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There have been stories of a young teenage boy Illinoie been shot and killed in front of the resturant, in the 's sometime. It is said Illinois hot women it is his angry and depressed spirt that plagues hkt location with the paranormal. Beef Villa half Fact The original Beef Villa that was involved aomen a murder in the s has hott torn down. Another Beef Villa has been built in its place that is much bigger so that it can handle more customers. The new building is further back in the lot than the old one.

Where the old one existed is now parking. No activity has been reported seen since the new building was up. Well known urban legend Illinois hot women by students at the local High School across the street in order to scare the freshmen.

What was uncovered was no death had occurred, there was a gang shooting in the s the victim survived. We checked everything including police reports to verify this. There is an awkward magnetic field in the area which has explained the orbs as the buildings around the Beef Villa and Illinois hot women the Beef Villa were torn down and rebuilt and the road it is on is under construction once a year as it as a main road that attaches to the local highway.

If there is anyone that is planning on doing anything in any of those locations they must be sure that they have permission first else they will be arrested. Elgin - Channing Memorial Needs a good bj or sex School - Woomen from cold spots, to Ilinois, to footsteps from the upper floor when you are Illinois hot women in the building has been reported here. When an addition was built on to the building, over 13 skeletons were found in the ground under which the school was Illinois hot women.

Most of them estimated to be children ages ranging 10 to 17 years of age. Many night custodians have fled Phe building in the middle of their shift, leaving personal belongings, scared to death, refusing to tell what they saw, or heard.

And refusing to ever enter the building again. There are 3 common Illinois hot women stones that can be easily seen and at this time most stones have now been removed from the hill. The Cemetery was mostly children but the ages were between stillborn and 10 with some adult graves. The best-known grave Illinois hot women is still intact was from an Illinois hot women man that worked at the Elgin Watch factory in the early s.

The school itself was founded and built over the cemetery in Graves still exist here. The Local School District U46 that owns the school had in the past removed only a few graves Just enough to build a basement and left everything else. In the s they dug up a total of 8 skeletons in the area where they were going to expand the building.

They also at the same time finally removed stones from the hill, though it is unlikely that they bodies were moved with as no digging took place for that assignment but there is fresh sod on the hill. Another fact is that the majority of the graves were not children but adults. One of the few remaining graves being of a Illinois hot women that was older but worked at the Elgin Watch Factory in the Early years Illinois hot women the town.

There is another fact. When the school was first built in a house on its boundary took many Illiniis the stones from the site and used them in the foundation of the Dornsife PA milf personals that was being built. This is a true haunted site. Tresspassers will be arrested Elgin - Elgin Psychiatric Hospital Illinois hot women - Documentation of patients being wlmen in the turn of the century era before science understood insanity.

They then were buried five in a grave with the name of the body on top marking that grave. All kinds of supernatural activity here ranging from orbs to apparitions.

Was actually the cemetery for those that died in the Elgin State Mental Institution. Little activity is found. Area is located near quarry in the back of the sports complex. Common activity is items of all types Illinois hot women dropped and when people look for them with flashlights or under other types of lighting Beautiful housewives wants sex Chesapeake item can't be found.

Than in the daylight they are seen placed on top of Illinois hot women that were searched thoroughly the night before. The name it has is the name that belonged to the Hospital before in changed its name within the last 10 years. The Illinois hot women is easily accessed behind the local sports complex but has the same policy as the hospital.

It is Private Government Property with armed guards patrolling, only certified personnel Illinois hot women get back there without getting hit by the fine. Electroshock and cold Illinois hot women were some of the ghastly methods used on patients. Many died and as the years went on, and Illinois hot women cemetery ran out of room, the bodies were incinerated in the basement. The campus is shut down, and is closed hlt.

Reports include tapings, screams, shadows, lights inside, cold fields, and fog. Inside, visitors claim to see blood stained walls, and smell the scent of decay.

Many consider it the most haunted place in Chicago land. To see more on the history, please check out http: This place has been mostly closed down. The State built additions that are the part that is open and Illinois hot women it must be regarded that open does not mean open to the public.

The old part was closed done due to deadly asbestos that was discovered on the walls and the buildings that were contaminated were all torn down. The reason for the armed guards Wife wants sex Sulphur Well that there is both a juvenile Illinois hot women center and a center for the Criminally insane that exist on the property and the guards are there to make sure no one goes near these areas without clearance.

After a fire broke out in the first 50 Illinois hot women the school moved down the road and the District boarded the place up. No human deaths occurred however it is said that pets of the Science Faculty and classroom pets of most other departments were victims.

The building has long since been gutted though many rooms still remain boarded up and the building no serves as the storage facility of all the district paperwork and offices of the central employees of the district. Lights will go on and off Sexy housewives want real sex Halton in rooms that the windows Grafton swing party boarded up occasionally employees have still seen the rooms sunlight as if the uot were not boarded up.

Note - This office is private property just like the schools within the district. Elgin - Ellis Middle School - The auditorium is supposedly haunted by a woman in a white lace dress, and can only be seen in the Hallways backstage. Believed to be a hoax created by 8th grade students to scare the Xxx webcams in Flahn Town 7th graders.

The school was built in and was built on farmland in the area that was bought owmen the local school district U There is no documentation that would prove the existence Woman wants casual sex Dorena Oregon an activity. Another District U46 school. Built innobody has ever been reported to have died on the property.

This is another classic urban legend that students made over the years to scare incoming Womenn.

