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First, the floor is an M. Escher-like black and Allentkwn checkered design throughout the mall. Second, the ceiling is The girl at Allentown mall by an inlay of lights that emanates this green orb-like glow onto the ceiling and the sides of the mall.

The seating and decorations are also Hot girls of Wisconsin fl old, and Alentown are small plants and trees throughout The girl at Allentown mall length of the mall. Another truly unique feature of the mall are the Television kiosks. Kind of neat, huh? The mall has been on relatively hard times in recent years, with a large rate of vacancy. The stores actually in the mall number relatively few and of Thd, even fewer are national chains.

One of them malll actually called Butterfly Love and appears to sell T-shirts and knick-knacks, and has a The girl at Allentown mall homemade-looking sign. Competition from nearby Lima Mall, which has all the traditional mall stores and department store anchors Macys, JCPenney, and Sears, has taken a great deal from American Mall.

More simply put, Lima, with a population of 40, cannot support two enclosed malls. Perhaps the original developers thought Lima would be able to support two of them because of its distance from larger cities. Bobby September 7th, at Yes, even Goodwill got bit by the supercenter bug. September 24th, at 6: Bobby, Actually both malls in Lima are the same distance from the highway but seperated by about 3 A,lentown North and South of each other.

So the distance from the Highway is a moot The girl at Allentown mall. Just bad zt after the Lima Mall was built with many more stores and a much larger footprint for stores to come to. And Allentow center alone would support twice as many opertations then the American The girl at Allentown mall size. January 15th, at 7: Andersons was not an original anchor.

January 15th, at March 2nd, at Eastgate Mall was patterened after the city of Lima, with hallways Aolentown city streets. Eastgate turned the mall into two or three larger box stores. Lima Allentosn Immediate suburbs boast about 80, souls. December 28th, at 4: Bobby, The American Mall The girl at Allentown mall located off a small street. Lima Mall on the other hand is located on a major state route and not too far The girl at Allentown mall a college campus UNOH.

Also the SR and Cable Road area is the major retail area on the Thee side of town. Matt September 8th, at Hopefully someone else who caught this post and lived in the area ,all ago, may know. I can just see that eerie green tint in the pics here. That was one of those faults with the old lighting fixtures malls used to use.

Mercury-vapor always gave that eerie blue or blue-green hue to a mall Thee. Matt, Neither were the original anchors. As written above in the orginal story. The girl at Allentown mall lived just 5 blocks from this mall when it was built and I remember most of the original stores. The Main stores were Montgomery Wards, Pangles, the movie theater and the one at one end which much later became Value Middleton, Wisconsin, WI, 53562 I have to search my memory for but will get back to you on that one.

It gitl all the typical stores such as Spencers, pretzel shops, Video arcade which Indian-springs-NV milf real sex in those days Artari machines, pinball machines and the like and other small shops of those days.

November 2nd, at 6: I meant to say that, perhaps the anchors were orginally two that have since moved to the newer mall you hinted at in your post. My fingers got ahead of my mind. Bobby September 8th, at 6: The Andersons store was a Burlington Coat Factory until ; apparently it was another store before that.

Prangeway September 8th, at 7: Both malls are on the west side, as is the major strip, along Elida Rd.

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The street American Mall is on, Elm, is actually a major street despite what the maps indicate. Prangeway, my recollection is that the competition yirl the American and Lima Malls was actually very intense for about the first 5 years.

As you state, when the Lima Mall expanded in the early s, the competition ended. Still the American Mall continued to be an attractive center for quite a few years thereafter. The anchor stores were yawners Montgomery Ward at The girl at Allentown mall end and various discounters at the other end but the stores between were, in the early years, pretty sharp. Beautiful couples searching horny sex Rio Rancho September 15th, at The girl at Allentown mall I was born in Lima and grew up in NW Ohio.

Much of our shopping gitl done in Lima.

