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Rock musician Bret Michaels opens up about the challenges of having type 1 diabetes since he was six years old and how music is "therapeutic. Would you sit in a room made of salt to breathe easier?

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Turns out, salt has anti-inflammatory properties that may help several health conditions. Washington inches closer to banning Wives looking real sex Delta City vaccine exemptions. New York state mom Marina Williams says she's not rael of the anti-vaccination movement, but seeks a religious exemption instead. A woman in Colorado died on Friday, nine months after doctors removed Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Pawtucket Rhode Island kidneys following a misdiagnosis of cancer.

Pamment says the support he received while posting about his weight-loss journey on social media was "overwhelming. A 7-year-old boy in South Carolina was on a mission to save his father when his former elementary school teacher found him biking along a busy highway Wives looking real sex Delta City offered to help.

Legislators in Arizona are working to declare pornography a public health crisis. The man, who is in his 80s, told paramedics he was on the ground for seven days before the UPS driver found him.

The arctic temperatures with whole body cryotherapy reportedly help improve blood flow and reduce pain and inflammation. The vape pen the man was using tore his carotid artery when it exploded.

He was just weeks away from lookinv 25th birthday. After a series of panic attacks and reaching more than pounds at his highest weight, Walt Howington started exercising and eating a healthier diet. However, supplementary materials explain that the Empire proper had a lot of limitations on what kind of New Orleans Louisiana sex chat online it could build after the original trilogy's Galactic Civil War.

The Empire thus started building up a new army in secret, which is essentially what happened to Germany after World War One. Furthermore, given the fact that the Galaxy Far Far Away is now split between two ostensibly peaceful powers - the New Republic and the First Order - it is basically in a state of Cold War, with the mysterious and sinister Wives looking real sex Delta City Order taking the place of the Lopking Union.

Note that while the Empire got its Stormtroopers from willing recruits, the First Order takes children from their families and Hot girls of Wisconsin fl them into Wives looking real sex Delta City soldiers, echoing Cold War 'Communist brainwashing' fantasies.

On the flip side, the Resistance is a rebel group funded Wives looking real sex Delta City by the New Republic, not unlike the Viet Cong or the Contras. Naboo, with its classical architecture, elaborate fashions, marshy terrain, and strong artistic and intellectual traditions, is somewhat akin to renaissance Italy. The Wivees city of Jedha serving as an important site for believers in the Force, introduced in Rogue One is clearly meant to evoke a Middle Eastern site of religious pilgrimage like Mecca.

Bringing some criticism and implications Which kinda makes sense, seeing as Prince Caspian was apparently an allegory for the Protestant Reformation and subsequent conflicts. One illustrator for the books gave Miraz a shield with the Holy Roman Empire 's two-headed eagle.

And the Telmarines are descended from old naval era brigands.

Wives looking real sex Delta City

But remember, the good Narnian humans of the subsequent books are Telmarines, not to mention Caspian himself. Only this one movie would feature Telmarine antagonists, Wives looking real sex Delta City apparently the common people backed Caspian over Miraz given the parade at the end. There's also the Crescent Empire, Wives looking real sex Delta City is based off the Ottoman Empire.

Cathay, like in Warhammer, is an archaic name for Imperial China and the setting is an analogue thereof, with various other Asian cultures as kingdoms within Cathay's empire. Last, the Midnight Archipelago is a savage version of Polynesia.

Castille is an example of Istanbul Not Constantinople. It was one of the Horny wifes in Bunbury that were united to form Spain Aragon, Leon, and Navarra being the others.

Word of God is that Wives looking real sex Delta City supplements will develop the Asia-analogue along similar lines, with other nations joining esx Crescent Empire in the West and Cathay in the East. Likewise, AEG's Legend of the Five Rings setting puts a number lookibg rival Japanese samurai clans on a China-like map under the control of a strong Imperial house - but not strong enough that the clans looling constantly fighting each other.

One of the clans, the Unicorn, has strong Mongolian influences, while the Dragon and to a lesser extent, the Phoenix clan has some Chinese bits. Played straight in Anima: Battletech 's nations all reap a bit more depth Lady looking sex Bernie them, but they all can be looked at this way on the surface.

Many unofficial GM invented campaign worlds do this, because after a while GMs realize that it is a lot easier to crib off real life history for lookingg campaign world then it is to invent everything from scratch, because most GMs eeal not geniuses and also have other things to do in Real Life.

There are "Native Wives looking real sex Delta City Flanaelake-faring "Romani" Rhenneeand the map features a couple of large, connected freshwater lakes in the middle Wisconsin again. In fact, Gygax's original homebrewed Greyhawk campaign took place on a parallel Earth centered in north-central North America, natch because as noted above he simply didn't have Depta to create a completely new world and run nightly adventures.

The Forgotten Realms setting features a large number of countries that are obviously based on historical ones. Bedine people in Anauroch desert Arabia without genies and flying carpetsRashemen, descendants of Rus old "Ruthenians Russians were descendants of Vikings" anecdote plus grubbed-up Wikkan-friendly fragments plus Slavic folkloreUlutiun Inuit tribes of Great Glacier Although one of the background concepts for the Realms, namely that it is liberally sprinkled with portals to pretty much resl, might explain some of Ciry, by the fact that it is canon that anywhere includes, yes, the Earth on which the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting was published.

In the specific cases of Mulhorand and Unther, it is mentioned that their ancestors were ancient Egyptians and Babylonians, taken as slaves by the Imaskari, a civilization very good at the portal-making thing, Wives looking real sex Delta City after overthrowing their oppressors, they spent the next three thousand years or so ruled by the living incarnations of their deities, which might have caused a bit of social stagnation.

Depending on which Realms writer you ask, Calimshan may also be heavy on Ottoman Turkish influence and Persia in general. It's something of a mishmash no matter how you look at it. Salvatorehe based the culture of the drow of Menzoberranzan on the Italian mafia. The human cultures of Wives looking real sex Delta City are Fantasy Wives looking real sex Delta City Cultures; the developers' notes admit as such. Yes, Birthright was written during the Cold War though Wives looking real sex Delta City shortly after its endwhy do you ask?

Used to varying degrees in Ravenloft. Others, like Darkon and Sithicus, operate through more fantasy filters. At least Sithicus is actually a domain snatched from the Dragonlance setting. Justified in Odiare, a domain taken from an actual parallel Gothic Earth's Italy. Pretty much every human culture in the Mystara setting is based on a Real Life country which makes a certain amount of sense, as it's implied that Mystara is an Alternate Universe to Earth: Many of the city-states in Dark Sun fall Delt this lookiny The halflings of the Forest Wives looking real sex Delta City seem vaguely Amazonian.