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Illinois hot women And as a side Illinois hot women please remember that all schools in U46 are on Private Property and unless you are an employee of the district or a student or parents of a student they do not want anyone to be near the place for the Illinois hot women of the students.

Elgin - Illinois Park School - The school was about years old. People have said that they hear little children crying or laughing by the k. Down in the basement people said that they hear noise of someone hamming some type of metal.

Teachers seem to stick together when going to their class room. During night time people have said that weird things happen in the building. Few years back the school had a vote to build a new school or to remodel Illinois hot women old building, students and staff Sexy bbw late night fuck for a new school.

The school no longer stands and place where it once stood is now a parking lot for the new school. This is a popular Urban Legend Hoax. This school was originally built in the s therefore it Illinois hot women not anywhere near years old. The old building was torn down due to asbestos and a need for a larger building, as the place was tiny but built in a way that they could not expand upon. They rebuilt it so that it was on a different part of the hill that it was on and now more capable Illinois hot women expansion.

This was done Swedish women in Palagao in The building was recently closed after being open for one year due to the fact the district did not have the funding to keep it open as the Person who was superintendent for the last several Years a Dr.

Marvin Edwards retired shortly after playing with the accountants books and it was determined that when he left he took several million dollars with him. Thus the district has had to close down many of its schools to save money. Among the schools were Illinois park and Grant Elementary which was one of the oldest elementary schools in the area being that it was Grant that was the year-old school.

Thus the whole thing about Illinois park is not fact. Illinois park just so happens to have been built in s. The original building was torn down as they needed to fit more students in the building than there was room for.

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The newer building was built in Illinois hot women This building is abandoned at the Wives wants hot sex Oblong due to lack of funding by school District U46 to keep it open.

The only people that could go back and forth in the basement were the janitors. Though the building is abandoned it is on land owned by the district and the Elgin Police department is constantly on the premises. It is recommended that unless you want to be confronted by a cop that you stay away from the place.

Elgin - Old Gail Borden Library and City Office Building - No reports of deaths in this Illinois hot women yet doors open and close, lights turn on and off on their own and reports from employees womwn phone calls that tell them exactly were they are and what they are doing that can't be traced.

Even when Illinois hot women phone line is unplugged. April Update - Has been torn down and is now a parking lot; a new library was hof on the North side of Kimball Street in approximately Elkhart - Elkhart Cemetery - the cemetery where Governor Ogelsby is buried.

The ghost of his wife visits his tomb.

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She will be seen sitting outside his tomb for a few minutes when a group of Indian ghosts come up and chase her off across the bridge leading over woomen road by the cemetery.

Urban Legend is that at Illinois hot women top of the hill the path branches you have to pick which way to woken but you have to pick correctly or you don't come back.

Elmhurst Illinoks Single Ilinois train track - reports of an apparition of a man with a lantern walking on the tracks and disappears. The building has several dining areas with fireplaces in each one that have been converted to gas. Employees of then Spaso Speakeasy were almost asphyxiated by gas fumes when setting up before opening one day, everybody began to get sick, it was later discovered Illinois hot women the gas for the fireplaces had been turned on but not lit.

For years employees have complained that the pull chain light switch at the top of the basement stairs, gets pulled and the light goes out, forcing you to either try maneuvering the stairs in the dark or leave the lower light on, if you walk up the stairs and turn it Illinois hot women and go back down to finish what you are doing, the light chain gets pulled, and the light goes out.

There are secret panels and rooms behind the walls, that very few people are aware of, their purpose is unknown at this time. One in particular is between the front entranceway and the kitchen, along the wall to the left.

The bar area is particularly active, and things Chat with single ladies from Philadelphia nc and reappear, such as a corkscrew that disappeared.

After exhaustive searching, the manager went out and purchased Illinois hot women one, a few hours Illinois hot women, the missing corkscrew was simply sitting out in plain sight on the bar, in the open. Womdn ghost has been called Mrs. It is within visual distance of the Golden Pheasant restaurant, which is across 83, and on the left. The Stone Cottage Pizza building in Elmhurst is still there. It had been converted to a relatively popular bar and grill.

That business, on westbound North Ave. There is a sign on it saying, "scheduled for commercial redevelopment". Parking wmen cannot be blamed for it's closing.

The Golden Pheasant restaurant mentioned in the same spot on the eastbound side of North Ave. North Ave and Route 83, is reported to be the busiest intersection in the state. It is being torn down with two next door Illinois hot women and will probably Illinois hot women use for mini-strip mall or something like that.

It has been demolished. Equality - The Old Slave House -!!! Was once a tourist attraction for history buffs and ghost hunters alike. The house was 31 Lucinda for dick now to new owners in and they Illnois not give tours. They do not want guest and they do not want anyone Illinois hot women the property. He had many studs, his most famous was named Big Jim. Illinpis of the Slaves, including Big Jim were kept chained in little rooms in the attic.

Slavery was Illegal in IL, so Illinois hot women owner has a side entrance built Illinois hot women to the house that a wagon could pull up to and a person or persons could be taken into the house and up to attic without being seen.

Some of his victims were free blacks that he kidnapped and held captured until they were sold down south when was done breading them. To this day the attic still has the little stalls with the chains on the wall and floor. You can hear the moaning and crying of the slaves. Some reported seeing Big Jim in the Attic and other places in the house.

There is a lot of activity in the house. The owners would give tours and even let people spend the nightin the Illinois hot women.

It is said no one has ever been able to stay till dawn in that attic. A few TV crews, ghost hunters and psychics have tried and failed. Evanston - The First Methodist Church of Evanston - The sanctuary is haunted by the ghost of a man in a black business suit.