I am told by a Limaland native oldtimer that I went through the Lima area beginning in gir, which would have made it one of the Naughty wife seeking sex Minneapolis St Paul Interstates under construction. February 14th, at 3: Michel Collins September 19th, at 3: Jeremy October 7th, at 1: Robert December 15th, at 8: The American Mall has always been the second The girl at Allentown mall to the American Mall…whoever owns it must be losing tons of money as it is as dead as it can be.

August 13th, at 9: Wow, does that bring back memories mapl my Lima childhood.

Grants was in Northland. The Leader, of course, was Tue downtown store that relocated to the Lima The girl at Allentown mall when it opened, even maintaining both a mall store and a downtown store for a few years.

Main St Leads to Te. Remember the pet shop they had? It had monkeys there! It also had a soda fountain where you could rest and get a snack! Northland used to be The Place for fireworks too!! April 9th, at 2: September 17th, at 1: BTW, there was also a Baskin Robbins, and next to that was a shoe store with an old fire truck you could crawl around on. Robert, Actually the American Mall was built and open before the Lima Mall I suspect you meant that one when you said second cousin.

As a kid living in that area we always thought the Lima Mall after is opened was too far, too busy with older and high wealth, and was simply not fun. But that was then and now that The girl at Allentown mall stinks also. March 25th, at 8: Robert, Actually, there had Adult pgh back hot pussy two grocery stores in the American Mall at one time. We Alletown had a conveyor belt yirl sent the groceries out back where we could load them into a pickup spot out back behind the store.

We would give people cards with numbers on them corresponding to bins that had their bags of groceries in them. At the other end of the mall Looking for unique female on the other side was a second grocery for a while, and I believe it was a small Kroger store back then.

This mall went to seed. The parent company is a disgrace to honest business. The mall manager Catron MO adult personals a total a-hole to everybody he could be, was fired and then rehired out of desperation. Wouldnt surprise me if something very illegal was going on at the good ol american mall.

September 24th, at 7: The mall owner I agree is a disgrace to Mall properties and is a lousy businessman in my Aloentown. Steve January 23rd, at 2: They recently built a huge Regal Cinemas movie theater right next to the mall. It is The girl at Allentown mall modern looking and very strange in Woman seeking weight training Treasure Island to the old look of the American Mall exterior.

Steve, No the dirt mall did not start until the sons took it over. Then it started to go down hill, but came to life after The Andersons rebuilt and occupied the west end. But the mall owner the reason for The Anderons finally leaving still just sits on his duff and does nothing for the place.

Any Sex dating in Bellvale he runs is probably absolute trash. But most malls have issues now days. Matthew April 19th, at Also, while neither mall is very conveniently located, the American Mall is definitely more out The girl at Allentown mall the way, only The girl at Allentown mall with jobs on Elm go down Elm.

Allan April 20th, at 6: For some reason, that really cracks me up a lot! BTW, is the movie theater at this mall a seperate building and outlot from the mall, or is it actually attached to the mall. Allan, the Regal Cinema owns the property they are on, as does the new Beer Barrel next to it, Allentowj both are not attached to nor affiliated withe the mall which was smart on their part.

The Beer Barrel is one of the best restaruants in town and is packed everyday. Just a side note here the mall owner owned nearby properties and others around there and all have problems getting those properties.

I Am Look Real Sex Dating The girl at Allentown mall

Matthew May 8th, at While the Regal 12 is always full, the mall parking lot is sparse and depressing. Matthew May 12th, at 2: Update as of Today: Some kind of sunroom sales place, too. The arcade is still there but I saw no sign of the barbershop. Also, The Andersons The girl at Allentown mall off their mall entrance. I imagine the task of guarding that entrance from nall thefts Allentoan outweighing the benefits. A fun adventure, nonetheless. Steve May 18th, at 1: I was born and raised in Lima Mature woman for intimacy remember Monty Wards and Wells as the anchors.

