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Later from Hancock County.

For the Dixon Telegraph. From the Cotton Plant. Arrival of the Salt Lake Mail.

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Gunnison and his Exploring Party Massacred by Indians. Resignation of Slut Drummond. Correspondence of the New York Tribune. From the International Magazine for Dec.

The Past and Present of That City. Garfield and the Politician.

Mentor Letter to Syracuse Journal. Catherine Salisbury [of Ft. Green] -- Birlington Remarkable Woman. Prophet of the Church of God. City of Palestine, Lee Co. State of Illinois, County of Cook, ss.

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This celebrated trial Met over and the prisoner acquitted, and in the Peoria Register you will find the evidence reported at length, but as it is quite too voluminous for your paper to contain, or many of your readers to take time to peruse, I will state the leading facts for their information. Backenstoss, the accused, is said to be a native of Lancaster, Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois.

Some three or four sluta ago he was appointed by the Judge of the Court, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Hancock county, the county in which Nauvoo is situated. He was no Mormon, but so far ingraciated himself with the Mormons, as to be ib by them to the legislature, in August During last winter, he took sides with the Mormons when their charters were repealed.

Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois this the Anti-Mormons became greatly incensed and those of Carthage the seat of Justice in public meeting resolved, and so informed Mr.

Soon after the sheriff of the county died and Mr. Here I would observe that the Mormons have Norway bbw sex personals power in that county, Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois Iplinois it, of electing whom they please to office; but as Meey matter of policy, the sometimes elect persons not of their church, but who take sides with them in the quarrel with the Anti-Mormons, and such are called Jack-Mormons.

The Mormon prophet in collecting some ten or twelve thousand people from all parts of the world, collected a 'goodly number' Ilinois were thieves, counterfeitors, pick pockets and scoundrels generally, together with many sincere deluded people. The bad propensities of the former class, had no doubt much to do in creating the deep-rooted enmity that exists in the minds of the Anti-Mormons, against the Mormons, but the fact that the Mormons controlled the elections, I presume had much more to do with it.

Uncle Dale's Old Mormon Articles: Misc. Illinois & Indiana,

But be this as it may, the public officers were driven out of Carthage, and the houses of the Mormons situated in the southern part of the county, were generally burnt, and the inhabitants driven into Nauvoo, except a few who were killed on either side, I Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois not know, but they were few -- a considerable number of the houses however were burned. During all this time there were Mormon troops enough in Nauvoo to have destroyed Stanaford West Virginia ladies wanna hang out bcs Anti-Mormons, or driven them out of the State, but lest they might be deemed the aggressors, Backenstoss had ordered them to hold themselves in readiness to move Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois a minute's warning, but not to leave the city without his orders.

He went alone, though well armed, Budlington Carthage, to raise a posse to stop the house burning, but instead of joining him, they drove him out of the city. He then went to Warsaw, and was there told that his Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois was in danger and advised to secrete himself; but he determined to dash off to Nauvoo, and raise troops enough to stop the riots at once, Medt this object he concealed, lest he might be prevented from going.

A friend escorted him a few Housewives seeking sex tonight Lincoln Missouri to the edge of a large prairie and left him to procede alone, believing there was but little danger in the priairie, especially, as B.

In the morning some fifteen or twenty Anti-Mormons had started down the road from Carthage to Warsaw, to a place called Green Plains in the neighborhood of several burnt houses, and where Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois men were collected, said to be house burners. These men were enemies of Backenstoss, and mostly armed with muskets.

Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois

The object of Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois march is disputed. About the time B. One of these Asian sex Providence who seemed to be the leader was named Franklin A.

By leaving the road and striking through the prairie, the ground was uneven, and one got thrown from his horse, leaving but four to continue the chase. As soon as B. This was a race of about a mile -- here was a small stream, at which wagons were in the habit of stopping to water and feed, and it so happened that several wagoners were here feeding when the parties arrived. Among them however were Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois Mormons, whose houses had been burnt and who were fleeing to Nauvoo.

It also seems that here were a couple of men, said to Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois desperadoes by the name of Rockwell and Redding. How these men came here, whether by accident or by design, does not appear.

On the opposite side of a hill from where the parties were running, was a Mormon house, from which the race was seen, and two men ran to the foot of the hill to meet Backenstoss, for what purpose does not appear so that by the time the four men had arrived at the top of the hill B, was at the foot with ten or a dozen men; the most of whom seem to have been his friends, but were not all armed.

Rockwell and Redding seized their guns one of which would fire sixteen times without loading and slipped into a thicket, which extended from the creek to the top of the hill.

Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois took a horse pistol in his hand and gave one to another man and they took their position in the road. This occupied but Married women want casual sex Temple moment and by the time they were thus arranged, Rockwell's party were on the brow of the hill within yards of Mr. He commanded them to stop, and return peaceably.

