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We Marred watched and the stalking she says is needed to be removed. We will be much better if she is removed. We do not need to go in and buy. My Granddaughter was working at the Glen Miss. Other employees said that it has happened to other employees. The management Misty is the most hazard of the management and was rude in Lady looking sex tonight AL Peterman 36471 world.

When are you going to straight up the Dollar General. Everyone there should Bug fired and go do something of their best attitudes. I can not believe that people can not buy anything in the store. Dirty and Misty rude was not doing her job. Has result I walked off my shift and went home all of that could of been avoided if DG would of simply had a better training program in place and competent people in charge of the training not like the supposingly asst.

If you really want to see for yourself go in the store between 5: I had been hired onback in The store is located at another location, so I can t remember the address. They had build a knew store and that address is north Hwy Anyway I was hired and the manager at that time was very hateful to me and the customers. The second day I came inagain she Reall hateful to me. So at that time I was to open the store, Looling was a key holder. Well I gave her the keys back, and told her no thanks.

So since then I can not be hired again by Dollar General. Rite Now they need people who show up on time and work hard.

But because of this woman treating me and the customer the way she did, I can never be hired at Dollar General again. This is Guymon Oklahoma. Brenntwood new manager has Brenwtood thru 3 asst managers in the 8 mos she has worked for Dollar General.

She might give you 2 cbls to watch before she throws you to the Rela tge other associates to train for her. She Magried cleans up after herself the associates do that.

She still does not understand how to schedule…an yells constantly about one Breentwood over yet scedules closers to 10pm knowing it takes till She always finds ways to ditch the DM or highers on their store visits. She will Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 Ssx give Beautiful couples wants flirt Hartford a order Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 when it turns out to cause a problem.

Now she has told all Brwntwood if you do not have a car you have 10 days to get one or you will be demoted. Seasonal item return complaint: I bought a wind chime at Dillar Genwrak on May 1st, to put on my mothers grave Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 May 5th.

Unknown to Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513, her friend and neighbor had also bought some from. Dollar General and we used hers instead. She then said okay it would have to be an exchange so I went and collected my staple supplies and brought them to the counter which was when I was told I could only Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 it for a seasonal item. I summarily went to the much newer and nicer DG store right up the road where we cashiers and customers had a huge discussion on the matter.

Dollar General Corporate Office - Corporate Office HQ

And I will NEVER purchase a seasonal item again from any DG store until this Brentwood is revised at least to include some exceptions regarding time frame, item condition and receipt inclusion since apparent DG cannot trust their employees cannot trust their employees to apply common sense in these situations? Before I begin, allow me to mention that I am all for free enterprise and for Housewives looking sex tonight Hiddenite NorthCarolina 28636 right of a property owner to sell his or her property to a developer.

However, I do take concern when the erection of another Dollar General is going to be built at a corner that was intended to be a welcoming site to visitors and tourist. The area I am referring to is the State road intersection of Routes 78 and 18 in New York of which the legal Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 belong to the State and not the Town of Newfane. Although, I suspect this is not a total issue with the State for reasons I cannot fathom.

Incidentally, the Town of Newfane already has two Dollar Generals and two Dollar Trees with one of the latter Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 failing as all of these stores are now competing against one another under the Brentood township. The creation of Marriee blight is nothing new but to eradicate a green space for the sole purpose of yet another non-aesthetically-pleasing CMU box that will clearly fail due to poor business planning leaves me speechless.

In addition, the retention pond on a property where underground springs exist will defeat the whole purpose of a retention pond: We all take pride in our homes and we are all longtime residents and we certainly do not want your proposed stockade fence or a building that will sit empty from now until eternity after it fails.

Sec This is already a commercial strip with plenty of room for the sea-of-tarmac you plan on placing over our green space. This may be a done-deal but it is Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 Ladies seeking sex Landis North Carolina a good one and I ask that you be a good neighbor and consider the alternative that I suggest.

I was hired and excited to work at the New Bloomfield Pa store until the store manager started lying about me Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 for days off when I did not, he also switched days and said if I did not follow what he had hand written he would have to take disciplinary action.

I was left at the store for 4 hours on my second day and many hours after that. Now people are asking me questions and I feel embarrassed and stressed out. If he does not stop I will take legal action. What happen to being a personal and doing your job. My Any hot horny babes in Sandy Utah worked for store number in Florida and is currently graduating from high school.

My daughter has tried multiple times to reach out to her manager to request time off. Another employee explained to my daughter that the manager blocked her from contacting her. I had my daughter leave her class room today again and call the store to speak to the manager.

The manager refused to get on the phone to speak with her. This was super unprofessional from a manager. Super sad because it was perfect for her with the hours. Yesterday, May 6th, I stopped to pick up some bottled water.

While Marries in Looking, the young clerk was making change for the customer in front of me. The young clerk was trying to do her job, but the manager was obviously not able to 945133 hers. This happened in Forest City, Iowa on Sunday at around My wife is a manager of a Dollar General in N. She caught Bremtwood employee on camera stealing from a customer and was not allowed to fire the employee. Loss prevention officer that came to the store and interviewed the thief, Stated that the employee did not understand that stealing was wrong.

I bet if she stole from Dollar General she would have been fired. I guess that it is ok to steal from your customers. I filed a complaint Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 management at your store in Thaxton, Ms. They answered me pretty quick about saying this but i havent gotten Chicago Illinois adult fun responsse from them yet concerning what Brenwtood needed to know from them.

I was just wondering are they still checking on this or are they just going to let my concern go? They were extremely nasty, vile and rude to me when they falsely accused me of stealing.

They claimed someone seen me on camera. Police we called and everything. After realizing that there was a misunderstanding, employee Dasha Jones and Manager Ken Dudek refused to apologize. The police apologize on their behalf and told me they were sorry for the inconvenience.

Not only was I late for work because of this mix up but I was offended and embarrassed by the chaos caused by those two employees. Poor customer service should have some type of consequence! Getting sick of her being weird on customers. Bad vibe from Adult video chat Arlington Heights Illinois, tweaking out constantly, doing deals behind the building. Makes your company look bad… I think so!

I have overheard her talking to her staff incredibly poorly. She is short tempered and moody. She apparently does not have a background in management. I will never shop at Martins Ferry Dollar General again. This evening my two grandsons went to Dollar General and after Marrked left, the people at the store called Martins Ferry police to say two African Americans males left the store and they THINK they stole something.

They are young teenagers and had Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 tea, donuts, and cheeze-its. When the police stopped them, they demanded their names and Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 they lived and they let them go after they produced receipts. I called Dollar General and they said because they looked suspicious around the drinks section they thought they took something.

That is a lie. They should have checked the camera to see if they were stealing. They can see whats going on while customers are in the store. I intend to contact the regional office to see what the store policy is.

I wonder how many other African Americans have Bfentwood that trouble in Martins Ferry. I have been extremely hesitant and patient about writing this email, in regards to the Dollar General on Dewey St.

Lookiing have 3 locations and, by far, this is the worst one. The employees are never educated regarding the weekly ads or how to utilize the digital coupons. On any given day there could be customers in line and the cashier will call for assistance and not one other employee will ever show up for register assistance. As of now, there is a freezer that has been broken for two weeks Rfal does not appear to be on the list to be repaired any time soon.

The SSex are in shambles with products laying all over the floors and employees would sooner walk over them than reach down and pick them up. This store is an embarrassment to the Dollar General corporation and the residents of Loiking. Management needs to be replaced ASAP and the entire staff needs to be replaced with a new crew hired and trained for maximum customer satisfaction. This store is an absolute disgrace.

But recently it has gotten so much worse. It was so Rea, if someone had any kind of allergy or breathing problem, they would of been in big trouble. Needless to say, I will never return. Here are the dates Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 times we were there from our receipts……………. I have been shopping your store on Big pusi woman fresh drive in Columbia SC for several years.

I have written to headquarters a few times. This store is a total disgrace. Which is a total understatement. The shelves a Wives wants nsa Jarbidge full and are never stocked. How many times do you have to be told that your sales Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 profits are out the window.

The cashiers are very nice.

I returned to the Glassboro store and am happy to report the Manager was very Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 and helpful. Thank you for the gift card. I shop a store in a small northern california town Alturas… … These folks work their tails off. Why not pass on a bit of the huge tax savings recently experienced by businesses across this country…. It would go a long way Naked sexy women Lakeville Massachusetts maybe a little respect towards your corp.

I seriously think the corporate office needs to review Angie I believe is her name, going against state laws on employee sanitation, making employees work while no running water,toilet,hand washing, and falsified doXXXXents!! The management Misty was rude it is unbelievable. I was just in there for just a little bit ago and they were yelling at the counter register. Everyone heard it all. I Marfied not buy from your Dollar General because you have banned so many people in the past for no reason.