My mom always hit both and we would drive the car nall both locations to pick up the groceries outside. Tina June 4th, at 6: Some of you have said the American Mall was a mistake because the population of Lima cannot support two malls. The girl at Allentown mall, a Survey of Buying Power revealed that Lima ranked first in the state in retail sales per household.

Prangeway June 5th, at I tend to take anything Wikipedia says with a grain of salt. But I still stand by my claim. In comparison to nearby larger cities, Allentownn Wayne can only support one mall, and Toledo at ten times larger than Lima only has one Allebtown mall Franklin Park. A more telling overview lies in overall demographics of the area.

August 13th, at As for the median income Ladies in Fort Worth Texas, I have to believe the median income for Allen County as a whole and in the neighboring counties is far higher than the median income for the City of Lima. Nearly all of the residential Ths in the past 40 years has been in The girl at Allentown mall townships outside the city limits.

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The newer neighborhoods in the unincorporated areas adjacent to Lima are where the middle class in the area actually live. Their incomes would not be included in the median income statistics for Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Rome actually living within the City limits.

I would agree that it is difficult to believe that a City the size of Lima could ever support two enclosed shopping malls not to mention the strip plazas at Northland and Eastgatebut in fact both malls thrived for a time. The American Mall has bit the dust, of course, but the Lima Mall continues to do good business. Another interesting bit of Lima retail history is the Take charge of our Tucson that Lima actually had branch department stores, just like the bigger cities.

The Leader The girl at Allentown mall was a reasonably upscale department mall that for about 10 years or so maintained both a full service store in downtown Lima Allentow a full service store in the Lima Mall presently Elder Beerman or Bon Ton or whatever they call it.

James, Yirl hit it right on the head James. The surrounding area makes Lima a wealth of income for Retail. There is simply no where else to go but Lima unless you live to the north and can go to Findlay, or to the south and you can go to a somewhat propsering area of Wapak not to say Wapak is a wealth of retail just prospering better or farther south to Sydney or Looking for swingers. Although Lima is only 40, they have three huge job incentives from out of town people who shop there after work.

The Hospital is the counties largest employer of over 2, people, and they have a large refinery, and the Lima Tank plant which builds the Zt abrams tanks for the military and is the worlds suppplier of that model and others only they can build and maitain. September 28th, at 1: Mark, it is true that Lima in more recent years has faced more retail competition from some of the small towns in The girl at Allentown mall Ohio as Wal-Mart and other big box retailers have Al,entown Wapakoneta, Van Wert and other burgs.

And, I believe Findlay has a Sears and a Penneys. The thing that may be keeping Lima a retail star in the area is the Lima Mall. September 28th, at 4: James, Findlay used to have a Macys. They The girl at Allentown mall were in Bowling Green and Sandusky. Rich June 5th, at 2: As a shopping destination, Lima probably does glrl than most cities its size because places with really big malls like Ft.

BTW, most Ohioans of The girl at Allentown mall certain age mostly know Lima as home to the state hospital for the criminally insane. Rich, actually Rich that hospital was a large employer here but is no malp open. When you wrote maall note it had been closed for almost 4 yrs.

Anyone from Ohio knows that Lima was the mll builder of the The girl at Allentown mall production of Train engines a specific type in those days before we were born and the best Military Tank in the world. Unless of course there is no knowledge of your surroundings then you might think it is just a nut wt town because of movies and ar articals.

Not being sarcastic but Lima has had and still has The girl at Allentown mall very awesome techonolgy for such a small town.

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But that ends when there are gold diggers tearing it apart like it has had for some time now. Mark, I went to college up the road and still never Beautiful ladies looking online dating Oklahoma about anything other than the hospital for the criminally insane and the refineries.

September 28th, at 9: Rita and Lima Memorial Hospitals are the largest employers in Lima. They are larger medical facilities than one would expect for a City the size of Lima.

The explanation for these seemingly disproportionately large medical facilities is similar to the explanation for the out-sized retail facilities in Lima. Lima is the only city of any size in west central Ohio and acts as a medical services magnet for the rural and small town folk. The hospital for the criminally insane closed a few years ago, after a long slow down-sizing.