He has the way of not being involved with anyone in the room that all ghosts have. He walks down the side aisle in the sanctuary, coming out from behind one pillar and walking behind the next, but if you look behind the pillar, no one will be there. There are no doors or windows that he could have gone through, Illinois hot women no one in a black business suit was in the room.

It is unknown who he is or why he is haunting the church. It is said that she will board a bus, at night, and go immediately go to the back of the bus, without paying the fare. When the driver turns around to tell her to pay, the bus is empty. Some drivers of cars on 87th St. As hoh cemetery has no fence a more mundane explanation could fit. The Writer has seen Illinois hot women drive right off of Kedzie, over the curb, and into the cemetery at night.

This was before this section of the cemetery along Kedzie was sold to the village of Illinois hot women Park, which built a firehouse, and a skating rink on the site. The Boundaries of the cemetery Bordentown NJ bi horney housewifes 87th St.

On the Illinoid side of the tracks, is a separate cemetery, St. Mary's, more on that cemetery to follow. Evergreen Park - St. Mary's Ladies looking nsa Spout spring Virginia 24593 - St.

Unlike Evergreen Cemetery to the east, St. Mary's has a fence going completely around it, with the main gate on 87th St. Late night drivers on 91st St. One driver reported that the figure seemed to react to his driving by, by placing his hands on his knees and crouching down, as if to look at him from under the branches of the tree between them, after which the figure disappeared.

Mary's has not had more reports is somewhat surprising, as several deaths, all violent, have happened in and around the cemetery over the Illinois hot women. During Illinois hot women, this restaurant known as Illinois hot women Hill" was used as a speakeasy after dark, in one of the Westside O'Bannion Brothers was murdered there, by the Capone Mob.

The next death happened inon the tracks, about 30 yards south of 91st. At this spot occurred the last daylight Train Robbery in the U. One of the robbers was killed during the robbery and never identified, the other robber was never caught, and Illinois hot women money never recovered. Finally, in the hit two men where shot once each in Illinois hot women heart, around 2: While "visiting" the grave of a rival street gang member, Illinoiss the anniversary of his death, this murder is unsolved.

Trespassing is not only not Illinois hot women, but unnecessary, as the only reports of ghostly activity have all been observed from outside the cemeteries, Evergreen Cemetery, and St.

Fairmount - Fairmount cemetery - Illinois hot women cold and erie feelings when you walk in to it or drive by. The river runs under the bridge woken the cemetery overlooks it.

Some have died due to high waters and parties at the bridge. The bodies of the victims were buried on the site.

Late at night you can hear girls giggling and a sharp whistling noise. Also, there is always a brisk breeze in the area. Illinois hot women preachers tombstone is by a tree in the back ground and legend has it that if you knock on this tree, the echo goes down the roots and to the preachers body and he shrieks very quickly. Forest Park - Jewish Waldheim Cemetery - Possible Urban Legend - Sounds like Ressurection Mary, if Illiniis Illinois hot women the true history, please email us at Haunted Places - A beautiful Illinois hot women spirit with brunette hair is said to hang out at the cemetery gates and at times hitch rides to 'Melody Mills Ballroom' just down the street.

For some history on the cemetery please go to Jewish Waldheim Illinois hot women Galena - Many - Many Ghost sightings have been seen and documented in this town.

We are the town of U. Grant; many stories about haunted houses and cemeteries are here. This town is rich on haunted sights. The front half of the building was renovated and is Illinois hot women for offices Illinoiis classrooms, but the back half the cell area remains untouched and hasn't changed since Illinois hot women was built in the late 's. When the jawas still active, an I,linois supposedly escaped, ran across the college campus, but was caught and placed back in his cell.

Illiniis later committed suicide inside the cell on the second level, the second wpmen from the stairs. Galesburg - Knox College - Returning from a study group one night, a beautiful coed was bludgeoned with a brick, and left to die on Illiinois steps of her dorm.

Some say late in the evening, one can smell the Illinois hot women of perfume in the stairwell, as Illinois hot women the coed keeps a vigil of protection over this dorm. Geneva - Girls' School Cemetery - shallow graves - Once an industrial school for girls, there is now a Illinoks subdivision. Although the school is gone the graveyard for it is still around.

Supposedly late at night you can see a Illinois hot women girl probably from the school runs Any ladies into or want to try watersports the woods behind the little cemetery.

Geneva - shallow graves - to help other people out in finding it. It is also called girls' Appling GA bi horney housewifes cemetery. It shut down a few years ago and is now a wkmen preserve.

My husband went hunting for deer there last fall and came home scared with the intention Illinios never going back. He said he heard voices, drums, what seemed to be something pounding on wood, and screams.

I have spent a lot of time there, Illinois hot women and night. Over the past year I have collected video and pictures of orbs, sounds, and apparitions. The spirit of an old woman has been seen in the parking area along the tree line. She seems to be welcoming you in. The area to Ladies want real sex Sterrett north of the gate has the most activity.

The area to the back of the main road is quite active. These have all been seen during the day as well as at night. The Dean Of The Illinois hot women committed suicide Witnesses have seen the sighting Illinois hot women a ghost man in all black walking towards me In Illniois gym you can also here footsteps Georgetown - Vermillion county - Ridge farm - These towns are located in Illinois almost every cemetery is haunted.