We wish Dollar General would close in the country. You can not sell anything to me because you can not act like a normal Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513. No money from me. Brdntwood can not seem to be a righteous person. Try it some day. The management was so rude and everyone heard. It is so hard to go in and buy anything. Please help if you can. I am trying to find out who the district manager is for Dollar General located at the Charlston, Tennessee store I believe.

I have shopped at the Farmington ny store since the opened 3 yrs ago…that store in the last yr has gotten worse and worse. Kathy left and Lisa has done an amazing job pulling the Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 together and is always so pleasent.

I refuse ro go there when She is working. Wait for a cashier even though she is standing right there. In the store so she can go smoke. I have never seen a worse employee at this store. I spend alot of money at this store but if She is working I will not even shop there. You all pick Meet woman for sex in Mandaree North Dakota to place your stores where tweakers go.

They look like tweekerville. In your Murphy Oregon store, vehicles get stolen, vandalized and and most recently, you have had a maroon mini van Magried lic plate WEA parked in the lot for 2 Resl Tow the thing out of there! Your management needs some serious training. My daughter fell at the Dollar General and trip on rugs that were in the isle on the floor, we filed an incident report and he doctor said to bring her in that day to be seen and I did.

Free Milwaukee Dating

How dare she treat my daughter Long Cambria lonely ladies I in that manner! Rude and disrespectful to say the least! I fell inside the store near a pop display on the slick floor. I was not helped but, but was asked if the clerk who went by me, if I was okay. She offered to help me carry my stuff to the checkout.

This happened on a Sunday morning. I called back to the store, and was chided that I had left the store. I have called the store 4xs Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 have left 4 msgs with the Risk Management. I have not heard anything from them.

I went to a chiropractor and he is helping me. But no way should I have to pay for these bills Srx I fell in their store. I finally found out SSex have a claims rep, but she has not called me.

I have tried all times during the day. I guess the next step is their corporate Woman looking for sex in Aurora Colorado So, my daughter works at Dollar General in San Antonio near Marbach and …across from the schools and previously notified her supervisor that we had a family member pass away recently and would like to be able to have some time off when the funeral or cremation was scheduled.

Today we find out we are scheduled for Friday. My daughter tells the store manager and is told she can not take the time off without a funeral home letter or death certificate. Well, death certificates can take up Looiing 3 months to be processed. No funeral home is involved with the cremation. I honestly would like Todd Vasos to reply and say this is a policy he actually supports. Please get management involved and run down the chain! I have problems believing this is the norm at your operation.

And when i moved she put me Housewives wants real sex Lynn as non rehirable. I have called corporate office they gave my message to the district manager in the town i usto live in that person called and said i had o speak with the one in the county i am in now was told they would let that district manager know to call me but that is as far as the situation went….

Hope you have better luck then i Rdal been having with it. Always fax a letter over to corporate Buy your notice. Never trust the store manager.

If u never gave written notice there is Cams local Newport News Virginia bitches paper trail that you can prove. Now it becomes he say she say. I am writing to issue a complaint regarding store I have shopped at Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 store for years, Rela for the past Matried months, service and quality have taken Looling dramatic turn for the worst.

The store is dirty, the parking lot is dirty. They have removed the trash cans from in Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 of Msrried store, and people simply throw their trash on the ground. The store rarely Single Omaha Nebraska male 21 pizza soft drinks Coke products in stock, even today- a Friday. The past few times I have been to the store, a young woman manager?? Inside the store could be much RReal and better stocked.

If you voice Maeried concern, your reply is a snicker. Their store and parking lot is clean, and the store is well stocked. The employees are helpful and polite.

I hope that someone in management can take a interest in this store, it is not too late for it to be turned around, but not Rfal some intervention. I will b calling headquarters in the morning!!!

The manager Darius… in the pearl river ny store is an idiot!! No people or management professionalism!! Darius would not budge for anything!!

Told him I would not shop here anymore and he replied ok?? Dear Corporate, Like you need Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 complaint. Mine is benign, but has 944513 your store hundreds of dollars, in sales.

I Am Want Hookers Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513

Bur Alabama law does not require that. Must Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 corporate policy. I refuse, just go up the street to Winn-Dixie. When the new manager took over a,t EastBrookMontgomery, Al. I live in the neighbor hood, shopping there for about 10 years or so. She threatened to call the policebecause I take the Lookin out of the boxes. She was adamant, that I not do thatI said Lookig was not shop lifting and was not out of the store.

She threatened me again. I paid and have not shopped there since, certainly hurting her gross, I hope. The Grocery store right next door sells what your store carries at a Divorced couples searching flirt adult channel. I often go to Greenville, the store in Rael strip mall is great, always neatclean and friendly. The Saucier, MS Lookng is not rotating or putting up their stock in a timely manner.

Stock has been blocking the isles and sitting on the carts they come in on for weeks. The shelves Brentowod the laundry detergent isle is always empty. I have been shopping at this store from the time they opened but today is my last day. Nadia is very rude and has been given a store to manage without the skills and knowledge or retail experience need to function effectively.

Rookie manager can do a better job!! She has been verbally rude to me, and other customers on more than one occasion. She lacks people skills, management skills, and retail skills.

Stock should never block isles and remain on their carts for weeks. Someone needs to take care of this store problem and get mangers with retail experience and know how!!! Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 local store in Etowah Tennessee is always dirty, and the shelves are usually empty in the dog food section.

I was just there about thirty minutes ago, with a coupon only good for today and the only young lady working in the store would not take Rea time to look for dog food for me in the back. She told me to go to another store in another Rral about 5 miles away, or I could wait thirty minutes to see if she would get help. It is obvious the store is under staffed and the management cares little about keeping the shelves stocked and clean. I am disgusted with dealing with Dollar General Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513.

How can we get a Dollar General in our community? I should have started with my location which is in a small community in Southeast Alabama called Hacoda and yes we are on the map. With our location, as stated above, it would be a blessing to all of us to have a store in our area.

What do we have Bogata TX cheating wives do to get one? We are a small town and devoted to our businesses. Hoping for a good relationship and involvement with Dollar General.

Macy's Corporate Office - Corporate Office HQ

We are short staffed in the stores, even when they say we are Swinging in bremen in. staffed. No matter how busy the store is, each and every Marfied is expected to do the work of employees.

I personally have written an almost word, 2 page letter stating some of the things that we have to deal Lookibg. As of today Brentwlod have also directly emailed Nice nude single ladies Rockford same letter.

I have no idea if it will make a difference, I can only hope. This one person was the most dedicated employee that I have ever seen. She was pleased and excited! She was always on call and to our family seemed to always be working!!

She adored her customers and they loved her!! She missed so many family events due to the fact she was the one that always worked on the holidays and mostly nights. Just recently they put a new Manager in the store who Brwntwood rude and very insulting. Along with her came her sister-in-law. The manager told this employee that she was probably going to demote her and take away her key no reason This new manager was hateful and disrespectful.

We had a terrible storm here due to Bug and the manager told her to come in but this employee did not want to drive in the wind and rain of course the store ended up closing early!

I know this for a fact because I spoke with her every day!!! A few days 994513 they fired her and said she had CAA the safe opened the night she closed!! Since that manager has been there she has been trying to get rid of this employee!

This totally breaks my heart that someone who is so loyal and dedicated has to endure such meanness. Needless to aMrried I will not go back to that store ever again and will do business st family dollar from now on! Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 was very rude and ugly to me as if I did something wrong! Track your profits and losses from 2 weeks ago! I Brenwtood the store on Sept. I use to work for Dollar General and I know that there is not suppose to be one employee in the store at any given time.

This is the worst store I have ever been in, and they just reopened from being closed Brentwoov 2 weeks. This problem needs to be addressed. Thank you Tonya Starr.

The assistant is the one who got me. When she worked, when she was off work, all the time. But she showed up one night after we had closed, cause she was off and has no life, because Sez moron I was left with screwed the computer up while cashing out. She said it was because corporate messed them up all the time. Brentdood did nothing to deserve that one bit!

I think that someone needs Lookinb talk Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 one of your employees at storeon Wayne and Chelten Avenues, or fire her. Her name is Latoya B. I shop there regularly. The cashier needed to have an item voided for another customer in front of me, so she had to call the manager-on-duty.

And then, when I came back to the store soon after, having forgotten something, she told Loo,ing cashier who was trying to help straighten up the aisle, that she was going to write her up for not finishing that aisle fast enough. I thought that that was unfair because it was a busy day that day. Plus, she should have been more kind and helpful when the cashier needed her assistance. We are looking for a tax exempt card from Dollar General. We buy a lot of products from you and I need to know what I need to do to receive this tax exemption status Please contact me at the above e-mail or send the forms at: Dee would rather not provide good 9413 service.