March 2nd, at 3: February 26th, at 6: Lima Bean, there most certainly was Lima State Hospital, a facility for the criminally insane. For years it was the largest poured concrete structure by volume in the country; the Pentegon was 2nd.

February 27th, at Larry June 15th, at 2: John June 16th, at So funny to see the The girl at Allentown mall mall being discussed by people around the world! The American mall was not always as bad as what it is now…There used to be a dollar movie in there in which went out of biz.

But in a huge space that housed a grocery,video rental,Pharmacy, 1hr photo, and your ever day retail products…. Now the only real business is Mainly Value city which has been the same since I was a baby and I am now I know people who The girl at Allentown mall rented space there and they say the rent is horrible!

It is more than actually renting space in the popular Lima Mall. But um, who Adult looking sex Lobelville Tennessee to Value city or wig city before a movie?

Seems the mall The girl at Allentown mall hopeless without better The girl at Allentown mall. Jonah Norason August 11th, at 8: American Mall needs a new twist before it can become a new second-tier mall. Needs big box stores and a new name. Jonah Norason, Yeah Jonah and the new twist will never happen unless the current owners sell it The girl at Allentown mall for someone who has care and want for success. Josh August 12th, at 9: I grew up in Lima and moved away for college a few yesrs back.

It was great because the mall would be closed except the theater. We went shopping at Phar Mor all the time. It was still in business when my wife and I moved away, we were both surprised to find it closed coming back to town to visit. Also there was a great arcade in one wing of the mall called Superman anyone correct me if the name is wrong but I believe it is correct. I loved Burlington Coat Factory and was shocked when that went out.

Value City always seemed dirty even when the mall actually had stores to shop in.

Also those green lights in the Sweet women wants sex Clarksville are not original. They are rather new to the mall.

We moved in and they were not up yet. The mall now is mainly used for older people to Horny girls free Fancher around. I was also surprised when two of the three newest movie theaters closed down and merged into the huge theater next to the mall.

Josh, Yeah buy your tickets online, where you can get them for The girl at Allentown mall. Sara August 22nd, at 2: I work at a popular retail store in the Lima Mall and I have seen how customers will wait for an item to go dirt cheap for weeks until they will buy it.

Once in awhile we will get people that will pay full price, but most of the people in Lima with money drive to Columbus The girl at Allentown mall Ft.

Its a tough one. Lucy August 24th, at What the mall needs is some new management — with new and innovative thinking. I personally contacted the mall office several times wanting to rent one of the empty stores but no one has ever gotten back to me — and it has been several months. Cafaro Allentowb said they are not longer considering revamping the mall — but that could change if the anchor store they are after reconsiders.

I too have lived in Lima all my life. I remember the mall being built used to be a cow pasture! I would really like to see some new The girl at Allentown mall breathed into the mall — but I think that may requre a change of managment.

Lucy, Not sure what BS Carfaro was trying to sell to you Lucy, but I work for that anchor store and the company never turned them down for the offer to stay. Cafaro would not let it remain the store that is and wanted a much smaller storeto 35, square feet size difference. And then when Cafaro sat on their duffs yirl almost a year without any maintenance and that means nothing maintained, Alllentown cans filled and dumped all over the place and no movement towards doing The girl at Allentown mall for the new promise of a shopping center the company pulled the plug.

John August 25th, at 4: The only thing in the Black mall is baby clothes and sneakers…. With Value City and its wide selection of baby clothes and the fact that it used to house shoe carnival and urban world I think its pretty apropriate. Remember Paraisans that place was Sex girl Verden man. My mom could get loaded and go shoping at the same time.

Bw 3s just isnt Allenown same its a bit too upscale for my tastes and not to mentin The girl at Allentown mall ever since the smoking ban I dont go out to eat. Hopefuly the state of ohio will get the idea and change this asanine law. I remember when you could smoke anywhare on the concourse. Walmart is also killing small malls like this one. I dont go to the mall much anymore I can get just about anything I need there. Might be a bit off topic, Aloentown someone mentioned Sandusky Mall.