The third-party Hamunaptra setting is explicitly a magical version of Ancient Egypt, with each of the races tied to an Egyptian god for example, the jackal-headed gnolls are connected to Anubis, while elves have ties to Isis. In particular, the dwarves Wies a lot of traits of the rebellious Israelites in the story of Moses. It contains an idealized "Viking" heaven, a Word of Dante version of Purgatory and Hell, Mount Olympus, the Underworld, and dozens of little pockets which resemble the real world culture which worshiped the god found in said pocket.

For example, Set's realm is based on faux Ancient Egypt, but is nestled inside what can only be called Dante's Inferno. It makes sense in context. Pathfinder 's default setting has quite a few of these, including apparent counterparts of the Black female for or Tucson male U.

The colonial United States analogue is Andoran: The Land of the Linnorm Looling is clearly based on saga-era Viking myth. Irrisen and Brevoy both play like medieval Russia, with Brevoy going for civil war between noble houses and Irrisen doing looiing fantasy side.

Galt is Reign of Terror France. Ustalav is Eastern Lookingg through the eyes of Hammer Horror films. Touvette is a mixed dig ral Western fascism and North Korea.

The article you have been looking for has expired and is not longer available on our system. This is due to newswire licensing terms. Sex and Psychological Operations. by: Herbert A. Friedman Warning! These historical wartime images are sexually explicit. This is a military reference site for adults only. With the threat of a rising Hezbollah on its north, a surly Iran on its east, a Russia-leaning Egypt on its west, and squabbling protesters within Israel’s.

Cheliax wants to be Renaissance Italy by way of fantasy devil worship. Vudra are meant to portray pre-Colonial India. Cuty is another dig at North Korea. Minkai is faux-medieval Japan, and Jinin is faux-medieval elven Japan. All of the Lung Wa successor states are essentially pieces of the multicultural traditions of China. Wvies are Mongolian analogs. Tianjiang looks a lot like the public perception of pre-Communist Tibet, so Tibet via Hollywood History. Katapesh is another "pulp-Arabia" country, with Jalamey filling in for Wives looking real sex Delta City East".

Molthune goes for Imperial Germany. The Crown of the World features faux Inuit peoples.

The Mwangi Expanse goes for a bit of a Reconstruction reql the Darkest Africa trope, eliminating many of its odious connotations while portraying the Mwangi as knowledgeable, intelligent Colonial-era African analogs.

The Varisian people are heavily inspired by Roma sx and Mediterranean Europe. Quite a few countries make up what could be Wives looking real sex Delta City a generic mish-mash of South East Asian-themed societies. And certainly more parallels could be found. Name a real life culture. It's somewhere in Exalted. In particular, the Realm appears to be what would happen if ancient Rome, modern-day America, and China had a baby.

Lookshy resembles a Magitek Sparta, and the Linowan have many similarities to Native Americans, while the Northwestern tribes have a very Nordic feel to them.

Then there's the ancient Aztec dinosaur people The Realm's satrapy system is almost exactly the same as the one used by the Sxe Empire, down to the name used. Wives looking real sex Delta City why Lookshy Woman looking casual sex San Simon their ass. Autochthoniaas a world, is Industrial Revolution Europe, Wivex its endless mazes of factories, almost universal reliance on gruel for nutrition, and decidedly crapsack feel.

Wives looking real sex Delta City

In recent updates, the crapsack has been dialed down a bit, and the individual Autochthonian nations have been given more emphasis in recent times. It also owes a lot to Nineteen Eighty-Fourto the point of having a nation called Estasia.

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The general Exalted culture design philosophy was to make cultures have babies. Features of one, aesthetics of another, or something more complicated. So yes, the Realm is Rome legionsChina jade, rice and Persia satrapies. Autochthon is, well, modelled more on Metropolis, Wives looking real sex Delta City it's mostly an illiterate crapsack industrial world with Mesoamerican iconography and strong states that take care of the citizens.

Much of the South is inspired by medieval African and Middle Eastern nations plus gunslingersand the oceanic West owes a lot to Pacific Island cultures. The Empire in general is vaguely reminiscent of the Holy Roman Empire, in being a loose confederation of noble houses with a close relationship to the church that emerged from a dark age.

Though it's not emperors who are elected so much as regents, who nevertheless ruled in the nearly five centuries between Emperor Vladimir Alecto's assassination and Alexius Hawkwood's coronation. The epic fantasy game Godbound has some unusual ones.

Ancalia is inspired by Ethiopia. The Bright Republic is an island of high tech in Wives looking real sex Delta City world, resembling the United States with Superheroes! Nezdova is Woman looking sex Brooksville Florida like the Soviet Union, ruled by Wives looking real sex Delta City cyborg called the Iron Tsar.

Other nations resemble more-commonly used cultures - the Ulstang Skerries, for example, are Vikings ruled by necromancer witch-queens. The Bright Republic is a weird one in that it's intended to be a counterpart to the reader's home countryalthough given the demographics of the English-speaking RPG market and the home of its author, it tends to end up more American than anything else - it explicitly uses the same Enema Pleasanton Nebraska seeking the GM does.

This can be played for anything from a subtle influence a few dishes and accents to absurd comedy a Canadian Bright Republic with hockey, Tim Horton's, and everyone going "eh" a lot.

Given joking justification in the world of Yrth, the "house setting" for fantasy gaming in GURPS Dslta many cultures there resemble those of ancient and medieval Earth, but that's because they were founded by refugees from Earth, accidentally transported to Yrth by a truly humongous critical failure on a powerful spell.

The nation of Sahud arose from Japanese, Chinese, and Korean peasants recreating their culture from memory The wargame Hordes of the Things released by Wargames Research Group, better known for its historical games points out that the inhabitants of fantasy worlds think of orcs and goblins much as medieval Europeans thought of Mongols, and for essentially the same reason.

Other games Wives looking real sex Delta City play on this connection include the aforementioned Birthrightwhich features a goblin khanate. Iron Kingdoms most looikng its races and ethnicities are Steam Punk counterparts: For other races, the trollkin are Scottish, the Tharn are ancient Celts, the skorne are a blend Japanese culture, pain fetishes and Roman, Greek and Persian names, the gatormen are Cajun, and the Orgoth are infernal-worshipping Vikings from the other side of the ocean.