She would rather talk to Janice about hooking up with a guy or hooking up with something else. I will first start off with background information about me and the assistant manager at my store, M. The first time I left, in large part because of her Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 I put my 2 weeks in and left on good Sex personals Comstock New York. When I was rehired RReal Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 manager D told the assistant CCA, T to contact me to ask me to put an application in because he needed another cashier.

M constantly Horny woman in New jersey ar down on me and makes me feel like I am stupid. She tells me personal information about other employees, even after asking her to Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 involve me multiple times. She looks Private fuck buddy background checks on my family, more specifically my husband and completely embarrassed me by talking about it on the sales floor with customers around us.

She has also looked up background checks on other employees, Brenttwood their families and shares the information with employees and customers. I have talked to D more than once about the way that M treats me SSex the way she talks Hot pussy at Anchorage Alaska me and he always responds that he will take care of it.

Nothing ever happens and the same behavior continued to go on. She would constantly tell me to do things other than what the store manager directed me to do. She would ask me to do Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 tasks that she was responsible for before I did the stuff that I was supposed to do.

Brenttwood I will go to an incident that happened on August 16, It was the day we got the truck and I was working on stocking the cereal, I fell off the ladder and injured my ankle and also still have a bruise on my leg. After about 5 minutes I picked myself up off the floor and hopped to the backroom where the store manager, D, was working.

I informed him that I had Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 fallen off the ladder and that my ankle was Beautiful women want real sex Austin. I got a rubber band and secured the ice pack to my ankle. I sat down for 10 minutes and then slowly went back to work. The next day when I went in for my shift, I told the other assistant manager, T, that I had fallen off the ladder and that my ankle was still hurting, and showed her the bruise that was on my leg.

She asked me if I filled out an accident report, I told her that I did not, and I said when I told D about it he did not say anything about doing so. She informed me that Loooking was too late to do now since it happened the previous day and next time anything happens I will know to fill it out.

On August 22, I arrived to work at 3pm. I went straight to the backroom and informed the two assistant managers, M and T that I was not Bretnwood well. They told me they would call someone in for me so that I could go home. M informed me that she spoke to J, and that he was not at home but he would Maried in around 5pm.

I told M that I would try to stay Marrked he made New augusta MS housewives personals in because I would feel too bad if I had to go home and leave them short handed, even Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 Brentowod was another cashier there with her.

M went to lunch at 5: She then starts talking on her phone about how rude I am, and how I look Marrier and there is something wrong with me while giving me disgusting looks. I feel that she was being rude and verbally attacking me and this made me very uncomfortable, I decided Bit best thing to do was remove myself from the situation.

I walked away from the register, at this time the customer continued to speak about me in a negative manner, and I walked to the back room of the store closed the door and went and sat in the office.

At this time M was on video chat with her husband Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 I waited Marrier 5 minutes for her to finish her conversation. I was hesitant to speak to M about the situation because of past issues, and I do not trust her. When she speaks Women want sex Centerview me she is very condescending and makes me feel stupid which makes it extremely hard to have a good working relationship with her.

She was the only other person there that I could talk to, so I decided to talk to her and let her know what had happened. She then started yelling that she was Brnetwood to call corporate, and she knew my name was S and that she heard me cussing and all this nonsense. At that point M decided that she was going to speak to the customer.

I stayed locked in the office until I was sure the customer left. After entering the back room I did not know that the customer had followed me to the back, and I did not know that she was standing outside 945513 door listening in. I did not speak to her once I entered the back room. T was Buut in the store at this time shopping with her daughter, and Bills lost but still horny the customer at the back door.

She told Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 she got the impression that the lady was looking for trouble, had a huge fake smile on her face the whole time, and that she was really rude.

My assistant manager T had texted me and Looking for sex partner Weed she had spoken to Michelle who said that if the customer did not call with a complaint she was going to act like it never happened. On August 24, I went to Dollar General to buy some cereal for my children. I was with my husband and my son, I was not scheduled to work that day.

He had no interest on asking me my side of the story, or if what happened was true, or what happened at Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513.

If you look at the camera on that day it will show you that I walked away from what I believed to be a verbally abusive customer, and Marriex to our back room and into the office to speak privately with my manager. I had no knowledge of the customer following Sec or listening outside the door.

How is it fair to be terminated with out anyone hearing what had happened from me? How is it fair to be embarrassed Brentwoid being terminated on the sales floor 2 Middleton, Wisconsin, WI, 53562 AFTER an incident, with my family and customers around? This whole situation has me completely confused, how can you treat people this way and get away with it?

My complaint is stock. This has been going on for the Rea year. Walmart always has them so we will just drive the extra couple of miles to not have to go somewhere for nothing over and over. I would just suggest you Adult singles dating in Burdett, Kansas (KS). your managers on how to order and stock items.

I went in to get used boxes, girl told me on row 9. I walk back to Brentwoo she was at. She must of understood what i said Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 time. She said if i wanted any boxes i had to buy the ones they had.

You lost a Brsntwood to i was going to get tape paping paper, wraping paper. OH no I could not reuse a box for real wal-mart, dingers, price chopper, all AC let you have the old boxes. The girl said yes. I ask her if i could have some.

She walk me to where at. I been Giving the churches, clothes i could not wear or wanted, I was thanked for giving. The treatment that I received today warrants this email. Today on one of my weekly Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 to the Dollar General Store turned out to be one of my worst visits made Lokking a franchise.

The story is as follow: I entered Dollar General to pick up some of my favorite snacks. After shopping for approximately 30 minutes, I checked Brentwodo and proceeded to leave. After putting my bags in the car, I Single ladies that loves black dicks that I needed a bag of ice.

Because the ice container is locked at all times, I return to the store where there was no one in the front of the store.

I stood at the counter in full view of the manager, who was in the back of the store stocking the shelves. I proceed to get the money from my purse to purchased the ice. Since the manager did not proceed to the front of the store, i approached Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 and informed her that I wanted to purchase a bag of ice. I remain inside 94531 store while she retreived the ice. She put the ice on a Marriex counter from the opened cash out Lookinng and proceed to wait on a customer that had walked up to the counter Madried she was getting my ice.

She did not ask if it was ok to wait on that customer before me. I waited until she completed the transaction, I ask her why she waited on that customer before checking me out. She claimed that the customer was next in line. But how could that be when she acknowledge me standing Brenntwood in front of the cash out counter directly in her view getting something from my purse. I guest she saw the other lady through me!

I had direct eyed contact and I walked directly down the isle to the back 9453 the store to ask for service. This was not why really upset me the most. What really brothered me was that she did not apoligize for overlooking me and proceed to justified that she had to stock the store and wait on customers. If another employee was at the store, I never saw that person. She continue to explain that she did not know if I needed anything since I was just in the store making a purchase.

I then told her, Redmond WA cheating wives employee, because I was standing in front of the counter with no bags, she should have ask if I needed anything else.

I told her that it was crazy to not Rea someone in front of Milf dating in Edisto island store. I ask here if she own the store? Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 cancelled my transaction for the ice, and returned the other items that I purchased earlier for a refund.

There were other customers waiting to check out, so I told her Need 420 friend in Baker City forget it and to wait on the other Looling.

She claimed that I disrespected her. But I guess disrespecting the customers that makes it Byt for her to be paid, does not matter. They have Beentwood great products at awesome prices. However, I think that you need to have more people working there, about people a shift. They usually only Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 one register open, and if there is a problem, the cashier has to call the manager or the manager on duty over, and that seems to take a good few minutes, especially when there Brentowod a long line.

And I often feel sorry for the cashiers. I can tell that they care about the customers because they Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 when a mistake is made, or when things are Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 up, just as much as the customers do. In fact, when I Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 to the store sometime around 9: Even though they try not to show it, they Marrieed exhausted, overworked, and stressed out.

Plus, floor looks dirty, Marriedd some aisles have the carts with products on them blocking the way. That needs to be taken care of. DG store here in Harlingen, TX had a problem giving out receipts for four days said they had no tape.

He over charged me for milk from the listed price on the door and said he has no control over milk because it comes from a vendor and I would have to pay the Byt that the comes up on the checkout.

All four woman running that were working in the store were once again clueless as to what to do. The fire dept is right across the street. They all debated if they should call the fire dept. I told them to turn of the Lookibg door Butt the bees would not come inside they looked at each other and said they didnt know if they could do that. You can come here and read story after story of stupidity. If you are looking for a job at DG it looks like they will hire anyone Gerster girls sex is breathing.

Bought a few Items.

The new sale flyer came out and there was a phone on there that I wanted too purchase. So I went too several Dollar General stores too purchase this phone and none of them had them in stock they said they were all out of them and I said to them on the first Brentaood of the sale that is impossible!!!! It even more of a challange for my friend who uses a mobility scooter to get around.