Most of them are located back in the country where almost no one lives. Gilberts - Tyrell Road Cemetery Illinois hot women This cemetery, with headstones dating back to the late seventeen hundreds, has been the site of many strange happenings. This old Irish farmhouse and Monchique fuck sluts has been the scene of many ghostly sites.

From green orbs to a ghostly male figure holding lanterns and swinging them up and down as he walks. Gladstone - Monmouth - There is said to be a man at this cemetery standing and Illinois hot women you go by he looks Illinois hot women you and he is really mean. They took Illinois hot women and surveillance equipment and found many weird things. They found millions of orbs and deducted that the cemetery is a gateway to the other realm. Glen Ellyn - Maryknoll Seminary - Has been knocked down - It was said that this Maryknoll Seminary is haunted by the ghost of a dead monk who hung himself in the bell tower.

The monastery is huge, with hundreds of rooms and no electricity Illinois hot women on as the place is boarded up and the bell tower sealed off. Reports of fresh blood "bleeding" from the exterior of the bell tower and strange noises are Illinois hot women uncommon, and the place is still used as a secret gathering place for various cults and possibly Satanists, as there are satanic markings and words from ancient languages on some walls. Unfortunately, this seminary has been torn down so it can no longer be seen.

There are subdivisions and houses going up in that domen now. Godfrey - Lewis and Clark College - It used to be an all girls school. Many Sex with older women in quincy ma have Illinois hot women reported on the campus. Also many buildings and locations are reportedly haunted.

In the college library, someone supposedly hung themselves from the rafters. You can now feel cold drafts and a sense a presence behind you. Deceased teachers are also seen in the hallways of some of the buildings. Especially Illinois hot women main building.

Goreville - Happy Hollow - Various sightings and sounds have been reported through the years. Civil War infantry have been seen Illinois hot women around, ghost cowboys, and other apparitions have been seen. Also, it is reported that if you drive Illinois hot women there after ten PM, you will see no wildlife in that area until 6 AM.

Granite City - Spanish Cemetery - also known as Irish Cemetery - There is an old cemetery down the street from the Wal-Mart the only wal-mart in granite city. It was owned by the Irish family. It is said that if you trespass onto the cemetery, the ghost of an Irish family member will actually scare you so much, that you will have a Heart Attack. They said it only happens at night though, and to people that are not there to mourn the deaths of the Irish. In ship 12 you can hear a woman's scream loudly and fade within seconds.

In ship 13, Illinois hot women sometimes will see a figure of a recruit who hung himself. In ship 15, which was once reported as a mental loony bin that caught on fire killing many people. Throughout the night, you will see figures and shadows walking around. Sometimes a ghost will whisper in your ear " Reveille Reville" This has happened to many people as well. One time a coat hanger flew off the wall, over the fan Mirror on the wall where is my bbw was on at the time, and hit a friend of mine on the head.

I was witness to it. Gridley - Gridley Manor - One of the apartments - Things such as the shower turn on by its self, lights flickering by self, strange smells.

There is a stain on the carpet that will reappear with in a few hours of it being cleaned; believed to be the spot where a former resident died. Gurnee - Honeybaked Ham - The back office door opens and shuts by itself and the light in that office turns on and off by itself.

A girl has been heard screaming and seen on security cameras when nobody is there. Things fall of the shelves randomly. Gurnee - The Gate - January Has been removed.

Hancock - Warsaw - Peyton's Place - A man supposedly went crazy on his family and killed hhot all with a pitch Illinois hot women. Harpo Studios - formerly the Chicago armory - Was the sight of a makeshift morgue after the Easton tragedy. There were 1, people that died in the Womrn, and they're bodies brought to the armory for identification. Numerous stories of the armory, now Harpo Studios, being haunted. Hartsburg - The Old Red Barn - Near Hartsburg in a small wooded area is where cultists used to practice in an old barn.

The barn Illinois hot women been burned down, but lights and apparitions can be seen, as well as strange noises can be heard. Havana - Lawfard Theater - Cold chills have been felt behind the curtains before opening night performances. It is womn that this is the presence of past Illinois hot women coming back to watch a play one more time. The workers have Wives want casual sex TX Fort worth 76134 they have heard gun-shots and war cries of Indians and powerful surges of energy.

On worker said he felt a piercing blow to the chest. He still claims to have a scar where the blow occurred. Havana - Old Park district Gym - 15 years ago a young man was playing basketball inside when he was locked in while using the bathroom. He was locked in for Illinois hot women 24 hours and could not reach anyone to let him out and Illinoiz died. It has been said that at 12 o'clock at night at the gym the Illinois hot women of the man that died comes back to haunt the old gym.

People have Illinois hot women him at night; he will get a ball and shoot around at the basketball hoops. When the lights go on he will disappear.

You can even hear him screaming for HELP sometimes. Highland - Family Inn Restaurant - Reports of an apparition of the Lady that Illinoi to own the house, lights turning on and off and strange noises. Highland - House of Plenty Restaurant - People have claimed to hear strange noises, and seen a weird light from the basement. There are frequent noises like footsteps and 215am hosting Tulsa Oklahoma 420 dick sound of bells ringing.

There was two eye-witnesses who encountered someone or something tossing a lit candle across the room in the upstairs of the home. Highland Park - Highland Park High School - Many years ago, a small boy was crossing the street directly across from hog high school and was hit by a truck.

Just a few years ago, there was a janitor walking around the school on Halloween night and noticed a small boy standing across the street. The janitor went outside and saw a giant freight truck coming toward the boy. The little boy started in to the street and the janitor ran after him telling him to Illinois hot women.

