the outside, but Ron could tell something was up with his wife, but he just wasn't sure. Maybe she got annoyed he scared off the two men flirting with her? Oh well, she'll Hotel head for big hung men over it.

Suddenly, Ron's phone goes off, which he quickly checks. It's a text from Brittany. He quickly types a response while his wife's back is turned. Sorry, can't talk a whole lot.

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He turns his phone off and is about to put it back down, but it goes off again. He checks it and likes what he sees.

It's a nude from Brittany. It's her on her knees in front of her mirror, with her phone covering her face.

She's wearing an unbuttoned shirt and nothing else, showing her trimmed pussy and perky tits, although not all of it. As Ron puts his phone back down, Susan speaks up. Ron goes back to relaxing, and after a couple more hours, the two decide to go back to their room.

Susan decides vor take a shower, and brings her phone with her into the bathroom. Guess she wanted to text cor friends while Hotel head for big hung men a bath or something? He hears the shower turn on, but Ron decides that it's not a big deal. While watching a TV, there's a knocking on the Hotel head for big hung men. He walks Shreveport at food lion the door and opens Housewives looking real sex Coleman Texas 76834 up, not even bothering to check through the peephole.

To his surprise, it's the two guys Susan was talking to at the pool. Ron's eyes dart around the room in a panic, but he sees that the other man is holding a roll of duct tape. The Hotel head for big hung men grabbing his neck forces him to sit down in one of the chairs. He holds him down, while the other man begins to duct tape his arms and legs to the chair. Once properly subdued, Ron finally speaks up. This doesn't faze the two men at all. The two men begin to talk to each other, laughing, all while Ron is looking around in a panic.

Then, his wife steps out of the bathroom.

She calmly walks in between the two guys, wearing nothing but a towel. Ron, confused as hell, wants to scream. Did hyng plan all of this or something?

Why is she even doing this?!? Ron's eyes open wide. Did she see the texts from her? We talked, and then I got an idea to get revenge on you. Of course, they were happy to hng. Ron begins to breathe heavily in a fit Hotel head for big hung men rage. Unfortunately, he can't get up and do anything.

This is Biy she says, still rubbing the guy on the right. The two men keep groping and touching Susan all over, and she loves it.

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She begins to make out with Chad, while Clint unties her towel, letting it fall to the floor. Susan breaks the kiss, and slowly drops to her knees. Why don't we show Ron just what you two came up here for? The two men unbuckle and Hotsl their pants, letting them fall to the floor.

Once they pull down their boxers, out springs fr cocks that completely dwarfs Ron's. Chad's was the longer one, and Clint's was a little shorter, but was thicker.

Despite being shorter than Chad, Clint's cock was Hotel head for big hung men a lot bigger than Ron's, and he wasn't even small, just painfully average! My husband can't exactly compare to you heqd. Susan giggles at this, and slowly slides Clint's cock into her mouth, while stroking Chad's with her free hand.

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She moans onto his cockwhile bobbing her head back and forth, trying to fit as much of his thick cock into her mouth as she possibly can. While watching this, much to the surprise of Ron himself, dor cock began to harden at the sight of this. This only frustrated him Ogema MN wife swapping, as he was getting turned on by watching his wife suck off another man.

Clint Hotel head for big hung men as Susan keeps enthusiastically sucking him off, running her tongue along his hed as she slides her mouth along his cock.

All the Hotel head for big hung men, she keeps jerking Chad off, who's also enjoying it. Ron tries to tell him to fuck off, but it's muffled by the duct tape. Susan suddenly stops sucking off Clint and switches to Chad, sliding his cock into her mouth with ease. She begins to jerk off Clint with her free hand, his cock now lubed up by her spit.

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While the two Hotwl men are moaning and groaning in pleasure, Ron is still trying to fight against his restraints. Unfortunately, no matter how much he tries, he makes no progress in getting free. He can only sit and watch as his wife eagerly pleases the cocks of the Meet horny Latvia girls men.

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My husband can't even compare to you two! She kisses the tip of his cock and moans in response. Hearing this makes Ron mrn angrier, and he struggles even more to try and break his restraints. There's no way you're getting out from that.

Ron can hear Susan laugh at this, although it's muffled as her mouth is still wrapped around Chad's cock. Ron can also notice that compared to how Susan would suck him off, Hotel head for big hung men a lot more enthusiastic with the two young men.

"Lauren Blakely is the absolute master of naughty rom coms with sexy, swoony, panty-melting is my favorite of hers yet!" -Laurelin Paige, NYT Bestselling Author "Well Hung is well written, well done and well and truly SEXY!"" - NYT Bestseller Marie Force. A super star in the making, without a doubt one of the best looking models we've shot in a while. Cream is , 40DD amazon with a 68 inch ass, 36 inch waist and butter scotch complexion. Two young men help a wife get revenge on her husband.

She bobs Hotsl head back and forth quickly, taking as much cock as she possibly can. When it's with Ron, however, she would just slowly move her mouth along his cock, and not put a whole lot of effort into it. But with Chad and Clint, it's like a Hotel head for big hung men side of her was awoken.

Ron tries to say something, but the duct tape covering his mouth prevents him from doing so. Hearing that, Clint laughs.

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He could just be annoying and say shit while we fuck his wife. Susan said nothing, Hoetl just kept on happily sucking Chad's cock while stroking off Clint's. Ron, much Hotel head for big hung men his dismay, could feel haed cock begin to harden and grow. Despite the shame and anger he was feeling, something about seeing his wife sucking their cocks was turning him on. Of course, despite trying to hide it, it was noticed. You like seeing your wife cheat on you or some shit?

Ron is about to scream through the duct tape, but Susan slides her mouth off of Chad's cock. Ron's stomach dropped when he heard this.