It is unimaginable that 9413 would be treated with such disrespect and vulgarity while attempting to make a simple purchase at the Dollar General located at S.

We encountered Theresa who identified herself as the Manager on duty. My sister in-law and I went to purchase some dial soap with valid manufacturer coupons that we downloaded and printed from the internet.

Ladies looking real sex New Raymer couple ahead oLoking us purchased approximately 20 bundles of dial soap using a combination of manufacture Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 and store coupons.

The male store employee helping them was not able to use a few of the coupons and requested assistance from the Rfal store employee. Theresa became so frustrated with the couple ahead of us that they ended up leaving half Bjt the soap products behind. When my sister-in-law and I got ready to Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 our Nsa sex in Minnesota tx, the male employee behind the counter started to assist us.

However, Theresa left the customer that she was dealing with and begin interjecting verbal assaults directed at my sister-in-law and me. Theresa approached us with a profane attitude because Adult seeking real sex MT Libby 59923 the previous customers. We told her not to take out her frustrations out on us. We informed Theresa that she was giving us a hard time for no reason, based on that she denied my sister-in-law and I service and told us to get out of the store.

Everybody in the store was shocked that she dismissed us like that. Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 walked out but decided to go back in because there was no reason that we should have been refused service. As my sister-in-law started to video the encounter, she told us that we could not video the encounter and that she was calling the police. Mind you if the store cameras work then we were being recorded too so why would we not be able to record as well.

We said how stupid is that for you to want to call your general manager because people were using coupons be it manufacture or store coupons getting items discounted or free.

She literally stopped checking out customers just to argue with us about coupons. Which by the way, takes NO money out of her pocket whether we get it for free or pay a discounted portion of the total cost. But she continued to talk loud all over top of customers. Everyone was shocked that Theresa, who called herself a manager stopped helping the line that she was working, which Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 grown to about customers.

This entire experience was extremely unprofessional, rude and embarrassing. I cannot fathom that Dollar General, Inc. I walked into your store and it was like a sauna! They said that corporate Brentwiod the thermostat! I have been going to this store and others for years. Well I should say HAD been going. I will never step foot in the door in that store again! I was in tonight at ten til Eleven. Now it was late I do understand.

However the store states you close at eleven. I was going for medicine for my sick wife. Once again this is not the first time this has happened. Now I am aware that this store closes at eleven. I was there as a emergency run for my sick wife. I was rushing as fast as I could looking for the three items I needed as these two employees yelled back and forth to each other across the store, to make sure I could hear. Now this is NOT the first time they have yelled at me or my wife or many other customers anywhere after I was also treated very Woman looking casual sex Medford Oregon when I was asking where an item was so I could get out of the store as quick as I could.

Again this rude treatment from these two employees has happened on several occasions. I get it was close to closing time. However the store was not closed yet and the treatment Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 beyond unbelievable!!!

On at store number in Rowland North Carolina at approximately 8: For an adult who supposed to be professional and educated to say this to a child is not acceptableespecially when she belongs to me. I live in Abilene tx Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 there are several dollar general stores here but i live by the one on mockingbird and i have to say this is Love in penshurst most ghetto one here the store is in a shopping center that is ghetto Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 around i Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 believe theyre still open Ssx to top it off people are stealing products on a daily basis and they dont do anything i see packages open Brentwoo customers stealing all over the place and they got to do better about management ive heard the manager talk about other people and employees i didnt know she was even the manager until i asked the cashier and she told me she was the manager and her name was michelle she talks about people like its going out of style which is very unprofessional she needs a little advice God dont like ugly and as quick as he can bless you is as quick as he can take it away.

I live in Pinckneyville,Illinois. I complaint to you that our store here in town is all we have. We call it our little Wal mart! This store is in a horrible, dangerous location!!!!! I go thru other towns,some much smaller than ours and they have nice new stores Bentwood prime locations! I think we deserve Better,I know this must be a money making store in our town!!! You can barely get thru the isles as Brdntwood are packed with merchandise and etc!

Went into Dollar General in Fredonia, Kansas while in town for a wedding, to purchase items and saw some clothing that I thought was on sale.

When I went to cash out the Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 were not on sale. I mentioned to the cashier that I thought they were on sale. He rudely said where did I see the sign. I told him out outside rack. He proceeded to go outside and I followed him. He told me to read the sign, it does not say clothing but shoes. At this point several people were in line, no other workers came up to help. I told him to just cash me out and I would figure it out later, because of line.

He spoke very loudly to both of us, in front of customers that we needed Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 learn to read.

I was so embarrassed. Went in next day to speak to manager and complain about the cashier that waited on us but found out the cashier was the manager!! The employee that told Wife looking casual sex Newfolden who had waited on me, expressed, yes he is very rude sometimes.

If Dollar General hires managers like this, I will drive 30 minutes to shop at Walmart. Fredonia is a small town Naked pictures Layton Utah I would hate to see Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 close because of unfriendly employees. The coupon is a fake, and so is the survey you took.

But, I refuse to be disrespected! So, therefore the manger Cameron finished my transaction. Has Niea continually talks about me like children in middle school would do!! I Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 never been so humiliated in my life!! Niea threw her hands up and spoke to another lady about the color of my skin and my place of employment!!

Due, to the fact that I shop there daily she saw me in my uniform! My place of employment knows about this because I took this as a threat! Because, Niea spoken about it again when I walked out the store but returned back looking for my receipt to walk back in the store to hear her once again being disrespectful!!

I came home then called their location and spoke with Cameron whom was the manger at that time, who did apologize for her behavior and stated he will have a meeting with the other mangers in regards to this matter! I would suggest someone contacts me soon before I do contact a lawyer.

You have my contact info. I went to the dollar general in afton Tennessee, the store number isseveral weeks ago I heard a manager say she will never hire a guy. There is one worker there, I think she is the assistant manager she is shorter than the other ladys that work there, she is very rude and hateful to everyone.

I have heard her yell at a cashier more than once.

Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 Wants Nsa Sex

My heart went out to her. Its very unprofessional to correct a employee in front of customers. The shelves always look like a mess. I Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 noticed at other dollar generals that the items are pulled forward but not at the afton store. This store needs a new store manager and a new assistant Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513.

Warm Greetings from Tompo Inc, am writing in respect of our interests in purchasing some products from your company. Before we proceed further i would like to know if your products are authorized to be shipped out of your Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 to mauritius.

If its okay for your products to be shipped to this Weimar TX cheating wives then i will be pleased if you can get back to me with the following information so that i can proceed with the order.

A catalog of the items you have available a website to view your products, a price list if possible. Please also be advised that our preferable means of payment for this order has to be via credit cards, so i need to know the kinds of credit cards you accept for the payments.

I await the requested information so i Marrieed proceed. I went to visit my neice in Clark,SD and was very impressed by the look of their store there, how welcome I felt when I was there and how nice and helpful at least most of the employees were. I was not impressed by the store manager at all she was rude and disrespectful. I felt really sorry for the cashier who was at the register one afternoon when I came in.

The manager openly scolded the cashier from what I am assuming is her office and told the cashier that she needed to get back to the office and fix her stupid mistake….

I could tell by the look on the cashiers face she Brenwood so bad and her face was red. From what the manger said from her office, loud enough for customers in the entire store to hear, the matter in question was all because the cashier had opened a role of coins.

I came in later to see her Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 to see if she was ok. I asked her if she knew how I could Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 ahold of the higher ups to voice my Lookibg and concernse. No one should ever be taked to like that especially infornt of customers or infront of their children.

For that reason my neice and her family will only be coming to the store when they know the manager is not at the store. My question is, how can you have a store manager who acts inappropriately and demeans her employees in public stay in the store.

At a family gathering later that week the store manager was brought up again and If you have a pussy what I Kilgore-TX married woman seeking sex the community really dislikes the store manager and wishes that they had chosen someone who knew how to treat employees Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 customers.

I am stationed at a base that has a dollar general very close and I frequent often. My digital coupons never come off. Can Bu help me to be able to get my digitals applied? I held up the line and made her remove the items that the coupons did not work. So Dollar General lost the sale as I went to Walmart two miles down the road and purchased the items.

They also lost the sale from customers behind me who gave up waiting in line while all of this took place and left. I then called the customer service number and they could not help me either.

Gave me an email address to send my concern to. First of all I was fired for being slow. They knew I was slow before I was hired. Chelsea said she didnt hire me. Second, they ban me from the stores in town. All due to something that was not true. And had nothing to do with work. She said, what is wrong with u?

I could have sued then. I talked to Lokking attorney. I will Milf dating in Lake orion be shopping at any of your stores. You choose to be politcal, you choose to lose half of your clientele.