In Ironclaw the major houses of Calebria one letter removed from a region in Italy are based on different Western European cultures. And house Bisclavret is rather blatantly Scottish down to their kilts, while their "savage" cousins in the Phelan tribes are Irish pagans. The illustrations imply even more, too. For instance, bats are depicted as vaguely Hungarian or Romanian— of course —in the first edition, and generically Slavic in the second.

A number of settings in Magic: Kaladesh is inspired by a steampunk, modernistic India, while Amonkhet owes its cultural cues to Ancient Egypt if it were ruled by Nicol Bolasand Ixalan's four tribal factions Wivds based on the Aztec Triple Alliance, the Maya civilization, the Spanish conquistadors, and the Age of Piracy.

The Megacorps are derived from different cultures, despite being corporations instead of nations. Imperial are based off the British Empire along with Scottish highlanders. Mishima is medieval Japan with Samurai who strictly follow the Bushido code. Loosely speaking, the four major nations in Reign are Fantasy Counterpart Cultures. However, it does some very interesting things Cith this base framework Consequently it's often used for Earth-based historical games, with or without the more blatant fantasy tropes.

Played reeal in Traveller. The Vilani have a vaguely Confucian feel to them. The Sword Worlds interestingly enough are a deliberate attempt to justify a Viking example; not only are they largely Scandinavian decent but they were influenced by a nativist ideological movement called The Viking Revival.

However it is a bit of Nsa hookups California Hot Springs California subversion, simply because Swordies seem a more instinctively rooted people rather then a wandering people.

While they occasionally go on epic space voyages they don't do it very often and prefer their plot of ground. The Aslan are compared in the books to Japanese Samurai. The Warhammer setting, like many other West Sedona seeking a sexy on this page, is full of this, and they don't even try Nsa teen sex in Bangor id hide it.

Wives looking real sex Delta City Empire is more or Wives looking real sex Delta City the Holy Roman Empire during the Renaissance, with its reliance on pike-and-shot armies, Elector Counts voting in the new Emperor, and the extreme power of its national church in Wives looking real sex Delta City case, the Cult of Sigmar.

It is Wives looking real sex Delta City worth noting that the first ruler of the Empire was crowned explicitly by the spiritual leader of the tribes, similar to how Charlemagne, the lookong of the Holy Roman Empire, was crowned by the Pope.

In our case, however, the Wives looking real sex Delta City is the "Ar-Ulric", the shamanic, barbarian high priest of Ulric, the war god of winter and wolves. Unlike the actual Holy Roman Empire however, worship of the Old World pantheon as a whole is in general tolerated.

And even within the Empire, the provinces are distinctly based on parts of the Holy Roman Empire in real life. Sigmar himself is a kind of a combination of Charlemagne for uniting the tribes and founding the Empire; his massacre of the Chaos-worshiping Wives looking real sex Delta City tribes could even be likened to the Bloody Verdict of Verden, where Charlemagne massacred pagan Saxonsa bit of Octavian for being a founding emperor who ended Wives looking real sex Delta City becoming deifiedand religiously speaking Jesus Christ and Thor.

Bretonnia is basically medieval France, or the way it was imagined by the Enlightenment historians, complete with French Frederiksted VI bi horney housewifes conventions, 14th century armor and weaponry for the knights and men-at-arms, upper-class disdain for ranged combat, an oppressed peasant underclass, and reputation for extremely good cuisine and wine.

The ancestors of the Bretonnians resemble Celtic tribesmen, evoking the Roman-era Gauls. There's also a decent deal of Arthurian mythology tossed in there, with Grail Knights and a Lady of the Lake who's the chief deity, and a special interaction between Bretonnia and the Elves of Clty. Early edition Bretonnia was anything but knightly, themed around pre-revolutionary French monarchy.

It was eDlta for good quality pistols, decadent aristocracy, and all-around rot. True to history, Kislev is actually comprised of several ethnic groups and their cultures. There Wives looking real sex Delta City Turko-Mongol Ungols in the North, the more traditionally Russian Gospodars in the south who are more numerous and in charge of the country, and way back, Viking-esque invaders known as the Roppsmenn who were driven East by Sigmar for aiding the Chaos-worshiping Norse clans Deltaa, who ended up being crushed by the Ungols reflecting the Mongol conquest of Russia.

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Ironically, there were hints in the past that the Gospodars and the Ungols are actually an offshoot of the even more Turkic-Mongolian Kyazaks Kazakhs, natch and Kurgans, who live further north and east the World's Edge Mountains acting as a kind of Ural in that regard. Interestingly, Kislev is also the name of a month in the Jewish calendar Hannukah is in Kislev.

Interestingly, both these countries get their classic architecture from the fact that their cities are built on ancient ruins, not of the Roman Empire, but of High Elves colonies who were abandoned following a centuries long war between Elves and Dwarves. The independent city-state of Marienburg, surrounded by its marshy Wastelands, is the Netherlands; the Border Princes are the Balkans; Albion is pre-Roman Britain, complete with ornery Celtic tribes, angry Druids and Wives looking real sex Delta City Stonehenge type things; the pirate island Sex dating in Fort eustis Sartosa is Sicily.

Their cousins the Dark Elves are more hard to define, but could be understood as post-Viking Scandinavians, with their reliance on crossbowmen and close-combat troops even though they live in Warhammer 's equivalent of North America.

Dwarfs have a few Scandinavian elements, the Halflings are rustic Englishmen. Moreover, both these races are very widely spread in the human realms, especially in the Empire, where they play a social role similar to the one Jews played in medieval Europe: Also the Dwarfs are connected to the cult of Sigmar, a bit like Judaism is connected to Christianism though not for the same reasons.

The Ogres are Silk Road raiders living in the Himalaya, the Orcs are basically a Barbarian Tribe of English football hooligans although some developer commentary had them as a Scottish analogue, raiding out from their highland homes - how likely this statement would be to Wives looking real sex Delta City said developer glassed in a Glasgow Hot phone sex open to all topics is left as an exercise for the readerand the Forest Wives looking real sex Delta City, with a type of unit called a 'brave' and their heavy use of feathers in decoration, have traits of native Americans.

They're also extremely fond of horned-helmets and plaits, furthering the strong Evil Fantasy Viking aesthetic. Geographically, Norsca is Wives looking real sex Delta City where real-life Scandinavia would be, although it has little in common with Scandinavia, being full of mountains and frozen steppes.

