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Looking pass the superficial

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I couldn't let them, until I knew myself.

You will be hurt in these superficial relationships. You'll crave understanding and acceptance from your loved ones, but you can't expect them to tell you who you are. It's your job to show them.

Everywhere you go, chances are good the focus is on looks. articles poignantly explaining the inescapable superficial society in which we all. Have you ever been so distracted by some superficial aspect (like height, to see past the roadblocks that arise in the form of focusing on those superficial turn . Ask yourself what a nurturing, satisfying, and challenging relationship looks am an artist, a writer, and a life coach, but also a flawed human with a difficult past.

The responses never failed to be touching and beautifully human. Our truth is so much richer than the diluted version of it that we actually share.

Speaking your truth provides a deep sense of freedom. Holding in your truth causes emotional pressure to Looking pass the superficial and can be severely detrimental to your mental and emotional health. It played a major role in the debilitating depression I suffered from for many years.

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Passively accepting what others say or do, even when it grates against your truth, is destructive. It takes you farther from yourself every Looking pass the superficial you let it happen. Building honest, meaningful relationships; finding and fulfilling your Lookking and living with a sense of purpose are all things that only become possible when you know who you are.

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So, how do you find yourself? It starts with digging for your truth the principles that really matter to you.

Your truth cultivates your stance. That's what you stand up for and how you respond to other people's opinions.

Your stance, simply put, is your truth in action. This defines how you live, how you relate to others, and the legacy you leave behind.

How I Learned To Stop Being Superficial | Thought Catalog

Here's how to start yhe journey of uncovering yourself:. For me, this meant spending several years single, but that doesn't mean you can't find your identity if you are already in a relationship.

Be aware, however, that passive people those with weaker senses of self and more assertive people often attract each other. It can be easy to get lost in the louder person. Allow your feelings to speak — whether through meditation, writing, or painting.

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More on this later. This requires alone time because only supefficial silence can your feelings Looking pass the superficial heard, without being challenged or colored by the perceptions of others. This space you create to hear yourself should be a sanctuary.

The thoughts and feelings you express here should not be judged. Figure out where you're unclear on your perspective, and address each area, one by one. You might start with your career, or your relationships.

Ask yourself what a nurturing, satisfying, and challenging relationship looks like to you. What character traits would this partner have? Write your answers down.

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Writing is a powerful step to clarifying and solidifying your truth. If you simply think through these things, you won't Looking pass the superficial everything to the surface. Big chunks of your truth will stay hidden and hold you back.

Through this process, you will likely find that what you believe and what you want are quite different in some places from the reality you're living. If you want to change, do.

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Knowing where you stand will empower you to make those decisions confidently. Once you have clarity, look for ways to express it.

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The more you use your voice, the more quickly your life will reshape itself around your truth. At first, this might feel scary. These were all the secret feelings I had held inside when she had treated me badly. We Looking pass the superficial in a culture dominated by vanity.

Can this be old news yet? I have read a countless number of articles poignantly explaining the inescapable superficial society in which we all must appeal to in order to succeed. Many of these articles seem to be written with good intentions, and the messages are ostensibly good and well, but many are critically Looking pass the superficial and overly self-righteous. This is Lookiing subversion and containment, folks.

By relentlessly hammering on about the evils of attaching internal value to physical Looking pass the superficial, we are only fueling our obsession and granting even more significance to superficiality as a governing agent. Sadly, it took me a long time to accept this fact on a personal level.

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During my freshman year at college, my inner dialogue began to sickeningly revolve around my own physical insecurities. I constantly judged others solely by the way they looked.

I scrutinized every conventionally pretty girl I saw, and compared myself to her, degrading myself for my own physical shortcomings. My thoughts were bombarded by various Looking pass the superficial of beauty. Why was my hair so goddamn flat? I wonder what kind of makeup she uses?

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I sat out of several social events, and grew uncharacteristically reclusive as my self-esteem plummeted to a dangerously subterranean level. My true personality was shrouded by my own insecurity, and I felt undeserving of any Looking pass the superficial feeling or minor obtain accomplishment.

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I eventually stopped going to classes. My grades dropped, and I developed a social anxiety disorder, lost most of my friends, became a bitter misanthrope, and generally avoided human contact altogether.

Anything superficial has to do with the surface of something. If you're judging a book by its cover, you're being superficial. People who worry looking, sounding . The act of being SUPERFICIAL can also really just be being shallow. A person looking for a long term relationship on a dating website who judges another. Everywhere you go, chances are good the focus is on looks. articles poignantly explaining the inescapable superficial society in which we all.

Subsequently, I fell into a depression. I was a shell of a human being.

I was a zombie. I begrudgingly transferred to a nearby university and over the next year, everything began to change.