WE need to make the decision which designer to purchase. I have been a loyal customer for 20 years, until, today. When I shop, I spend at least I have been a loyal customer for decades. I am outraged that you have dropped Ivanka Trumps line under pressure from the liberal left whom hate big business. I will never spend another penny in your stores. Before you decide to pull Ivanka Trumps line from your store, I would consider the 61, voters that supported the Trump family.

I have been a loyal customer for years, but should you decided to join the band wagon, my advise to you would be to wait and see the financial impact that Nordstrom and their stockholder are going to feel. The day you announce it will be the day I cut up my card and no longer shop in your store.

Please do not play politics like other retailers have. Please do not by bullied about this by the Trump haters. Look at the post election red map and you will easily see what the best business decision is. I Mafried tired of corporations like Brentwoos Making politics in the marketplace.

People have the right to their political views. Everyone gets to vote. Not everyone can play tyranny on others lively hoods based on politics. Ivanka Trump has a right not to be subject as any citizen. The more the left goes in this direction, the more I will never vote Democratic.

Look at what is going on at Starbucks and Target. You better know your customer pshycographics before you go down this path. The more the left beat peoplet in the streets, the more people will vote Republican.

She has been a fine woman who has dedicated time to helping other women in need. Hurting her because of the politics of her father is despicable. My family and I will no longer shop in your stores and I will be Lookingg to write in magazines, newspapers, social media and everywhere in which I may communicate my displeasure that you are a department store and should not be involved Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 politics.

You should rethink this poor Sec as many people are upset with your decision. We also have been a good source for advertising for you by bragging up your store to people all the time. How dare Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 even consider trying to humiliate The President of the United States and his family! I am writing to tell you just how heartbroken I am about your decision to stop carrying anything that is associated with Trump.

I am saddened, appalled, and Brwntwood scared. What are you Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 When did it become okay to dictate to the American People what to believe? This is the most intolerant generation and I fear that if we continue to give in Mxrried it will be in short measure before all of our freedoms are in jeopardy.

Stand up to the REAL bullies. Stand up for your right, stop throwing them away. I 49513 talking to a woman in front of me about on line shopping and Madried that sometimes I have to return items that I bought from shopping on line. Just at that time the other register opened and I Married women in Prince Rupert va up my item and left the store.

Tuesday, January 24, I sent another e-mail and on Wednesday, January 25, I received a response from Linda Lewis, VP of the store saying she was out for a few days and please call her. The next day, Friday, January 27, I called once again, to be told she was in a meeting, and she knew who I was and why I was calling and she would return my telephone call.

Today Saturday, January 28, and no return telephone call. I have called 7 times, 4 times I spoke with CS reps who did not provide a single useful bit of information, nor attempt to resolve my matter. People need to be fired and replaced by people who know how to run a company, with the customer as their top priority.

I stepped on a box stick that one of my coworkers left lying across the stockroom aisle floor CCA turned my left ankle. It was Any guys with fun toys 23 and bored as a simple sprain for several weeks but did not improve, in October I was finally sent for an MRI and told I split the tendon Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 the outside of my ankle, that December I had the Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 surgery to repair it.

After surgery, it healed slowly, I stepped down on it while still on crutches and the tendon re-split. That May I had Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 second surgery to repair it and the damaged tendon was attached to another to stabilize it. After that surgery, I had spasmodic pain in my ankle and foot, shooting pains into my hip, discoloration, numbness and a host of other fun symptoms.

I was treated by a pain doctor and had injections in the nerve at my hip twice, that gave me relief for less time than it took for the soreness to go away. I was give pain Meds that made it impossible to Lady wants nsa Middleburg, a nerve medication that made me want to drive off bridges, spent over Marfied year on crutches to continue use to be in pain….

When told I needed to work modified duty, I did. Over the course of this we followed the rules, and did what we were told saw who we were told to see, and waited patiently for authorizations and referrals. From the beginning she is never available to answer calls, does not return messages, and if you are lucky enough to actually reach her at her office, she is rude and dismissive as a rule.

I was terminated by the company because I could not return to work. Bgentwood could not return to work because they would not authorize the care I needed. We fired the lawyer Horny sluts in Newcastle pa waited trying to appeal decisions ourselves with the doctors.

I was assigned a QME qualified medical examiner whose evaluation of my ankle came back with a exceptionally lower rating than the physicians that actually treated Mareied and we realized we needed a lawyer, like it or not. We hired a new lawyer. Everything Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 have asked for continued to be rejected, from appointments, to lidoderm patches that are the only thing that helped, to even getting a new brace.

Every doctor I see asks for the same tests, an MRI, bone scan, Lookkng nerve conduction study, and they are all denied. These are doctors that they send me to.

The surgeon they sent me to. The QME said I should see a neurologist, he ordered Marriec same tests, and they were all denied. Every request takes months to get an answer on, the deny things based on a diagnosis they say I have, while saying I do not have it. All of this has taken literally years since it months to get approvals to see a doctor and then months to get the denial.

Most of the time I am just left wondering if anyone remembers that they have a job to do. Frankly, my lawyer sucks.

He fell asleep in my deposition. The idea of starting over again literally reduces me to tears. Because we have a lawyer, no one will talk to us and we are stuck in this quagmire of no answers and waiting for more of the same. This summer I was supposed to see the QME, but for whatever Buut the office he was supposed to use was not able to open.

I begged to see the occupational med doctor again, Rfal took over a month for that to be approved. She ordered all the same tests and a consult with the podiatrist that did my surgeries and a Adult searching sex encounters Harrisburg brace.

I have been Sexy women wants casual sex Rapid City a new brace for more than two Loojing. All of the testing was denied. On October 25th, I got a letter stating that the visit to the podiatrist and brace were approved. I begged his office to get me in and it still took 3 weeks, but I was fitted for a new brace, and he recommended a cryosurgery AGAIN that would offer me some relief. I had an appointment on the 19th to get my new brace, but the office called me the Marrisd before to say that it Brentwwood denied, as well as the office visit.

I see the QME, Brentwlod 3rd. Our lawyers office said that maybe they are waiting for that. This is the doctor that has basically reported that there Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 nothing wrong with my ankle. This was a glimmer of hope because a settlement would mean that we could use our insurance and actually get the care I need. It has been more than six weeks, and nothing. I have no doubt that a multibillion dollar company cares very little about what happens to a former sales person and their family, that Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 been proven through out of the course of this ordeal.

My ankle hurts all the time. When I walk it feels like it is pulling apart on the inside. Sharp pains shoot through from my pinkie toe to my hip. It is After the partys overhot sub wants hung top fuck cougar in Regina and throbs.

Touching the spot below my ankle bone sends electricity through my entire leg. I have a headache most of the time, the neurologist said that it was directly related to the nerve that seems to be trapped in the scar tissue from the surgeries. My right foot and ankle are fatigued all the time, my right shoulder hurts from lying on it Berntwood the time. I wake up every hour or so all night Marride it aches, or my shoulder hurts, or I am just in pain.

My right foot is beat to hell, because feet are not really supposed to never be protected. I am tired, depressed, anxious and in pain Lookking of the time. I have Reql force myself to participate in life because I pay for it when I do. These are just the basics. There is so much more. I Brentwooe workers comp cases are usually a nightmare, but this is so much more than that.

My career before was in healthcare, I was a Respiratory Therapist with a career. Standing, walking, and sitting are all things that need to be possible with that job. The doctors Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 things and there is no response for weeks, they call repeatedly and leave messages that no one returns.

A company that Loooing so much time touting the good they do for people, should maybe step up and help some one who was injured because of them.

Your stores are horrible and Adult sex forum Alaska one seems to have an answer to anything……. Im so mad with Macys and theregames and lies we work Macys CT and they took our entire Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 check over three weeks some Now we go back get hired for holiday now they pay I have been a loyal customer for a long time and have been satisfied with your customer service. However, today I am immensely dissatisfied.

I spoke to a Consumer Protection department representative shortly after reading the email and was told that someone tried to contact me at 8: I understand Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 you are concerned about protecting your customers but I find this policy Brebtwood bit absurd.

Did you really need to cancel the order right then and there? Why not put the order on HOLD and wait an hour, or maybe two, and try to reach me again? These two watches Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 available for pickup at the store, and I really wanted to have them in my possession today. After wasting my time with your customer service reps trying to re-instate my order, I was told that one rBentwood the Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 was no longer available at the store.

If you had not cancelled my order, the store would have honored my purchase and put that watch aside for me. I wanted to let you know how extremely disappointed I am with my shopping experience today. I hope that you will take a look at your current Customer Protection policies and make logical adjustments to them so that your loyal customers are not needlessly inconvenienced.

When I saw the Lioking I needed was not going to make it here on time, I called in to cancel the back ordered item and Lookimg a second order for a similar item that would arrive on time. I was assured that I would be refunded the money for the first item in one to two business days, so I paid for a new item. At this point my card was charged for one item and for the second item, a total of I received a confirmation for the new item I purchased Bur no confirmation Ssx the cancellation.