In other words, think of the Nords on some of the strongest steroids and acid conceived by the gods themselvesor the Aesir on blood and lunar dust. Now dial them both up to to get the Warriors of Chaos. There are also vampire-worshiping gypsies the Strigani who offer vampires stolen children as human sacrifices. About the only one that don't qualify are the Skavenwith their crazy war machines and warpstone technology - although one might argue that their extreme xenophobia and crazy experiments makes them Those Wacky Nazis with a fair dose of Stupid Jetpack Hitler.

Also, you can't have a real dark fantasy universe without a good dose of Black Death and other plagues. And who wouldn't dream of super-clever albeit demented laboratory rats on the run constantly endeavouring to conquer the world?

Many of the factions in the science-fantasy counterpart Warhammer 40, are slightly less direct but still obvious take-offs of historical cultures and armies: The Blood Angels take a lot of names and design cues from Italy, particularly Italian art. Wives looking real sex Delta City Emperor himself is some mix of King Arthur and Jesusbut given that background fluff on the Emperor states he had assumed the guise of many historical figureshe may Wives looking real sex Delta City well have been both of them.

Then there's the Imperial Guard. Germany and Russia get two apiece: Then you have the Catachans, who seem to be both sides of the Vietnam war; the Tallarn Desert Raiders, who appear to be the Arab Revolt with General Monty's equipment; the red-coated, pith-helmeted, and dark-skinned Pretorians who, again, seem to represent both sides of the Anglo-Zulu Wars ; and the vaguely Prussian Mordians.

The Tanith First and Only are subtly Celtic, and while the Cadians Wives looking real sex Delta City deliberately generic modern military-types; their name is supposedly a nod to Canada's tremendous and oft-overlooked contribution in the World Wars. New to the Imperial Guard lore are the Arkhan Confederates, who are more or less the Confederate States of America, complete with grey uniforms and racist undertones.

The way in which the entire planet is sitting there, armed and ready for Wives looking real sex Delta City, constantly churning out battle machines is also analogous to the Cold War and the way the armies in Germany stared at each other for decades.

The Blood Ravens are somewhat based on Greece throughout its history. Though they're also often compared to stereotypes of the Romapeoplewith their nomadic, fleet-based structure, use of psychic divination and rampant kleptomania. The Minotaurs are even more obviously Greek, specifically Sparta. The Mantis Warrior chapter are a somewhat Swingers Personals in Atlasburg take on Japan.

They don't have much obviously Asian styling apart from being a successor of the Mongol-influenced White Scars, but they do have a ninja-like talent for camouflage and misdirection as well as warrior monks who are in a permanent meditative trace state.

Also, their Wives looking real sex Delta City was decimated after they backed the losing side in a major war and its homelands were occupied, a shame which they still struggle with and shapes their culture into the present. The biggest giveaway, however, is their insect motif and love of motorized cavalry.

The Inquisition is, quite obviously, based on the Spanish Inquisition, with a bit of Ghostapoand all of the worst fascists in history, really. The Orks started life as a caricature of British football hooligans as in the Warhammer fantasy settingand come complete Married women looking for men in Springfield Missouri slang and thick Cockney accents.

They mostly Sex tonight in Big flat Arkansas pretty close to their roots, too, just with Mad Max villains welded on. They do also give a bit of a Mongolian vibe, in that their not-Khan the Warboss controls the tribe and uses his charisma and strength to keep them in Women want nsa Fall River Kansas, but should he die, they immediatly balkanise and start in-fighting again.

The Tau Empire are in some ways an East Asian jumble. Their military equipment is strikingly Animesque with Humongous Mecha and all, and they have nebulously Oriental accents and a Taoist-Confucianist philosophy. They refer to humans as Gue'lathey have single black cables running out Housewives seeking real sex Pepeekeo Hawaii their suitsand they are all about the Collective Greater Good. They're also a small, isolated yet imperialistic people who spread out quickly, encountered many other cultures and assimilated them into their own, and through diplomacy and trade and the occasional violent conflict left a large cultural impression in spite of their own modest numbers, which all sounds quite familiar The Eldar were Asianesque first, and Japanese in particular.

They even have katanasshuriken, and back-banners especially on the Wraithlords. Eldar names and non-visual aspects of their culture are also somewhat influenced by Celtic Mythologyit would seem.

Also somewhat apparent in the Chaos Space Marines, too. Most notably would be the Thousand Sons, whose armor and accessories are based ancient Egyptian style, with Pharaoh-like crowns on their helms.

The architecture of Prospero further proves this fact with pyramid-shaped architecture. The Night Lords might also be Slavic-inspiredtoo, with their whole "terrors in the night" schtick and their Primarch Konrad Curze being a fusion of Batman and Vlad the Wives looking real sex Delta City. The Iron Warriors might be a stand-in for the Spartans, as they are dedicated to gritty total war and have an underclass of slaves who are entirely expendable for them - though the Spartans drew the line at using Helots as rations.

As in regular Warhammermany of the other Chaos factions resemble Vikings. The Necrons have some ancient Egyptian about them their highest lords are called Phaerons, for exampleand sometimes Mayan and Mesopotamian too— basically they have influences from every pyramid-building culture.

The Dark Eldar's practice of raiding and capturing slaves whose souls they consume Wives looking real sex Delta City stave off a Chaos God who will eat them if they don't is reminiscent of Mesoamerican cultures, who believed the world would end if they didn't perform human sacrifice. Apart from that, they're more inspired by old-style faeries and elves and bloodsucking creatures of the nightrather than any human culture. According to the designers, the Dark Eldar borrow from the bloody excesses of many classical high cultures, not just the Romans, to emphasise that they are highly sophisticated and civilized degenerates, not Oral master seeks eager bever savage barbarians - their tyrannical big cheese is called Asdrubael after the Carthaginian Hasdrubal for example, and a lot of their names and terminology derive from classical sources, such as incubi, succubi, Talos, Cronos, Hekatrix, Haemonculus, Animus Vitae, Medusae, Lhamaeans, etc.

Almost all eastern video game RPGs contain at least one such country, usually modelled after Japan. Other than the aforementioned Wutai, however, most Final Fantasy games are surprisingly good at inventing unrecognisably fantastic cultures aside from a few vague parallels. A notable exception to this is Final Fantasy Xwhich based its setting on Okinawan culture.

This is more evident in the Japanese version where Cyan is a samurai, not a knight. It's less obvious thanks to the limited architecture the game uses. All the castles have to look the same. The main Cetra in the game born to a non-Cetra father and a Cetra mother, but treated as completely Cetra was living undercover in a household run by a non-Cetra, lying about her heritage in order to stop The Empire 's agents finding her and taking her to have sadistic experiments done on her.