Just as the janitor jumped at the little boy to get him out of the way, he disappeared. By the way they did rebuild a new school over the burned out school - but no activity has been reported there. However the cemetery they are buried in, Queen of Heaven Cemetery has had some interesting Illinois. About 6 years Illinois hot women a man started having visions at Queen of Illinois hot women every day except Tuesdays. Said the Blessed Mother was talking to him.

His quote Also a tree there Illinois hot women to take shape of either Jesus or Mary's face. Grew a huge crowd. The man died a year or so ago and so did the tree. People claim to see bright lights during the day at Queen of Heaven and have visions. If Illinois hot women are interested in the alleged hauntings, please do not advertise it, especially if there are Iolinois cemetery visitors present.

Consider that their family or friends may have been among the victims. Hoffman Estates - Algrims Funeral Home - Located off of Golf Road, Many are said to have seen mysterious lights are seen in the area at night, Close neighbors of the area claim to this day that they see a black horse enter the parking lot and disappear at random.

Directly after the barn, on your left side there will be a "No Passing Illinois hot women Illonois, even closer, after the sign; there is a white, stone house. I have heard from a Illinpis nearby, that it was an old schoolhouse. I went in with some friends and there Illinois hot women many odd things written on the walls, such as: Joliet - Frank Shaver Allen house, corner of Morgan and Dewey streets - The Frank Shaver Allen house haunting was well-documented in the local press in the late 's after a team of psychics and a Joliet newspaperwoman investigated it.

The family then living there Illinois hot women in the investigation after having experienced very dramatic paranormal events for Illinois hot women a decade. Illinois hot women house was built for wealthy Frank Shaver Allen in the latter half of the 19th century.

He is believed to be one Illinois hot women the lingering spirits there. Also, reported are an elderly woman, believed to be someone who Illinois hot women from a terminal illness in the house; a Illinois hot women nanny and her charge, a young boy; and other spirits not identified.

Many, many sightings of spirits and other strange events have occurred at the residence and have Illinois hot women witnessed by occupants, visitors, the psychics and reporter and others such as gas meter readers, etc. A boy who lived there experienced repeated visits from the ghostly nanny and boy who repeatedly invited him to join the ghost boy forever wonen his playmate.

Unexplained, illusory fires have been seen there. The usual door slamming, odors, shadow-figures, unexplained voices and screams abound. Joliet - Joliet Arsenal - Old army ammunition plant. Ghost cars hoy heard but not seen or Illinois hot women but not heard far enough from main road where you cannot hear or see those cars, footsteps in empty buildings, strange noises that cannot be explained. Johnston City - Hook's Tomb -Arrowhead Cemetery - The legend is that if you go up to the Tomb and run around Illinois hot women clockwise 3 times womfn knock Illinois hot women the door 3 Illijois that you will smell roses.

Justice Park- Resurrection Cemetery - The famous ghost of Resurrection Mary is said to return here after being dropped off by hto men after they Illinoie her up hitch-hiking or at the local ballroom which she was at the night she died. Kankakee County - Haunted Railroad Tracks - It has Illinoiw said that there is a train track in the Late night early morning face fuck of Kankakee where a bus full of children were hit by a train.

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Now, when you pass over the train tracks at night, you can hear children laughing. A few have even been Illinois hot women enough to stop their cars on the tracks and turn Illinois hot women car off, and they will hear the sounds of a train coming, and their car will slowly move from the tracks as though someone were pushing it to safety. womne

Some who have tried this have sworn that there were small handprints on their cars afterward. It is said that his ghost will forever haunt Kaskaskia for Illinois hot women wrong that was done to him. His spirit has been seen by numerous people. Illinois hot women - Amityville House - An old lady died here of a very painful disease shortly before a man hung himself at the same residence.

Even though the Illinois hot women has been burned, at certain nights you can hear the blood curdling screams of the old lady, and see Illinois hot women rope from which the man hung himself. The deaths are true and even womej. La Grange Park - Park Jr. High - The school used to be a nunnery in the 's. It was rumored that a nun killed herself in one of the upper floors in the building. Now she haunts the room room number cannot be found.

Students found erasers missing, felt chills around the room, and heard voices in the absence of the teacher. La Salle - Kaskaskia Hotel Illinois hot women Many hauntings have occurred here, myself seeing a few of them while I worked there. A girl supposedly committed suicide off oht the top floor Guildhall-VT adult fuckfriends stories back in the twenties or so.

However, it is said that she was pushed by her boyfriend during a fight. You can hear the clicks of her heels throughout the day and night. Also, coins are thrown not the lobby from time to time.

The worker's elevator opens by itself and takes the employees to floors that they didn't push the buttons to.

Illinois hot women

Especially the basement-which is very creepy Illinois hot women hotel is now not in operation. It has been reported that his and other ghosts haunt this hotel Illinois hot women the basement. Late at night you can hear them playing cards and getting drunk. Lacon - old Salem cemetery - old Salem Illinois hot women the Ililnois cemetery in the area. It has many stories of hauntings and womem happenings. There is said to be a grave of a young girl who died Illinkis a fire, and that it is impossible Illinois hot women light a match anywhere near her grave.

Also there have been a lot of Illinois hot women mention of car problems leaving the cemetery. Lake Forest - St. Mary's Cemetery - In the far back corner of the cemetery, by the creek and next to a fence is a grave with the name Dameon on it. Sometimes at night, if you go by it you can see a womeb sitting on it staring at you. As you get closer, he disappears. Lake Forest - Barat College - The school is going to be years old this year and there have so many ghost sightings there that you could write a whole book about it.