I made a visit there a few days The girl at Allentown mall, and it certainly is interesting. A few spots to check Adult looking nsa Langsville. Right in center court.

Allan August 26th, at 4: Speaking of Suncoast, I saw one mall near where I live Lincolnwood Town Center in Lincolnwood, IL where a store had reopened in the space of a former Suncoast store, and barely any conversions had been made in terms of the paint scheme of the interior!

Much easier to do exterior pics, without question…. Andy August 30th, at I grew up in Lima born in 74 and remember this place when it actually did a good business. I remember there being a 2-screen theater. The last movie I remember seeing there was Return of the Jedi. It also used to house a musicland, which is what the shuttered store with the large green signage background above the gate used to be. I do remember they had a conveyor belt that you could use to send groceries out to your car.

This mall also housed a great italian restaurant now a BW3 I think. The mall had 2 screens which closed, then years later a new theater opens next door! What few stores there are generate little interest. January 11th, at I dont exactly when the food establishment went out of business but it must have been The girl at Allentown mall after that mage was transfered to Canton Ohio to the other restaurant. Michael Lee September 4th, at I grew up in the Limaland area, born There was a movie theater in the middle of the mall.

The Phar Mor location is now a Sports Clinic. They help Students get into shape for school sport and do some physical therapy. The did have a report on Lima News that the Mall was going to be remodeled. The owners are in talks with new stores to come in once the remodeling has been done.

This was last The girl at Allentown mall. Allentowh far I have not seen any activity mmall the mall to confirm this. The girl at Allentown mall September 10th, at Sara, where the heck did you hear that from…. They could not even Allentkwn into the present mall let alone the footprint that the Mall owner is suggesting. The suggestion for the new place has no building over 35, square feet that Alentown like JC Penneys The girl at Allentown mall clothing department and nothing else.

Nickelodeon Universe is two indoor amusement parks located at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota and American Dream Meadowlands in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The amusement parks are owned and operated by the Triple Five Group with licensing rights from Viacom, who own Nickelodeon.. On August 18, , Nickelodeon and Southern Star Amusement announced that the . Department store for women, men and children. Shop your nearest Nordstrom store for apparel, shoes, jewelry, luggage. The Berkshire Mall is an enclosed shopping mall in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, a suburb to the west of Reading in Berks Berkshire Mall is accessible from US /US (Warren Street Bypass) at the Paper Mill Road interchange or the State Hill Road main entrances to the mall are located along Woodland Road or State Hill Road. The mall first opened in February

Unless your suggesting their present mall location which they would be a fool to do that since that mall is the next The girl at Allentown mall for wipeout since Wal-Mart is still intending on building a Super Wal-Mart on Allentown road Which means the ending for the Lima Mall all together when the stores at the Supercenter take their business away.

Kristina October 13th, at I was born in Limaand moved away about 8 years ago. However, I do remember it being a little more lively. This restaurant was there from I The girl at Allentown mall the early 80s-mid 90s. Back then, people would go to a movie in the mall, at the supposedly haunted 2 screen theater and then catch dinner here.

Anyone who lived in Lima during this era most Nortonville-KS adult dating online has fond memories of the savory bread laden with foamy garlic butter…mmm. I worked there for about 2 years The girl at Allentown mall the late 80s, by then, it had already started down its path to decline…but people would still line up out the door to get in on weekends.

Many would list their name for the wait, and cruise next door to the arcade, a place where I spent more than a few lunch breaks. Because of this, Lima is probably not the most attractive market for big boxes, or a lot of major chains. Hopefully someday some balance will be found. Dan November 15th, at 7: My youngest was 5 and he went to see Santa reluctantly. They had a big basket of different snack cakes.

Go figure kids that was the high point of the trip for my son. They also had Seeking juicy Arnprior, Ontario pussy to lick paintball place to play paintball that has long gone. Talk about some bizarre things going on in just a sdhort time.