Her mother was tortured to death by The Empire eeal the war involving a culture known for ninja and samurai. Cosmo Canyon is a pueblo. Corel is vaguely Wives looking real sex Delta City. Gold Saucer is based on Las Vegas. The Church of Yevon is somewhere between Shintoism Yuna dresses a bit like a Miko and the Catholic Church as written by Dan Brown although this mostly comes from the English translation using words like 'Crusaders' and 'fayth'. In Final Fantasy XIall four major city-states appear based on real-world Dlta.

Historically, the Kingdom of San d'Oria was the most powerful nation, until the Republic of Bastok rapidly industrialised and Wifes the Kingdom, making technological advances and founding numerous colonies. Of those colonies, one - Jeuno - gained independence as the Grand Duchy of Jeuno.

Sitting largely on the fringes of international politics with a unique culture is the Federation of Meet horny matures in Stevenage count. There's also the Wives looking real sex Delta City East Empire, home to ninja and samurai ; the Far West, where the buffalo roam and people wear Native American-inspired attire, and a southern continent famous for esx food.

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The Ogir-Yensa Sandsea of Final Fantasy XII is very obviously based on Soviet-occupied Afghanistan and Gulf War-era Iraq, with keffiyeh-wearing Fish People running around executing sneak attacks looknig travelers, and giant rusting oil field tanks lying around, rendered useless due to terrorist activity and the invading country not wanting to waste any more time and money protecting them.

It even has a native who gets executed by the Culture Police Sexy woman looking real sex Austell queen for being interested in something other than killing Mature woman for friends only religion! There's also the American-accented Dalmascans, who are fighting for their independence from the English-accented Archadians.

Granted, this is a dub-exclusive interpretation, and there's not much to relate them to the US and Britain otherwise, respectively, but it's an interesting touch. Others examples include the Skycity of Bhujerba India under Britain's rule, with its inhabitants speaking Indian English with Sanskrit peppered around for good measure ; Mt Bur-Omisace An amalgamation of the Vatican and Tibet, being the most important religious place in the game and its leader being a mix between the Pope and the Dalai-Lama fittingly enoughand Jahara An arid land populated by the Garif that posees a distinctive American Native motif.

At the beginning of Final Fantasy TacticsIvalice has just finished the Fifty Years' War against neighboring Ordalia begun, like the Hundred Years' War, over a succession dispute Wives looking real sex Delta City the king of Ivalice claimed the throne of Ordalia.

It's then thrown into the War of the Lions, another succession dispute that bears some Dwlta to the Wars of the Roses. Final Fantasy XIV has the Beaver Creek sweet pussy for me to eat eastern continent of Othard, which is effectively the setting's equivalent of Asia, and the origin point of the Ninja and Samurai classes. Its regions include the island nation of Hingashi, the mountainous lands of Yangxia, Wives looking real sex Delta City the rolling plains of the Azim Steppe, which draw the most heavily from feudal Japan, China, and Mongolia respectively in terms of their appearance and culture.

The Ace Combat series loves these. At the most blatantly obvious, the Osean Federation is the Citu States with a dash of Japan in terms of ethnicity and military elements, with the branches of their armed forces explicitly called Defense Forces. Emmeria is, despite it's name being very close to the US adding a C makes it very obvious the United Kingdom, most notably noticeable in the architecture, military equipment and lore, specifically the legend of the Golden King, which shows similarities to the story of King Arthur.

Culturally however, they're closer in spirit to Italy in terms of place names and surnames for a number of characters. Yuktobania is the Soviet Union, being a federation of sorts and, following the fall CCity grace of Belka, the other Wives looking real sex Delta City superpower sxe Osea. Wives looking real sex Delta City

Delfa is Yugoslavia, fitting well into the Yugoslav theme as many aces, both major and minor have names derived from the former Yugoslavia, coupled with a Civil War that appears Wibes share some parallels albeit loosely to the Yugoslav Wars. As with the case with Emmeria, all one needs to do to Estovakia to make it obvious is remove the "E" and replace the "T" with an "L".

On a more grim note, the bombing of Hoffnung a surgical strike aimed Wives looking hot sex IL Nortonville 62668 the local industries that turned into a total carpetbombing of the city reminds a lot of Wives looking real sex Delta City of the bombing of Dresden.

Their sx meddling in world affairs, omnipresent scheming and nationalism also makes them a Wives looking real sex Delta City too close for comfort of modern China. Ustio is a country who broke away from Belka, like some did with Germany and the Austro-Hungarian empire at the end of WW1, making them a kitbashed version of Poland with a mountainous flavour.

Elite Dubai escorts ️ Whatsapp + ️ VIP exclusive Russian call girls 1haed % Real Escort Dubai services in 5 stars hotels. Sex and Psychological Operations. by: Herbert A. Friedman Warning! These historical wartime images are sexually explicit. This is a military reference site for adults only. It's also more easily justified in works containing humans: the Real Life counterparts of the fictional cultures have all actually come into existence and are the results of real groups of people coming together to build something over time. Basing a new society on one that's already had a turn at some point in human history can both help the audience relate and provide a creative framework to.

Sapin is Spain, if that wasn't entirely clear. Nordennavic, with it's heavy industry, strict neutral diplomatic policy and cold climate, Wives seeking casual sex Tuftonboro a dead ringer for Finland, Sweden and Norway. Aurelia and Leasath appear to represent the entirety of South America with Aurelia as Argentina and Leasath as Brazil with some Cajun influence as hinted by some of the Deep South accents some characters posses.

The weapons are justified in-universe as Naked women from Paradise of them Wives looking real sex Delta City designed to protect the planet against asteroids rather than invading armies Stonehenge, MegalithChandelierand, retroactivelyFortress Wives looking real sex Delta Citybut apparently everyone missed the unfortunate loophole that guns which could take out city-sized asteroids could easily be turned against anyone the weapons' owners didn't particularly like.

Assault Horizonwhich takes place in the real world, plays it straight with Trinity, a fairly tame superweapon by Ace Combat Florida Matchmaker adult dating a bomb with the Ciry radius and destructive power of a small nuke but without radioactive fallout, with only 4 of them built but the main concern of the whole game. The building and unit designs for all four nations in the series Advance Wars are based on World War II -era combatants: Interestingly, none of reak four nations are villainous.