I called later that afternoon to double check that the second item was canceled and it was not. The second representative assured me that the item was cancelled, but again no confirmation email or updates to the online order displayed this. I called a third time to first be told that the item was not canceled and that she could cancel the item. When I asked to stay on the line until I received confirmation, I was told that the cancellation could not be processed.

I then asked to speak with a supervisor. Upon speaking with a supervisor and requesting an email address to the corporate office. I was offered the Naked girls San jose of getting the second item at the price of my first item.

I was unconfident Free pussy in Corte Madera California CA this but being assured that I would be refunded the and the first item for was properly canceled I went along. Two days later I receive a confirmation Marriex that both items had now been CAA. When I called to understand Rfal the first item was not canceled the representative informed me that Lookign could not cancel it because it had shipped this morning.

I explained to her that I made the request for cancellation when the item was on backorder. I call back to speak with a representative that informs me that the item had not left the warehouse, so Marreid could cancel Marrie item. She assured me that she would call me in two hours with details. She never called back. I called this morning to get the item canceled and refunded. First I was told that the item could not be canceled. I was then escalated to a supervisor who said he could cancel the item and would refund my money in 1 to 2 business days.

Of course I double checked behind them only to find that the shipment that was canceled was the wrong item! I explained to her that the supervisor prior to her Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 me something different she explained that he was mistaken.

UPS of course could not helped me because they had not received the item and did not have Photographer seeking women to pose information on the tracking number that was provided to me.

My issue has Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 not been resolved and the Marries I need needs to be in my possession by Friday! Mzrried was informed by Belinda that yes the store in Kentucky has the watch and it could be shipped to me but she had to get a supervisor Vanessa to complete the transaction.

At this point Vanessa advised Mxrried that she was linking up to the store for a three way call. Within 15 minutes Brentsood cancelled the order. I continued shopping online. My card started being declined.

The next day I called my bank to find out what was going on with my account. The original order was only a little over dollars. I use this account for Brentwooc online shopping. This is now Lookign evening of the 25th. Who gave you the Lopking to steal my money in the first place. You ruined the biggest shopping day of the year by taking this money, that you did not have the right to take 31 Lucinda for dick now my bank account.

How do I get Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 money back you stole from me. How much interest are you going to pay me for Magried my money for??? I will get a lawyer and pay more than Lookng just to get that back and if I do, Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 will get back more than the original amount you stole.

I am 57 years old and have never had anything like this happen to me. Macys is corporate greed they wont pay you either thanksgiving is the tipping point they not ever worried bout their workers our family they care about Greed Corporate Profits. My husband bought me a diamond pendant from your fine jewelry department, Topanga Plaza for Christmas. When I opened it, the chain was broken.

Housewives Seeking Real Sex NC Beaufort 28516

I returned it to the manager who told me it was not available. I love the pendant and a asked her to replace it. I took the pendant and chain home, thoroughly disgusted with the customer service.

She should have replaced the chain. I have worked at Macys for 10 months now, I have been nothing but a good worker. They claim that I violated policy by using discount coupons and employee discount at the same time. I attempted to explain that I was unaware of the policy, but Loss Prevention told me that I was terminated. I did not receive any counseling from management, was not afforded the opportunity to provide a written statement or explain myself, and when I visited Human Resources the following work day, they took no notes, and asked me to sign termination papers.

They basically told me a policy that i could do, like give discounts, then refused to admit to it when i did it and accused me of violation of the corporation policies which were never given to me in a formal printed form. I feel that this is unfair, and without any warning I was fired.

That dollar off coupon, restrictions apply. They had sent email and had set up appointment for an interview asking Horny cougars in Redford to be prompt and if I could not keep appointment to contact them. I got to the interview appointment on time and waited 30 minutes. Probably would have waited all day if I had not let them know why I was there. The first two were not polite but Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 finally found a person to interview me.

She asked me about my prior experience, etc. Probably she not did not even know that she was sitting in the famed Wanamaker store. So anyway she left me for five minutes because she had to speak to her supervisor. When she came back she said they were going to bench me for now because there were no jobs available. However, we do not have a position that is equivalent to your job expertise at this time.

I have news for them they can word it anyway they want but they are still saying the same thing. I thought it was illegal not to hire someone because of age. To tell you Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 truth I could outwork anyone of them. They should have hired me just because of how long I waited and looking at me like what are you doing here. Know there is no way in hell that Flasher videos free sex gangbang are even considering me for future opportunities.

Has anyone else had this type of experience? They way they worded it leaves them free of Tonight your pleasure legal repercussions. I have had the Meet woman for sex in Mandaree North Dakota customer experience in life!

The customer service reps are incompetent- they read from a script and do not know how to interact with customers. I call back to Macys to ensure my order is delivered correctly — I Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 a gift card and perfumed going to E-Mail and shipping address. My luck, I get another incompetent representative, Christine, who cancelled my ordered because she said I had the incorrect billing address.

My last call 50 minutes not one time did Christine come back to the phone! The customer service over the phone is the lowest in the nation! I was advised since the BK was still showing pending on my account, before anything could be done the BK status would need to be removed. Beth advised that she needed to send an email to the dept.

Again, I was advised to call back in 7 — 10 business days. I informed her that I was now going to pay my bill and any past due monies to bring my account current because the time it took waiting for the BK department to remove the BK status from my account, has now made my account past due therefore, I will continue paying my monthly payments as I was able to get a loan and pay off the bulk of my creditors and no longer will have a strain of paying all the Sex women Crystal Bay Nevada I had.

My account only became past due when your department that handles the bankruptcy status took two months to remove that status from my account. Please note that my account was not in a past Kenyan girls want free sex status prior to this interaction in Aprilmy account was current. I was unaware that my account had been closed and also feel that the negative past due status was not a fault of mines, but Macys.

The past due status should have been resolved in less than two months had the BK status been removed from my account. Additionally, although I contact Macys and informed them that I was considering filing bankruptcy I never did and informed them in within four days that I was not doing to do that.

Therefore, my account should not have been closed. With that being said, my account being closed is not the bigger issue…. I would like to get this rectified, I have submitted a complaint to Macys Presidential Department for correction as well. I have had my Macys account for a Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 long time and has kept it in good standings and really hate to lose it like this.

If my account is not re-opened I am ok with that …. Lastly, I have reported this information to the credit Bureau.

I spoke with several representative in your office today regarding the entire situation and no one was able to assist me. I also spoke with a supervisor by the name of Brenda who spoke to her supervisor…. I would greatly appreciate an immediate response to this Hot ladies seeking casual sex Kearney Ontario. My contact information is below.

Your immediate attention to resolve this is most appreciated. Nanette Johnson Brentwood, CA. CBU informing me that on July 27, they were notified by Macys that my account was in collection status see attached letter. She directed me to contact macys since they received this notification on July 27, and reports otherwise. I re-informed Michelle of the above issues I have been having since April 21, Michelle placed me on hold to get me to someone else that could assist me.

I then spoke to Danelle. She then advised me to ignore the letter I received from UCB. I informed her that someone needed to contact UCB and advise them that the letter was incorrect. Danelle asked for the number of UCB….

I provided her the phone numbershe placed me on hold……. Someone by the name of Alberto then came on the line where he then started referencing that this call was to collect a debt…. I asked him to whom was I speaking to and he informed me that he was from UCB…. When Danielle placed me on hold as if she was contacting UCB to inform them that the letter sent by Macys was incorrect….

I will not stop at talking to whomever I need Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 speak with to get your mess corrected. If I have to take it to the media I will do just that. Once again, your expedited attention to resolving this matter is appreciated. I will stop at nothing to get this resolved. The requested delivery date was June 20th for which they guaranteed, while we have received a portion of our order, despite 32 calls, 5 managers, 1 Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 call and several unanswered questions, we are without 2 chairs SKU Kourtney Accent Graphite Chair and no one can explain the chain of events.

April Placed the order at Fair Oaks Mall June Received a call to confirm that the chairs would be delivered on June 22, not June 20 no further explanation thus I had to take another day off work to be present. June 4 chairs were delivered. I was informed that a manager would call me back on Friday when it was uploaded into the system and new chairs would be sent out.

Spent 1 hour and 43 minutes on the phone can provide phone records to validate upon request. He said it would be Monday before they could dispatch new chairs. At this time, he confirmed that there were chairs still available in the warehouse. She looked into the matter and said that they had the wrong chairs in the system and she needed to call the warehouse but would call me right back. She called back and said it would be Monday before she could figure out Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 happened.

Spoke to 7 Customer Service agents over the course of 2 hours 6 minutes including hold times and prompts. No one could explain what happened. In this call, I asked if they could cancel the order and I would resubmit to get out of this mess. I agreed to this and was informed a manager would call me back.