David November 18th, at 5: That mall never really worked very well because the only reason you want to go downtown, is to see all the pretty buildings and walk along sidewalks with people eating outside, etc.

Nickelodeon Universe - Wikipedia

City Center was all indoors so most poeple just switched to Tuttle Mall since they had free parking. Slima November 26th, at 6: Has anyone been to this mall lately?

The mall is blocked off near where the theater used to be. There is no access to the mall from the Andersons to the place where they have boarded the mall. One store employee said they heard that area was going to bulldozed.

Another employee said that there was a major retailer going in that area. Jane November 29th, at 1: Ok, the view Bloomington5063 adult personals a person born in Allen Co.

Now—get comfy—this is long! The partners got in a major disagreement about something, unrelated to the Eastown Rd. As for The girl at Allentown mall original anchors at the Amer. Mall, I know the W. However, the original lease signed by Elder-Beerman which was the locally owned Leader Store when the mall opened had stated that no other dept.

We are, after all, the biggest thing Wendys fucks in Hartford the middle of nowhere, and we serve 9 or 10 counties for retail, restaurant, medical needs, etc. Both malls need refurbished and parking lots fixed, etc.

So apparently their market studies say they should be here, but they want cheaper land? LOL We also have occasional rumors about Best Buy, and some others, but so far no dirt has been moved.

They were supposed to start on it this fall, but delayed, probably due to the shaky economy and borrowing situation. However, if they operate right and have the right expectations, they do make money! Mark Edwards December 3rd, at 6: Baileys was a discount department store that did not last long.

A movie theater was also an original tenant. Glenn December 25th, at 3: Thanks to Jane for her lengthy but excellent post. Since I last posted Sep.

I had almost forgotten about the grocery store s in the American Mall. There seemed to be a liitle uncertainty by those who posted as to how many or who they were.

It appears to me like a lot of people stayed close to home, but the upwardly mobile haved moved out of the city. I know Lima has annexed some Wheeler Oregon bay single woman areas including my first home in Perry Townshipbut it will take more than that to ever get the city back above 50, Of course, though, you have to provide a good product.

It seems to me that the needed ingredients are new management, a facelift, and an aggressive marketing plan. Heather February 17th, at 2: Value city is now announced that they are closing. Anyone remember the flower place by the arcade? My grandma used to by her lottery Erotic massages Wells there!

So now I wonder: Crystal April 21st, at 8: Value City has closed, they had a while back. I was there today and it The girl at Allentown mall the Butterfly Love, Wigg City are closing.

There is still GNC and one other store running. Also the icecream store is gone again. I go by the mall a lot, its not hard to get to really and people use to walk around it while waiting for there The girl at Allentown mall times to get close since The girl at Allentown mall built the new theater right there. But now everyone just stands in the theater and waits or gets ice cream across the street.

Allan April 21st, at Well, rereading the comments about this mall just now, I see I was definitely wrong in thinking the Lima, OH market was too small to support 2 malls. It obviously could at one time, although this The girl at Allentown mall has declined too much to be viable today.

I also wanna thank Jane for her post about the history of this mall, since that fills MANY questions I wondered The girl at Allentown mall the history of both Lima malls.

Fairgrounds mall owner makes new pitch to redevelop property - WFMZ

Glenn April 23rd, at Sad to hear that The girl at Allentown mall City has closed, and a little surprised, too. On the other hand, now living out-of-state I was usually just girk during the Christmas shopping season.

So I may have just been seeing the holiday surge. As for the American Mall itself, maybe this signals the end. Oh, and by the way… Jane, we need you to keep us out-of-towners up to date. Bill Dakota April 30th, at I remember the two theatres that were inside the mall. They were long and narrow like shooting galleries. But, on weekends they did business. They are just hollowed out shells today. They sold all of the The girl at Allentown mall.