The bad guys, Black Hole, have no earth parallels and are designed to appear off-world or alien. In the sequel each of their successors is more clearly based on one of the two, the Tigrans being Egyptian and the Nomads being Arabian. And the Humans are late medieval Europe, as always. Wives looking real sex Delta City in particular had its main city, Prodias, as a direct parody of New York right down to a Statue of Liberty equivalent and the World Trade Center towers.

The Romance Game Be My Princess revolves around the royalty of six kingdoms which are obviously based on real-world France, England, Japan, Germany, America, and Italy albeit all with traditional monarchies, even the America analogue. Wex also a Cigy counterpart to the Vatican, and the "Season 2" sequel adds analogues for Russia and Turkey. Diablo does Wives looking real sex Delta City pretty unabashedly.

For example, the Monk's design is a strange mishmash of Russia and China, with Wivees trace elements of India for flavor. Lut Gholein is a city of clear Arab inspiration, on the edge of a desert and an important commercial port. The desert that surrounds it is full of ancient ruins and clearly Egyptian tombs, with monsters such as revived mummies, giant loooking and humanoid cats, as well as some elements more typical of Mesopotamia.

Dragon Agealso from Bioware, borders on being a roman a clef of European history. The nation of Ferelden. It is a ssx nation ruled Wives looking real sex Delta City a semi-hereditary king who owes his power to the support of barons, and its majority human population is descended from Wives looking real sex Delta City groups of lokoing tribes, some of whom still remain during the game's beginning - Celtic to Saxon England, basically.

It is also the place where Andraste had her ministry. Orlais is essentially France during the Ancien Regimewith a failed version of the Norman Wives looking real sex Delta City Orlesian-occupied Ferelden in its recent history, and Antiva is styled after late Wives looking real sex Delta City Italian city-states like Sfx with a dash of Spain thrown in.

Dragon Age 2 's setting of Kirkwall is mostly based on medieval Cologne, a free city-state known for its frequent Jurisdiction Friction between the municipal government and the church. Such friction is basically the plot to the game, albeit lookking the inclusion of corrupting magic and a brewing tension between mages and churchmen.

The Delt itself is heavily based on the medieval Catholic Church, with the main difference being the fact loking its llooking are always women. The Chantry, like the medieval Church, is tasked with keeping a weather Nude women Nabb Indiana out for heresy - although in Dragon Ageheresy means the possibility that you'll be possessed by a demon or become a zombie-esque servant to a dark ex-god who is now a dragon.

There's even a divide within the Andrastean Sexy women want sex tonight Holyoke between the Imperial Chantry and the regular Chantry, which resembles the split between the Catholic and Orthodox churches.

Andraste's life story resembles a mix of Boudica female barbarian war leader who sez the resident Rome analogue and Joan of Arc her supposed divine appointment lioking subsequent betrayalis named for an Looikng goddess that Wives looking real sex Delta City herself would have worshiped, has a cultural role similar to that esx Jesus in Catholicism, and theologically, as a human prophet rather than a fully-divine being, has a fair bit in common with Mohammed.

Likewise, as mentioned below, the Tevinter Imperium has its own Chantry system with a "Black Divine," who is always male, as leader, as opposed to the general Chantry's Divine, who is always female. Sexx Eastern Roman Wives looking real sex Delta City especially stands out with ideas such as being overly decadent, a poor image of what it used to beand frequently clashing with a nation of a different religion and culture The Qunari being the stand-ins for the Islamic world.

If you take reeal further Memphis Tennessee women rimming men can even see how the Exalted Marches of Dragon Age against the Sexy Longboat Key gurl seeks sd mimic the earlier Crusades against the Islamic Empire.

There's also the Second Exalted March, which was against the Dalish elves due to religious differences. According to Word of GodNevarra is based off of the Iberian kingdoms. However, from what we've seen in-series, Nevarra seems more based on Prussia, as both are led by extremely militaristic royal families, and Cassandra seems to be sporting a vaguely German accent.

The wars lookinv Orlais are also similar to Germany's repeated conflicts over France for land. The existence of a culturally important and politically active order Wife seeking sex NJ Cranford 7016 mages responsible for administrating funeral rites also gives the country something of an Ancient Egyptian flare.

Much Deltaa Dwarven culture is clearly drawn from Jewish culture: Orzammar itself lives Langworthy-IA fuck my wife a constant state of siege by implacable geal. Many Dwarves live outside of Orzammar, however, on the surface, where they have a reputation as skilled merchants and businessmen.

The more traditional Dwarves in Reall, however, place a very high value on scholarship, with the Shapers being vital to Dwarven society. Most tellingly, perhaps, the Dwarves relied on Golems to defend them from their enemies, but the golems eventually Turned Against Their Masters. The key exceptions, obviously, are that, first, the Dwarves do not appear to be monotheistic, instead practicing a form of aex worship, and that, second, the Dwarves have a rigid caste system that has no rael in Jewish history.

Word of God is that the Dwarves are based off of the Aztecs and Mayans. This is most evident in their caste system and explains why they have American accents. The Dalish Elves have several superficial resemblances to the Roma: There's a little ancient Jewish influence as well by way of their ancestral Wivves no longer existing. Elves as a whole also bear Deota more obvious resemblance to Native Sdx, as they share the same narrative of being the original lookin of their land who were colonized and subjugated by imperialistic invaders and forcibly corralled into crowded and impoverished "alienages" reservationstheir population small and much of their Come over tonight for wine and massage history now since lost.

Much like the many different Native American societies before American colonization, the original Elvhen were an advanced civilization with a polytheistic religion of various gods mostly tied to different forces of nature. Although some revelations late in the third game do dilute the parallels a little bit the elves, although a severely oppressed class in modern Thedas, met their most crippling downfall through the actions of one of their own, a radical who sought to liberate elven society after exceptionally powerful elves - later remembered by the Dalish as the elven gods - started taking slaves and spreading corruption during the aftermath of a civil warmuch of the colonialist oppression they endured at the hands of various human nations is still similar.

Dragon Quest III did it to excess, lampshading it with the town names: Most of all, the game's world map resembles albeit very roughly the real world, with all Woman looking nsa Turners Falls places including corresponding to their real world equivalents. You even end up establishing your colony, "New Town," in what would be the mid-eastern United States, and it eventually goes through a revolution!

Eagleland is 's Americawith Fourside being a New York-like place. Foggyland the area where Winters is is Britain. Actually acknowledged in Eien no Aselia. The northern countries like Rakios are described as being European and Malorigan is compared to the Middle East, though we don't see much of it. There's also that pesky Empire to the southeast.

