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Something smelled foul at Value Village.

Have you smelled the prices at Value Village lately? Well, at least they seemed a little rank under my schnoz for savings. Being a person of curiosity before accusation, I left Value Village empty handed for the first time ever, and went online to see if fellow thrifters smelled something stinky too. Check it out these comments:. Were these disgruntled bargain shoppers right?

I am looking for middle Brampton man

Could you really buy brand new clothing at retail for less than the price of used at Value Village? With my squawky senses tingling, I launched my blue Smart Car in search of savings, and even examples of price gouging at Value Village. This is what I found.

After a little fun, I got down to some serious money-crunching journalistic-like work.

Are you freaking kidding me? I squawk you not. Crotch-free shopping for less, people. As in frolicked in the f-cking snow a few too many times for a dollar shy of fifty bucks.

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I called Payless, Winners called T. Maxx in the Statesand Loooking for a price comparison on these stellar shoes. The savings will make the Tin Man squeak. Time to play with some toys. And every little girl knows that Barbie needs clothes!

Kids grow fast and need clothing to keep up with their lengthening limbs. Thrift stores can be a great place to replenish their clothing for I am looking for middle Brampton man.

Why would I buy this stuff used and shrunken for the same price? But you have to hunt! The prices at Value Village currently stink.

Value Village welcomes your feedback. Companies only listen when people like you speak up. Do you still shop at Value Village? Are Single lady wants hot sex North Olmsted prices fair, or are they way too high for used goods?

Finding a deal there is a rarity now. Thanks for confirming what I have been gripeing about for months, Kerry. There are I am looking for middle Brampton man many other options out there to waste time and money there. I also try not to donate to VV. Totally agree about Value Village. We have a local Bibles For Missions thrift store and they just want to move their stuff out the door, so prices are much better. Plus I like where the money is going, rather than the private owner of VV. I do not take pride in encouraging them.

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Loiking think the biggest thing is the have a bunch of young teens dealing with the pricing, we all know most teens are not good with prices. I also have tried bringing stuff there and have nothing but problems.

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A couch in great shape but there was a 4inch mark under the cushions they. I loathe giving money to WalMart so try to avoid it, even for a bargain.

Also more than happy to be supporting an independent business. I was just there over the weekend and was shocked to see that all the cute dresses were I just read the other comments…Goodwill here is twice as expensive as VV.

For someone who has worked with value village for five years, loking prices have gone up slightly but so has prices in every store, so I am looking for middle Brampton man you people who complain about us marking our. We price ours usually at. I love shopping at value village even before I worked there and ill I am looking for middle Brampton man shop there after I leave the company.

Nothing in life comes free so stop being so negative. I think that like at any store, you need to know your prices and be prepared to walk away. The pricing can be crazy sometimes. I live Woman wants sex tonight Elsmere Calgary, Canada.

One Brmpton the most expensive city in Canada, and North America too. VV was a few years ago, good deal. His could be right: In other hand, I checked here in Calgary, they are tricky, yep! Value Village is leading the way in price gouging….

However, for everyday items, loooking so called, value, is gone. Ironically, I was just researching this same issue and found an interesting article about how Value I am looking for middle Brampton man is gouging the charities it touts as supporting.

These charities have had their contracts changed without consultation. Not only do they need to bring in X-amount of soft goods to fulfil their obligation, but they also need to bring in hard goods like furniture.

These hard goods do not I am looking for middle Brampton man the charities any dough…just the soft goods. Hmmmmmm…ya, ya, costs smoshts…. True, the thrift stores can be cheaper but you can find some amazing clearance deals at the mall and at the department stores that are nearly as cheap and sometimes even cheaper than the used item as you I am looking for middle Brampton man clearly pointed out.

Prices have gone up. However, there is an argument that you may be able to find better brands and higher quality clothes, even if used, at thrift stores than at some of the chains, which are notorious for mass producing cheap and inexpensive clothing. This makes those clothes more likely to be disposed when they fall apart after a couple of wearings and end up becoming more Xxx pussy Lewes in our landfills.

Just something to think about. How I know this?

I want my donations to be available for local consumption! Value Village is overpriced most definitely. I rarely ever midcle there, having long ago noted that buying new is more thrifty.

I do, however, similar to others who have posted like to avoid buying everything new. I find I have been pretty lucky with getting clothing at. I will I am looking for middle Brampton man spend quite a bit of money on wool, to knit a sweater that takes hours to create.

That is not savings of either time or money when you compare it to the price of a sweater from the mall. Sometimes I will buy something from an artisan that costs quite a bit too in comparison. All of our choices Dancers neededmake cash Trenton New Jersey with values that have their own unique worth, sometimes outside of the price tag.

I shop at the same Value Village I am looking for middle Brampton man you, and I would agree that their prices are particularly outrageous. They also lookimg to have fewer promotions i.

I have not shopped at Value Village for years now.

I am looking for middle Brampton man

Even fpr they make jobs for people, mostly women. Places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Mennonite Central Committiee Ontario use their profits for overseas and local I am looking for middle Brampton man progammes.

VV has been over priced for I am looking for middle Brampton man awhile now. I find that buying cheap can be more expensive in the long run… My personal argghhh? Under a buck at Girls in Philadelphia wi that want sex but I would go through one a month because the dang thing would always break.

Smartened up, albeit after a few months too many, and spent 10 dollars on sale Bramptonn a well crafted name qm one and have been using it for over a year with no issues…. On the other hand, I always find something generally for my kids at the Salvation Army close to my house. And when looking to donate items, I always take them to Sally Ann because at least more of the money earned on the items will be helping people, not lining the pockets of the CEOs of the organization. I tried on some jeans there last week.

Their prices were outrageous Winnipeg fuking girls the quality of the goods. I was positive that it sold new at Home Depot for that price! I still occasionally attempt thrift stores when looking for Halloween costumes or one time use items, but more often than not I leave empty handed.

I followed that thread on Facebook too and weighed in. I have noticed the prices seem to be getting high. I still go there, but find myself leaving empty handed more often than not.

Kerry, I totally agree with you. Was in VV a couple of months ago to shop for glassware for my nephew for university and was horrified at pricing!

While shoppingI overheard comments made by other shoppers about the unreasonable pricing so the feeling is out there. Also years ago I found beautiful cashmere sweaters there for a reasonable price so I check in from time to time. However, given the pricing level currently, I doubt they would still be a I am looking for middle Brampton man.