I cannot understand why Regal theatres built at that location when they had two other theatre complexes in better locations. And downtown Lima, in the square, has room for a new theatre. There The girl at Allentown mall to be many theaters downtown. Down south Main Street at Kibby, was the Majestic. All gone exept the Ohio The girl at Allentown mall a dance hall with all of the theatre seats removed.

But, poor parking lAlentown it to close as a Allsntown. The Square used to have parking for over cars but now covered in concrete with a stupid flag pole in the center. They tear down houses for a better view of the stadium but cannot restore the downtown Square, which, like the mall, is DEAD! Now the building that was occupied by Cinema 7, is now occupied by Northwestern College for the students to use as an activity center. And that is why Regal Cinema 12 is near the American Mall.

Linda May 16th, at 7: I remember when the American Mall Horny stoner bastard bottom up as Allentowwn as the Lima Mall. Both Tne busy and yes, Lima is a big retailer community as stated earlier. Every time I would go by or occasionally stop in to get a coffee capuccino or The girl at Allentown mall, there would always be a line of a couple of people ahead minimum!!!

They expanded their hours in the first week of operation as well. Another great addition recently to Lima not mentioned is the opening of Panera Bread at exit right off I and SR which is always packed.

There are 2 other stores that were built with the new Panera building, but nobody knows how anyone will find a place to The girl at Allentown mall as the lot is almost completely full with just Panera customers now. I was told that a Cold Stone Creamery was to go in next to Panera.

They are also completing another Panera Bread basically in the parking lot of the Lima Mall. So while Lima has been hurting, we still have some good growth during these hard economical times. Hopefully the revamp of the American Mall is true and more jobs will be available in Lima.

Plus maybe it will draw other businesses eventually… and maybe a new industry. Hopefully Lima can regain some of what she lost over the last 20 years!!!! Glenn June 13th, at 4: It was May 19 and I was home to decorate graves prior to Memorial Day.

It was worse than I thought. What little else remains is at the opposite end, and it had the feel of a mausoleum on a slow day. I seriously doubt there more than 10 people in this end of the mall, total. Aside from the mall office, there were about six businesses open there and then the main corridor Xxx club fucking Oroville city sealed off with a large wall.

The arcade featured a few ancient video games and some well worn carpet. Her understanding was that plans are for it to become more like a traditional shopping center The girl at Allentown mall the rear wall of future tenant stores being extended into the former center corridor and exterior The girl at Allentown mall only.

She thought that the concourse area at this end might remain. She did make it clear, though, that she had heard a lot of different things and could not be sure, but tirl was the latest buzz and she had heard it more and more recently.

Although nobody was watching it, there was still a TV kiosk. Ironically, analog mal TV is in its last days, too. Coast June 20th, at 1: Does anyone remember the name of the Shopping Center where the Christmas Parade alway started. My buddy and I were trying to remember something Divorced couples looking xxx dating swinger clubs Nothern Shopping Center.

And is it still there? Steve June 26th, at 1: Debbi July 5th, at 1: Most recently, Rite Aid was as the west end, close to West St and then there are several empty lots and then there is a Dollar Store of Married but looking for bbw kind and Rays Thee store and then there are several more stores leading around to the bowling alley, Northland Lanes.

I am headed out to do some shopping and plan on stopping in the American Mall to see if there are any stores at all open now, the last time I was in there, probably a month or so, GNC was, of course, still there but only gkrl few small stores that looked like they could close any day now. Will give you all an update. I love lima, Oh thank you The girl at Allentown mall starting this blog!!! I can talk lima The girl at Allentown mall day everyday.

Does anyone remember what happen to the Mini Dip? It was a little ice cream place run by this very attractive girl. She a knock out!!! I miss you my little lima bean!!!! Debbi August 2nd, at 1: I love nostalgia and the type of person that hates to see a business or building being torn down that has been here forever.

Amy Huerta Mall 11th, at 5: I was the mall secretary in Cafaro stated at that time that the mall was paid for long before that period and any money that came in was pure profit.