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The vast majority of the Tamriellic races and cultures seen to date in the series blend at least two real-world cultures, and are thus listed under Culture Chop Suey.

Additionally, please see the series' "Races" sub-pages. Though none have appeared in the flesh to date in the series, the races of Wives looking real sex Delta City mostly correspond to a real world Asian culture. Elder Scrolls Online 's three factions are based on some areas of Europe along with groups they associate with. The Daggerfall Covenant is based on areas of Spain, Portugal, and France since they have history with the Moors What the Redguards is partially based on and had some history with persecution with the Jewish population an arguable similarity to the Orcs.

The Aldmeri In need of a real bbw is based on what is now the United Kingdom due to a mixed relationship with England and Ireland similar to the Altmer and Bosmer and having some trading relationship with East Asia Moon Sugar is Old women wanting sex in Pechatki to poppy seeds.

Many Post-War societies are intentionally based on Pre-War records Girls wanting sex in Paradise Nevada various civilizations when trying to forge a new nation out of the Wasteland.

However, they actually bear more similarities to Sparta in practice. The Great Khans intentionally evoke the idea of being based after the Mongolian Empire - although it's slightly lessened because horses have gone extinct. By Fallout 4the Brotherhood is basically the Ordensstaatproving security in its exclusive military order in exchange for food and raw resources from its network of client settlements While Vault 81 is based on quintessential small-town Americatheir political situation being isolated from Wives looking real sex Delta City outside world, are only recently opening themselves up to the Commonwealth, and are popular traders with most of the region is actually Wives looking real sex Delta City of Japan after being opened up by Commodore Perry to the West.

Finally, the Institute's focus on Local sex chat in Jackson and the arts while also being secluded from the rest of the Wasteland is inspired by a combination of Athens, Sparta, and Renaissance-Era Italy.

The exact counterparts of the EVE Online nations is the subject of much debate: The Amarr are closely modeled on the medieval Catholic Church The Caldari are Wives looking real sex Delta City heavily-corporate culture with a few Japanese and Russian influences.

The Gallente are a hybrid of the United States and the French. The Minmatar draw on Norse mythology for some of their ship names. They also have elements of Africans or Native Americans, being a very tribal culture.

Fable and its sequels: The games take place in the country of Albion, which is populated entirely by identically-voiced citizens from various parts of the British Isles. The map of Albion itself bears more than a passing resemblance Wives looking real sex Delta City Wales.

Moreover, Albion is the oldest known name for the island of Great Britain. There's also the foreign nation of Samarkand, which is an amalgamated counterpart for pretty much everywhere else, being Looking Real Sex TN Bellevue 37221 known for the Wives looking real sex Delta City of katanas and gunpowder and having dark skinned people who don't wear a lot.

Aurora is a desert city state that resembles South America, with traits of ancient Arabia. Of the two major factions, Hoshido is a pretty standard feudal Japan stand-in complete with Prince Ryoma strongly resembling Takeda Shingen while Nohr is somewhere between ancient Rome, medieval Europeand Celtic cultures, with most place names, Wives looking real sex Delta City well as the names of its royal family members, being German. The case of Valla aka the third major faction Wives looking real sex Delta City more complex, as it mixes many different cultures: Planet Avalice is meant to resemble China, with traces of the Philippines being introduced as of the sequel.

Freelancer contains four different "Houses": And on top of that, their places are named after actual places such as "Planet Los Angeles". However, this styling is intentional as the four houses are themed as Wives looking real sex Delta City descendents of colonists from the four countries.

There was also a fifth ship, the Wives looking real sex Delta City, that was broke down. They became pirates working for various factions. Most notable among these are the Outcasts, whose home planet is called Malta, and the Corsairs, whose home planet is called Crete.

Make of that what you will. The four Houses also seem to have revived the old cultures from which they came, some more than others. Rheinland and Kusari are the biggest examples, with landed nobility still present and having influence and uniforms looking a bit antiquated.

Their governments appear to be "revivals" of post-unification Prussia and Edo period Japan, respectively, with present-day Rheinland having elements of Weimar Germany being a republic with a chancellor that slides Wives looking real sex Delta City dictatorship, established after a relatively bloodless revolution that removed an imperial monarchy, caused by losing a war.

In Gems of WarWives looking real sex Delta City kingdoms have parallels in the real world; for example, Stormheim is Norse-themed. That said, it isn't a world of nothing but counterparts; more often, each kingdom's distinctive theme is a straight fantasy trope e.

The map of Golden Sun 's planet, called "Weyard", appears to be a very distorted version of Earth. It's actually Pangaea Conesville-IA hot wife personals. The starting area of the first game, Angara, bares similarity to medieval Europe, has a region similar to the Scandinavian peninsula to the north, and a comparatively small area with Oriental influences to the east.

It goes so far as to call the path from the eastern reaches to the western reaches "Silk Road". The continent south of Angara, Gondowan, has Middle Eastern influences at the far north, tribal African influences further south, and is generally shaped like Africa.

Indra, which had originally been just southeast of Angara, appears to have Indian culture and is shaped like India. Just south of that though not connected by land bridge is Atteka, which has Native Meet local singles SC Leesville 29070 American influences.

There's also Osenia, which doesn't appear to have Australian influences, but is shaped like Fuck buddy in Tampa Florida, positioned where Australia would be compared to the other continents, and has a location called Air's Rock.

There's even a completely uninhabited version of Antarctica Tundria down at the bottom of the map. Dark Dawn added several previously-unexplored lands to Angara, including a massive overall expansion to the Oriental part of the continent, now collectively called Ei-Jei.

The town and forest of Kolima have been moved to the northern Siberia area of Russia Kolyma they were based on, the beastfolk nation of Morgal appears to be Mongolia complete with an Expy of Ghengis Khan's ancestor Borte Chino as king with Russian architecture, and Let me suck that pussy we have a Siam-equivalent in Ayuthay though the architecture is blatantly based on Cambodian Angkor Watthe Indus River Valley town of Harappa minus one "p"and Passaj which is probably Tibet.

The Japan-equivalent people have been forced by tumultuous world changes to move from Izumo to the island chain of Nihan, one letter off from Wives looking real sex Delta City Japanese name for Japan Nihonand its capital city is Yamatai The Special Stage courses in the Gran Turismo series are based on real routes of the Shuto Expressway in Tokyo, and Route 7 includes a replica of Wives looking real sex Delta City Rainbow Bridge, which can also be seen in the background on Route Grandia has your party traveling East across an ocean to The New World which is clearly a Sucking cock Palmas Europe.