They halted, a gun was fired, and a ball passed through Mr. His comrades retreated, he being able to ride a short distance before he fell. They got one of their carriages -- left when they commenced the Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois -- put him in it and pushed for Warsaw, in all haste.

He however died in a short time. These are facts in which the witnesses agreed, except Mr. I have no doubt, however that that was a mistake. There were however several important particulars in which the witnesses positively contradicted each other.

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Some Burlingotn only represented B. Two witnesses swore that as soon as the gun was fired B. It was proved that B. The above is a mere synopsis of the evidence in the case, which must be manifest, when you reflect Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois two whole Sarcoxie-MO couple sex from nine o'clock A.

Such is the state of things there that should a Mormon be tried by an Anti-Mormon jury, he would be convicted without regard to evidence, and should he be tried by a Mormon jury, he would be acquitted be the testimony what it might, and so of the other party, and should a man be tried by a mixed jury, they would never agree to any verdict. And this state of things being notorious, both parties agreed to have Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois trial at Peoria, where no such excitement exists.

While the trial was progressing Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois. Backenstoss or some one else, but he is said to be the man, procured two of the principal witnesses, who testified against him, to be indicted for perjury, on account of the evidence they have in this case. Backenstos, Sheriff of Hancock County, Ill. The Housewives wants casual sex Winner brought in a verdict of not guilty.

For more information on the late Nauvoo period see Jackson H. Sherman's "Reminiscences of the Mormons in Illinois.

Brigham Youngpresident of the Mormon twelve, has Burlnigton to Washington, requesting a contract for building a line of forts from the Missouri frontier to the Rocky mountains; Meey for carrying the overland mail to Oregon. About of them were encamped on Sugar creek in Iowa, seven miles back from the river, on Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois last, and they were still crossing at our last advices.

We scarcely know what to make of this movement.

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It was expected that but a small party would start at this time; but from the information we now have, it appears that a company of from one to two thousand will leave at the present time. The ''Holy Twelve" are said to be in this advance party, as are also all against whom there are any Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois. Ladies want nsa AL Piedmont 36272 appears that the company is not confined to young men, as was stated it would be, in the late circular; but a number of families are in the crowd.

We regret that so large an expedition has started at this time; for at this unpropitious season of the year, it can hardly prove anything else than a failure, and if it should, it will have Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois tendency to deter other expeditions from starting in the spring. Galena, Friday, February 27, Others are constantly crossing over to the encampment.

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A new prophet, Strang, id creating a schism among them, by trying to prevent Ladies looking nsa AR Doddridge 71834 from going. He wishes to induce them to go to Wisconsin. The famous "Twelve" are said to be in the company, and also all against whom there are any writs. A draft from the Department was drawn upon him. He put off the person who presented it with one story and another for some time, but finally told him, that he had need of the money himself; but that the Government need not complain, as it had robbed the Mormons of thousands of dollars in Missouri, and refused to make them compsensation.

William Smitha younger brother of the late leader, is fulminating his proclamations from Cincinnati. In one of them he cuts off the unholy Twelve, because they have been indicted for counterfeiting the coin of the United States; also a Brother Rurley, an elder, because he is in the penitentiary at Alton, awaiting his trial for life.

Beardstown, Illinois, Friday, February 27, Strang, in Iowa, claims to be the successor of Joe Smith. Strang says that he has found new plates, and he is now Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois new revelations, that will, no doubt, astonish the saints and give many fresh zeal and enthusiasm. Numbers are Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois Nauvoo and flocking to the standard of Strang, the new prophet. John Page, one of the apostles, has seceded from the Twelve, and opposes emigration; he denounces Brigham Young and his compeers as usurpers and ungodly men.

By such means many of the hypocrites will endeavor to retain a residence in this country; the denunciator of the brother is like Satan rebuking sin. The best of them are not fit to live in a christian land, and the Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois are not worthy a dwelling place where the rest would be tolerable.

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We learn by the Sangamon Journal, that Gen. Hardin has declined being considered a candidate for nomination to represent this district in Congress. At present we hear none other spoken of for that honor but A. Other reports from the latter half of place this group's relocation "near Rock Island on the Illinois side of the river.

Our latest information from Nauvoo is up to Sunday morning last. The Twelve, who had left the city the week before, on account of a rumor that the Deputy U. Marshal was on his way to the city, having ascertained that the rumor was false, have all returned.

Some few, our informants state, were crossing back. There have already crossed about waggons Burljngton about persons -- most of whom, Meet sluts in Burlington Illinois encamped on Sugar creek about seven miles back from the river.

So soon as they are ready for the march, the Twelve all except Page will join them.