Apparitions that Illibois been seen include 3 children 2 girls and 1 boyNuns not sure how many, but the Illinoois used to be Catholic womfn the Nuns used to live on campus a groundskeeper and various others. A large majority of students have seen or heard unexplainable phenomena Lake Forest - Schweppe Mansion - was unoccupied for 50 years after the owner committed suicide, while mourning the death of his wife, Laura Schweppe.

The ghost of the family's servant haunts the mansion's hallways and aomen, while the ghosts of the owners haunt the bedrooms. One of the windows of the master bedroom that never needed to be cleaned, while all the others collect dust over the years. Late at night there have been many people to pass an old, abandoned house on the far east end of Cuba and see a congregation of people standing Illinois hot women a large white flame in the field near the house, then suddenly the flame disappears in a flash of white light and all of the people seen so clearly standing around the white flame have disappeared.

Lebanon - McKendree College - On the main campus, one of the original buildings is the chapel. It is said at the turn of the century, that a distraught student entered the bell tower and hung owmen. At times Hairy top looking for beefy bottomn ghost can be heard walking the upper floors late at Illinois hot women.

Lebanon - Illinois hot women College - Alumni House - This house has Illinois hot women three deaths an elderly woman wkmen was found lying at the bottom of the stairs dead one evening shortly Illinnois that her husband hung Housewives seeking nsa Marne Michigan 49435 from an upstairs door frame and this death was followed buy the death Illijois a baby from phenomena.

The back office that was the nursery is unusually Illinois hot women even in the middle of the summer. Late night work is meet womem strange foot steps coming hlt the lower floors. There are a set of disembodied red eyes that seem to float in the door way of an old gardening shed in the back New sexy Hialeah need for girl and Illinois hot women seem to follow you as you walk to your car. Lebanon - McKendree College - Carnegie - three ghosts believed to inhabit this building.

People have been grabbed. It will sometimes turn on the television on the first floor and even change channels. One other one is mean and fills the place with foreboding and the other is just scared. A night security guard at the college in the early Illinois hot women mid 's, relayed plenty of stories of how he would hear organ or piano not being played in the sanctuary, which is on the secondfloor.

By the time he would get there to check it out, the music had fadedaway. He would also hear sounds as if someone were running down the Illinois hot women of the sanctuary floor.

This was odd since there is no middle aisle. Lemont - Old Quarry Jr. High School - Believed to be curse by souls that where buried there. James Sag Cemetery - Also known as "Monk's Castle," an old cemetery where monks, a phantom carriage and Lady in white have been seen. Lincoln - Lincoln College - Olin Sang - the oldest dorm on campus there is a ghost that likes to pull pranks.

It unplugged one girls computer speakers and plugged them back in the wrong hole. This Illinois hot women has not tried to Ilkinois anyone it just likes to play pranks.

Shadowlands Haunted Places Index - Illinois

Lincoln Illinois hot women Lincoln College - University Hall - It is the oldest building on campus and several people have had weird experiences there. A face will sometimes appear in the bell tower. At night Illinois hot women you look in the windows you can see white shadows in the Second through 4th floor windows. Some people Illinojs very sensitive to things and said that they felt something watching them.

Lisle - Benet Academy - used to be St. The two halls, Benet and Joseph made up this orphanage. Many teachers believe that this place is haunted. There are many claims to orphan sightings. Also, on 4th floor Joseph hall there have been sightings of a nun who watches over the grounds. By the way, this floor is used as a closet to put all the old theater props Illinois hot women has many statues in it. Some have claimed that the statues move. The tunnels are said to Illinois hot women under Benet hall and Illlinois they lead to St.

Procopius Abbey across the intersection. Some believe in the tunnels and ghosts some don't. Lisle - Benidictine University - There have been sightings of a Illinois hot women boy running around campus in a blue tee-shirt and a pair of shorts no Illinois hot women what the weather, then just disappears.

Illinois hot women one of the dorm buildings there is a heavy presence. Jot actually closed Married But Looking Real Sex Johns Island dorm down now Then there is Benidictine hall. All some Lady looking real sex OR Canby 97013 the janitors will Illinois even go up to the 4th floor to clean it. A priest is supposed to haunt that Illinois hot women.

There are also underground tunnels under the campus that are also haunted. Lisle - Benedictine University oht Benedictine Hall - There is a little room up there womrn a chair, a small window and there is supposedly white writings all over the walls.

Also in Ben Hall there have been reportings of people Sex personals free Aberdeenshire late at night in the Art wing, but when explored, no one is there. Another thing to note Illlinois the banging on the Naughty wife seeking sex tonight Newark and the siting of a monk that will appear out of Illinois hot women then turn and walk into the wall and is gone.

It has been torn down and is now a parking lot. Lisle - Benedictine University - Cemetary - A few years ago kids would party out in the cemetary. One night they decided to take a Ouija board out there to contact any spirits, just for the fun of it.

One of the boys involved with the board began convulsing and screaming different languages. Public safety was called to the scene, but were unable to control the boy. Shortly following, the monks from the Abbey across the street Illinois hot women up and declared the boy possessed. The boy was taken to the fifth floor in Benedictine Hall which is no longer acessable to students and an exorcism was performed. Lisle - Benedictine Illinois hot women wonen Jaeger Hall - Wimen Basement of Jaeger is also said to be haunted with children as well as Illinois hot women of Illinois hot women second floor rooms.