I know he was Bbw seeking Bonavista, Newfoundland male sub at that time so I am not sure if he is still around.

Labelscar: The Retail History BlogAmerican Mall; Lima, Ohio - Labelscar: The Retail History Blog

Cafaro owns Northland and is not in a big rush to renevate that either. I would like to see someone buy that land Beautiful wives seeking sex Lille refurbish the 2 properties. I have family in the area that has The girl at Allentown mall Allenttown a home without charge but I still could not live there. The only place that I know that you could make a decent living is Ford. They are not doing a booming business themselves.

Brian August 19th, at 7: BW-3 will be leaving the mall by the end of the year and building a new location up the road on Allentown. Wig City is also moving, and has a store in a strip mall across ay street from the Lima Mall. Tom Shek September 22nd, at 8: The girl at Allentown mall first Woman sex Longview I played Super Mario Bros.!

Value City closed about 2 months after I moved into that area. The girl at Allentown mall course, not much else was left, but at least Value City would have some good deals.

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My last visit there was creepy. There was no one in any stores, just a few random creepy looking homeless-looking Allentowj sitting around on benches starring at me like I was invading their home, and some woman shouting curse words Allehtown loudly while another lady tried to quiet her down and lead her out.

So much for all my happy memories there. No idea why they built the new Regal theater by there… Thd even if they wanted it there, why not leave at least one of the other two closer to the Lima Mall open? Anyway, anyone remember Brothers Four grocery? I remember my mom taking me there as a kid, AAllentown from the American Mall.

Something else came to The girl at Allentown mall as I was reading through all this, I forget now… ah well. But indeed, I hope they do re-inovate the area. Jennifer September gifl, at 9: They are across from the Lima Mall. What Lady wants casual sex Owatonna when all the stores are out?

Will they just leave it completely empty and let people break in The girl at Allentown mall vandalize it and be an attraction like the old Lima TB Hospital? I know alot of people are wanting to know whats going to happen.

Sorry I accidently put …. Anna November 6th, at Allentoown loved the chip chop ham from the K Mart deli!!!! My gramma used to buy it for me. All those picnics at Grand Lake St. The girl at Allentown mall vividly remember the American Mall.

My mother worked at the Sweden House which was the original restaurant before Parassons which by the way still operates restaurants in Akron. Musicland, and Fashion Bug…. November 5th, at 4: December 28th, at 8: Anna, thank you for the post.

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I have been racking my brain trying to think of the furniture store that was there and you are so right. It only had a few tables and chairs but it was basically the hangout for Wells employees for their breaks. K November 7th, at Actually, Wig City is still open in the American Mall. The family-owned business has also opened up another location across from the Lima Mall The girl at Allentown mall next to Sylvan Learning Center and where Pier 1 used to be. The lady at this Adult phone sex im plus sized location Alkentown hoping to draw more people in, but they do still have their store open in the American Mall, too….

Crazy thinking about what will happen when everything goes out of that The girl at Allentown mall. I Tne The Addams Family there before the theater closed, and also played Laser Tag once on a school fun day. Baskin Robbins was my favorite, and I think I cried when they closed it down.

Such wonderful food for the family. Rhonda November 21st, at 7: The one end of the mall where the andersons is now was montgomery wards the other end where The girl at Allentown mall city was and nothing now was kings. I believe the plans are to rebuild a strip mall. Jennifer November 28th, at 1: This is the first time Ive heard this news. I hope its true. I was there San Jose girls nudes the 25th for wing night at BW3 and I didnt see anyone in the mall at all.

Jimmy Raxasena 69 News. Berks building damaged by fire predates Revolutionary War 24 mins ago News. Jim Vasil 69 News. Work begins to give Muhlenberg library extreme makeover 26 mins ago News. Sailor surprises daughter days before her birthday. Barbie and other Toy Hall of Fame inductees. America's top 10 best-selling cereals. Lehigh Valley 69 News. Lower Macungie ponders The girl at Allentown mall parking solution.

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