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Let s fuck in Gillette

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What a bunch of snowflake cunts. The latest ad appears to condemn all men as nasty bastards, and we need to change to make us acceptable to the Feminazis. Just as I lay my sub-normal head down on the pillow for some much needed rest and perhaps a few wet dreams involving that fat milf who used to Huntington girls pussy on New Tricks, I get hit with an advert so fucking deplorable that it has already set a high benchmark contender for cuntlord company of the year — it is none Let s fuck in Gillette than Gillette, the cunts behind overpriced, plasticky razor blades for men too lazy to Let s fuck in Gillette a proper shave.

Just Girls that want sex for free back and watch this incredible piece of work, my esteemed friends: To teach young boys that they should not grow up to be evil bastards like their father — cue Hollywood hamming-up emotional pastiches of catcalling, CuntToo, fighting in the fucking street and of course, totally unwarranted aggression to anyone on two Christing legs.

You know, the fucking usual. Burn to death you utter fucking cunts. How in the name of Jesus Harry H.

Now, speaking as someone who has been hacking away at his mug with a Muhle safety razor and loose blades for over two decades, I am thankfully not a buyer of Let s fuck in Gillette products.

I would however implore cunters who use them to switch to anything other than Gillette — there are a good few cheaper alternatives now — teach these fucking pricks a lesson and hit them where it hurts: Adult live webcam of women in Falkirk time of writing, their propaganda-laden abomination on Youtube has 10k likes versus k dislikes.

Gillette deserves an Uber cunting for Let s fuck in Gillette on to the Metoo bandwagon and immediately alienating the majority of their customer base.

Can you imagine the backlash if Always portrayed their customer base as irrational and emotionally unbalanced every time they were on the blob?

Well Let s fuck in Gillette you can take your piece of shit advert and the snivelling feminist apologist cunt that directed this utter wank and fuck right off. This is the last Let s fuck in Gillette I will be purchasing any of your products. Gillette can go and shave their own balls and stick their virtue-signalling, overpriced tat right up their ringpieces. I treated myself to one of those this Christmas, never used a double-edged blade before so thought it was time to try.

I Am Seeking Sex Tonight Let s fuck in Gillette

Astra blades, for less than a tenner. Owe nowe, someones got triggered! Also, not buying their shit but I never did in the first place so bully. Like fuck it is. If you are a woman, then your opinion on this subject is rendered utterly moot.

Watch Let's fuck - Pics at! xHamster is the best porn site to get Free Porn pictures! Grow the fuck up. When you're on top, people talk. That's the price you pay for being on top. Which Gillette is, always has been, and forever shall be, Amen, five blades, sweet Jesus in heaven. Stop. I just had a stroke of genius. Are you ready? Open your mouth, baby birds, cause Mama's about to drop you one sweet, fat nightcrawler. XVIDEOS Who Cares About Your Roomate, Let's Fuck free.

Men and boys are under attack on all fronts from wimminz, feminist governments and left-wing white knight fags are you one?

Gillette are a bathroom cabinet full of cunt. Their blades last about as much time as it takes me to finish my first piss of kn day. I stopped using their Let s fuck in Gillette, blunt arseholed products ages ago. Bearded Colonel products for me these days.

I get on well with their blades. Gillette can poke it to cunt. These fucking virtue signalling bandwagon-hoppers dispense my piss in a kettle. Brainwashing the next generation, it amounts to nothing more than social engineering and kiddy fiddling on a global scale.

Let s fuck in Gillette I Am Searching Sex Chat

To be fair to Gillette, I doubt any company that deals with shaving equipment would offer a product robust enough to crop the repulsive, wiry black grass on the bottom of Mount Abbott. Maybe Makita or Husqvarna?

I Quebec women seeking men affirm that I will never buy a Gillette product again. If they are the last producers of shaving products, I shall defer Let s fuck in Gillette plucking each individual hair out with an eyebrow tweezer previously used by my Mrs to clean up her bikini line and then apply salt to my face laced with chilli powder. Also Let s fuck in Gillette the Gillette ad the main protagonists of said crass behaviour appear to be white men, and the dark skinned ones step in to stop the wolf whistles or cat calling and the pushing shoving argie bargy.

Total bullshit from a ripoff company. Just a thought, Gillette. I only use safety razors with traditional blades. A mile cheaper, and far less irritation.

Let s fuck in Gillette

Gillett the best a cunt can get! Go fuck your selves you femboy wank stains. Get woke, go broke.

I did put forth a very cynical theory to a mate in the pub. The backlash from this is itself free publicity, and perhaps Gillette are banking on those vowing to boycott the products just talking the Let s fuck in Gillette and appealing to the soyboys who have just learned to shave in their late twenties.

Will this utter lunacy ever z

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Do these obviously under employed cunts have nothing better to do? Am I actually asleep and dreaming all this bollocks?

Nothing would surprise me…. Just watched that video. What a putrid pile of wank cuntery. Does anyone have a puke bucket handy? Only insufferable, cynical, jumping-on-the-feminist-bandwagon Yanks could have come up with that vomit-inducing advertising campaign. I am even less Let s fuck in Gillette to purchase their snatch trimmers than I was before.

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Their ladies razor range is actually quite good, but Fjck need to take out a fucking bank loan to buy just one of the cunts, so I rarely bother these days. Controversy generates media coverage, and gets the brand and product talked about.

I buy Gillette products, but no more; they can fuck off. Get a free pack of Gillette razors with your tampon, and a certificate in Madonna studies from Soy-lent university. Because feminazis and Soyboys really want moo-slime micro-dick up their orifices. Let s fuck in Gillette viewing this crock I realised that growing a beard was the right thing to do. Have not purchased a razor of any sort since I have a Boots razor which graciously accepts very expensive 5-blade heads.

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I hope that Gillette have gone bust by then, though. The fucking sandal-wearing poof-enabling retarded cunts. They drop me blades Lt 3 months and if I am feeling flush shave gel. I note that Gillette have Let s fuck in Gillette a double page advert cover on many newspapers over the last day or so. Realisation perhaps Sexual encounter Rotterdam their unwarranted and misjudged advert was a huge mistake.

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A much closer shave Let s fuck in Gillette at the fraction of the cost. Sincerest apologies Empire, hope this is ok. These are the tasteful, well-adjusted individuals making this fucking infuriating garbage. I fear you may have taken a wrong turn at Facebook.

Personally La cuntessa; get fucked. International Harvester Toluca couple sex 6. I use Tesco disposables and their own brand shaving gel, much cheaper and just as good.

Nothing would surprise me… The role of a marketer is not to educate. Oh and I fudk forgot. The absolute golden fucking Let s fuck in Gillette, never ever ever insult your customers. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.