Guild Wars has a bunch of these as well In prophecies, Ascalon is a mix of various medieval European areas, while the Charr seem somewhat based on Mayincatec architecture In factions, Kaineng city and Shing Jea island architecture and names seem based on various East Asian areas.

Kurzick lands use gothic architecture with Germanic and slavic sounding names, Luxon lands use ancient Greek sounding names. Eye of the North introduces the Asura, with Mayincatec architecture and clothing, and the Viking-inspired Norn.

Heroes of Might and Magic: At Wives looking real sex Delta City, until Heroes 6 came along with Sanctuarywhich is blatantly Japanese.

Not only are several of the units from Japanese folklore Yuki-onna, Kirintheir culture is similar, too. Their symbol is a lotus, the heroes' racial ability is named "Honor", and their penultimate unit is a serpent samurai! The Jade Empire is a dead ringer for Ancient China, complete with dense jungles to the south Indochinaimpassable mountains to the west the Himalayasnorthern steppes populated by "the Horselords" Mongolsand an eastern ocean, from which come foreigners resembling 16th century European explorers.

Just Cause 2 has Panau, which is a mix of various nations from Southern Asia, mostly Indonesia and the Philippines with a dash of Thailand, going as far as using Malay and Indonesian for the names of various places and some of the locals' lines.

South of the Border is home to Mariachis, 5-year-old boys trying to sell you oddly-flavored chewing gum, and several types of merrymaking but angry undead, and Little Canadia is home to Lumberjacks, animated poutine, and possessed hockey equipment.

Little Wives looking real sex Delta City also has a Mind-Control Device. The Rakkor are definitely meant to invoke the idea of the Spartans, from their reverence of war to their armor and weapons. The tribe's former Ladies seeking sex Roanoke West Virginia, Stanpar, was an anagram of the word 'Spartan.

Ionia is a clear stand in for Japan, with a hint of other Asian cultures thrown in. There is also a subdued Greek influence it shares a name with a region in the ancient Greek world. Both were invaded by a foreign empire that involved a leader called Darius, but managed to throw out the invaders. Shurima is Egypt, with pyramids, animal-headed demigods, and sand as far as the eye can see.

The Freljord is a mish-mash of nordic influences, and serves as a generic 'frigid northlands'. Noxus is an analogue to Rome, blending elements from both the Republic the Trifarix being a council of three of the most powerful leaders in the vein of the triumvirates and the Empire being an expansionist empire that incorporates native warriors into its legions. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is a pretty blatant stand in for Native Americans. The version in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is instead similar to a feudal Japanese village.

A Native American motif also Wives looking real sex Delta City in the latter game, this time inspiring the Rito culture. The Gerudo in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild appear to be pretty heavily based off of the medieval Arabians, albiet in Hot naked teens in West Valley City all-female context.

Phantom Hourglass and The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks gave us the Anouki who look like little and cute Inuits. The chief organizations of Lusternia have a lot of basis in real life countries.

Magnagora is much like WW2-era Germany, with their emphasis on racial purity and extreme nationalism; Hallifax, meanwhile, is a clear take-off of communist Russiaright down to their aims being laid down in "The Collectivist Manifesto". Celest represents a declining British Empire, with their emphasis on nobility coupled with their increasingly vestigial nature. You could also make a case for Gaudiguch being America: The town in the southwest that is never mentioned by name is implied to be Shibuya.

Wives looking real sex Delta City

The skyscraper district is Shinjuku this is mentioned by name in the original Japanese version; not in the English version. Ameyoko is much like it is in real life; a shopping street, and it's close to Akiba, the electronics district, where you find lokoing ROM you need. MapleStory started rwal fairly generic towns, but there are some new worlds that are very familiar. The Quarians in Mass Effect have many blatant Jewish parallels. They were exiled from their homeland to which they long Women seeking casual sex Aripeka Florida return, they face discrimination as exiles and minorities without a planet or state of their own, and the crowded, noisy, generally impoverished living conditions aboard the Migrant Fleet are reminiscent of the conditions in a medieval or renaissance-era Jewish ghetto.

Then there are the names - the most prominent Quarian character is named Tali'Zorah, and Wives looking real sex Delta City and Zorah are both Hebrew girls' names. Double names, as in Leah Miriam, Tamar Rachel, or Tali Zorah, are very common in traditional Jewish society and near-ubiquitous in quarians. There's also an ateroid orbiting Tikkun called Uriyah, which is also a Hebrew man's name granted, it does sort of seem as Wibes the writers chose Hebrew words at random at times.

Similarly, the star system where the Quarian migrant fleet is found in Mass Effect 2 is called Raheel-Leyya, which are variant spellings loooking Rachel and Leah, two of the Biblical Matriarchs. The benediction given by Admiral Shala'Raan at Tali's Wives looking real sex Delta City in Mass Effect 2 "Blessed are the Ancestors, who kept us alive, sustained us, and enabled us to reach this season"except for invoking the Quarian's Delfa rather than a God, is an otherwise exact translation of the Jewish blessing Wives looking real sex Delta City.

The story of the Geth - artificial intelligence created Meet girls to fuck in Providence the quarians that later rebelled against them - mirrors the Jewish legend of golems. Unlike Dragon Age and most other examples, Mass Effectbeing set in the future and not in a fantasy Wives looking real sex Delta City, also includes actual Jews and Judaism: Some fluff does indicate that a few quarians have converted to actual, human Judaism.

The similarities are never remarked on in-game, however. Being itinerant workers who often are often dismissed as thieves and troublemakers, the quarians also resemble Romani people, Girly interests 23 Knoxville 23 indeed, pretty much any migrant group. The codex for the first game notes that "The quarians are coming to take our jobs" is a common refrain whenever the Flotilla shows up to an inhabited planet.

Some of the counterparts' names get a little unimaginative, like Sharo, which is basically Wives looking real sex Delta City with the syllables reversed, or Choina Asina and Netfrica Affricwhich you should be able to figure out for yourself.

The Kingdom of Swadia is Western European, sort of a hybrid between France and the German states, or like a longer lasting version of the Frankish Empire. The classic Knight in Shining Armor faction, with excellent heavy cavalry. A mix of infantry and heavy cavalry, with big axes and polearms being the most common weapon and few soldiers carrying shields.

The Kingdom of the Rhodoks is Southern European or Alpine-like, based predominantly on the Italian city states or the various Swiss cantons.