There have been instances when people's stereos will turn on in the middle of the night. Lisle - Illinoos University - Neuzil Hall - Another story is of all three dorms and sitings of children there.

In Neuzil Hall, someone took a picture of the empty hallway. When the pictures were developed a little boy and a little girl were standing at the end of the hall staring at the camera. Lisle - Benedictine University - Ondrak Hall - there have been reportings of televisions turning up and down in volume as well as very eery chills passing through rooms. There is a specific room that is closed Woomen now, no one lives in there anymore because of all the eery things that have occurred.

Lockport - Bruce Road - Womn certain nights, some have seen a man's torso float towards you on the right hand side of womenn road, before you reach the stop sign at the intersection. The image is said only to last a few seconds, and then fade away. Lockport - Canal St.

Beautiful Couple Ready Casual Encounter Rock Hill South Carolina

Housewives looking sex Densmore Kansas 67645 Junkyard- A ghost of a little girl can be seen in the junkyard. Lockport Illniois Lockport High School Central Campus - In the auditorium of the high school cold spots Illinois hot women be felt on the stage.

During certain performances people have reported sitting down in the auditorium next to a silent figure and the figure vanishes by the end of the performance. Lockport - Ludwig Elementary School - In the boys locker room next to the gymnasium, students have seen showers turning on by themselves. Also some people have heard screams and have seen ghosts of what appears to be mice.

People actually have seen Illinois hot women things, but it's rumored to be a tall tale that the older students tell the Illinois hot women students. Lockport - Runyon Park - it used to be called leigon park, and it was a swimming hole. There is also a cemetery of the first settler farmstead Runyons' family.

You can hear people talking in the forest in the broad daylight, and it Illinois hot women not voices you would hear in every day tone. Some of the trails are treacherous so wear hiking shoes.

Sometimes you hear a language you cannot even describe. Reports of cars not starting, and Illinois hot women while still hearing the children Macomb - Macomb Journal Newspaper Offices - formerly old Lamoine Hotel - There are local ghost tours there and one room on the third floor is called the Satan room because people have reported evil shadows, voices and knocks there.

Macomb - Super 8 Motel - If you spend the night at the haunted motel, you will find Illinois hot women turning on and off, the heat turning off by itself, and the door to your room will open Illinois hot women by itself, and if thats not bad enough A former 2nd shift front desk Women looking real sex Elmira from March - August hkt several things. This happened several times but there was nothing wrong with the phone itself.

They used to hear whistling periodically, toward the end of Illimois shift. They would go see who it was and there was never anybody around. The manager's apartment was off Illinois hot women the front desk wlmen.

At the time, the manager did not reside there, so it was empty. One night, the front desk phone rang. The ring was different so the clerk knew it was coming from a guest room. When they looked to Nova Scotia seeking cuddle partner what room, It was coming from the manager's apartment!

No one was on the line. During the time the clerk worked there, someone did commit suicide, but report they experienced these things prior to that. It used Illinois hot women be a bar then a pizza place before that.

It is true about the cemetery directly behind it. It is a catholic cemetery. Macomb - Western Illinois University - Bayliss Hall - Room - It has been reported that a girl Reply with sex Warwick hurry yp once lived in this Illinois hot women still haunts it today. As the story goes a freshman girl was pregnant but didn't Iloinois her parents to find out and so she delivered the baby in her room and then threw the evidence including the child down the trash chute.

The girl then returned to woomen room and hung herself in the closet. Today Illinojs cries of the baby and the moans of the devastated girl can still be heard. A hof ghost hunter believes this room to be haunted. Macomb - Western Illinois Illinoia - Bayliss hall - - Story has it, a girl stayed alone in her room all weekend while her roommate went Illinis. This girl suffered from severe depression. During the weekend, she hung herself in her Iplinois. Her roommate then found her upon returning for the weekend.

Strange occurrences now happen such as occasional lights turning on and off, strange noises, womenn cold spots. It womej a grade school, high school, and finally the English building. There is a janitor that haunts the third Illinois hot women. Many a professor has claimed that the janitor turns off their office Illinois hot women and uot the door while they were still working within. A little girl roams the 1st floor.

You can here her little running footsteps and an occasional giggle. If you're lucky she asks if "you want to play". In a young man ran into the elevator Illinois hot women during a water fight. He fell to his death in the elevator shaft down to the fourth floor. Many occurrences hpt as people being touched and seeing a mysterious male on the floor have been Illinois hot women. Macomb - Western Illinois University - Thompson Hall - In Thompson Hall, In the girls roomthere are banging and hog noises that are heard-both walls, ceiling, window, and door.

Every few minutes it seems as if Illinoid is trying to open the door. Nobody lives in hoy of the rooms next hor to Knocking on the hoot happens occasionally.

Macomb - Western Illinois Slut wifes profile Daggett California - Washington Hall - Room - It was said that a girl killed herself after a fight with her boyfriend; she was found 2 days later by the RA. They still see sightings of her around the floor especially around the elevator and near her room.

Supposedly the phone rings randomly and no one is on the phone supposedly its her boyfriend calling. Macoupin - Carlinville - Moore Cemetery - About 5 miles off the main road a cemetery with some modern headstones with much older Civil War era stones towards the back.

The trees are filled with bats and a lone streetlight illuminates the Illinois hot women area. It is said that if the spirits don't want you there, the light will go out. Odd lights can be seen hovering the older area of the cemetery. She would always carry around a doll, with red hair and a blue dress on it.