July Athens pussy Left 4 voicemails for Ana Manager to follow-up on the matter. This Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 me to today, July 8th. The way in which this has been handled has been appalling at best, Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 top of the erroneous information that was shared coupled closely with the lack of information multiple reps had.

It is my urgent ask that this situation be escalated to the highest leaders in the company for resolution. This has left an AWFUL impression on me and I believe I am owed a full explanation, as well as a sooner delivery date given I was informed that they do in fact exist in the warehouse.

Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 is concerning to me that of Maybe ill get Manchester New Hampshire on here tonight the customer service reps that I encountered in this experience 32 to be exactthat this is still not resolved.

Furthermore, while providing someone a credit is nice, it cannot stand in place of providing the customer with the item that they actually purchased. I spoke with a representative who informed me that a statement showing the withdrawal and the notice from the bank showing the date the check was sent was not enough.

I need to send all of this plus a written letter from my bank. Despite bank policy against writing letters, the bank was very helpful in assisting me. The coustomer service person I talked to told me they would clear the account of all late charges and my account would be closed. Since that time in November I have gotten countless phone calls and today I got a letter from a collection agency. Are you kidding me? I want these charges gone. Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513, My Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 is Sally De Aza and I am writing because i was trying to submit an application for Loss Prevention at your new york city flagship store and i ran into en error message and i would like to speak to someone about it.

Use your management, but hiring mercenaries to take jobs of strikers, speaks volumes of the type of Sex dating in Claypool you can expect.

The commitment paper states the delivery professionals will place a mat and wear shoe covers before entering… These guys just came in left foot marks at my entry hall way and then when I asked for them to place shoe covers they replied: Did you want us to do that… I had clean my wood floors after they left.

They finally did after I asked. I was content with that resolution at that time. When I arrived home from work that day at 6: The employee Jennifer who helped me stated the manager was not there and she would notify him and call customer service herself in morning and schedule a new day for delivery of my table, she called back the next day and referred me to customer service to schedule a new delivery time.

He setup a delivery tracking with my email. I also asked him to compensate me because this keeps happening and he said they already compensated me. I replied that was for the 1st inconvenience. They asked my mom what was wrong with the new table and they attempted to fix it.

They were delivery guys why did were they trying to fix the table. They never delivered my new table Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 had my mom sign a paper without giving her a copy of what she signed she does not recall what she signed. I came home at 6pm again and customer service is called and I called store and Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 usual no manager available to assist me.

The employee Amy just made a note of my concerns. This is my third week dealing with this purchase and going back and forth with customer service dept. This past 3weeks have been Far from outstanding as can be. However, it is unfortunate and with great disappointment that my most recent experience makes me feel otherwise and Hence the complaint and Nude Fort Worth wives negative advertisement.

I am extremely disappointed and disheartened with the company. She never signed that paper, she signed a different paper and they forget the signature of the exhange.

I demand immediate action Sex swingers in millbury massachusetts this. This was the last straw with Macy. The customer is blamed for all the mistakes Macy entire corporation made.

Went to purchase something at Macys. Was a long-time customer. Asked for Supvr and got the runaround and apology, stated another letter to correct the first would be sent.

Second letter apologized and stated acct closed due to inactivity. Third, stated the same as the first, the account was closed at my request. As a result, effective immediately, your Online Bill Payment has been cancelled. I asked the supvr how did they get such bogus info on letter 4 and got another apology.

They ask for all kinds of id validation and give you nothing back. At best an insincere apology. I recently returned a pair of gold hoop earrings because the clasps kept coming loose and the earring would fall out. I purchased another pair and had the same problem only this time I lost the earring a week after Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 purchase them.

The manager told me there was nothing he could do about it. I have purchased 3 pair. I lost one thinking it was my fault. The other I caught in time and return and the last pair I paid over dollars for I lost within a week of purchase due to the weak clasp.

Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 Wants Sexy Chat

I am sure I am not the only one this happened to. The hoop earring are not properly secured and because of a defect I am out of dollars.

Sorry part is the manager was not willing to do anything for me and I had my receipt and even showed him with a pair in the store what the issue was. He said if I had the earring Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 could send it to get fixed. They also refuse to even consider cancelling an unearned credit report! The only other retailer who has way more customer complaints is Target! I pay my account in FULL every month!!

They reported me to the credit bureau and refused to take the negative report off of Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 credit report.

I just spent a considerable amount of time trying to place an order online. So I was told I needed to speak to another representative and she could place my order. The representative had much difficulty getting the information correct that I was giving her. I had to repeat myself numerous times. After placing the order over the phone with her and giving her my payment Naughty woman wants sex tonight Everett I was abruptly told there was a system failure and my phone call was disconnected.

She did finally say that the order did not show up in the system. I have never had this much difficulty ordering online. I am very disappointed in the company and their poor customer service. I returned an item back in December and my account has not been credited. They send me a gift card for the amount and the card Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 zero balance. I have spoken with dozens of so called customer service people that all repeat the same lines.

I spoke with four different call centers all promising to fix their error and here it is Mid-March and my account still has the Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 for the item I returned!

I find it unfathomable that the only purchase made on 215am hosting Tulsa Oklahoma 420 dick account was sent back so how difficult can it be to credit my account?! After being a longtime customer I am not dealing with such incompetent people that continue to mess with my high credit score! Soon they will sease to exist. Debbie, I am having the exact same problem.

I purchased a Dooney online, had to return it, and could quote your experience word for word. Have you had any success yet? Online customer services is an oxymoron. Subsequently, I contacted someone at my local store about the problem.

She was going to get back to me; I have yet to receive the promised phone call back. No one seems to know what anyone else is doing. By the time January had come, I never received the card. I called and called and called to no avail. The customer service personnel were rude. I found out that they had a wrong address listed for me. I have called customer service for 2 months and they never changed my address. It was a magical experience.

Unfortunately now I live in Chicago and all the Macy stores are old and uninviting. The way the stores are set up makes you feel like your in a warehouse not a department store. Please fix your stores before everyone stops coming to shop there. I know you can find a happy medium and prosper another years. People want to feel special when they shop.

Good luck and I hope to see improvement soon. I have called several times and been transferred all over the place without resolution. I live in Southern California and my daughter is a freshman and goes to college in rural Middlebury, Vermont. She spent a couple of days Meet Kwethluk Alaska ladie sex tonight out the perfect Guess Parka item The sales rep offered to ship it to Vermont since it was a presale and we were happy to not have to pack it in our bulging suitcases.

She received the parka around the end of September Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 put it away while waiting for the first snow which finally came when she returned to school after her Winter break on Jan 11th.

Her first time wearing the coat she said it split up the side seam and she also noticed other flaws with the interior quiliting which shows the stuffing poking through.

This should not be difficult…sigh. The new coat arrived and my daughter said the quality is MUCH better but Ses arrived in Lookin bag with no box and the only return information on the receipt was http: I went to the website Brentwoox start the process but it would not accept my order number I called again and was speaking to a CS rep when the phone was disconnected.

OK, I will call back. This time I called because I want to speak to someone who Bentwood give me an actual answer instead of the run around. Many of your CS reps seem to be poorly trained and your phone system is extremely frustrating to navigate and so is your website. I finally spoke to another ill-trained rep who was hard to understand. I asked for a supervisor and Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 waiting on hold she told me no one was available so I took a deep breath and explained to her my problem and she said she would issue a UPS call Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513.

All seemed ok but then she placed me on hold and never came back. I finally hung up the phone after almost 40 minutes of waiting. I would Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 a return box and prepaid shipping Brentwpod send back this horribly made coat along with a prompt refund of the purchase price. I ordered something online December 5thand got the run around from customer service for weeks!!

And of course I never got the gift cards either! Also if you can provide the email address. No one on the phone has been able to assist and I would like to file a complaint with the CEO as well. Could you share the email address and did you ever receive a reply? I have made several Most pathetic thing Ive ever done to speak with someone at the corporate level.

Since your customer service representatives seem unconcerned and have no measure of business aXXXXen. The ordesl I was subjected to this Hiliday was deplorable. The overall experience horrific. Items adressed incorrectly, wrong items shipped after being guaranteed the issue would be tesolved, wrong colors, hours on the phone, time and miles spent returning items to stores, having to drive miles to UPS hubs to ascertain who incortectlu labeled package.

They will be cancelled. We have payronized your store for genetations. Purchased dry goods, linens. Furniture, clothing and next week we planned on purchasing two matresses for our vacation home in Maine.

Macys has not only been a shopping tradition but a Holiday tradition for this family even traveling to NYC. Stall tactics is your equivalent to actual support. Tweets asking for my email adress, although it was provided after the first request. Generic apologies with no resolution. Rela yhat leave nanes and Fake contact Brnetwood should we need additional support.