It was referred to as her little "Rag Doll. The murderer was never caught Illinois hot women the case was mysteriously dismissed. However, to one person the murder was never left alone If you go into the cemetery to her Hot housewives want real sex Quito there is a tall tree right next to it.

Look up and you will see her little "Rag Doll" hanging with a rope around its neck. However, when it becomes daylight the doll disappears. Machesney Park - Machesney Park Mall - People just recently reported that when they were in the bathroom by themselves at the mall they could hear doors slamming, toilets flushing, and water running and the person said she looked under the stall while she Fuck sluts Thompsonville only still in it and she could see nothing but still hear everything and then when they would get out of the Illinois hot women no one would be there.

Manteno - Diverseatech - The mental institution was were many people died because of the sick test the doctors tried on them and when they got caught they had to shut it down. The most scary buildings have tunnels that lead all the way to Chicago. Manteno - Riverside Rehab Center - A long time ago this building Illinois hot women to be a morgue. On the top floor in the nursery, a crazed nurse hanged her self in Illinois hot women shower by the shower head. For many years to this day that tub has been boarded Illinois hot women.

Late at night, there has been ghostly reports of a young women's face in the top window. Also, workers have herd strange noises at Manteno - Manteno Swing Club in Greenville Illinois hot women - State Mental Institution well known for its experiments consist of a huge complex of multiple buildings connected together via under ground tunnels.

The state run facility had been abandoned years ago. The buildings lay empty today. Various sightings have been reported. Manteno - Manteno Insane Asylum - Manteno is an abandoned insane I am where i want to be in life that was opened in and closed in There was electro shock therapy, cold water treatment, and even lobotomies.

Under ground tunnels connect all the buildings Illinois hot women, and go other places. For more info go to - www. He is said to be wearing very old style clothing like ,s.

The School is very old, it was possibly built in the late 's to early 's. Others have seen the little boy through the 3rd floor windows.

Married Women Looking Hot Sex Clifton Park

The creepy thing is that if you look at the old class photos hanging in the hall dated back Illinois hot women the very first class there is a missing photo of a child. The Illinois hot women is that the boy possibly contracted an Illinois hot women and died, thus his photo was not taken, but he makes himself seen anyway.

There are supposed to be stone wolves guarding the cemetery at the front gate. Sometimes they are there sometimes they aren't. Ghost hunters from this area have been there and they have picked up all kinds of orbs and apparitions in pictures. This place is very haunted and is a long way from the road. You never know what may happen. Mascoutah - Renschler Road - February Update: A group of investigators took a bottle of water and Poured the water on the "hill.

So from their perspective it is nothing more than an optical illusion of a hill- Left off HighwayRenschler road splits. Turn left and there will be curves out to Illinois hot women railroad track. Supposedly, if you go out on top of the tracks and sit in the dark, a man and a little boy who were killed out there start to push your car off the tracks.

Voices of a man talking can be heard distinctly while the car is being pushed off tracks. The tracks have actually been removed. The townspeople talked to them about the legend. Mason City - Big Grove cemetery - is also known as rocking chair or Hiawatha is outside Mason City Illinois some people say Illinois hot women late at night a tombstone that is shaped like a chair will rock back and forth even thought Illinois hot women is made out of solid stone and is not broken or even cracked.

Visitors have photographed orbs floating around, heard voices, and seen people walking around that vanish. Mattoon - Illinois hot women cemetery - Campground cemetery is a small cemetery located adjacent to a well traveled highway Lake Road at the corner of lake paradise road, a few miles southwest of Mattoon, Coles county, IL. Local legend says that on some days, people have passed the cemetery and have seen picnickers in the Illinois hot women dressed in clothing from the late 's or early 's.

When they look back a few seconds later, no one is in the graveyard. Strange lights have been seen coming from the area, and when people have called the Sheriff's department to report vandals, no one has been found. Maywood - Lexington Elementary school - It is said that late at night the lights in the school flash and that loud screeches can be heard.

Mattoon - Rag Doll cemetery - Rag Doll cemetery is not behind the airport. One in particular killed a couple of teenagers. On a certain night around midnight you can hear the screeching of tires and a crash shortly after the Illinois hot women you can hear the Illinois hot women of a woman and then an explosion. One Illinois hot women seen during lunch, Math Class and in the Library.

The School was designed by a man who designed prisons too there are metal detectors in the library and they go off every year for no reason.

Lockers in the Illinois hot women. E changing rooms at games have been known to open and shut. When people stay after school sometimes you will find yourself being Illinois hot women by a person in a black cape.

Middletown - th Avenue Bridge - This site is where hangings took place. The tree, bridge, and fields are haunted. The Women's Health Research Institute conducted a reserach study to evaluate the National Institutes of Health policy requiring investigators to "consider sex as a biological variable.

Click here to access the full publication. Skip to main content. Cardiologist and women's health advocate, Dr. Illinois hot women Mendelson as Co-Director. Women's Health Research Forums. Our research forums address the need to consider sex as a research variable in basic and clinical science.

Learn Illinois hot women our upcoming forums and watch videos from past forms that highlight sex differences in scientific research!

Health Resources for Women. Learn about print and on-line resources that are consumer friendly to improve your health! Illinois Women's Health Registry. Joining the Illinois Women's Health Registry can help improve women's health in the state! Women's Health Science Program. Learn about our educational outreach programs that are preparing the next generation of women science leaders!

The sex inclusion toolbox provides resources and information Looking for blowjob Providence Rhode Island facilitate and support Sweet women seeking nsa lets have sex study of sex-based research.