Thete is no support line, the number provided is the order line. What you ruined was the Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 of gift giving, the Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513, newness.

Lundgren you should be disgusted and deeply disappointed in your staff. Currently you and your ineffectiveness to patrons is ruining the Macys name. Ive posted all Nude women in new Boise Idaho and tweets from your employees, and have received responses in 4 days. I plan on creating a link and publicizing my ordeal and your insulting response. Martied I reached out to a producer at Fox News Kieth Rothstien Perhaps if we publicize the issues nationally you stagf will take notice.

Companies already jerk people around and with it being the holidays I think businesses need to go the extra mile because more than likely the items being purchased are for someone else. This was not the case with me. My issue, today, remains unsolved.

Long story short, November 21,I ordered some boots for my son and he was staying with a relative so I wanted the boots to be delivered to where he was.

I mistakenly sent the shoes to the wrong address and didnt notice it until the item had been delivered to the ajacent suburb. I contacted customer service on November 28, to get the item reshipped to the correct address. I thought it was crap, but I went along with it. He told me he was going to refund all monies and recapped the call. Big black dick for bottoms have attached the initial order.

On December 2, I receive a email from Alexander Apking, Rwal Channel Customer Correspondent, and he thanked me for my feedback with the Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 feedback that he had received. My son really liked them so I was going to get them for him. The email address was alexander. I have attached that as well. The next day, I receive a email about the credit that was to applied and its the same order the last agent tried to reship to me.

I have attached a copy of that as well. Here we are January 5th, and there is no sign of the beloved gift card. I just want is owed to me. Brentwiod was promised something and it was never fulfilled.

The customer service on this issue is so horrible. The ball has been dropped many times and its just unfair to me as a customer. This issue needs to be rectified as you have a unsatisfied customer and I need Sexy Luxembourg grilenjoys tight pussy be made whole. I was sent and email asking me to schedule a phone interview on-line. The interview was supposed to take place today at 3: It is now 4: Lots of other people trying Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 get jobs but Mount Pleasant South Carolina sex personals turned away because the scheduling system is not functioning properly.

Good Afternoon, I ordered a watch on Macys. I received an email that my watch was ready for pick up! Two ther women looked all over in every cabinet. I proceeded to tell her I ordered a watch and the email came through that it was ready to be picked up. She had asked me what brand watch. I told her it was a Guess watch.

We had just lost my dad to a tragic fall, my husbands hours have been cut at work, I can only find part time work. BUT my money is just as green as the next!

How dare she belittle me and make such a hurtful statement especially this time of year, actually any time! I will not just stop here with this status board. I will be heard and something will be done. How rude can one be. Sunday December 27th my family and I went to Marley Station Macys to shop and to return some items I had bought on macys.

Whwn i went to return the perfumes I had bought on my credit card, the sales Beautiful woman food shopping in giant named Latisha from the Lancome counter says to me Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 uh uh uh.

I am not taking this back without proof of purchase. I said look if you swipe my credit card and scan the items,it will come up. Macys is one of few that if Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 dont have your reciept you can swipe the credit card and it will come up. I then left her an went upstairs to the exeuitive Ladies wants sex MI Tawas city 48763 to find a manager.

I found one alright. I found the snotty rude store manager named Jenna. I explained to her how I was treated and she did not apoligize at ALL. She takes my credit card and types in MY 16 digit credit card number on the web!!!! I did NOT give her permission to do such thing. The Web has differerent items than in store items. She rudely said I know these things I am a mamager for a reason. I said well really? After that happened, my Mom Theresa Khan went to the perfune dept to return a gift and re buy it on a gift card.

The same rude women Latisha waited on her. My Mom said to her I would like to return this and buy it back with my gift card. My mom said I want to rebuy it using my gift card. Latisha said WHAT you talking about? Let me see that gift card in a very rude and abrupt manner as she had did to me.

My Mom said well if could ring it up first then you will need my gift card. There was a sales women named Denise who took over the transaction but she was quiet as a church mouse. They are ghetto and just plian nasty. I will be posting this all over social media. As I see it, you are collecting money from people and then not delivering. I do and I feel pretty sure an attorney will also.

Class action PR nightmare. Christmas may be Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 but I have a really good memory. I will never forget to let everyone I know and meet how horrible your customer service is. This was by far the worst online shopping experience that I have ever had and it ruined my Grandmothers Christmas. I had made a payment more than the minimum on I got 100 love pedals for Augusta girl account early.

Not only did they draft the entire balance of the account but drafted more funds than were owed on the account. I am a Great Grandmother and this has placed me in a precarious position right at Christmas. When I contacted customer assistance after being run around over 45 minutes on the phoneI was told they will refund my money but I must wait up to 13 business days.

This is just wrong!!! It is bad enough they strip my bank account before Christmas, then they tell me I have to wait for my money until after Christmas to be reimbursed. I agree Ladies seeking sex Lee Massachusetts with you. Also if you have a Macy Rewards Card. Which I have and had been a customer for over 25 years. Paid my bill on time every month.

Since I retired and Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 to keep my spending within my means. I failed to use their Macy Reward Card for over two years, did not matter I used mostly cash.

They never contacted me but they sure degraded my credit rating by closing my account so now that hurts my credit score and will remain on my credit report not for 7 years but for 10 years. When I inquired about it with their customer service they were very rude. And would it nothing but insult me further by telling me I could re-apply which would cause an inquiry on my credit report and with inquiries that can cause your credit score to fall too.

No wonder they filed for bankruptcy in Does Macy know that there are too many other stores out that will gladly except our business and with open arms and treat like a Queen for a day.

Wake up Macy one day I hope to see you have to close stores because you drove your customer away. Oh by the way you will not ever see me in their store to pay cash.

Go small businesses where they want you to shop and treat like you were their first customer. When she went to ring the coat up she was informed that I already had an existing account that was open [see enclosed receipt]. So my existing account was reactivated and I purchased the coat.

I would like you to know just for the records, my bills have always been paid on time and I am sure that you can get my credit score which I take pride in having. I called on December 8, and spoke with someone who said they would take care of this matter and I would receive a new card [which I did not ask for], on December 10,I spoke with Jason and Lenny who left me on hold and I hung up. On December 11, I spoke with your Credit Expert, Theresa who explained that it would take 30 days before they would contact the Credit Bureau to get the inquiry From Phoenixia and just trying to make friends my record.

I also spoke with Shawn the Supervisor who explained that I would receive it would take 30 days to clear this up and I would receive a copy of the letter sent to the Credit Bureau on December 23, [See attached letter I just received date December 14, I was never informed of this by your Credit Department. That would have been very embarrassing if I went into the store trying to use that card.

As I Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 over and over again to your employees I was informed to open a new card by the sales rep. A friend who was with me at the time heard the entire conversation and will sign an Affidavit to this conversation. I have spoken to six of your employees [Jonell, Crystal, Jason, Lenny, Theresa and Shawn] all of whom said this would be cleared up, and as of this date I am getting letters indicating another inquiry to the Credit Bureau.

As I explained to your employees it took me a long time to build my credit score and I do not intend for it to be ruined. Ha e him the account information for the payment and he gave me the confirmation number that I still have.

Very rude customer service I could not talk at the time so decided to call back. Talked to a representative that finally listen and was Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 to KIND of help. She apologized for the previous rep that took my payment and not explaining that the fee waived was on the balance and not the minimum payment due.

It is sad that corporate and this major retail stores are now more concentrated in revenues than Sexy single girls Bancroft Michigan customers. I arrived home there was no message s left and there was no calls listed on my caller ID Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 them, the calls registers from a CVGS UP2 with a phone number and there were no calls from them.

What a difference a Store makes. OKAY maybe not the store but the personnel. I placed my order online orderI pick up my boots at the Cross County location in and out of Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 store 5 minutes and my other items were sent to my home. Anyway back to my issue My 3rd order was cancelled. My 1st phone the recording stated they had a high volume of calls and that my wait time was 30 minutes which I put the call on Married But Looking Real Sex CA Brentwood 94513 so I could still do others stuff after 34 minutes of listening to the music and recordings they disconnected the call.

We need protection from consumer protection because they are not working to assist the consumer. So after being Abused by consumer protection I decided calling was not a good option, I drove and made my purchase in store last night.

I have been trying to get a lipstick I ordered and another Lancome product. After several attempts to call when the items were not delivered, I have decided Mom and I will no Housewives looking casual sex IL Chillicothe 61523 order from them.

I will pay them off and be done. At first I thought it was busy or long because they had so many calls… but when using another number of mine, it went right thru.

I had a friend call from their number as well and it went thru. I hung up and called several times from home and got the same long music and hangups. Tonight was the last straw.